SANTA MONICA (CBS) — A mechanical failure that was initially believed to be a pipe bomb caused damage to a roof near a Jewish center early Thursday morning.

The incident took place near the Chabad House of Santa Monica at 1448 17th Street at 6:45 a.m. Some debris from the explosion landed on a nearby roof, but no injuries were immediately reported.

(Credit: CBS)

Police evacuated a four-block area around the center and roughly 100 residents were told to leave their homes.

Sgt. Jay Trisler tells KNX 1070 that the explosion “was not an intentional act” and or the result of any type of “incendiary device.”

No other details were immediately available.

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  1. Lu says:

    “A mechanical failure” does not explain squat. Where are the reporters these days? Go find out what happened, and then tell us what happened. That’s your job. Simply PARROTING an official statement from authorities IS NOT JOURNALISM.. Jeez! News reporting in Los Angeles is REALLY bad lately. DIG! go find out what constitutes a mechanical failure. Was it a boiler letting go? Something dropped from the air? an out-of-control blender???? WHAT???

  2. von Bunkhouse says:

    Thank you Lu, but with globalisation it’s not just an LA thing.
    Journalism’s JOB is to provke enough traffic to satisfy their
    advertiser clients. Absolutely nothing more.

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