LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Hollywood rock concert has ended with a stabbing and gunfire.

Los Angeles police say an off-duty officer was stabbed in the hand during a Wednesday night after-concert parking lot scuffle at the Hollywood Palladium. Investigators say the off-duty Los Angeles officer then shot the attacker.

City News Service says the officer and the suspect are being treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Sgt. Michael Ventura says the officer and another off-duty police officer were leaving after attending the concert by the band A Day to Remember.

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  1. Cruiser says:

    Another shooting, there’s enough shootings by on duty cops. Why was he carrying a gun, he wasn’t on duty. Off duty cops shouldn’t have the right to carry guns. They should call 911 like the rest of us. I hope the victim sues this off duty officer on a civil suit to teach the off duty cop and others the effects of shooting someone. If so, it would teach others to think twice before shooting anyone.

    1. Mark says:

      Quite possibly one of the dumbest posts ever!

    2. old buzzard says:

      Cruiser you speak out of the abundance of your ignorance…You are truly one individual who doesn’t have a clue !!!!

    3. DMAN says:

      Cruiser has a semi-point. Officers are PROFESSIONALS like must of us. However; like most of us, they are not professional 24hrs a day. I think you see where this is going….Try being the victim of a road rage incident with an “off duty cop”.

    4. LaMpe says:

      What’s that old cliche ” Know Who are Where You are and What you are Doing there” That was a 911 call

      A Day to Remember

    5. Trisha says:

      You’re an idiot! And for the record; he may have been “off duty” but an officer is never “off duty”! He made an oath to protect and serve; that is on duty or “off duty”.

    6. david sanders says:

      “Cruiser”….more like auto pilot. And that would be the blow-up one on Airplane hahaha.

  2. Cruiser, you are stuck on STUPID. Hopefully someone will shoot you and put you out of your ignorance.

  3. Jim Nor says:

    I agree with Blitzer.. Why should you be able to carry a knife and an off-duty PD not carry a gun. They are never off duty when a crime occurs or a citizen needs armed assistance.. Where did you check your brain???

  4. Ed Rooney says:

    Quite an ironic band to be playing there don’t you think?

    Hollywood is a cesspool, why expect anything different?

  5. Paul Castillo says:

    Being that most of your comments are in supprt of this cop playing cop when he is off duty, I suppose none of you would object to me performing surgery on you in a parking lot after a concert when I have most likely had a few drinks.

  6. Riddler says:

    When your mother is getting stabbed at a rock concert, I am so sure you are going to want the off-duty police officer to call 911….LMAO what a joke

  7. Melissa says:

    Off duty officers can be HIRED by the venue for security which would justify the question of why the officer carries a gun.

  8. shelly says:

    i was at that show, it didn’t happen after the show, it happened during the show, it happened at 10 pm and the show didn’t let out till 11 pm. it happened in the back where the busses were parked, i dont think it had anything to do with the band or the fans, more likely a criminal trying to vandalize, steal equipment, i say the officer did the right thing.
    ps. it was an awesome show.

  9. Russell says:

    Have you ever heard someone say “Is there a doctor in the house?” They are not on duty but are able to help. But actually, the Palladium hires off-duty cops to help in such occasions to protect their patrons. This was the case here, no drinking involved. I feel much safer with a cop having a gun than a security guard that hasn’t gone through police academy. I just hope that he heels quickly to get back out there and protect again soon.

  10. Lawrence says:

    Good thing this happened to an off-duty officer that was carrying a gun. I wonder what would have happened if it happened to an ordinary citizen that wasn’t allowed to carry a gun…

  11. upyours says:

    The only problem I see is that the dumbas$ brought a knife to a gunfight.

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