LOS ANGELES (CBS) —  The Los Angeles Dodgers hired former Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton Wednesday to assess policies and procedures related to security and fan services at Dodger Stadium.

A week ago, a San Francisco Giants fan was beaten outside the stadium. Bryan Stow remains in a medically-induced coma. His assailants are also still at-large.

“Bill Bratton is widely credited with spearheading modern community policing in America,” said Los Angeles Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt. “There is no one better to lead a top-to-bottom review of our current practices and make recommendations to be implemented now and into the future.”

Bratton, 63, and his team at Kroll will begin consulting immediately.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to return to Los Angeles to consult with the Dodger organization on the security posture at Dodger Stadium,” said Bratton. “We will take a full and comprehensive look at security procedures and processes, and make recommendations based on our findings.”

Bratton was chief of LA Police from 2002-2009.

The Dodgers enjoy a longtime working partnership with the LAPD, and see Bratton and Kroll’s role helping with internal procedures at the Dodgers.

“We are committed to ensuring that Dodger Stadium remains a family-friendly environment for all baseball fans,” said McCourt.

Before becoming LAPD Chief, Bratton also ran the police departments in Boston and New York.

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Comments (26)
  1. Joel Raes says:

    I really doubt that is going to help much.


    Joel Raes,Joel Raes

  2. Down With The Dodgers says:

    Well it’s a start. But what do the Dodgers administration have to say to the young man brutally beaten and in a coma? A little late and I agree with Joel Raes… I doubt it’ll help. There will still be Hispanic thugs going to the games and that alone is the problem.

  3. What the f...k says:

    Hahahaha! What a f ^€k n joke………

  4. Rebecca Christiansen says:

    What a joke – its not a start. Its idiotic – Frank McCourt hasn’t even called the family yet…what could he be thinking?? He’s not thinking. He should take all the proceeds from that ridiculous $15 per car parking charge for the last homestand and give it to the Stowe family, oh wait and what about all those $$ charges for that dreadful beer?? Give it to the Stowes, . Oh and by the way Bill Bratton did what he could to keep the gang bangers in Los Angeles and on the streets with his rigid enforcement of Special Order 40. Its a joke that he is going to be able to contribute.

  5. Sage Advice says:

    This is called “Crisis Management” in Insurance services for professional liability and during other Public Relations debacles; it does little more than stave off stink-eye and geneal bad feelings, and in that vain, is just “feel good” bologna. So…. ask yourself… do you feel good about wlaking through the Dodger’s Stadium parking lot now, the next game you attend?

  6. mike says:

    too little,,, too late,,,last time we went as a family,was the last time,we were yelled at in the parking lot for wearing Angel hats during the freeway series last year,, by latino drunk thugs,were are latinos .. we were lucky.. prayers for Mr. Stow and his family..

  7. mark says:

    If McCourt needs to hire an outside consulting firm to keep
    Dodger stadium safe what does that say about the LAPD?

  8. minutemen says:

    i went to a Dodger game with my 5 kids . , they hated it , and were scared the whole time . sorry to say we will never be back. , wish it was like the old days before all the Gang members at the Game.
    Keep these punks out of the park .

  9. Adam says:

    Sorry to say but LOS ANGELES its self is becoming more and more like Dodgers Stadiums Parking Lot .,

    1. Joe says:

      This is so true – count me and my 80 year old father out from visiting Chavez Ravine this season – it’s just not safe…

  10. Joel Lanuza says:

    I take a few bad apples to ruin a a whole bag of apples. Theres no need to make this a racial issue. I think The dodgers need to have better security for the size of the stadium. These guys who beat the Giants fan should not have gotten away had there been more security.

    1. Rosie N says:

      A few bad apples? Are you kidding me? Practically the whole crowd are LATINO THUGS! I personally have gotten into trouble with them because they are THUGS! I went to a Giants game two years ago and said NEVER AGAIN will I go to a Dodger Game when the Giants are playing. The latino thugs were brutal and down right criminal with the Giant Fans. I felt so sorry for them.

      McCourt better do something to get this situation under control because otherwise all the nice respectfull people will stop coming and he’ll have a whole stadium of thugs!

    2. Mark says:

      Please stop being so politically correct. Race IS an issue! There is one race that is causing all the problems in this city. And it ain’t the Irish!

      1. jaided says:

        why dont u just move to wyoming. or kansas.

  11. kandlestix says:

    Why does bratton remain so popular amongst blacks, mexicans and persons who ideologically agree with the aclu.

  12. Robin says:

    This is nothing new Mr. Bratton, it went on during your watch as well. We had a terrible experience and haven’t been back there for 2 years. We were wearing our Cubs jerseys and my husband was verbally accosted while getting a beer, a Dodger fan told me “suck my balls” in front of my 9 year old daughter who said she’ll never go back there. Even my friend wearing a Dodger shirt was afraid to walk to her car by herself. Other Dodger fans have told me the cheaper the seats the worse it gets. We have friends who wait until their team is playing in San Diego and they go there.

  13. Mohamed Jamal says:

    This is a good move , Bratten is a great guy , will do a great job in keep out the low lifes out of our dodger stadium

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Bratten is part of the problem. Him and the beane r mayo r thaey knell to the minorities and kick the white guy. Just a smoke screen, just watch.

  14. Joe says:

    They say hind sight is 20/20 – isn’t this a little too late??? adequate security measures should have been in place LONG before this tragic incident – where were the security surveillance cameras?! Where were the arm guards?! that poor guy will NEVER be the same…this is so shameful

    1. Rider Richter says:

      I completely agree Joe. These are measures that should have been dealt with long ago.

  15. Fernando says:

    Hope this helps. Remember the shooting in 2003 where the Giants fan died? Bratton was Chief back then.

  16. Rider Richter says:

    Good Move!!! Let’s keep Dodgers Games Safe for Everybody!!!

  17. Off Duty LEO says:

    The Dodgers need to start letting off-duty law enforcement officers carry their firearms in and around the stadium. As an officer and Dodger fan, it is an extra layer of protection and believe it or not, no additional cost to the Dodgers. I am already going to the game. I would be less inclined to intervene in a situation if I do not have my “tools” accessible to me. Most officers are responsible off-duty as well as on duty. After all, I can carry on an airplane.

  18. Concerned Insider says:

    Maybe the Dodgers should explain to the public why they HAVE NOT had a full time Director of Security at the stadium since they fired the last director. Their security group has been in dis-array since last season. The public would be outraged if they knew the truth about the Dodgers entering this season without a full time, qualified director of security. Instead that broke, dumb ass McCourt dumped security operations responsibilities on overworked people who were not properly prepared and lacked the proper resources to adequately respond to rabid fan activities. If the inside story came to light, McCourt would be in jail.

  19. John Q. says:

    Before you blame Bratton for what happened at Dodger Stadium under his watch…rememebr one important thing…Dodger Stadium is private property, not public property. and owned by the McCourts. To get more LAPD officers there he will need to pay for that service.

    As one call tell from his divorce paying for his lifestyle was more important that the safety of his customers.

  20. troy says:

    Securities and Cops need to start profiling. If you look like a thug, get them out and refund their money.

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