LOS ANGELES (AP) — An autopsy report by the Los Angeles County coroner says a woman died because of an anesthesiologist’s “suboptimal care after weight-loss surgergy

Dr. Daniel Shin of Marina del Rey was an anesthesiologist at the Beverly Hills Surgery Center, connected to the Lap-Band and its 1-800-GET-THIN advertisements.  Tamara Walker, a patient in his care, died in December, three days after she had the device implanted, according to her family’s lawyer.

Attorney Robert Silverman, who represents the surgery center and the 1-800-GET-THIN marketing company, says Shin was unfairly blamed in the autopsy report.

The state medical board put Shin on probation after he pleaded no contest to assaulting a process server with a meat cleaver. The case was later dismissed.

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  1. JD says:

    Hey if the lap band don’t work it seems he has no problem helping you lose weight with a meat clever

  2. D in Cali says:

    It defies logic…How can the anesthesiologist be at fault when the death occurs 3 days after? Once the patient is awake that’s it. Its totally the surgeon’s fault. The 1 800 get slim guys have killed several people already. They are the common denominator.

    1. Patrick McDonald says:

      D –

      Certainly sounds like you’re right, but you probably already know that so many of the reports are badly written.

      Not enough detail here to make much sense at all.

  3. Cowboy Curtis says:

    Howard Stern is the man!

  4. Just a Fan says:

    Ah, good to know there are still psychos out there. I thought Torrance was just about out of em’.

    A meat cleaver as a weapon…this guy definitely owns a PS2.

  5. Lapband says:

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  6. Lisa Esquivel says:

    I am 100getthin patient and I have lost over 130 lbs .. What no one seems to understand is that there is a chance of death in any and all surgeries!! Would I do it again after all this negative publicity.. my answer is YES…. I would again take the risk with the out come and results that I have had. I have now begun to live and I dont just exist!! Its easy for anyone who has never been over weight to make judgement. But the real truth is if I had never gone through with the lapband I would be dead today .. there are a lot of dangers that come with obesity .. heart problems. chances of heart attack.. stop breathing in the night ..chance of death yet again.. stroke…list goes on and on.. Stop putting down the lapband when to some of us..it is our only chance at life!! Find out the real facts before you make judgement..if you have any further questions feel free to contact me!

  7. ja says:

    it is utterly ludicrous to blame the Anesthesiologist for the patient’s tragic death, esp since it occured days after the anesthetic. obese patients are at very high risk under anesthesia due to their pathology, especially relating to their compromised breathing. The tragic death may have occured withouut surgery and anesthesia.

  8. Rafael says:

    Hey! Where did my comment about the fat cow go??? That fat cow should have eaten a better diet and exercised more rather than go under the knife. It’s her own fault for cracken open those sodas and tearing into the Frito Lays while watching Orca, I mean Oprah. How is it the doctor’s fault that she didn’t take care of herself in the first place???

  9. Dave says:

    For the uninformed, yes she died 3 days later, BUT…the patient was transferred to Cedars in “Full Arrest” hours after the surgery while still in the centers recovery room! Also, the common factor here is “OMIDI”, the two brothers who only hire untrained or In-Trouble with the Medical board – Physicians! And also staff, from recent Grad nurses to one’s who have never managed a bariatric patient. These 2 brothers are the one’s who are Killing patients! GRED GREED GREED!

  10. Patrick McDonald says:

    Dave –

    Thanks for giving us about a light-year more detail than the so-called “reporter.”

    It just goes to show that when we all tend to make snap-opinions, we just don’t have the facts to offer an opinion.

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