SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown asked groups representing crime victims and state prison guards on Monday to help him lobby Republican lawmakers on his proposal to close a budget deficit that once stood at nearly $27 billion.

Brown said later he thinks Republicans eventually will respond to law enforcement officials concerned that the criminal justice system cannot function properly without money generated by several temporary tax increases that are scheduled to expire this year.

The Democratic governor is seeking to renew the increases to the sales, personal income and vehicles taxes as an alternative to an all-cuts budget. Despite weeks of negotiations, Brown has been unable to find the Republican votes he needs in the Assembly and Senate to call a special election so voters can decide the matter.

“I hope you’ll tell some of your legislators we’re going to need some money because you can’t run a prison, you can’t run rehabilitation, you can’t run parole and you can’t run probation on hot air,” Brown said, speaking at a rally co-sponsored by Crime Victims United of California and the California Correctional Peace Officers Association.

Brown wants the tax renewals to help solve about half the state’s budget deficit. He already has signed bills cutting the budget by $11.2 billion through spending cuts and fund transfers.

“Perhaps the family members of the crime victims would have appreciated something more from Gov. Brown than a `political advertisement’ to raise taxes,” responded Jann Taber, spokeswoman for Senate Minority Leader Bob Dutton, R-Rancho Cucamonga.

Democrats say that having to close the full $26.6 billion deficit through cuts alone would devastate public schools, colleges and universities, public safety, health care programs for the needy, parks and other basic government functions.

Brown later said the job of convincing Republicans to approve the special election is made more difficult in part because many oppose a law he signed last week that shifts responsibility for jailing and supervising thousands of California criminals from the state to local governments.

Republicans say local jails and probation departments already are overwhelmed, meaning many criminals will serve little time and be largely unsupervised.

The bill would give local law enforcement responsibility for low-level adult offenders convicted of nonviolent and non-sexual offenses, along with many parolees and rehabilitation programs. It would remove up to 30,000 inmates over three years from what is now the nation’s largest state prison system.

Brown said the realignment is one of the key accomplishments of his first 100 days in office, a mark he hits on Tuesday. His office said it will save the state about $2 billion annually about three years after it is implemented, but the governor also has said it will not take effect until the state has enough money to help counties adjust.

That will happen only if the temporary tax increases are extended or money is diverted from elsewhere in the budget, he said.

“I’d say the realignment … this is a big, important reform,” Brown said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. “Now, it’s not going into effect until we get the money. But I’m confident we’ll get the money. It makes too much sense.”

Brown is counting on education and law enforcement officials, along with business groups, to court reluctant Republicans.

“There’s a fear,” Brown said. “I mean, they’re being denounced in their own caucus as traitors, as Republicans in name only. So nobody likes that. But the moment of truth will come when there’s no budget.”

The governor said he has continued to communicate privately with some Republicans after talks broke off late last month with Dutton.

Brown said he’s been told there will be enough Republican votes to solve the deficit without an all-cuts budget, once the deadline nears. Last week, Brown began traveling to some Republican districts to press his case.

“I know there are some Republicans who are very worried about our schools and there are others who are very responsive to the police and the prosecutors,” Brown told the AP. “As we get close to the budget deadline I think the problem becomes more real and I think they’ll be willing to pitch in and provide the votes for real solutions.”

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Comments (24)
  1. PeteM says:

    Anyone stupid enough to fall for this Socialist con-man’s lies needs to have their heads examined, but I don’t know how the proctologist is going to find their heads considering where they are!


    Pete Wilson DOUBLE the Salaries of Prison Guards & Dept of Corrections. Do we really want to give these guys more income in this recession?

    Sheriff’s Deputies working at JAILS/PRISONS can make up to $140,000+ a year if they accept ALL the Overtime given.

    1. Ron says:

      You are absolutely right, they are way too highly over paid. We need to send the prisoners out of state, where it has been shown that it is MUCH cheaper to house them. Then, get rid of all the over paid prison guards, their unions and the unaffordable lavish pensions they get.

      It was only a matter of time before Jerry Brown started his same” old dog & pony show”, saying education, law enforcement, etc., will be impacted and prisoners released onto the streets. OH NO HELP US ALL !!! That’s why we need to export our prisoners to other states, that can do it much more cheaply.


        impossible task considering the Powerful CA Prison Guard UNIONS. One of the most powerful & influential groups in CA. No way CA can save $$$$ if they Prison Guards Union is running all the donkey shows!!!

        Ex-Gov Swartzenegger tried to outsourced or privatize CA’s prisons & the Prison Guards Unions threatened to vote him out of office. The Ex-Governator gave in to the power prison guard union & gave ’em whatever they wanted included pay raises & no reform to their Pensions.

      2. Ron says:

        All the more reason why we MUST do it !!! This is exactly why we need to get rid of the unions. They control everything.

        Democrats control California, while sleeping with the unions and inviting illegals to sleep in the next room.

  3. ILLEGALS says:

    Damn, increases to sales, income, & vehicle tax? Why not Eliminate Welfare & Medi-Cal??

  4. wobbles says:

    We’re in California. We’re all victims. We get robbed by idiots like Brown all year long to support deadbeats and to “save the planet”.

    I’m sicking of being overtaxed.Don’t come to me with your hand out(or trying to reach into my wallet) until you stop paying people to sit on their @sses and commit crime.

  5. Duh! says:

    I’d be for this if they were going to enforce the laws. How many criminal immigrants are living in California and the police do nothing about it?

    Take away the handouts to illegal immigrants and there will be more than enough money to fund law enforcement.

  6. upyours says:

    Politics by fear… right out of the Al Qaeda handbook. A$$head Brown must be dining with Khadaffy these days. There are very few things more crooked than the prison guards. It was better to give a big pay off to one their own “family” than allow an investigation into the incompetent moron’s killing.

  7. James S says:

    Pension Reform before any new/increased taxes, Jerry Brown is telling everyone that all the cuts will be on the Children/Elderly/Education, but he will not even talk about the State Employees/Prison Guards Pension mess. We need serious Pension reform for all State Employees/Prison Guards Present and future before talking about any new/extended taxes.


    Much cheaper if CA outsource or privatize their Prisons to other states. CO, NM, WY & other states were mentioned during Ex-Gov Swartzenegger days in office but nothing was done coz the Prison Guards Unions are too powerful to mess with. Outsourcing CA’s prison systems can save more than 1/2 the costs to Taxpayers. Too much politics at play here.

    CA should be like MN where they took away the Unions rights and collective bargaining powers.

    1. Ron says:

      More power to the governor of MN for having the B@LLS to do it !!! We need someone in California to lead us in the same type of change.

      Anyone have a suggestion?

  9. Prison Guard Union 145 says:

    The open source code of this website means WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Can’t wait to meet you at my work.

    1. PGU 145 is a Dummy says:

      PGU 145,

      Freedom of speech dummy. No crimes committed. Proves that you’re a fraud if you don’t even know ur 1st Amendment.

    2. Ron says:


      Is this MEXICO or any other 3rd world country, with their drug cartels or dictatorships that threaten(and BE-HEAD) anyone who speaks out about injustices?

      Pay attention people and CBS, let it be known that there was a serious threat on YOUR website to prevent freedom of speech!!!!

  10. Website Management says:

    This is a private site. The Bill Of Rights does not apply.

    1. Ron says:

      Website Management:

      What SPECIFICALLY are you referring to? Also are you CBS or some other entity?

      1. Website Management says:

        That’s my name. My parents, Phil and Betty Management, thought naming me Website would be funny. It does create some confustion when I post on internet forums.

      2. Ron says:

        Will the Posers please stand-up, so we know who to take seriously? I am the real Ron, not the Poser, claiming to be typing with his pants off.

        I can see now how peoples views can be distorted by others using someone else’s name to post replies.

    2. upyours says:

      If it were private you wouldn’t be on it, DUMBA$$. Your mom should have flushed when she saw you.

  11. Nico says:

    Brown is a Buffoon

  12. Ron says:

    I’m typing without pants on. Who wants to party??

    1. Ron says:

      Not the real Ron, are you?

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