LOS ANGELES (CBS) — While Washington averted a government shutdown this week, California Governor Jerry Brown continues with his budget battles.

The governor may feel like he’s in a recurring nightmare these days. Everywhere he turns with a proposed budget fix it gets shot down.

“If we don’t get taxes, if we don’t get cuts, we’re gonna have a hard time balancing the budget,” Brown said. “Many of the Republicans told me, ‘We’re not taxing and we’re not cutting. It’s your job — you’re the governor.'”

But Republicans who show up to protest at many of the governor’s events these days say it’s Brown who’s not living up to his words.

“Fix it, Governor Brown, and I’ll be the first person that would be more than happy to give you money,” said Robert Ledbetter, who was protesting outside one of Brown’s events.

California Republican Party Vice Chair Steven Baric says Brown is not showing he’s much of a leader.

“He promised he would show true leadership and he’s failing to do that. And if he wants to show true leadership let’s have true pension reform,” Baric said.

In a wide-ranging interview at the Reagan State Office Building in downtown L.A. this weekend, CBS 2/KCAL 9 political reporter Dave Bryan asked Governor Brown about the criticisms:

DB: Many of the Republicans I talk to say that they’re not convinced that you’re serious about pension reform and about cutting the slack in government, cutting the bureaucracy down. They feel that you haven’t put forward, for example, a meaningful pension reform plan because of your connection to the unions.

JB: They have to say that to give cover to their position, which is ‘No’. Their position is ‘No, we’re not going to help you. We’re not going to do anything. Well, that’s unacceptable. I did propose 12 points of pension reform.

The governor tells Dave he believes the country hasn’t been this divided since the Civil War.

This week Brown has been using Civil War metaphors at his public events to describe the deep divisions in California, and the entire country for that matter, preaching with the passion of a born-again that the country is dangerously polarized.

“We are at a point of civil discord, and I would not minimize the risk to our country and to our state. It is not trivial. I’ve been around a long time, I’m a student of history, I’m a student of contemporary politics. We are facing what I would call a ‘regime crisis.’ The legitimacy of our very democratic institutions are in question,” he said.

Check back for more of the interview with Jerry Brown to be posted here on

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  1. RufusVonDufus says:

    Brown is an “effing” liberal idiot who has done his part in making our country what is has turned into–a pot of money sucking welfare pimps and hos. Brown gave the unions in California everything he could in order to secure their vote and now is going to pay but first he will blame the rest of us. Brown, you suck!

  2. Duude says:

    Jerry brown has both the legislature and the state senate in liberal hands. They have total power, and yet he blames this on Republicans. Where have we seen this before?

  3. GoPoundBrownSand says:

    Here’s a “novel idea Brown”, go to Mexico and ask them to help bail-out California, since that’s where all our money is going,,,, you loser”

    That’s see here folk’s, Brown’s only been the Gov. for 6 month’s and already he’s whining about the Conservatives etc; you really are a freaking loser, and look at what this once beautiful state has become — a barrio of entitlement “Cry Babies” the corrupted Union Calpers and the Mexican invader’s,,,! Got’ta hand to you liberal’s, you really know how to leech., and your not worth the effort to argue with– there will be no” helping here”, nothing will change except the amount of Pennie’s left in our pocket’s!!!! FACT: These liberal’s will never get-it’, they live in a “entitlement fog” taking, and taking until there’s nothing, which is where we’re at now. And all of America just laughs at us. No one care’s about California anymore. Brown won’t do what he needs to be done, because he’s an entitlement junkie also!!!!

  4. DarrelB says:

    To blame Republicans for anything in California is laughable. The liberals have had total control of California since 1992. Is there one single state-wide Republican office holder? I’m not sure but I don’t think so. To watch Jerry Brown blame Republicans has no credibility at all.

  5. TheRandyGuy says:

    Like Mike above, I own a business that employs 6 people and grossed just under $900,000 last year. My net after all business expenses (employee salary, equipment, supplies, rent, insurance) and taxes (fed, state, and local) was around $140,000. I could easily double my income by moving to Nevada or Arizona. I will do just that within 5 years. California legislators, over the years, have confused “nice” with “necessary.” Well, look at where we are now. The Governor said “The legitimacy of our very democratic institutions are in question.” He’s right, because of the leftist ideology that requires enormous amounts of tax dollars to be implemented. We have had enough.

  6. Smitty says:

    Moonbeam was so stoned during the 60s that he failed to notice how “divided” we were then.

  7. GoPoundBrownSand says:

    That’s the problem with Cop’s and Firemen, you have an honorable job– but your entitlement attitude’s– takes away the shine! Sorry’ but, you choose to do that job and telling someone who’s in arm’s way, I won’t help you because your not supporting my entitlement or retirement fund? That’s pathetic, and a big slap in my face, because I can no longer afford my property TAXES: It can go both way’s, let’s back-up the train, and start working together. This is not the America we need to be living-in. On both side’s,,,,! I want us all to live in peace, don’t you?

  8. Charles Shonkwiler says:

    Jerry Brown was too young the first time and he’s too old this time. 600,000 + dead, cities burned to the ground, battles on US soil I don’t think so. Governor Brown is over his head like the last time.

  9. Dave Cook says:

    George Wallace wasn’t right about much, but he got this right:

    “There’s not one dime’s worth of difference in the two parties. If you put all of the Republican leaders in a good cotton-picking sack with the Democrats, shake ‘em up and let the first one drop out, you’d stick ‘im right back in ‘cause there’s no difference.”

  10. W.K. says:

    California Performance

    In my article, “Budget Issues”, dated 2/16/11, I referred to the “California Performance Review” (CPR) recommendations but did not summarize because of space limitations. The 2004 CPR report aligns programs by function, consolidates services and abolishes entities. It discontinues 117 organizations, creates 11 mega departments and provides 15 major proposals which have the largest fiscal savings. The total savings was estimated at $ 32 billion. The 11 mega departments are: Commerce and Consumer Protection, Correctional Services, Education and Workforce Preparation, Environmental Protection, Food and Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Infrastructure, Labor and Economic Development, Natural Resources, Public Safety and Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs. Click on “GOOGLE” for details.
    There was no problem funding education, health and human services (EHHS). Why did politicians “scuttle the CPR”? Ans: keep EHHS an issue, and “business as usual” for raising taxes again.
    Potential shut down needed?

  11. Real change in 2012 says:

    That’s what you get for electing a politician as governor instead of a business woman.

    You liberals and independents in California are fools and are getting what you deserve. Just don’t try and stick the rest of the country with the bill or you’ll really have a civil war on your hands.

  12. W.K. says:

    Hi: Julia, Submitted for your editorial consideration. Thank you.
    Werner Koch
    3196 Rogers Dr.
    Cambria, CA 93428
    PH: 927-9345

    California Performance In my article, “Budget Issues”, dated 2/16/11, I referred to the “California Performance Review” (CPR) recommendations but did not summarize because of space limitations. The 2004 CPR report aligns programs by function, consolidates services and abolishes entities. It discontinues 117 organizations, creates 11 mega departments and provides 15 major proposals which have the largest fiscal savings. The total savings was estimated at $ 32 billion. The 11 mega departments are: Commerce and Consumer Protection, Correctional Services, Education and Workforce Preparation, Environmental Protection, Food and Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Infrastructure, Labor and Economic Development, Natural Resources, Public Safety and Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs. Click on “GOOGLE” for details.
    There was no problem funding education, health and human services (EHHS). Why did politicians “scuttle the CPR”? Ans: keep EHHS an issue, and “business as usual” for raising taxes again.
    Potential shut down needed?

  13. firstviceroy says:

    You’re obviously a liberal trying to portray yourself as something else. Nice try but it’s obvious. As what you stated above is only what a liberal/socialist/democrat claim to be fighting against. The truth is most conservatives and republicans want freedom less restrictions our borders enforced, our laws enforced and no more freebies to a chosen few. What is so interesting is that I find deep down most liberals are not only racists but hypocrites as well. They project their inner racism onto others hoping that it will absolve them of their own sick thoughts. Please no more taxes, no more money to the unions who then in turn feed it back to the democrats and no more money to people who come here illegally. Don’t let the racist democrats and their cohorts known as La Raza continue the Latin american invasion simply because they are of the proper race. The Laws that apply to Europeans, Asians, Africans, and anyone else must be applied to Latinos as well, with no exceptions. So I welcome all people who emigrate here legally. I know it is a difficult process but well worth it. To those unions that allow everyone to upgrade to captain their last year before retirement , well it is just adding to the problem. To those fireman in Orange county making over $500,000 a year, your days of gaming the system are coming to an end. To all the others in this California society that rely solely on Government largess, your days are numbered as well. Finally, to those Democrats that can’t see the damage they have done over the last 30 plus years of controlling the legislature, whose quest is based on guilt or to be noble with other peoples money, I wish you complete and total failure.

  14. NorCalPatriot says:

    What part of “conflict of interest” don’t you union supporters understand?

    OK… watch my lips (I’ll go slow for those educated in public schools).

    Union worker in private industry works for management,
    Management negotiates with union for wages, benefits, etc…
    If management negotiates poorly, management loses their job.
    If negotiated cost of labor is excessive, company profits fall, and company goes out of business.
    If company goes under, both union labor and management are out of work.

    Union worker in the State of California works for ELECTED management.
    Elected management negotiates with union for wages, benefits, etc…
    If elected management negotiates poorly and union workers are rewarded, then union will support the re-election of management, including donations to campaign.
    Elected management then justifies increasing their own compensation.
    If the increased union AND management costs are too high, elected management simply raises taxes, fees, licenses, etc…

    Public service unions offer big financial incentives and large blocks of votes to the very people that they negotiate with.
    If cost of labor is excessive, management raises their own compensation

  15. suibne says:

    Send all thank you notes to the moron in the white house for starting ww III. Of course, it’s what he wanted. Gas a 5$. Unions beating up anyone who stands in their way. 14.5 TRILLION DOLLAR DEPT. Illegal aliens swarming across the border. Black muslims threatening white voters. Our medical industry and insurance industry destroyed. American agents murdered in America. Israeli existence threatened as a matter of public record. Inflation. Food shortages, body searches of children at airports, manipulation of media, silencing critics, useless schools…….there’s more of course……SEND ALL THANK YOU LETTERS TO B. OBAMA.

  16. Bob in Merced CA says:

    I think for once perhaps the first time I agree with Jerry Brown. The country is devided and getting more so each and every day. I was hoping to see a revolution at the ballot box in Nov or 2012 but I am becoming more convinced we will see a civil war first.
    Obama is unable to come up with one program or policy without pitting one group of American against antoher froup. He has to make someone the bad guy, evil. It is always someone elses fault someone else to blame. Never ever an attitude of Ameirica and Americans first. He picks his Sec and appointees based on race, sex, sexual prererince, nationality, religion anything but who is best suited ot serve.
    He and Holder remind me of the Dixie Democrats running down blacks, seperate but equal. Every time they open their mouths I see George Wallace, a rebel flag thought pattern.

  17. CycleGuy says:

    The country IS divided, so lets do the smart thing and split it up. Let them have the Conservative States of America with no abortions allowed, a state religion and perpetual war. The rational people can move to the Liberal States of America where you, your son or daughter can marry who they wish, where we have a single payer health plan and maybe a political system not born in a world where letter traveling by ship or horse back was the quickest means of communication.

  18. LR says:

    It’s nice to see that Jerry Brown, good friend of Rev. Jimmy Jones, is still walking free after sending dozens of orphans to live in Jonestown.

  19. Doug Clement says:

    when will this country wake up and realize that it’s the corporations, along with the republicans, who want to bleed the middle class dry and take away every option to get ahead? here’s a tip: no one gets ahead in life all by himself. eventually, you will have to ask for help. Even Bill Gates asked for help.

    The brainless lemmings of this country are brainwashed by fast food and right wing nonsense to believe that it’s the people asking for help that is the problem when it’s really the corporations and the republicans. It’s really dispicable to blame those who are less fortunate, you are the worst aspect of American society. Do you really want to go back to the era of the great depression?

    oh well..I’ve given up long ago.

  20. Crack Monkey says:

    I worked as a software consultant in Sacramento for several years. State agencies are full of useless dead weight. I have seen incredible waste. I’ve even seen public employees including attorneys stealing gas from the county motor pool. You could save billions by eliminating all the do nothing state employees. Not all the state people were worthless. There are some very smart and good people working in Sacramento. The problem is that there are too many stupid and lazy people in the state employee just waiting to collect that pension.

  21. Cheryl says:

    A Real American: EVER BEEN SICK! EVER NOT BEEN ABLE TO GET OUT OF BED BECAUSE THE PAIN IS SO BAD THAT YOU JUST CAN’T STAND IT!! HOW DARE YOU! DO NOT LUMP, WE THE DISABLED, IN WITH ILLEGAL ALIENS. Just remember fool, someday you may be sick or disabled as well, through no fault of your own!

    You do realize too that your comments here are racist. Such as this comment: “As for the illegal immigrants, gays, disabled and those aren’t white, we should gather them on all on a big boat, send it across the ocean and sink it halfway.”

    Shame on you. You need a good old fashioned butt whipping from your Momma! Obviously you missed the lessons on compassion. How dare you compare disabled folks to those who are gay, illegal, and non-white? Like what the heck are you on? I happen to be a LEGAL CITIZEN with roots going back to the American Indians, and I even had family that came here on the Mayflower! I was born and raised in the country. I worked while I could, but then became disabled, not by choice. I would rather be working. To say you’d like to sink us all halfway out in the ocean is absurd! Ever known someone with a disability? Granted some can work and obtain employment, but not all of us can. I am quite thankful for my disability check each month. If it weren’t for that I’d be on the streets, but I guess you’d rather the sick live on the streets and die anyways. By the way, do your parents collect SS payments and Medicare? How about your grandparents? Guess they should all sink in that boat with the disabled. How you can lump the elderly and disabled with people who are gay and people who are here illegally is beyond me. They don’t even compare! By the way, I hope you NEVER EVER EVER GET TO RECEIVE SS, MEDICARE OR ANYTHING ELSE WHEN YOU GET OLD, OR IF YOU GET SICK, OR GET HURT AND WORK AND BECOME PERMANENTLY DISABLED TO THE POINT THAT YOU CANNOT WORK!!! LET’S SEE HOW YOU FEEL THEN!!!

    Be glad I have control because what was going thru mind to tell you was no where near as nice as this posting is. As far as I am concerned YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!! AND NO I AM NOT LIBERAL!!! However, I do believe in taking care of our elderly and disabled.

    We should not be allowing people on disability who have illicit drug addictions or those who are alcoholics. No one forced them into those choices. They shouldn’t be entitled to disability. I worked for years while fighting SS for disability. Finally got the point that I couldn’t work at all. This was after caring for a special needs child and a dying husband for years.

    Want another way to help SS, stop sending SS checks out of the country to people who are NOT American citizens. Bet you didn’t know that with many countries around the world if these people come here and work for just 30 days LEGALLY, when they hit retirement age they are able to choose either from their home country’s retirement, if it’s even got one, or they can choose to collect SS. Work 30 days, collect SS the rest of your life when you get old. Bet you think that’s OK though so long as they are white eh? I know some very nice people of all ethnic backgrounds, some are disabled, some work their butts off, but you’d like to put all them in a boat and sink them too simply because they are not white. That is called DISCRIMINATION!! Ever heard of the word?

    You are mighty quick to judge those whom you know nothing about. I can agree with you that we need to do something about these illegals that keep coming here. Putting them in a boat and sinking half-way out in the ocean is not my idea of the way to handle things though. How about we just start deporting them ALL, with their Anhcor Babies in tow, and send them back where they came from. How about the Feds just start enforcing Federal Law. I think these are much more just solutions than to sink everyone who is frail, gay, or illegal or NOT white in the ocean.

    Kind of sounds like the ideology of a group of people call Neo-Nazi’s, who believe in nothing but the Arian race. So if you’re not White with blond hair and blue eyes, I guess you best join the rest of us in that boat!

  22. Life, Liberty and ... you better know the rest says:

    To all the people with brains. Do not fight with idiots, you will not prevail anyway. Just start paying attention to the LAW of the land. Read the Constitution. Carry a copy with you at all times(you can get it for 30c at

    Use CASH only, that would give instant raise of about 3-4% to everybody.. Credit cards are funding banks and the misery that they orchestrate. Educate yourself which tax is unlawful and find a way to deal with it.
    Rich people mostly rich not because of dividends, but because they clearly understand which tax is unconstitutional and use existing tools to avoid them

    Ever thought about forming your personal LLC?

    Federal Income Tax = 30% average
    Social Security INCOME Tax=15.5%
    State Income Tax=10%
    State Other Income taxes = 4.5%
    State Worker Compensation Tax=10% average
    Federal Inflation Tax = 5%
    State Sales Tax =9%
    TOTAL = 84%

    Add to that all other garbage like house, licenses, utilities… and you have nothing left. HELLO!!! Anybody can do the math out there?

  23. Commander IsBe says:

    All mindless dribble.
    Your Great US allows Corporations with billions of dollars a year in sales to PAY NOTHING IN FEDERAL TAXES! NOTHING! General Electric, Annheiser Bush are just a couple of names most of you will recognize.
    DEMPublican’s can rant and rave all they want.
    But, the fact is you and your vote mean nothing now.
    You vote for 1 of 2 candidates and call yourselves free?????
    The Supreme Court has recognized corporations as “living” entities, in effect, and will allow them to give directly to the DEMPublican party candidates unlimited amounts of money – this includes foreign based corporations.
    You mean NOTHING. Your vote means NOTHING.
    And, you keep on arguing about nothing, calling each other names about nothing.
    In the mean time your totally corrupt leaders continue to strangle you in every way and you do NOTHING.

  24. toray99 says:

    Why should people that do not have a pension fund state workers pensions ?
    I think people should fund their own retirement and not have slaves fund it for them.

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