LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles Unified School District changing the way it ranks students and teachers.

The district’s new system, which will be called Academic Growth over Time, will use a formula to rank students over time, using standardized test scores as the raw data.

“With AGT over Time, we’ll know how much students have progressed on standardized tests,” LAUSD spokeswoman Lauren Mendoza said.

The system will be rolled out in phases. The first round of English language arts and mathematics data will be released for 3rd through 8th grades, rather than individual students.

“Like all measures related to student learning, this approach is subject to limitations,” the District says on its Web site.

Mendoza said the District’s goal is a 100 percent high school graduation rate and “AGT over Time will help us get there.”

LAUSD graduated only 70 percent of students in the 2008-2009 school year, according the state Department of Education.

The system was designed with the help of the University of Wisconsin Value Added Research Center.

To see if your school is making the grade, click here.

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Comments (5)
  1. bdj says:

    One of the problems with any system that is put into place is that LAUSD is spread over a very wide geographical area, with many diverse ethnic and cultural groups. This poses a problem because while the individual teachers may be excellent in their abilities to teach, the student’s home environment may not be conducive to help advance their study habits. So it is quite possible for good teachers to fail, while mediocre teachers get by.

  2. Paul says:

    bdj, fully agree! The parents roll in their childrens education is extremely important. My sister and I went to school not in the greatest of neighborhoods, but we are doing very well in terms of career and etc. Teachers can only do so much, the rest is out of their hands.

    1. bdj says:

      Some testing is necessary to make sure that the students have learned the subject, but in my opinion, the rest is to try and justify standings relative to other school in the same and other school districts.

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