Things were going so well, then..... kaboom!

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Personal hygiene should be important to all of us. It is, to Cherie Davis. Possibly, too important. Now, Ms. Davis is facing a total of five traffic charges as a result.

She thought she was doing the right thing, by setting her cruise control at 62 mph before starting her hygienic ritual. And even before that, she made sure she had killed all germs. It wasn’t until she crashed into some rocks along the side of the road there in New Zealand , that her penchant for cleanliness unraveled.

Cherie was brushing her teeth while she drove.

She started, apparently, by consuming a bit of germ-killing al-key-hol before getting behind the wheel. Nearly twice as much as the law allows, apparently; but one does want to make certain those germs don’t stand a chance, right?

Then the cruise control; then let the brushing begin. (What, no flossing? – Ed.) reports that she’ll be sentenced in May. She blames February’s Christchurch earthquake with interfering with her job…. and, oh yes, she had issues on the home front. Whatever. Now she has a mug shot. Probably the one with the brightest teeth in New Zealand.

  1. Patricia Bunin says:

    What, she didn’t stop to rinse her mouth with Listerine?
    Where did we get the idea that our cars are mobile bathrooms!

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