LOS ANGELES (AP) — The CEO of the company seeking to build an NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles is lashing out at skeptics who express doubt about the value of such venues to their regions’ economies.

AEG chief Tim Leiweke said at a conference on sports arenas Tuesday that it was time for the stadium industry to fight back against politicians and academics who cause the public to fear stadium projects.

He says big arena projects can’t expect public funding in the United States so officials need to be cheerleaders for private sector players who want to build them.

AEG has promised to foot the entire bill of at least $1 billion for its proposed Los Angeles venue. Some City Council members and others have been skeptical of the plan.

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Comments (11)
  1. ILLEGALS says:

    it will Fail miserably in LA’s Bad Economy. Learn from the LA Raiders & LA Rams’ past. History will repeat itself. The new team will eventually be run out of town in the next 5-10 years.

  2. drozone69 says:

    This will pass.because the powers that be want to destroy our economy while creating a new MUD race.Our kids who are students need to utilize thier minds as their strongest muscle.Not bang it into another idiots head in the guise of athleticism and entertainment.Japan is not a big fan of utilizing its university’s as team sports,but rather team academics.speed and physicall muscles do not help the individual out in the present or future,nor to they support the dwindling economy.Iwork too hard for my money to support grown men playing childrens games.If we were really in a recession sporting events would be empty as well as resturaunts.Besides the new MUD race plays soccer!!

    1. Mexicans Work Harder Than You says:

      How do you see the keyboard through your KKK hood? Does it have extra-large eyeholes?

      1. Saber 1 says:

        Just calling them like he sees them. Take a look around, beanies everywhere. My property value has gone down 3%. Deport all the ILLEGAL ALIENS and then we can go to a game without fearing for our life’s.

  3. More Traffic Jams says:

    Antonia Villagrosa is pitching hard on the deal because i’m sure there’s a lot at stake for the LA Mayor. I’m sure once he leaves office, he’s gonna want to be a businessman & what better way then to grab the support & formed his NFL Stadium Commission from LA’s most influential business Guru’s. A lot for him to gain if this whole deal goes through.

    Having an NFL team in DT LA creates more traffic jam to it’s everyday life as players, security, scouts, etc.. all cram in the same area as they attend practice everyday in DT.

  4. swhitS says:

    Viallagarosa has got to be getting paid off for this BAD idea. No one can afford to go and the only people who will benefit is illegals with their consession garbage.

  5. alan hart says:

    I don’t care if you build a stadium. However, I don’t want one penny of taxpayer money going into the project. This includes “Loans” to build it. Sports stadiums create crime and traffic congestion. We already have our fill of these.

  6. bdj says:

    Once again I will repeat my mantra. We have two underused stadiums, The Rose Bowl and the L.A. Coliseum. The money that it would cost to build a new stadium downtown could be put to upgrading either of these facilities, and not create any new traffic problems for downtown L.A. But it should all be at the NFL’s expense to do the upgrades. NOT ONE DIME OF TAXPAYERS MONEY IN ANY WAY SHOULD BE PUT INTO EITHER A NEW STADIUM OR UPGRADEING THE CURRENT FACILITIES.

    1. Sri Ben Googi says:

      Your manta sucks, bro. Try this one:


      1. bdj says:

        Sri Ben Googi,

        Your are entitled to your opinion.

      2. Gupta says:

        You’re a phony. Even an entry-level Raji knows you never give out your mantra. It’s a highly personal thing.

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