LOS ANGELES (CBS2) — Serene Branson reported on the CBS 2 News at 11 p.m. about a woman, now 18, who says a Los Angeles Police Department officer got her pregnant when she was underage.

The woman, known as Maria, also claims the officer asked her to abort the baby. She is now the mother of a four month old son, KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports.

The woman reportedly gave the LA Weekly a copy of a paternity test that showed the officer was the father of the baby with a 99% probability.

Reportedly the officer told LA Weekly he knew Maria, but that’s all he wanted to say about the situation. Adding, it was a personal matter.

The woman says she turned to another police officer for help and advice and he suggested she report the other officer to Internal Affairs. The second officer was, she says, investigated instead.

The second officer, now her boyfriend, lost his job and now works as security guard.

The LAPD would not comment, saying that this is a personnel issue. The officer the woman claims got her pregnant is still employed at the Hollenbeck Station and has not been charged with any crime.

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  1. chris says:


    1. Dee says:

      Oh…you must be talking about the cop.

    2. Bob A says:

      Black girls mature early

  2. Richie says:

    This little hooked, needs a reality check first its one Hollenbeck cop than another. Wow if I’m in her predicament and have a a boyfriend that got fired I’m sure I would blame someone else. Gotta get that welfare check one way or another!!!!!!!!! Hohoho and I’m not referring to Santa Claus.

    1. Chris Blair says:

      Why are you solely attacking the woman in this story?

      Your post makes absolutely no mention of the cop who alledgedly had unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor – is that not a concern for you?

      I guess I could probably make a valid assumption that maybe you have found yourself in a similar predicament and this story has brought back a “flood of bad memories” to you???

  3. Alan Hart says:

    The only difference between LA street gangs and LAPD is the uniforms.

  4. Jose says:

    I dont understand why people assume that she’s a hood rat? Nothing in the article states either her ethnicity, socioeconomic status, where she lives, or anything else. For all you know she could be some Anglo woman from Brentwood.

    1. Chris Blair says:

      I don’t understand why everyone is attacking this woman and not the cop who impregnated her, the LAPD Internal Affairs department, Chief Charlie Beck and the LAPD as a whole.

      Apparently having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and impregnating her is A-OK with quite a few people at the LAPD.

    2. Saber 1 says:

      Have you heard her speak? Sounds like an E. LA hood rat, her and her family are looking for revenge or big cash. I would investigate some of the other family members for prison time served and the immediate family also. Another ILLEGAL ALIE n looking for an easy ride.

  5. Jeff says:

    Her name is Serene. Trust me, she’s black

    1. Idiots says:

      Serene Branson is the news REPORTER, you silly fool. Read the whole article, then comment.

      1. Oink OINK! says:

        To make such brash judgments shows how ignorant people are. This article states nothing in regards to her ethnicity or her financial back round. Cops are PIGS NUFF SAID!!!!!

    2. Chris Blair says:


      FYI: Serene Branson is the name of the news reporter (see video on this same page) The 18 year old sounds hispanic (face is blacked out).

      If the allegations are true, than what is truly amazing about this story is this officer still wears a badge and carries a gun and has not appeared in a court of law to answer charges for unlawful sex with a minor.

      The burden of responsibility is on the adult … EXCEPT IF YOU’RE A COP, apparently.

      LAPD is calling this a “personal matter.” I think it’s also a criminal matter but we won’t let those “minor” (pun intended) details get in the way.

      So to sum it all up:
      Chief Beck nor LAPD Internal Affairs hasn’t ANY PROBLEMS with LAPD Officers having sexual relations with and impregnating minors.

      I guess it’s just another “perk” of being a police officer.

    3. Conrad Dobler says:

      And the cop is named ‘Phil Garrido’….typical whitebread name…

  6. Lis says:

    Why does her name sound so familiar?

  7. Marco says:

    These articles incite rush to judgement when they give you small pieces of information. How underage? 17 and a half? I’m sure she had knowledge of what she was doing sexually with a cop.

    Not gonna take sides jus wish there was more accurate news reporting with ALL THE FACTS.

  8. Chester says:

    It’s no secret that the LAPD protects there own.
    If the DNA is a match then, the LAPD also protects
    child molesters.

  9. Detroit Lewis says:

    Just her first name alone says it all.

  10. bee says:

    yeah alan hart u would say that since i bet u dont know di#@.. let me guess what do for a living?… live with mom. how about next time someone one is kickng you ass you dont call 911. see if those “LAPD gangsters” help u.

  11. bee says:

    look at chris blair all mad cause he doesnt get any.. you watch too much tmz.. get over it. what does it matter to you anyway.. lol oh i know cause your such a good guy. JOKE!

  12. swhitS says:

    Paternity test or not someone will have to pay!

  13. Black American says:

    White female reporter name Serene reported this story. Idiots posting here are callling the girl a hood rat because they think the girl who got pregnant is a Black female named Serene.

    What’s scary is that some of you idiots posting without reading are voters. No wonder why LA retains the same political idiots year after year. Liberals = Hypocrites.

    1. BC says:

      You got that right! I can’t believe some of these people vote in our elections! America is truly in a sad state of affairs.

  14. ellie says:

    Oh, that whacky heterosexual lifestyle!!! No rules, no morals, no problem.

    1. someonewhoknows says:

      How ignorant you are to refer “heterosexual” as a “lifestyle”. Like any of us have a choice in our sexual preference. Lifesyles are chosen fool.

  15. dre says:

    okay now the woman comes up and says something about this. why did she keep it a secert for so long……Maybe the other guy (her boyfriend was not willing to pay for a child that was not his) And it does not matter if he is a cop or not there are a lot of people that are just in to minors every day there is some story about perverts and the such. I am moving out of los angeles can’t even watch a ball game in this town

  16. Jeff is a dummy says:

    Jeff. Can’t you read, you big dummy?

  17. Detroit Lewis is a big dummy too! says:

    Detroit, you are a big dummy too. What’s wrong with you fools?

  18. Don't Mess with Hood Rats says:

    The girl is a hood rat plain and simple, the cops are both idiots and should be fired! Now this hood rat is gonna try and get a pay check from the city of LA because she’s claiming she had sex with an officer when she was 17. Now the poor tax payers are gonna have to fork out millions of dollars to this hoodie to make this whole thing go away.

  19. Bill says:

    It’s getting pretty bad when all they can finded to report about who did this girl . so why is she crying to the news her little pit of fame .

  20. what a shock says:

    Jeff must be a cop. Was she raped? No… Did he force her? No. The problem is they had sex he’s married and not leaving his wife. Maybe their both to blame. A 17 year old mexican with a baby…Ummm where’s the story here

  21. BREAKING NEWS says:

    BREAKING NEWS !! jeff & detriot 2 BIG DUMMMMMMMMIES. you guys turn out to be the “” where the sun dont shine”” hole of the week.

  22. Joker says:

    Did the cop force her to do the act….if not, what’s the big deal….it takes two. She probably wanted a man and seduced him to capture him….it didn’t work, so she gets someone else and now she wants some form of compensation from the city…….don’t worry though, I’m sure the city will dive deep into its pockets and give her a million buck.

  23. LOU says:

    Remember Raphael Perez from Rampart? same thing, another crooked cop.

  24. lucygoosey says:

    This story is crazy. why would she go to the paper or other cops for this. hot azzes are getting pregnant everyday by functional molesters, what the news? If she has paternity papers just file for child support, why involve all these folks. guys asking about abortions is a standard question these days.
    she can’t get welfare if she knows the name and location of father. the second officer is a strange twist but now he get his turn because she’s already knocked up.

  25. lucygoosey says:

    I’m willing to bet that the 2nd cop and the girl came up with going public in order to sue. He probably got fired for doing something else stupid. If she filed, she got child support, the county and dept make sure all garnishments are honored.
    Wondered did she plan being hooked with a security guard instead of a cop?

  26. drozone69 says:

    If the child looks like porky the pig.Then here story is creditable.Remember the San Fernando Chief of police recentli did this to one of their recruits.His punishment? Paid leave!!!That is why they do it,they are immune to prosecution.

  27. not cool says:

    what does she want from this guy lapd officers dont even make a lot of money

  28. drozone69 says:

    Police officers do make lots of money by smuggling drugs into jails,ripping off drug dealers and prostitutes.Taking bribes and payoffs from pimps,business men and drug dealers.And last but not least immune from law and order.

    1. someonewhoknows says:

      Hey drozone69! Cut back on the crack and increase your marijuana intake! Cops are punished to the fullest extent. Not only by the judicial system but their departments. Then if the offense is bad enough to get fired, they can never work as police officers again.

  29. 314 says:

    I love reading the comments to this article, its not to difficult to find the ones left by cops trying to protect their own. Of course though that Beck has no comment on one of its own, but is quick to comment on officers employed by other departments. I would take him as my boss anyday.

  30. Confused says:

    Unless he was on duty when he allegedly got her pregnant, this has nothing to do with the LAPD or the City of Los Angeles. And the story does not indicate or say that he was on duty or had sex with her under the color of law.

  31. Elvis Presley says:

    HUMMM… I wonder why Maria did not mention that she has one maybe two other children. There should be a follow up interview and she should be asked this question. BTW, How come she didn’t mention that her current boyfriend who lives with her, is in his mid to late 40’s? So which 2 of the cops is 9999.999% the father??

  32. Amber says:

    Hey Elvis…since you know so much about Maria, let me ask you what is the importance of involving her other child? What makes you think the reporter didn’t ask her about her other child and didn’t see any importance unless you know something about him…? hmmmmm. And what about her current boyfriend? He is not the accused officer. What does his age have to do with what the other officer did to her? You must not like him or have something against him living with her. And finally, maybe you should ask your buddy Ronnie to see the copy of his paternity test, which has his name on it stating 99.9999% probability that HE is the father. And ask him why a judge had to order him to take the paternity test because Ronnie already knew the outcome if he took the test. But you probably already knew that, since you know so much about her and her boyfriend.

    1. CUPCAKEE says:


  33. Della Estrada says:

    smaells like a rat! hood rat !! 99.9% she will sue the officer and department win..thats one way to get out of the hood

    1. k.copp says:

      first of all learn how to spell second of all shes not like that maybe you are right?? thats the first thing that seems to pop out in your head

    2. Robert says:

      Hood rat….takes one to know one right? Is that how you got outta the hood?

  34. h.o.b.k cop says:

    people seem to judge without even knowing this girl.. first find out the truth then judge

    1. Chris Blair says:

      You got that! Seems like Karma knows the woman well….and the officers very well. Like everyone else she goes by rumors without even knowing the truth. She even names the officer involved.

    2. Monica says:

      Many know the truth about him. It isn’t a secret.

    3. CUPCAKEE says:


  35. Monica says:

    Officer is married

    1. hobk cop says:

      Why are you single?

      1. Monica says:

        I am not single. I know his wife!!!!

      2. EWW!!! says:

        Eww are you serious? All the girls right here are cops they work downtown they are all fat, old, and saggy. That all they do is spread rumors in order to feel good about themselves.

  36. someonewhoknows says:

    I wonder how long it will take her to move on now that the current boyfriend, the old guy, is just a security guard???

    1. to "someonewhoknows" says:

      funny you were married to him remember? so that makes you old too oh but wait you are older then him what are you 50?

  37. c.gonzales says:

    How do you know thats true were you there? Oh,wait you go by what Cris has to say right? Since she seems to know everything. Does she also know that those sisters dont get along?

  38. c.gonzales says:

    Jealous because she’s young?

  39. Mozelle Brewer says:

    Gee, are you a security guard with a hood rat girlfriend also?

  40. Marco Zapien says:

    jealous cus shes young “and” stupid!! please….

  41. Marco Zapien says:

    Jealous because she young “and stupid! Please… Iam thankful I was never an idiot at age 16,17,and !8…

  42. Hood Rat says:

    Maria is just another hood rat making babies and having sex and on her knees with every guy she meets. she is looking for a baby daddy and she found one with the cop who gave her another taxpayer nightmare. Maria get a job maybe that is a better way than laying on your back with every guy you meet. to her current boyfriend, when she gets tired of you she will be out looking again. but who wants to be with a young girl with so many damn kids.

  43. CUPCAKEE says:


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