ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST (CBS) — A man was killed Monday when his motorcycle collided with another vehicle in the Angeles National Forest.

The crash occurred at Big Tujunga Canyon Road and Ottie Road shortly after 4 p.m., California Highway Patrol Officer Krystal Carter said.

The man, in his 50s, died at the scene. His name has not yet been released.

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Comments (10)
  1. HECTOR HERNANDEZ from los angeles says:

    jennifer your comment is not only disturbing,it’s stupid! my prayers go out to the family of this man who lost his life who i’m sure was probably a good citizen! i feel sorry for you jennifer! i hope the person who sued you DOESNT GET A PENNY FROM YOU,but i urge you to get counceling because you obviously have issues!

    1. HECTOR HERNANDEZ from los angeles says:

      btw:how dare you use God in a comment where you just asked people not to feel sorry for the loss of a life! Shame on you !!!

    2. Scotty James says:

      Ditto Hector! Also, this poor guy was in his 50’s. His reaction time was probably a little slow. I’m familiar with that turn because I found a guy under one of the guard rails right there. It’s nasty… but not as nasty as Jennifer!

  2. patrina jones says:

    Hector I too feel great sympathy for this man and his family, I also feel sorry for Jennifer because she seems to lost her sence of humanity. 12 years ago I was in a simular accident as she described. I was on my bike and rounded a curve to find a truck coming at me in my lane I ended up in a cement culvert with my bike on top of me. God spared my life and the driver got away he didn’t even stop to help me. The truth is people in cars think the bikers have no business on their roads.

  3. Jeffrey G says:

    There seems a great correlation on these comment boards between inability to spell and stridency of opinion.

  4. Brett says:

    Jennifer you are a moron with no soul. To say this guy deserved to die because because he missjudged a turn is just heartless. I bet your mother is so proud of you. Its people like you driving in cars that cause 100 more accidents then guys on bikes becuase you talk on `the phone when you drive or your feeding your pie hole while driving. Pray for his family, wife and kids. The problem with this country is there are too many people like Jennifer.

  5. Bean Lover! says:

    Jennifer probably giving her bf a bj when the bike struck ’em.

  6. Jennifer's BF says:


  7. Jennifer's mom says:

    Jennifer is a good for nothing Douch’ bag.

  8. killrb95 says:

    The person killed was my best friend, he was a very good citizen and great friend. RIP my friend. Hope you and the old man are playing cribbage in heaven

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