LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — Kobe Bryant has been fined $100,000 by the NBA for using a derogatory gay term in frustration over a referee’s call.

NBA Commissioner David Stern announced the disciplinary action Wednesday, saying the distasteful term used by Bryant should never be tolerated.

Video replay of the incident appeared to show Bryant using the slur when he couldn’t get Bennie Adams’ attention as he came to the bench after getting hit with a technical foul during the Lakers’ 102-93 victory over the San Antonio Spurs.

Bryant issued the following statement Wednesday in response:

“What I said last night should not be taken literally. My actions were out of frustration during the heat of the game, period. The words expressed do NOT reflect my feelings towards the gay and lesbian communities and were NOT meant to offend anyone.”

The Human Rights Campaign, which describes itself as the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, criticized Bryant.

“Hopefully Mr. Bryant will recognize that as a person with such fame and influence, the use of such language not only offends millions of LGBT people around the world, but also perpetrates a culture of discrimination and hate that all of us, most notably Mr. Bryant, should be working to eradicate.

The Lakers close their season Wednesday night at Sacramento.

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  1. TT says:

    Get over it ! Does everything need to be taken so far out of context that it creates an issue that wasnt there to begin with ….REALLY ?

    1. Josh says:

      Wow! Two trendy quips in one post (Get over it ! REALLY ?). You are original. Oh, and what “context” are you atalking about?

      People like you don’t freak out unless the slur is directed at them…THEN watch out as the world must stop. Kobe was wrong, he said he was sorry because he knew he messed up very badly. TT you are soft.

      1. TT says:

        I just meant that whatever was said was obviously as he already stated – because he was “in the heat of the moment” it didnt mean anything except he was upset,and made a mistake….Definately not worth the big picture – nor was it news worthy. Sorry the comment was misiterpreted.

      2. jaided says:

        who cares this is whats wrong with society now n days. too soft as a nation. little words hurt.who cares gay men call each other f@*$ all the time who cares.

      3. Robert says:

        Why when someone in this FREE COUNTRY says something that hurts some idiots precious little feelings, they do not SAY that he or she is protected by the Constitutional Rights of America ? Why are people fined, fired, and made to give a false apology. If your an American,stand up for your rights. If someone CLAIMS to be hurt or offended, come back with your own comment, or shut your hole. The offended probably did something initially to warrant a negative comment.
        Bunch of babies at the playground. Wah Wah Mommy, someone called me a name.

    2. Jonathan InLong Beach says:

      If someone calls him the N word, will he not take it literally? I doubt it. AA’s never do!!!

      1. DMAN says:


      2. Racism exists in ALL colors says:

        They may call each other that on the court all the time, but if that WHITE referee called him the N word you can bet there’d be all kinds of riotous outrages over it. So don’t make it sound like it’s no big deal, Jonathan. If the shoe was on the other foot that ref would be FIRED.

    3. miguel says:

      I think Kobe should not have said what he said, but also people often say stupid things when your frustrated. It was nothing to do with gays or anything like that, it was just a mistake and im sure that he will learn from this and that will be that. That is a nasty word and should not be said along with all other derogatory words, but we are human and will are able to make mistakes, lets move on and not create a big deal. He is a laker so lets go and support the lakers.

    4. Saber 1 says:

      Does this mean we can him RAPIST? He is a ball hog, and I hope the Lakers loose the NBA West and the team gets sold to the East coast. No more riots, fights looting and we won’t have to hide our daughters because of the Rapist.

      1. colorado girl says:

        she wanted it.

    5. jjfm says:

      Being fined! That’s so gay.

    6. Maxine Dixon says:


  2. jack says:

    must be celtics fans crying again…

  3. BikeRider says:

    I am sick and tired of these “sensative” groups getting offended every time the wind blows a different way. Imagine if CATHOLICS got offended by every joke about a priest and an alter boy?!?! Now THAT would be the day!! It would not even come CLOSE to being taken seriously!!! But dare make fun of the gays, or Islam, or blacks, or Hispanics, and it’s off with your head!!! Scr*w that! Lighten the heck up!!

  4. GLAADgetoverit says:

    I am so sick of this! Not everything that is said is hatred toward people that are gay. GLAAD needs to stop blowing (no pun intended) everything out of proportion. IF Gay folks are comfortable in their own shoes, why do they care what is said??? They need to stop insulting and move on with their lives!!

    1. Racism exists in ALL colors says:

      Oh really? Do you think black people are comfortable in their own skin? Sure they are, but you’d see a fast fist coming your face’s way if you used the N word around them. Don’t be so narrow-minded.

  5. This is good says:

    Hopefully all the gay people ban the Laker games. That should free up a bunch of tickets. This could work out to be a good thing Kobe did.

  6. Big A? says:

    Kobe himself is gay. He sodomized that girl in CO. He should be allowed to use terms that describe his pansy mud tracking self

      1. icecream says:

        How do you know ? Are YOU that girl with the sore, bleeding booty ?

    1. carla says:

      jealous much? moron.

    2. Racism exists in ALL colors says:

      Kobe IS a rapist and sodomizer. Good call, Big A. The ONLY reason he is not in prison is because of his name and his $$$. If he were some no-name black guy you know he’d be in jail right now.

  7. Mark says:

    If it had been a white player saying the “n” word, this would be viral. There is NO excuse for what was said. This perpetuates hate and bigotry. Look at how many youth commit suicide due to just this sort of bullying. I think the fine will make all players think before they spew any derogatory words in the future. It is time for all this to stop. This is the 21st century.

    1. Jim says:

      right on Mark – you said it perfectly. when gay folks have all the same rights as straight folks then maybe we’ll stop being so “sensitive”. in the meantime, words hurt and words kill.

      1. jaided says:

        thats why were becoming a pansy country. all these softies whinning over words, and they want to be in the military. come on now pansies.

    2. Racism exists in ALL colors says:

      Amen, Mark.

  8. retiredcoach says:


    1. Racism exists in ALL colors says:

      Wow. God is SO proud of you, retiredcoach.


    2. Al says:

      Right on retiredcoach!!
      Sock it to ’em.

  9. Christian Wright says:

    HOORAY for Kobe- So sick & tired of these people being offended. What the wind blew up your girly skirt ? God created Adam & Eve and Aids….. AMEN AMEN

    1. Racism exists in ALL colors says:

      Read your bible more thoroughly, Christian. As I recall, I don’t think there was ever a passage in there that said to be a hateful, hurtful, and mean person. Hate the sin, not the sinner…. right? Or how about the one about casting the first stone if you’re spotless before God? See…. you really should practice being a GOOD Christian rather than a BAD human.

      1. Al says:

        Good comment.
        Love the sinner-hate the sin.

  10. SSINOC says:

    Personally, I’m glad to see this egomaniac get fined.
    Some role model eh Kobe?
    My 10-year-old son and I were watching the game when this happened.
    He said “Dad, what did he mean”?
    I just told him that some people say stupid things when they’re mad.
    Grow up Kobe, and act like a real human being.
    Kids are affected by your morals, duh.

    1. idiot says:

      Have any attention lately?

    2. jaided says:

      raise your son dont let T.V raise him, and stop showing him how to be soft, man that lil dude up.

      1. SSINOC says:

        @ jaided

        Not explaining the meaning of “F’ing f****t” is “soft”???.
        Is that what you would tell your kids??? (assuming you have any)
        Hatred and predjuice stand on their own, and he is doing just fine, thank you very much.
        Nuff said…….

  11. fish wrap says:

    Give me a fuc@$%&* break he was looking at the ground when he said it And not at the referee. Why don’t gay people apologize. for their actions in public and for .why we have to explain to our children why two men are kissing each other.

    1. yep says:

      Hit the nail right on the head. Who gets the fathers day card? both of the partners?

    2. John says:

      Iran has an effective method for dealing with this issue….they execute them. $$$ says the children there are not exposecd to this ludicracy and perversian.

  12. mo says:

    “here ‘they’ go again complaining…”, etc., etc., “They” are you, your parents maybe, your uncles, aunts maybe, your brother, sister maybe, your cousin, your friend, your boss, your employee, your doctor, your fireman, your police officer, your basketball player, your child. “They” are “Us”.

  13. Topher says:

    Contaext shouldn’t amtter. As someone pointed out before, if it had been a white player calling the referree the N-word, that would be just as offensive and inappropriate. I’m glad the NBA, unlike some of the idiotic commenters here, has the sense to fine him appropriately. Also, specifically directed at “fish wrap,” I get the feeling you’re the one who’s going to end up apologizing to your children for having such an ignorant parent.

  14. DMAN says:

    Damn you guys actually make sense today..Where’s all the crazy racist idiots that make me laugh..

  15. cheryl miller says:

    Give me a break!! To all the Lakers Haters I guess thats something else you can talk about. They say more then that on TV get really… i bet all those people out there talking like he kill the guy talk about gay people ever day<<<<< KOBE hold your head up high and get that 3-peat for LA….. FU****ck ALL THE LAKERS HATERS AND KOBE HATERS……………..

    1. John says:

      I agree, F*** them and the horse they rode in on


    Gays are highly discriminatory against straight normal people. Every month my neighbor gets his copy of Man-Boy Love delivered and stands and reads it in the street. My kid wanted to know what man-boy love is as he has seen the guy reading it. I’m OFFENDED- should we fine the butt hole 100k for reading porno material in public ?

    1. Carol says:

      That man should be arrested like so many others are doing those things in publc they are no exception to the rule,

      That is beyond awful everytime he does that call the police because that effects your child and your space.

  17. fish wrap says:

    Hey topher get over it. Not every needs to except their way of life.

  18. Carol says:

    What ever they charged him it is not enough one hundred is not enough because he makes millions.

    To me he shouldn’t be even playing basketball at all because he is rapist that got away with it and I don’t care what the courts said he is a rapist.

    1. Carol is a dying breed says:

      WowCarol. Please fill us in on the details. You seems like you were there. You like taking on gods work?

    2. Racism exists in ALL colors says:

      Amen, Carol.

  19. Mark says:

    Shame on Kobe for his comment. Heat of the battle is not a valid excuse. Shame on the NBA for a fine that amounts to pocket change for Kobe. He’s probably laughing at the fine.

    1. Racism exists in ALL colors says:

      So true, Mark, so true. Shame on Kobe.

      1. jaided says:

        hes laughing at the fine and whipping his ass with a gay magazine today. oh shame on him. what a shame. hes such a shamer. and u mark are soft.

  20. fish wrap says:

    Hey Carol yeah he was such a rapist that’s why it went to trial. that girl went to his room to bone down and when he told her to get lost after she got upset. She then talked to some friends who put ideas and dollar signs in her head and the lies began.

    1. Racism exists in ALL colors says:

      Nope. Not lies. TRUTH. It got swept under the rug because Kobe paid her off to drop the charges. Money talks and gets people out of all kinds of legal jams. Kobe was no exception. He’s a rapist. Period.

      1. jaided says:

        i guess the girl took the money rather then pride.

  21. gmon says:

    Butt pirates ahoy…

  22. John says:

    Is it just me or are most people sick and tired of having to give perverts rights they don’t deserve??

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