SANTA ANA (CBS) — A Florida pastor blamed for inciting unrest in Afghanistan by burning a Koran was in town on Wednesday to appear on Truth TV, an Arabic language Christian network.

Rev. Terry Jones told reporters he had no plans to burn any more Korans upon his arrival at LAX on Tuesday night, but that he may hold another mock trial for the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

“We’ve had about 400 death threats,” he said, adding that Hezbolla, the Shia Muslim militant group, had put out a “reward out on my head for $2.4 million.”

Santa Ana police say they were warned that Jones was in town.

It was unclear if he has scheduled any public appearances.

Jones of Gainesville, Fla., said he planned to go to Dearborn, Mich., for a demonstration outside the nation’s largest mosque.

He has been widely criticized for burning a Koran following a mock trial March 20 at his church, saying he did it to draw attention to radical Islam.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned the act. About 20 people, including seven United Nations workers, have been killed in rioting in Afghanistan.

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  1. rjsmitty says:

    Muslim countries burn thousands of Bibles every year.

    1. Joe Melnick says:

      It’s not a wrong if it’s a right – the constitutionally protected kind.

      1. Openyoureyes says:

        PCP…politically correct pu$$ies

    2. Dan Vesper says:

      I think he does have a constitutional right to burn the Koran, but I think he should also have the human decency to respect something that is sacred to so many people. Especially when Gates informed him that if he burned the Koran that there would likely be adverse consequences in Afghanistan.

    3. Dredd says:

      Muslims are hacking innocent peoples’ heads off and Danny has to start whining about “human decency”?

      Good luck with that.

    4. factoid says:

      We didn’t put a bounty on anyone when the Bibles were burned – which was right. They killed 20 people. I’m counting only one wrong…

    5. DSTroy77 says:

      Dan, the true Factoid is. Any Book that by its mere burning could evoke people to murder innocent people, is pure evil!

    6. Chris Pedersen says:

      Dan, again, Muslims burn thousands of Bibles every year.

      “I think he does have a constitutional right to burn the Koran, but I think he should also have the human decency to respect something that is sacred to so many people.” -Dan Vesper

      ??? My response to this is: “I think they do have a constitutional right to burn the Bible, but I think they should also have the human decency to respect something that is sacred to so many people.”

      My arguement is as valid as yours. The only difference between Bible-burners and Koran-burners is that the Bible-burners flat-out murdered 20 people because of one guy burning one book. But, there are no cases I know of where a Koran-burner murdered someone to protest the actions of a Bible-burner [But, I’m sure that Bible-following soldiers used this knowledge of Bible-burners as fuel to become extra effiecient and brutal at killing their enemies]. That’s what we call a ‘double-edged sword’.

    7. Dueling Fools says:

      Dan, could you provide a link to any post or comments you made concerning the author of the Pedophiles Guide, Philip Greaves. Surely, you were one of the people saying it was his right, but he shouldn’t do it.

    8. Dan Vesper's best friend says:

      Human decency = murder. GG logic there Dan. Now go jump into a river because Submerged in water = Air.

    9. Gregor says:

      The intolerant preacher protests the intolerant muslims. Sounds to me like they are not that much different.

      1. Jenny says:

        Sad that these people on BOTH sides are giving us all bad names… God would not condone any of this and yet once again ignorant people are waging hate in His name.

      2. Dusty209 says:

        Western culture under attack

    10. Jenny says:

      Christian values 101: love thy neighbor.

    11. Greg Branch says:

      I wonder what the “God of The Bilble” thinks of the Koran in light of John 14:6 and Psalm 97:7-9. I believe that Islam and Christianity are mutually exclusive but I won’t murder anyone just because they are an infidel.

      1. Dusty209 says:

        “but I won’t murder anyone just because they are an infidel” All muslims are required to do just that! You are an uneducated fool “I believe that Islam and Christianity are mutually exclusive” you are wrong and again you can” believe” in the tooth fairy if you like but islam considers you an infidel and they want your head on a plate and they will be happy to rape your children I on the other hand am a Christian and I simply tolerate you.

      2. Greg Branch says:

        An infidel is someone who doesn’t believe in God. I believe in the “Living God”of the Bible who is the only true God. I would rather be uneducated than to be a fool. Read Psalm 53:1. I won’t murder someone for being a fool.

    12. Dusty209 says:

      Jenny being a Christian does not mean accepting death by the sword. Islam wants to be with their virgins they want to be reunited with allah we MUST accommodate them and give them tough love, they want war lets get it on.

    13. Saber 1 says:

      My values, eliminate every towel head terrorist and deport all the stinking no deodorant wearing beane r s while your at it.

    14. Dusty209 says:

      Wake up American God Bless Terry

  2. Truth says:

    Yeah, because us Christians never start any wars, right?

    1. Rich says:

      When was the last war in the name of Jesus? How many people were murdered this year in the name of Jesus or for offending Jesus or for burning a bible or drawing a cartoon of Jesus?

      1. Concerned says:

        Um the Crusades (take that the way you want, it was a long time ago but….) all the abortion doctors that have been killed or hurt or threatened in the name of jesus. extremism is the problem, tolerance is the only solution not awesome disrespect like burning holy books. as far as the cartoon or bible burning i cant think of any thing now. but no religion that is massively taking up space on social grounds today got there without blood on their hands through history. including the big three.

      2. MMM says:

        Please take a look at They track deadly attacks carried out in the name of Allah and entirely according to his teachings. There have been over 17,000 since 9/11– not 17,000 dead, 17,000 deadly attacks. And yet I hear “George Tiller, George Tiller! See? Christians do it, too!” all the time. Um… that’s one guy, clearly acting against the direct instructions of Christ, not fulfilling them. And then people talk about the Crusades, over 500 years ago. And then the really desperate and uninformed throw out Timothy McVeigh as an example of “Christian” terrorism. Except that Timothy M. never claimed to be a Christian, let alone gave Christ as His reason for his horrible acts. Ah, yes, every day people are yelling, “Praise Jesus Christ!” as they spray innocent civilians with bullets, strap bombs to their bodies, behead… Right. Please. This equivalency narrative is so stretched and strained…

      3. Charles says:

        This is to “Enlighten” Concerned. The Crusades were a response by Europe because the Holy Roman Empire was under attack by Muslims. The Emperor requested help from the Pope to stop the Muslims from concurring Constantinople. It didn’t work in the end because the Muslims kept coming. But don’t call the Crusades an attack on Muslims; the Crusades were in defense of MUSLIM AGGRESSION!! Learn a little history.

      4. Toady says:


        The Crusades occurred over 500 years ago. Get a grip. The abortion doctor killers were all isolated losers whose victims numbered less than 5. They had no support from anyone and were condemned by everyone – unlike the public celebrations and smiling that occurred in the middle-east on 9-11.

        Almost all religions stopped killing people in the name of their god along time ago, except Islam.

      5. CallingForCalm says:

        Hitler believed himself to be a good Christian, doing God’s work. So does the Ku Klux Klan. As for Terry Jones, he’s nuttier than squirrel turds.

      6. Dan says:

        I think the 50 million abortions that have been done in the US is extremism. What is even worse is that our nations expects us to pay for the murder of the unborn. We live in a culture that embraces the murder of the weakest members of society, but that does not come from Christianity. The Crusades are an unfortunate scar on Christianity’s past, but all I can say is that it was clearly wrong. I can only say that the Crusades were wrong because I read my Bible which is objective truth. In our society it is said that there is no such thing as objective truth, so how can an atheist or an agnostic say that the Crusades were wrong? Why is it wrong to burn a Koran? Why is it wrong to abort a baby or punch a woman in the stomach and cause here to loose here baby?

      7. plug199 says:

        Crusades were long ago, but you have many other examples such as Northern Ireland, where two different sects of Christians were killing eachother.
        God indeed must be weeping when He sees this wherever it happens.
        And whilst we condemn the radical islamists for their actions we should think what Christianity was doing at this time in its history. Think of the wholesale slaughter of South Americans in Mexic and Peru and Africa. And of course there are wonderful episodes like the Spanish Inquisition or the battles in England and Europe over religious differences which ultimately led to the Pilgrim Fathers. That’s not to diminish the intolerance and hatred today, but to remember that it has been going on all the time.

    2. Jack Wibby says:

      It never fails that the America hating left justifies current muslim atrocities because “Christianity” started wars in the past. Sorry, that dog don’t hunt.

      1. Dusty209 says:

        plug199 diminished comes from the root word dimi it’s muslim learn it and the rules and if you want to be subject to the laws of dimi and sharia law then you go ahead but STOP blaming Christians it’s WRONG you need to study the history of the world

    3. benny says:

      And thats the morally equivocating nonsense (I mean you LIBs make no sense) the left teaches youth today in the west. Research for yourself what they teach their kids in the Mohammaden countries. I could put up with killer and killing but thought police too these folks have got to go! No BODY CARE ABOUT JESUS OR CHRISTIANS if you don’t I don’t!

    4. Dusty209 says:

      The video the muslims don’t want you to see

  3. free thinker says:

    all christians are the same

    1. Flatlander says:

      its funny you call yourself “free thinker” and make a comment like that…

      1. free thinker says:

        no name just means I dont have a dope on sunday telling me what to think

      2. lol says:

        Yeah, no one tells you what to think. Except scientists and their proven and unproven theories. And your parents. And your military. Nope, you are a freeeeeee thinker.

    2. SonnyJIM says:

      I know a lot of them, and I would say that you obviously don’t know any to make such a comment. But, like this guy or not, you must understand – he knew this would happen and he wanted you to see the reality of this situation. Pastor Terry is just trying to wake you up, Neo.

      1. free thinker says:

        to what christian hatred and bigotry?

      2. Jmcaul says:

        @ “free thinker” So a guy burns a single copy of a book: (pieces of paper with ink on them) to prove that a bunch of insane nutjobs in different places of the world would become entirely unglued and react WAAAYYYY out of proportion in response to his action. You want to condemn the guy that destroyed ONE copy of ONE book and ignore the bloodthirsty defenders of said book. Fine. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking you really ARE a free thinker. You are as p-owned as any of them.

    3. Cincinnatus says:

      And “The Godfather” is even more violent than those. Why not throw that on the pyre as well? Because we live in fear that a “small minority” of violent Mario Puzo fans will riot, maim and kill? Because we fear that a “small minority” of Mario Puzo fans in New York will kidnap UN workers and behead them?

      Get real! You know the issue, it’s the people following the book, not the book itself. No one can be as daft as to miss that point.

      1. JT says:

        You could not be more wrong. The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

        Unlike nearly all of the Old Testament verses of violence, most of the verses of violence in the Quran are open-ended, meaning that the historical context is not embedded within the surrounding text. They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah, and just as relevant or subjective as anything else in the Quran.

        IT is the book. The “problem people” are just the ones following it precisely.

    4. steamboat says:

      Stupid statement. The whole idea is that God has given us free will to do and think as we will. Of course we pay the consequences for bad actions. Sounds like a good idea to me.

    5. Dan says:

      You clearly dont understand preaching. The dope is attempting to tell what God thinks by telling you what God says. As a free thinker I have to think about whether the Bible is God’s Word or not…and if the dope actually understands it and has explained it right. Then if the Bible is God’s Word, and the dope has explained it properly, I get to think freely about the ramifications for my life. How do I talk to people, how do I do my taxes, do I work 65-80 hours per week and neglect my wife and kids? Oh yeah…by the way, psychologists have effectlively rejected the concept that you are a free thinker. Interesting phenomenon called biological and psychological determinism. Which basically means that our thoughts and actions are determined by our cultural context and biology. This is interesting because a dope named John Calvin noticed about 500 years ago that the Bible teaches the same thing.

    6. Dusty209 says:

      NO ONE of them wants to cut your head off, guess which one

      1. Mudplanet says:

        I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank the Gideons and all the motels and hotels they work with for all the free toilet and fire starting paper they’ve been providing me over the years.

        Once I actually read some of the stuff printed on it and I was shocked – apparently god says it’s ok for Jews to rape the children of non-Jews, and even massacre entire populations of non-Jews. And that he hates people who wear clothing made of more than one fiber and who don’t practice monoculture. It made absolutely no sense to me why he would be concerned about things like that but, what the hell, free toilet paper is hard to turn down. There’s even a story in there about god deliberately torturing some guy by killing his family just to prove a point to some bully. Now there’s a god of tolerance I can worship. Nothing like that judgmental and capricious god described in the Koran.

      2. Dusty209 says:

        To bad you didn’t read the New Testament and clearly you have completely ignored the reformation. Oh since Christianity is SEPARATE from the state we have LAWS against rape but islam requires that the state and the koran and suris and hadiths are one in the same so you’ll be forced to follow it. The old testament is not the LAW of the land but a choice. Please educate yourself prior to blagging.

      3. Dusty209 says:

        to mudplanet

  4. free thinker says:

    so that makes it right? turn the other cheek…ops only when its covienent

    1. Folsom George says:

      and covert ops when necessary

      1. Jmcaul says:

        @Folsom George: Yay for covert ops..!

    2. free'er thinker'est says:

      beheading, suicide bombing, death threats! only when its convinent to our religion… yeah gosh darn those christians… wait what? They didnt do that? Oops.

    3. Dan says:

      I find it humorous when someone attempts to win a moral argument with a Christian by quoting a Scripture out of context. If you are ignorant of the Bible why do you pretend to understand it? Heres a challenge for fee thinker, instead of just listening to what your college professors told you about the Bible, why dont you study it for your self? Maybe they were wrong. Maybe you were wrong.

  5. Everyday Guy says:

    When Palestinian terrorists took over the Church of the Nativity a few years back, this was ok in the eyes of islam, and Christians didn’t call for anyone’s murder.

  6. meme says:

    The muslims can try it but they’re going down for murder 1, if anything. This is America. We have freedom to protest.

    1. oh well says:

      It doesn’t have to be a muslim! I’m not muslim but sure could use 2.4 million!!!!

  7. David N says:

    Last time I checked there was such a thing as Freedom of Religion in the US. Inciting hatred and intolerance was the bad thing. But you fascists think the opposite. People should be forced to think just like you do, and be free to hate and spread violence. You people commenting who hate Islam with all your soul are like the Taliban. You both need each other to hate each other. I feel sorry for you and as a Christian I pray that God changes the hate in your heart to love.

    1. Everyday Guy says:

      You sir, are an idiot.

      1. BruinDebate says:

        Give this man a Pulitzer! You’re so witty Everyday Guy. How about a debatable response?

        David N, good point. Combating fascism with fascist statements is hypocrisy at best. I see many posts that hate Muslims, but are living in a country that celebrates freedom. These may be the same people that preach about the negative affects of government intrusion, but not for people that think differently.

        I do believe that during a time of war, citizens need to be held accountable if their actions insight danger to our soldiers/workers. This Christian fanatic should be held accountable for the very same reason one can’t yell fire in a movie theater…people might be physically harmed or killed.

      2. Dredd says:

        Bruin, please try to learn how to write before you whine about others’ Pulitzer prizes.

        It’s “INCITE”, not “insight”.

        BTW, I’ll be burning a Koran with a Bruin logo on it just for YOU.

      3. sigh says:

        These people want to kill anyone who is not them. And if they don’t, they won’t speak out against the ones who do. There is a fine line between acceptance and opening up yourself for an invasion.

    2. SonnyJIM says:

      David, the fascists are the guys calling out death threats, rioting and burning buildings. Get a clue, dude.

      1. Andrew P. says:

        I probably agree with you on everything else, except inciting and/or participating in violence doesn’t make one a fascist.

    3. joej says:

      Whoa, time out. Fire in a movie theater? What you are actually saying is that we only have to be nice to the violent religions, and we can be disrespectful to the peaceful religions. You are playing the polite coward. You really have not thought this through. The more you bow down to the fanatics, the closer they are to winning. As much as i disagree with this pastor, he is right.

      1. Christopher John Franzen says:

        Nobody said anything like that. You literally just put words in someones mouth. If you are a so called christian, then just keep your mouth shut.

    4. bilal says:

      good on ya david n well done mate a peron with peace in his heart these people arent facists there evil and they say evil preveils.

    5. Dusty209 says:


  8. BruinDebate says:

    Ignoramus, get out of your cave of impotence and check out reality. It is so easy to criticize illogically, but hey, you seemed to master ignorant bliss. Obama sits around? Let’s see: He doubled the troop count in Afghanistan (vs. Bush), we are also at war in a country called Iraq, and he sent cruise missles to Libya to help control their dictator. Nothing? What have you done Einstein? Sign up for the war? Nope…just like all the other citizens that don’t respect our troops and commander and chief.

    1. Duh! says:

      BruinDebate, what rock have you been living under? We are at war in a country called Iraq, so Obama removes the troops from the war. Obama sends in our planes and cruise missiles into Libya in support of Al Qaida troops on the ground. Aren’t we at war with Al Qaida?

      I definitely have respect for our military personnel putting their lives on the line for us. The current commander in chief, not so much. He definitely sat around and did nothing until it was too late during the gulf oil spill. The oil booms should have been sent out immediately to surround the well when it blew.

    2. Liberalh8r says:

      Just another liberal academia ucla student spouting for his messiah Oblabla..I am absolutely sure he would lick Oblablas shoes huh? shine em up real good with your tongue that has no better use than to taste your little veggie platter. Liberalism is a mental disorder I am glad I will never have. Instead I have common sense and pride in myself to not tow a party line just for the sake of being accepted by your other worthless friends who think like you. Pitiful. Now go drive your prius off mulholland drive.

      1. Wilder Napalm says:

        Are you a ware they have discovered the liberal gene? Maybe with a little gene therapy we can find a cure for stupid.

    3. Liberalh8risanidiot says:

      Liberalh8r: No, your mental disorder is far different. You’re probably just in a bad mood because your boy Beck was canned from Fox News. It’ll be OK.

      1. Dusty209 says:

        Try to stay on topic

    4. Ralph says:

      Who could have forgotten about Obama’s War? The Obama Tomahawk Cruise Missiles for Humanitarianism Tour

  9. William Jarvis says:

    Its a good idea not to anger irrational people.

    1. Bluff City Iron says:

      If you could get religious people to think rationally, there would be no religion.

      1. George Payne says:

        I am religious and I think rationally and there will always be religion whether it is called Christianity, Judaism, Islam or Environmentalism.

      2. Dan says:

        If I could non religious people to think rationally they would see that the Big Bang requires a God to exist. Prior to the big bang there was nothing, no time, not matter, no laws of science such as the laws of thermodynamics. How then does one have matter, time, and scientific laws that are created out of nothing, by nothing, for nothing, etc.? That is an irrational line of reasoning. Therefore, if the atheist actually though rationally they would see: 1. Everything that exists has a cause. 2. The universe exists 3. Therefore something caused it. My postulation is that someone, God, caused the Big Bang. The atheist postulates that nothing caused the big bang, that is irrational.

  10. muslimsukkdidix says:

    why would any muslim even want to come to a country founded on everything non muslim? even our currency says “in God we trust”
    especially when you’re using american currency to purchase a koran…makes no sense.

    1. SonnyJIM says:

      Islam has one goal: worldwide domination.

    2. Dan Vesper says:

      Dear Muslimsukkdidix,

      First of all your name is, wow, incredible. Second, did you know that muslims believe in jesus? Cuz they do.

      Don’t believe me, here is the wiki link:

      1. briank says:

        Wikipedia? That’s your source? They also are big into pedophilia. You have no problem with that I suppose.

      2. TrollBallBuster says:

        Try not to be a complete moron and actually READ what both religions believe in before trying to give superficial proof to a lost cause.

        Islam believes Jesus = prophet
        Christianity believes Jesus = Savior

        Big different Dan the Moran [sic].

  11. joe blow says:

    not all muslims are terrorist, but all terrorists are muslim

    1. KRH says:

      Timothy McVeigh is at least one notable exception

      1. Smedley Butler says:

        Timothy McVeigh was a drugged up patsy, not a ideologically driven terrorist.

      2. benny says:

        No one care about Old Tim, hes’ dead like the ppl he killed! Justice served? I didn’t even get a T-shirt. The rest of the worlds has been on fire because of the likes of these ppl and all the left can think of are excuses. This is not a religion, its been for some time a death cult.

    2. Stuart says:

      Really Joe Blow? Tim McVeigh was a closet Muslim? How about Scott Roeder, the abortion Doctor killer? Those were good Christians weren’t they?

      1. Mark Matis says:

        So you have no problems with Josef Mengele either? After all, he ALSO was a doctor, and performed significant research.

        Tiller and Mengele are now together for eternity, debating which of them did more to advance “medicine”. And Teddy, Robert, and John are moderating that debate.

      2. JO says:

        Timothy McVeigh WAS NOT a Christian!!!!

      3. Stuart says:

        So you’re advocating the murder of anyone who would perform an abortion? Interesting. By extension, you’d obviously also advocate the murder of any woman who undergoes an abortion. You probably call yourself a “good Christian” as well. I rest my case.

      4. Dfowler says:

        @ Stewart interesting points about those individuals and I think the underlying theme there is how FEW Christians have been involved in murders. (McVeigh was not a Christian, he was very anti-government however). By my count, there have been eight total murders of abortion doctors in America’s history since abortion became legal. Does that make it right or acceptable? Of course not. However, considering we have 300,000,000 + people in the U.S., these numbers are phenomenally low, and do paint a good picture as to the nature of Christianity. But hey, don’t let the facts interfere with your ideology.

      5. Stuart says:

        @Dfowler — you have no idea what my ideology is. ALL religion is poison and corrupt. It is false. To Islam just happens to be slightly more primitive than Christianity. Both are founded on magic and BS. The abortion Doctor killers are just as much true believers as are the Muslim psychopaths. Most of the back woods anti-government pinheads like McVeigh are bible-reading, cross-wearing waste of DNA terrorists. No difference.

    3. Dan Vesper says:

      not all people named joe are idiots, but all of you is.

    4. Karen S says:

      Wrong, Tim McVey. The Unibomber.

      1. Clark Nova says:

        McVeigh was NOT the Unibomber. Get a clue before posting.

      2. Facts R US says:

        You mean Ted Bundy? No relation to Al Bundy from Love and Marriage…

  12. OWLET says:

    Our flags and bibles have been burned and we have not rioted. the church was pretty stupid burning their holy book knowing it would cause havoc.

    1. MayorCurley says:

      Look up more info on the OKC Bombing. There’s more to the story than meets the eye.

      Dr. Jolly West was Timothy McVeigh’s psychiatrist. Look up that name and be amazed what Dr. West was in to.

  13. tom adkins says:

    We are a nation of freedom of religon. Do not know why one would burn the quran but he did it. What I dont understand is that how is he in the spotlight still receving negative attention and the people who actually KILLED innocent people are not receving any. JUST BECAUSE THE QURAN WAS BURNT DOES NOT JUSTIFY PEOPLE TO DIE ESPECIALLY INNOCENT ONES. Should Terry Jones have burned the Quran, no he should not. I tell you one thing though, how can Islam proclaim to be a peaceful religion when they kill innocent people over one mans stupid actions.

    1. Andrew P. says:

      Burning the Koran isn’t the only thing that angers Muslims. They also hate a picture/cartoon of their prophet, Mohammed. Just ask the creators of South Park.

      1. Amy says:

        Yes, and South Park caved. So a young cartoonist proposed ‘Draw Mohammed Day’ in protest against this censorship against free speech. And now the poor girl is in hiding because a cleric ordered her killed for insulting their prophet! Scary, huh? That radical Islamist leaders can stifle the actions of individual American citizens should concern all of us!!!!

  14. Dean says:

    Correction: ALL religions are a fraud.

    1. RogerCfromSD says:

      Logic dictates that you are also including atheism; which is nothing more than faith that there is no God.

      1. SinCristo says:

        You need to think that one through a bit, Roger. Get back to me when you have.

    2. Dusty209 says:

      Most especially Atheism, Darwinism, and Global warming….uh…er ….climate change

    3. Dusty209 says:

      But only Islam wants your head on a plate

  15. Candace says:

    He burns a book, they murder dozens of innocent an uninvolved people, burn things down, riot, and now make death threats.
    Yep, the “religion of peace” is batting 1000 for their B.S. and hypocrisy.

    This is 100% correct. This “religion” is a threat to human existence and needs to be snuffed out.

  16. SonnyJIM says:

    Jesus rode in on a colt of a donkey, speaking words of peace. Muhammad rode in on a warhorse with a sword, raping and pillaging as he went.

  17. Dan Vesper says:

    Can we all just agree that someone needs to burn that moustache?

    1. Repsev Nad much? says:

      I’m sure a vast majority of us can agree to burn your ideas like the Hindenburg. How’s it feel to have ignorance. Oh wait by definition I guess you don’t realize it yet. My bad.

  18. Linden Groves says:

    Looks like the good Reverend is going to get to go live with Jesus forever a little sooner than he had thought.

    1. LTCB says:

      If you don’t understand it yet Mr. Infedel, you’re next on their list unless you “convert” and even that does not guarantee you get to live.
      I would advise you not to rejoice at any harm that comes this man’s way. They think less of you than they do of him.

      1. Andrew P. says:

        If you convert, you only get to die a quick death.

  19. Dan Vesper says:

    You seem like a really articulate guy, wabbles. Maybe you can explain why you’ve denounced an entire religion based on the actions of a few hundred people.

    1. Joe Melnick says:

      Your right Dan, the chorus of support he received from moderate muslim groups supporting his free speech rights as an American more than proves your point. What, there weren’t any. Never mind.

    2. Mr. Bob says:

      Becuase it is a religion based on lies Vesper. How many truths are there? Only one.

    3. Elpablo says:


      Try actually reading the Koran and see what it actually says before you leave wannabe politically correct comments. Islam is by no means a peaceful religion. These people are doing just exactly what the book tells them to do.

      1. SinCristo says:

        Since we’re talking about peaceful religions, perhaps you can try reading the Bible through with the same thing in mind.

        Start with Numbers 31, it’s one of my favorites.

    4. Duff says:

      Science flies people to the moon. Religious faith flies airplanes into buildings.

    5. Alex Thorstein says:

      Danny my boy, your side does this all the time 24/7. wise up

    6. Black Betty says:

      Few hundred, LOL! Read the article, kid. There were 2000 alone at the Afghanistan riot where they beheaded the UN workers Friday.

    7. Aiden says:

      Hey SinCristo or without Christ…which is obvious…you cited the Old Testament, try reading the entire Bible and you might be ConCristo.

    8. Anna Trotta Githens says:

      A few hundred people? Where have you been learning history? Why don’t you try to count how many Christians have been brutally tortured and murdered by Muslims throughout history and start with the birth of Mohammed in the 7th century and go all the way up to the present day. The number is in the millions. More Christians were martyred in the 20th century than throughout all of history.

    9. Matthew Charters MacLean says:

      1-10% conservatively are “extreme” muslims…1 billion people @ 1% of those is a far cry from a few hundred people.

    10. GFR says:

      You’re an idiot – something like 80% of “moderate” muslims support the imposition of sharia law in the west and don’t have a problem with beating 14 year old girls to death for the “crime” of being raped.

      The problem isn’t isolated to a few “hundred” people. islam is a violent and reactionary political movement – it’s practicioners should be hunted down like dogs.

      Nazism was banned in Germany after world war two – since then the Germans have been peaceful. Former Nazis were NOT allowed to emigrate to the United States. Any muslim who wants to emigrate to the US should be required to renounce their religion by personally burning a koran.

    11. Friend of Malcolm X says:

      Dan Vesper, it may be because of the many who were killed in the two bombings in Bali. Or the many killed in the attacks on the Embassy in Kenya. Perhaps it was because of the murder of Anwar Sadat, or the train bombings in Spain, or the bombings of the buses in London.

      Could it be because of the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen?

      Perhaps because Kalid Sheik Mohammed claimed the cut off the head of Daniel Pearl with his “blessed right hand”? Have YOU viewed ANY of the beheading videos Dan Vesper? I will bet you put your head in the sand rather than see those!

      Perhaps it was because of the beheading of three young girls as they walked to school in Indonesia in 2005?

      Maybe because of the two attempts on the Twin Towers in New York, and the minimum 3000 killed?
      Could it be because of the stoning of women for “adultery”, while the men receive NO punishment?
      Could it be because of the female rape victims who have been whipped to death?

      Could it be because of the stone age “honor killings”, given to girls….and ONLY girls in America and Canada who dared to go out with, or dress like non Muslims?

      What do YOU think, Vesper…you seem like a really articulate guy.

    12. jerry says:

      Yeah this is just one isolated incident read the news this religeion of peace is a Lib talking point that has long been proved a myth you can live in fantasy land but dont try to drag rational people into your fantasy.

    13. Brad Skidmore says:

      @ Mr. Bob

      Truth depends upon perspective…

      For example, if you fill a glass of water to 50% capacity… one could logically say the glass is half full, and another could logically say it is half empty…

      But none of that is the truth… Mr. Bob..

      The truth?… The glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

    14. James Palmer says:

      And dan vesper if you knew the evil the Koran taught you wouldn’t be so ignorant. To be a Koran following Muslim is to be a believer in every sort of evil……. “kill the infidels!”……is what the Koran teaches. read the book mr ignorant!

    15. Chris says:

      Those of Islam Faith…where are they in making their voice known about condemning those horrible actions committed by those? It seems they support the violence.

    16. sean says:

      you mean a few hundred million people don’t you?

    17. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Dan says:

      hmmm… seems Dan is a muslem……. why else would he defend the murderers?

    18. gfmucci says:

      Vesper: “A few hundred people?” Where have your been for the past 10 years. For those of us paying attention, the Qur’an and Haddith are Islam’s fascist manifestos that incite millions of Muslims to engage in psychotic acts of terror and uncontrolled frenzy in reaction to the slightest insult. Islam’s “holy” books foment far more violence and bloodshed than any “burning” ever did. The entire “religion” is worthy of denunciation!

    19. Mary says:

      You really don’t know much about Islam, do you…..?? A few hundred….are you kidding?

    20. jayne says:

      Try a few million! If you don’t know the subject matter-get informed! Survey in 2007,Pew Research Center states that 8% of American Muslims surveyed believe that suicide bombings can sometimes be justified in defense of Islam. So…….accepting a low estimate of 3 million Muslims in the US, 240,000 is NOT a few hundred. And that’s just the US. Wake up Dan!

    21. Paul says:

      The Islamic Terrorists in the world are actually reading the Koran correctly. So called “moderate” Muslims are heretical to Islam. If you read it, you will find out Mohammed encouraged violence and deception towards all infidels, especially Jews.

      God used the pagan Babylonians to punish Israel for abandoning His ways. I think God will use Islam to teach us a lesson.

      Dan, if people don’t wake up soon, you might find yourself praying 5 times a day in the direction of Mecca or even headless.

      Few hundred my ass.

    22. deborah samuel says:

      Not every Muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim. The moderate Muslims make excuses and are not outraged over their behavior

    23. john Galt says:

      That was not the point. He burnt a book and dozens killed. What talking point do you want to distract from the issue? I hate Liberals.

    24. porchhound says:

      It is not a RELIGION, it is a political doctrine which calls for the death of INFIDELS…that would be you DAN.

    25. Francis LaMaina says:

      Dan,.,,, Tens of thousands and murders….no one has denounced the violence.

    26. akrose says:

      It is multiples more than a few hundred. There’s death, destruction and mayhem around the world. Daily.

    27. Khadijah says:

      Because he has the sense enough to realize it’s not “a few hundred people” and it needs reform?

    28. Donnie says:

      A few hundred people? What delusional world do you live in? Where Islam exists, violence, tyranny and brutality exists. That said I’m not in favor of anyone burning someone elses religious symbols, it’s stooping to their level. However, the same people upset at this guy would defend him i bet if he burned an American flag…hypocrits. You don’t get to choose WHEN people have freedom fo speech.

    29. dannyvabchva says:

      It could be because the entire religion has not stepped up and taken any action against the few hundred people.

    30. Peter says:

      No worse than condemning a Preacher based on his beliefs. Every death, every death threat only confirms what the pastor believes.

    31. Eric says:

      You are kidding aren’t you, no one can make that stupid of a statement.

    32. Mitch Rapp says:

      Yeah Vesper, I hate to break it to you but its a lot more and a few hundred nutjobbers in that religion. All religions are based on lies.It the unrelenting desire of the majority of humans to be part of something bigger than ourselves while we are alive and the promise of a happy ending when we die. It just so happens, the Islam religion is a little kookier than most. However hardline Jews are not that far behind. At least they don’t kill you for making fun of them.

    33. Jim says:

      I think it’s more than a few hundred Dan; it’s more like tens of thousands. Remember we’re talking about a big bunch of countries here.

    34. Victor Velo says:

      Islam is obviously a “religion” that is intolerant of anything that their theocracy deems un-Islamic and insulting to Allah nad the prophet and therefore must be destroyed. Other then +hat, the Muslims are just regular people. Is that what you are saying Mr Vesper?

    35. chigirl18 says:

      Actually, it’s not a few hundred people. It’s more like a few thousand years that Islam has been waging war on the west. Battle of Vienna in the 17th century? The Turks? Go to youtube and check out how many videos there are of Bible burnings. Islam, in the traditional way it should be followed, is NOT peaceful, sorry.

    36. Bloodaxe says:

      Permit me to answer for him. Islam has a very long unbroken record of of cruelty, savagery, brutality, intolerance and stupidity. It should be banned from this country and the vicious practitioners should all be deported. Just one man’s opinion. I hope that satisfies your curiosity, dumbkopf.

    37. Jumpy Gathers says:

      A few hundred people Dan ? Wake up and read the news . Thousands of people are being murdered and mutilated annually in the name of Islam throughout the world. Can you say the same about Jews Dan ? Catholics, Lutherans,…no…hmmm ! Maybe , just maybe, this religion that you are so protective of, really believes what they’ve been taught snice they were born Dan … the infidels must die !!

    38. Ted says:

      Its not a few hundred people. When 9/11 happened muslims all over the world celebrated in the streets. When 2 palastinians murdered a family of 5 in Israel the entire population of Gaza and the west bank celebrated in the streets and handed out candy to thier children. There are only 2 types of muslims ones who follow the prophets teachings and kill the infidels and the others who celebrate the killings.

    39. sablegsd says:

      Maybe you could get your head out of your arse and WAKE UP!

      Read the stone age book of government. It’s NOT a religion and the hateful blueprint to evil is NOT holy.

    40. Brian says:

      TRUE FACT!
      More people have been killed in the “name” of Christianity than in the “name” of Islam! Both are religious people who know not Gods will very well.

    41. scott chester says:

      If ya had a brain ya’d be dangerous. You & dummies like you don’t realize yet that there’s no such thing as a moderate moslem, Wait til the call comes from their grand Itoldya to start killing the infidels & then tell me how moderately they murder the infidel. Wake up America or die being politically correct. Islam is just another name for Nazi. Do ya know that Hitler got Persia to change the name of their country to Iran, which in Pharsi means ARYAN? Read up, wise up & load up or you’re gonna get in the way.

    42. roughman998 says:

      A few hundred people? I wonder how many of the 1.3 billion Muslims approve of the acts of violence and depravity committed in the name of Islam.

    43. MAKE MY DAY says:

      As far as I am concerned – they are all a bunch of stupid “BRAINWASHED” nuts!!! If you want to worship a stupid little book called the koran – then do in your OWN countries…. Don’t bring all your crazy ‘Sharia’ BS to the USA – because we will NOT tolerate it!!! Be forewarned – do NOT push America too far with this BS!!! Keep it in your own backyard – which is the desert!!

    44. Sarge says:

      Can’t let a few million “bad apples” spoil the whole bunch.

    45. Pastor Bob says:

      Dan Vesper, you cannot be that stupid. “Maybe you can explain why you’ve denounced an entire religion based on the actions of a few hundred people.” You cannot really be that stupid, unless of course you are a democrat.

    46. B.E.Smith says:

      Duff writes:

      “Science flies people to the moon. Religious faith flies airplanes into buildings.”

      Well duff, science also makes nuclear weapons, and biological weapons of mass destruction, and chemical weapons of mass destruction, and abortions which killl millions every year. Gunpowder, invented by scientists. TNT invented by scientists. Plastic explosives, once again scientists. Science can be used for good, but quite often it’s used for death and destruction. The number of people who’ve died from “Science” far outpaces the numbers who’ve died from religion. Abortions in the USA alone have averaged more than 1 million a year since 1973. That’s 40,000,000 innocent children murdered because of “Medical Science” in 38 years in just our country. Misguided Science is more dangerous than Misguided Religion! Anything taken to extremes can be dangerous. Is there a dangerous extreme element in some religions? Obviously yes. The terrorist element of the islamic religion proves that, as well as some of the crazy people in the christian religion who think it’s ok to blow up innocent people at abortion clinics. I say innocent because they are working within the laws of the land, not within the laws of God. These people who work at the clinics obviously don’t believe in God, or they wouldn’t do what they do. God will be their judge and they will pay the price upon his return. It is not mans place to make that judgement and carry out the sentence of God. The Bible is quite clear, Jesus said when reaffirming the ten commandments “Thou shalt not commit murder” Just doesn’t get any clearer than that.
      Science on the other hand, has no moral code other than government regulation. When the government wants some kind of new weapon to kill with, some scientist somewhere will be more than happy to oblige them, for the right price. Make abortion legal, and look what happened with medical science. They now invent medicines to cause abortions. The science of killing babies, how modern and civilized!
      Yes science sent man to the moon, but it’s sent a whole lot more people to their graves….

  20. Mark Matis says:

    Sounds like it’s time to do “100 heads” if they kill him. Take out 100 of them in return.

  21. Dan Vesper says:

    Dear Joed,

    It’s hard to believe you are an expert on muslims when you can’t spell “Alah”. .

    1. SinCristo says:

      Do you perhaps mean “Allah”?

    2. Dan Vesper says:

      Glad the joke wasn’t lost on you SinCristo

  22. SinCristo says:

    Let’s burn ALL the magic books, starting with the Bible.

    Then people will have to think for themselves.

    1. Dan Vesper says:

      But wait, if they’re magic won’t burning them get us us all totally high?

    2. SinCristo says:

      That’s entirely possible Dan. I will investigate and report back.

    3. Dfowler says:

      Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. History is not on the side of ‘book burners’ (see the Nazi’s) or those who have shut down religion (see communist Russia, Cuba, North Korea, and currently Venezuela) I think you will find an interesting correlation between the lack of religion and lack of human rights.

      1. KRH says:

        Or perhaps the historical correlation between religion (you pick the brand) and those concurred, repressed, tortured, and killed in the name of that religion

      2. Dusty209 says:

        I pick islam that’s the brand know for what you say here but I fail to recall the lst time the Pope called for a death warrant….oh yeah it was the crusades and the war was to remove islam from ITALY yes every time you drink your infidel juice (coffee ) and eat that crescent roll you are celebrating the removal of islam from Europe oh oh …OH wait THEIR BACK… oh s&^%

      3. CitizenSane says:

        is history on the “side” of women mutilators and beaters, and beheaders of the innocent?…uneducators of the female race…continuous haters and rioters??…i mean, a book is just a book, to be read, it is not a human being with life, and cannot be remotely equated in value…

    4. steve says:

      You have every right to burn your copy of the Bible. I am a follower of Christ and I like my copy thank you. But if you want to burn yours, I will not try to kill you, harm you, or even curse at you. You have the right to make your choices, so do I. If there is a God, we will all answer to him. You seem to be afraid of the Bible. You seem to believe that the Bible prevents you from thinking for yourself. I’ve found just the opposite. When our country was being formed, the view was that you weren’t educated without a working knowledge of the Bible. But, if you want, burn away. H hope it makes you feel better.

    5. Dusty209 says:

      Like Athiest and Darwinists and Go Green nut jobs and then we can all smoke crack and make love with our same sex partners and pets.

  23. Edward Genny says:

    “You’re a jerk just like all the Muslims” has to be my favorite idiotic internet comment of all time. Congratulations you horrible waste of humanity.

    1. MayorCurley says:

      Yep, that’s one dumb comment. Imagine having such an empty mind that you hate 1+ billion people just because of their religion (which we really know nothing about).

      No wonder America is falling apart. People stop watching television. It’s making people really ignorant.

  24. Michael Bardini says:

    Did they really need a bounty? They took out two buildings and 3200 people without one.

    1. Inside Job says:

      I’m guessing you still believe the official story that cave dwelling muslims did this huh? Have you researched the evidence to the contrary at all or are sticking with what nist and fema said?

      1. steve says:

        Wow, a reali live idiot who believes that 911 was an inside job. I’ve got a bridge and some swampland that I would love to sell you. Are you a birther too? By the way FDR knew the Japanese were coming. He wanted them to bomb Pearl Harbor so we could have fun in WWII with everyone else. Don’t forget the grassy knoll, but it doesn’t matter because JFK is still alive. Wow you made my day. I didn’t think there were any more like you around. I thought you’d been abducted by aliens.

      2. MayorCurley says:

        How did Osama Bin Laded get Norad to stand down? How did cave dwelling men knock 3 buildings with 2 planes? How does a carbon fire get steel to melt uniformly throughout the whole building and have it fall like a controlled demolition at free fall speed?

        Christians for 911 Truth
        Buliding What dot Org
        WTC 7
        PatriotsQuestion911 dot com

    2. MayorCurley says:

      Michael, they allegedly took out THREE buildings in New York. Research WTC 7 and Building What dot Org.

  25. Joe Melnick says:

    Have you read the news lately? A bunch of them killed 20 people because some guy half a world away burned a koran. That’s a pretty lousy excuse for murder, or don’t you agree?

  26. LTCB says:

    THe death treats should tell you something about how “peaceful” Islam and most/many Muslims are. It’s the peace of the grave.

    1. Dusty209 says:

      It’s the religion of piece ‘A piece of your arm and a piece of your leg”

  27. RM says:

    Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

    1. scott chester says:

      Not if the only folks with swords are the government, that’s where it’s headed here in the states.

  28. Joe Melnick says:

    Speech that everyone agrees with does not need to be protected. The people on this board suggesting we just not poke the hornet’s nest are making a huge mistake. What happens the next time, and the time after that, when muslims get outraged and start killing because they don’t like something you do, or say, or think, or wear, or allow, or disallow, etc etc.

    1. Amy says:

      You are so right!!

  29. lwagner1998 says:

    I love the comments on how one religion vs. another is better or worse. All I know is Christians are not currently flying planes into bulidings, blowing up themselves, and threatening to kill someone over a book. history is history, but, Muslims scare me in the future.

    1. Concerned American says:

      I liked your post, lwagner. “history is history, but, Muslims scare me in the future.”

      I don’t know why some folks have their heads in the sand about the whole issue of radical Islam, but you hit it right on the head. In modern times, there is only one violent religious group. Naysayers can yell all they want about what they see as comparable historical acts by other groups, but the fact is that only one religious group actively advocates — and participates in — slaughter of innocents in the name of their religion.

      Stop arguing about it, and deal with it, and make it nothing more than history.

  30. Dan Vesper says:

    The news covers stories of people killing each other all of the time, christians, muslims, really all kinds of people do it. It just seems a bit racist to me to make that argument.

  31. Jeff says:

    How do I collect?

  32. gary Simmons says:

    I think we should tell the good reverent to burn the mustache as mentioned earlier and then tell the screaming Muslim idiots to kiss what we can’t. That should pretty well cover the whole mess.

  33. PaulaNyC says:

    Tell you what: we’ll let the Islamist radicals kill this clown, but in exchange, we get to kill 100,000 of theirs in a location of our choosing.

    Religion of peace, my ass. They should be exterminated.

    1. Joe says:

      Wow, you sound like a nice lady Mrs. Hitler!

  34. Joe says:

    In other news, man walks by neighborhood filled with black people and shouts the N-word at each and every one… gets a-s kicked… no one lifts a finger to defend him. People laugh.

  35. Mr. X says:

    Fear not, for We are with you. The War is coming and We are the soldiers.
    Prepare yourselves and choose your Cause wisely.


    That’s just how we roll, as proud members of the

    1. Dan says:

      God is my strength…because humans are weak and sinful, myself included. When we have diversity it may be fun and sweet to sing koombaya-but it is just a collection of week and sinful people. But I do appreciate your desire to be at peace with all peole…Jesus told me to do that as well. That is why I as a Christian oppose this guy burning the Koran…not because of the whims of the collective, which in one time and place say its okay to kill Jews and burn books, and in another time and place say it is wrong to burn another book…but because that pastor and I both know that burning a Koran does not help foster peace only bloodshed.

      1. Dusty209 says:

        Burning the koran unveils the true hate and and intolerance of islam when were you going to learn about this? How many Christians have wanted to cut off your head and rape your daughter?

  37. youknowwho says:

    Death to Islam!

    1. IKNOWYOU says:

      you are a waste of a sperm

      1. Dusty209 says:

        Your a waste of time and a pervert

  38. Jean says:

    Personally I don’t give a damn that he burned the Koran. The real probalem is the crazy people THREATENING death and destructction on account of some iirational, VIOLENT religious belief.

  39. kevin says:

    I wonder if the media should be somewhat to blame for making such a big story out of a small town preacher that happens to like burning korans? I have heard of several videos on other sites of people burning, ripping and smearing pig fat on them and they don’t get too many people killed, I wonder why?

    1. Karen S says:

      Right, because if the press hadn’t given this guy the time of day, no body would have known he burned the Koran.

  40. Da Brog says:

    I think the terrorists are just jealous of his awesome mustache!

  41. JM says:

    Man, it’d be nice to know how many virgins I get to bang if I knock this guy off… I’m just saying…

    1. Dusty209 says:

      72 demons in hell to s&^%$ your c^%$ off and then you burn forever

  42. CrazyPreacher says:

    Some people ask for it, and this preacher certainly is with his outlandish actionis.. I don’t care what religion you practice/preach/worship, burning another religions books is really asking for a fight… it’s not rational, it’s just the way it is.

    But, it IS interesting that Muslims can criticize and try to “disrespect” OUR religions and “Ways of life” in the U.S. but we’re supposed to show them tolerance? Even domestically? No chance.. What’s Good for the goose is good for the gander!!..

    This preacher makes a point, as sick as it is: HYPOCRISY knows no bounds in Muslim religion… period..

  43. masterleemochow says:

    I guess it really comes down to people who believe and people who don’t. Now the trick is not to kill the people who don’t believe what you might have faith in. Keep it simple everyone deserves the right to live and to exist in peace.



  45. SonnyJIM says:

    Dan, there are approximately 20 wars or armed conflicts happening in the world right now. 19 of them involve Muslims, either because they are attacking each other or because they have attacked someone else.

  46. Richard says:

    Here we have General David Patraes condemning the Pastor’s freedom of speech whether right or wrong, logical or not. All the while our soldiers are being restrained from full self defense, because of sloppy RULES OF ENGAGEMENT that he is responsible for.

    Hey General, where is your tirade concerning Hezbullah’s death threat ? Huh ? Usurper, occupying the oval office ? You both fail to honor your oaths of office.

    Perhaps if the General took a closer look at LTC Lakin’s reasons for not deploying, he might not look like such a dumb ass.

    Maybe when one of our cities get nuked, then the Govt. will address the fact that there is no moderate Islam. There are those who have started Jihad, and then there are those who are yet to start Jihad. That simple, same doctrine, same verses, to kill the infidels who are not Muslim.

    If the General had exerted as much effort to question why Obama has, and is, concealing ALL of his records, as he did criticising the Pastor, he wouldn’t be taking orders from a criminal usurper, he would have condemned him and exposed him.

    1. Keith Rosen says:

      Richard you are a straight talker and tell no lies. Obama is a foreign born Muslim Black man lawyer who is born in Kenya Africa. How this man became pres. is the biggest political act of treason in our countries history. No one would have voted for this usurper if they knew that he was born in Kenya. He would not have been able to run at all because of Citizen ship requirements. And he is still holding the office and know one does a thing. Scared Yet?

  47. Sensible says:

    We will remember you for your dedication.

  48. CommonSense says:

    What id love to point out is that fact that we all pretty much think this is rediculous or stupid of some sort of level and yet we are dumb enuff to not realize that we are just giving this guy exactly what he wants. A soap box to stand on and preach from. if we ignore him he will go away

  49. savage24 says:

    I guess that the peace loving Muslims want some “piece”, namely the Preacher’s head.

  50. DocJake says:

    Wait until the get a look at the new toilet paper that is being printed as I type.

  51. Det says:

    Truth be known they have been fighting the infidel (those who are not like them) since around 625AD…and the beat goes on.

    1. Leo says:

      Where first they Burn Books then they will burn people. This burning of books must be stoped

  52. Dancro says:

    I don’t see a prblem with burning the Quran nor do I see a problem with using it when you run out of toilet paper. Com’on….who in their right mind would buy into getting 72 virgins except maybe Obama?

    1. SinCristo says:

      You have a point. Who would buy into such ridiculous nonsense?

      Christians have it much better;: they only have to accept things like mass infanticide and talking donkeys.

      1. Dan says:

        Atheists only have to believe that the universe created itself and that objective morallity exists without a moral law giver. All peoples at all times oppose the muder of innocent people, granted we disagree with what qualifies to make a person innocent, but all peoples oppose the murder of the innocent. Since all people recognize this, where did it come from if not from God? In fact, evolution recognizes the survival of the fittest as a heroic endeavor in which the weak die off. Princeton professor Peter Singer seems to think we should kill off the weak even if they are innocent of crimes, they are guilty of being born with defects or are too old to contribute to the common good. Oh well, I guess the religous beliefs of the atheist are intellectually and morally superior, arent they?

  53. SR says:

    Oooooooooor because they have oil…

    1. Netninja says:

      How about our military burned thousands of Bibles because? This is the problem with a lot of people, they give half-truths.
      By the way here is the source since you conveniently left it out of your pathetic argument. Do you read Farsi?

    2. Netninja says:

      Correction, Pashto and Dari were the languages they were written in.

  54. Dredd says:

    “Islam” isn’t a RACE, Danny. It’s a “religion”.
    Actually, it was the “scientology” of the day when it was dreamed up by the pedophile mohammad.

  55. Mal says:

    Terry Jones’s action has been the single most bracing and courageous act of rebellion against the suffocating, mindless liberalism that infects nearly every American mind. In one dramatic gesture Jones proves that Islam is not a “religion of peace.” In one clarifying act he has demonstrated the utter futility of our Islamic nation-building folly. He has shown how shaky is the house of cards built by liberals–so shaky that one obscure man can make the whole pile of lies tremble. One obscure man can make the entire U.S. command structure get down on their knees to Muslims to beg forgiveness. One obscure man can so alarm the President of the USA that he feels the need to denounce him publicly. It’s an enlightening sight to see. And all because one man has the courage of his conviction that Islam is of the devil, and that we are in great danger, and that it would be a good thing to try and warn us of that danger. And for that generous, decent, and courageous act, what thanks does he get? He has nearly the entire country–an entire country seemingly composed of idiots and mindless lemmings–all denouncing him, questioning his sanity, smearing him, pouring out a sewer of hate and malevolence on his head. The wretches. There is something Christlike in making such a sacrifice for such heartless and brainless ingrates.

    1. Amy says:

      I’m with you. Unfortunately, the real message is lost on many folks after years of a mindless diet on PC thought.

    2. joej says:

      Now THIS should make the NYTimes OpEd pages. Awesome.

    3. bueno says:

      @mal ^Not only were the most idiotic words I have ever heard, but your comparison of a man like Terry Jone’s to someone like Jesus or a Christlike figure is disgusting. What this man did is just as radical and attention seeking as any radical Muslim thinker. It is fair to say that if the tables were turned and Pastor Terry lived in a country war torn, poverty stricken country he would probably be the kind of man who would strap a bomb to his chest and blow up a bunch of people. He got lucky and so did you so don’t you forget it, you both grew up in a place where most things were readily available to you or at least live in such a place, America. Now, you have obviously never read or thought critically about the bible or the teachings of Christ because in no way are his actions Christlike. You know what a Christlike action would be, to go up and hug a radical muslim activist, to say I forgive you and I want to understand you. You are no better than what you hate sir or madam. Call me a liberal left thinker, because I am not, call me whatever you want I don’t care, the fact is you have obviously not thought critically about anything you have been taught and take most things for face value which makes me disappointed in you as a human being.

  56. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

    And the INVA$ION continues…

  57. Dfowler says:

    Our own military burned thousands of Bibles per a CNN report on May 22nd, 2009. How many people did Christians kill as a result? What was that…a big ZERO? Huh…interesting. So instead of calling people ‘racist’, perhaps you yourself can start examining the facts.

  58. Jack says:

    Terry: They are going to get a copy of KORAN, copy of Bible and copy of Turah and shove all three up your a$$.

  59. JACK says:

    He basically exiled himself from the rest of the world. He’s pretty safe where he lives but if he tried to travel to pretty much anywhere else in the world, he’s a deadman. Messing with Muslims is basically like taunting a serial killer. Yes, the killer is immoral, stupid, and clinically insane but those are reasons why you DON’T provoke him.

    1. Ninja Warlock Assassin says:

      If there truly is a $2.4 mill bounty on this guys head I wouldn’t want to bet the farm that he dies from natural causes.

    2. Amy says:

      How about when the serial killer decides to kill you because he doesn’t like the fact that you don’t worship the same God he does, or that you don’t believe the same archaic, religious laws he does? How do you get out of his way then?

  60. NotDeadYet says:

    When someone leaves items in their car, is it their fault when a thief breaks in to steal them? Nope. It may not be smart to leave items in your car, but 100% of the fault still lies with the thief. And while it may not be smart to burn the Koran, the fault for the killings belongs to the murderers.

    Not only that, but when thievery gets so bad that people cannot safely leave items in their cars, then it is time to take action to get rid of a bunch of thieves. When the killers get so prevalent that it is impossible for free people to express themselves, it’s time to get rid of a bunch of murderers.

    If we don’t stand up now, they are going to figure out the next thing that they demand we comply with.

  61. Sensible says:

    And Jesus came from the heavens and all say ” Jesus, we love you, we believe in you” and Jesus says ‘” be gone, I know you not!” The believers who stayed their course will be caught up before this ocurrence. Read the Bible folks! Or be prepared for the consequences! We’re either idiots or believers, Jesus will decide our fate! For those who believe the truth comes power, for those who don’t believe it is folly. Time to decide!!!!! Stake you claim! Are you a Muslim or a Christian? It’s one or the other, your free will is your choice.

  62. Harrison says:

    I thought it was the religion of peace?

  63. masterleemochow says:

  64. ITeabagLiberals says:

    What… did the Athiest Action network assign you two to spam this conversation? Or is this a project for your Sociology class at Columbia?

  65. bob & babs says:

    Brave Hezbolla, wants to kill a mentally ill human…so admirable…

  66. Netninja says:

    How about a more acurate number, what does scores and scores mean? You sound like one of those left wing news organizations who just regurgitate the news instead of providing facts.

  67. Blayne says:

    I think the question that should be asked is how many Muslims in this country reacted violently to the burning; I haven’t read about any so far. I truely believe you cannot blame a whole religion for the actions of a few.
    I would never blame the whole of Christianity on the Crusades, the Spanish conquerors or the KKK.
    There are over two billion Muslims in the world!! If they were all extremist, we would have a big problem.

  68. Lori says:

    What the hell did you expect,?

  69. newberryross says:

    So now he gets to go on tour and make lots of money, he is a celebrity just like Charlie Sheen and Gaga and all those other goof balls

  70. RK says:

    What did he think would happen they invite him over for milk and cookies?

  71. Netninja says:

    I think he should go to one of those Muslim countries and burn the Koran.
    Isn’t it amazing he lives in a country where he is so well protected? There are millions of people like him who live off the fat of the land and then demand we feed them from the pockets of people who produce or get out and earn more, while they seem to consume like fat little pigs and procreate to strain the system even more.

    1. IslamDeceivesitsFollowersWakeup says:

      Thats just the point, we live in a free society where we shouldn’t have to bow or fear any oppresive religion and are free to express ourselves and condemn tyranny by peaceful expression!

  72. ArizonaCards says:

    Islam can be interpited into diff meaning, so bottom line is your always going to have the far left and the far right. Just like we have Jesus freaks here (in the midwest) that complain to the FCC for this or for that…I mean FOX news alone is full of people like that. (I hate Fox News) I wish Islam would declare war on Fox News.

    1. steve says:

      Wow. You’re comparing Jesus freaks who legally and peacefully complain to the FCC with Muslims who kill by using mentally disabled people and women as suicide bombers? Your moral compass is in bad repair. Christians are routinely insulted by the media, authors, entertainers and, at times, we’ll boycott something (and take heat for that). if you draw a funny picture of mohammad, you’ll start a war. Arizona Cards, you need to wake up

  73. heatherfeather says:

    If you can’t stand the heat…

  74. brewster says:

    No matter what anyone does, muslims will continue to kill until they are either destroyed or they establish a world-wide caliphate. Jihadists are NAZIs on steroids. They are fanatics. You cannot appease them, you cannot reason with them. You either kill or be killed– or you surrender your free will to their evil.

  75. GREEN JOB$ CZAR says:

    1. Joey says:

      thank you

  76. Gloria Shepherd says:

    Don’t come to Michigan we don’t want you here we are Michiganders and are fellow Muslum brothers belong here, NOT YOU!!

  77. jaye mallott says:

    Is anyone else as sick of a-rabs and their 6th century muder book as I am?

  78. M Townsend says:

    Read the Koran you cretin

  79. Ticked says:

    Danny boy, Danny, Danny. Pay attention, will you?

  80. Queen Barbara says:

    It is a duty of Jews and Christians to defend good as it is defined by the Holy Spirit. Those who are leading America to starvation,death,sexual slavery,spiritual kidnappings and fail to defend her are sinning and need to ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth for forgiveness.

  81. Jerry says:


  82. Frank says:

    “must watch”

  83. Kevin Wolf says:

    Guys, the arguments of ‘he burned a book, they killed people, let’s burn a mosque’ are not only foolish but based on the exact same logic that you find faulty in ‘the others’.

    Check out for a responsible look at this ill-advised action and all the fallout that has and will continue to ensue.

  84. Deb says:


  85. Carlos Murdura says:

    Wait till they see my new program to use web cameras to broadcast koran burning. you can announce the Date, time, time zone and IP address. It will allow you to broadcast internet wide, in color with commentary, while drunk & Nude wearing an obama mask. Announce your koran burn on in the Group section.
    Carlos Murdura

  86. August Dunning says:

    these are complex times and that part of the world has been kept in the dark for a while now. the anger they express is merely the frustration of not being able to sort out the nuance of a world run by bully nations. I am not going to judge any nation based on the propagande put out by the US GOV which is in fact run around like a blindfolded turkey by the City of London. further more, whether you like it or not, they deserve to solve their civil conflicts, but even further, its time the world recognized britain for fomenting this, filling their streets with paid mercenaries and was stopping Gadaffi from organising a rival bank – the northern african alliance bank – against the express wishes of NM Rothschild bank – the spider in the center of the central bank web of slavery we are all caught in….temporarily…..

  87. mike says:

    islam and sharia cannot be without one another islam is the religion and sharia is there of the same so this government should not fall under the the umbrella of freedom of religion. this is where america made its mistake americas view of islam is that they think of it as a religion but it’s not, where is the so called seperation of church and state? studie islam not just what the talking heads tell you

  88. Galut1 says:

    whether its koran burning or bible burning is wrong PERIOD !…and if it is burned it IS NOT a capital offense. As a represenitive of my christian faith …I owe it to that faith to use wisdom that God gave us to not repond in kind when someone ofends me . that doen’t mean I can’t share the differences and problems presnted by the other faith/religion. in sharing those differences I must share it in a loving way and with respect.. by doing that I expect there will still be those that will take exception and sometime s to the point of violence… the new testament book of acts is repleat of examples of resistance to the gospel message…

  89. James says:

    As I recall, soaking a crucifix in a jug-o-pee was considered a deep artistic statement. I don’t seem to remember any acts of mass murder afterward. A bald-headed screechy female singer rips up a picture of the Pope on national TV. Again, the streets don’t seem to flow with blood later. Another “artist” depicts the Virgin Mary in elephant dung. No buildings burn. Am I noticing a pattern here?

    Meanwhile, a film maker gets murdered over a movie (Van Gogh). A novelist is in hiding for years and people associated with his book killed (Rushdie). Even more people are murdered over cartoons published in Sweden. And now, a bit of a goofball preacher with odd facial hair burns a Koran — and the bodies pile up half the world away.

    There seems to be a bit of a clash between two world views here:

    Voltaire: “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it.”

    The perpetually offended mob (based upon their actions): “I disagree with what you say, so prepare for DEATH!”

  90. Dr. Norm Balog says:

    THIS is islam.

    Thank you Pastor Jones for showing the world what we are all up against.

    We should stop behaving like abused spouses with stockholm syndrome, making excuses for the perpetrators.

    This is America, we don’t blame the victim of violent crime.

    Thanks again for bringing the evil that is islam to light.

  91. Kade Ferris says:

    So burning books in order to gain a violent response is the “Christian” thing to do? WWJD? Not this to be sure.

    1. Please Listen says:

      Or, Christians could be like Islam, and burn down a whole girl’s school like what happened in Saudi Arabia. Yeah. Burning one piddly book full of hate is soooooo much worse than that. *sarcasm*

      You think foolishly if you believe Muslims have any love for anyone other than themselves. You would be the first to be killed if they had their way.

    2. G. Hayduke says:

      When faced with an abomination, yes even JC got P.O.ed and took some physical action. Remember the story of the money changers in the Temple? If you don’t, you can review it here:

    3. chigirl18 says:

      It’s not the Christian thing to do, but the point of the Quran burning was to show the hypocrisy of Muslims..and surprise, surprise.

  92. Serious Mess says:

    Let me ask a few questions. Why are Muslim women told to wear a head coverings? Is it because the Koran states that a man should not lust after a woman? Isn’t it interesting that muslim men force women to wear burkas because they do not take personal responsibility for their own lustful actions. Rather than choosing not to lust, they impose a strict sharia law which enslaves the opposite sex to wear burkas (total body coverings with mess eye holes). Doesn’t it sound familiar that those men who killed 20 UN Peace Keepers take no personal responsibility, but rather, blame the pastor who burned the Koran for their actions. Isn’t interesting that the victim mentality is prevalent throughout the Muslim world and has been held them captive for the last 1000 years or so. The Muslim world used to be brilliant and cutting edge, they even created Algebra and the first water clocks, etc. They were brilliant. Unfortunately, Islam for the last 1000 years has forced them to retreat into a self seeking, self serving, self disqualifying mess.
    The pastor chose to burn the Koran, the Muslims chose to Kill innocent people and blamed the pastor for forcing their hand. Doesn’t it seem abit weird that they think the pastor is to blame for their actions. It’s seems like cultural immaturity and a lack of self control to me. Does the Koran talk about self control? Does it encourage loving your neighbor as yourself? Does Islam and the Koran seek it’s own glory? Is the God of the Koran so insecure as to let His own people kill, murder, behead in His own name?
    Is this really the God of the Koran who desires pain and suffering for the sake of One-up-Manship. It seem so very interesting and yet so incredibly painful to watch the constant struggle of the Muslim world. How I wish they would grow up and recognize their folly.




  93. Bob says:

    Jack Ass’s like this nut is why folks from muslim countries hate us, yet we will protect him…

  94. JWM says:

    Showing how little you actually learned from those books, you say that God has His root in Abraham. How foolish. God does not have “roots.” He IS the Root!

    1. beedogs says:

      News flash, genius: god doesn’t exist.

    2. Christopher John Franzen says:

      Beedogs- Really? How was the universe created? The “Big Bang”? Get out of here. I believe in the big bang, but where did that super atom come from? NUMBER ONE RULE, you cannot create matter out of nothing. Moron.

    3. steamboat says:

      beedogs: Really ? You’re stating that as a FACT bu what authority ???? Your little brain ? Wait…. hurry to the TV or you’ll miss Sponge Bob !

    4. detex says:

      CJF?!?!?! Wow, Really?

  95. Max Keiser says:

    Spot on! The only thing I would add is, BUY GOLD AND SILVER WITH EVERY PENNY YOU HAVE IMMEDIATELY! America is run by morally bankrupt people, who have brought us to financially ruin.
    Wake up! The stuff has hit the fan and is now on your face.

  96. Sick-N-Tired says:

    Tolerance as long as my beliefs and practices are not effected. OH BUT WAIT!!! Only they can stop traffic to throw a rug out in a busy inteersection and pray in the middle of the day and stop traffic in all directions causing chaos and GET AWAY WITH IT! all in the name of religon. Would hate to hurt thier feelings right! Yea…Right! Tolerate that “Concerned”. Tolerance only goes so far…when you effect me and my rights, your religon and practice becomes an issue. One which needs to be CHECKED! If thier god is willing to send them to thier hell for missing moving safely to a side walk to pray instead of dropping on the spot inthe middle of the road, they maybe they should go find a kinder god!!!

  97. Rev. Parker says:

    The Talmud is even more violent than Koran. Why not burn Talmud?

    1. aaa says:

      There are parts of the Bible that were meant for the tribes of Israel. They just got out of slavery, and were undertaking a very long trek across the desert. A lot has changed since then. Do we offer burnt offerings in churches now? No, and I don’t think the Jews do, either.

    2. IslamDeceivesItsFollowersWakeup says:

      Yes and look at how violent are those jews who read and follow the talmud and how they riot and how many people they kill whenever you burn these Talmuds, good point Rev. Parker

    3. Mike says:

      There is plenty of violents in Old and New Testament as well. However, its not practice by the followers – that’s why.

    4. Laura says:

      Rev. Parker, I fully support your right to burn any book that you wish as long as it is your property.

      Gee, was that so hard?

  98. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    People who believe in god are delusional. People who believe god talks to them are mentally ill. People who act on the messages from their unseen friend are psychotic and may be dangerous. —

    1. Phil Zeiderhut says:

      In UK ‘Fanny’ is a slang word for a woman’s private parts.

    2. Dusty209 says:

      And you are still an infidel to the mudslimes they will be happy to cut your head off, I am a Christian and I tolerate you. maybe you can convince a billion mudslimes to give up their god and recognize your intelligence before then take over Europe and establish bases in the US ……………………………..Oh Oh sorry you are too late….

  99. John_B says:

    This “pastor” (with a small p) will probably burn in hell no matter who sends him there. His hatred will not make it through the eye of the needle.
    Pray for him and those that may try to take his life. Pray that they see God’s true intent for thier lives and that they ask forgiveness.

  100. AHJ says:

    I don’t want to burn a Koran, but I shouldn’t fear for my life if I do. And I should be able to draw a picture of Mohammed if I want. Muslims say I should die if I do these things.

    And who are the “peaceful” muslims, and why don’t they speak up against these extremists?? Answer: Extremist muslims are now the mainstream. There are no “peaceful” muslims. Islam is a religion of mysogeny, violence, and irrational devotion to a pedophile prophet.

    Let’s all draw Mohammed!!!

  101. Jesus says:

    At the end of the Day you where all lied to By your western media. The reason people went into the streets protesting had nothing to do with the bible burning that was purely made up the reason they did it was because of the actions of the ( kill team )and the recent pictures released. WOW American media is more government controlled than China

  102. Dave 2009 says:

    Say what you want about the guy’s brains, but one thing is for sure, they will be parted from his body sooner than later.

    That’s the reality of his situation.– Dead man talking…. Good luck with that !

  103. THEWORLD says:

    Just so you all know your American / Western Media is lying to you the reason why people went and rioted killing wasnt because of some guy burning the koran but it had to do with the so called (Kill Team) and the pictures that were just released. Obama and the media has you so fooled that you believe what they tell you. China has more of a free media than what you have. I would like to see a movie made of how you are fooled. LOL one man causing 20 deaths and you believe you are truly a brainwashed country and to say America had actually stood for Something at one time. Well no more you will no longer have blessing your well will dry up you rotten people

    1. Not A Warmonger says:

      How very nice of you, calling so-called “brainwashed” people “rotten”. And just so you know, a lot of people here were appalled at the whole “kill team” incidents. But we’re all ROTTEN PEOPLE and our well needs to dry up because we’re ALL BAD.

  104. BugeyeBill says:

    All I got to say is: “BURN ANUTTER ONE REV!” Heck I’ll get the gas and matches!!

  105. Admiral Dunzel says:

    Burn our flag, the country still stands.
    Burn the bible, christians still worship.
    Burn the koran and people hack other people’s heads off.
    Islam is weak.
    Those defeated by it actually just gave in to it.
    This country is in hard shape now but thats because it is
    undergoing another step in its evolution.
    As long as the constitiution remains as its founding principal
    it will emerge as it has before stronger and through
    strength a stable and meaningful place to live for
    everyone including muslims.

  106. DJ says:

    We all know many/most Mohammedans are intolerant. But if you throw a rock at a hornet’s nest, you’re going to stir up the hornets and get stung. I assume the guy predicted this and is prepared to become a “martyr” for his beliefs.

  107. sean says:

    Get what you give….

    1. Islamdeceivesitsfollowerswakeup says:

      So you’re getting murdered for burning a book? And that is equivalent to you? Sorry your “get what you give” doesn’t add up

  108. soon says:

    The end is Near…….. and the end is only the beginning … The Anti-Christ is in the earth and is strong to deceive the multitudes. But their is still hope look to no man look to no religion but look to god alone. Tic Toc Tic Toc

  109. Chris says:

    Terry Jones is not causing the problem, he is exposing the problem.

    1. Dusty209 says:

      This is he smartest comment Chris

  110. mark says:

    In order to understand a religion or movement, it would be wise to consider it’s founder or central figure. On all accounts Jesus never murdered anyone and was a very peaceful man. Muhammed on the other hand, built his empire by murdering and conquering. He ordered prisoners to be tortured, kept slaves, kept sex slaves, had sex with and married a 9 year old, told his followers it’s okay to lie, and the list goes on. So please stop comparing Christianity with Islam. Musilms are just following Muhammeds commands….after all he was the “perfect man.” If people educated themselves on what the Koran actually says, they’d be very concerned.

  111. Toby says:

    I FULLY support the Pastor!!! And if anything happens to him — woe be upon the perpetrators!

    1. oh well says:

      You are not going to do sh@t hillbilly! STFU

  112. Fred Jonesam says:

    As much as I personally disagree with the Pastor’s actions, I defend his right to say and do the things he does. Where’s the flag burning, pledge of allegiance busting ACLU’s position on this?

  113. terry says:

    Yep, the “religion of peace” is batting 1000 for their B.S. and hypocrisy.
    sorry, just to claify, thats false prfessing christians like the wolf terry jones your referring to right. see a true born again christian would have no hatred towards a book, nor a group of people. The battle is spiritual indeed.
    Matthew 7:16
    Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

    1. Matt says:

      Not quite, Terry. There is scriptural precedent for Christians expressing hatred toward a book. Point your attention to Acts 19:18-19

      “Many of those who believed now came and openly confessed what they had done. A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly. When they calculated the value of the scrolls, the total came to fifty thousand drachmas.”

      Now I will admit that there is significant difference in what happened in Acts and what has happened here. If Rev. Jones had gotten converted Muslims to burn their old Korans, instead of going out of his way to burn one, then it would be a more closer analogy. But, still, the point is evident that if a book is believed to be evil, then it is scriptural to burn it.

    2. Reason8200 says:

      Everyone with a brain knows this guy Jones isnt a Christian. However, he can call himself whatever he wants, unfortunately.

  114. mark says:

    “Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless
    to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

    1. Tim says:

      My God doesn’t need anyone to murder or kill for Him. Only a false god would ask this…

  115. Falconflight says:

    We agree to send the Il Duce’ Obama to them as a token of our sincere apologies to the Muslim World. Sign the petition at

  116. aaa says:

    The Crusades are over, and have been for some time now. Can’t we please focus on the immense number of whackjobs killing people in the name of Allah?!

    1. Phil says:

      Are they? I beg to differ. To the contrary, they have never ended.

  117. BOStinks2 says:

    Oh-oh, that man is going to die…they will get to him because they live by the Koran. Very sad. He should hide

  118. Dan_Vesper says:

    I am a complete tool.

  119. AJ says:

    To all you people here making the mistake of calling “islam” a religion: It isn’t! It’s an occult. Plain and simple.

  120. sterling cully says:


    1. John Smith says:

      Such a Mixed Marxist Package. And when the Islamists charge with swords raised you will bow down and join their faith like the little Fellow you are a Second Class Citizen which is what you will have traded for. It is a sad thing and O+I wish you never need a Christian. Those who are Christians will prove it with their death while at refusal give up their Lord. You see sir, I assume, a man of faith dies but once but the other type dies many thousands of times in a single night.

    2. Tim says:

      Not everyone who came to America were Christians. Some were low-lifes like you sterling. Who love the freedoms they inherited and damn to the people who gave it to you. Truly a weenie cully!.

    3. SonnyJIM says:

      Sterling, I’m a descendant of some of the “13 million natives” you say that “Christians” came to “slaughter”. Either,
      a) you don’t actually know history or,
      b) you are deliberately and woefully deceiving people.

      For 20 generations this country has annually celebrated the friendly and peaceful interaction of the Mayflower settlement and condemned the hostility of the Jamestown settlement. It is a well established history, on both sides of the Euro-American issues that the first 50 years of settlements in Massachusetts were peaceful and cooperative in North America. For the most part, the Church worked very hard to establish and maintain positive interaction with the Native People of this North America.

      There is no moral equivalence between that and these hostilities fomented by Islam.

      1. Dusty209 says:

        John Smith of Jamestown fought islam in Hungary and he has a coat of arms that has three muslim heads on it since he jousted all three and cut their heads off. Watch your smack talk about Jamestown, John was a hero! My mayflower ancestors lost a ship full of goods gathered from their hard work to the mudslimes who captured the returning ship stole the goods and then enslaved the occupants. The chapter in the koran on how to split the booty helped them I’m sure. Muzzies want your stuff, stealing encouraged by allah.

    4. d says:

      Were there even 13 million native indians alive at the time? Anyone can put a religious cloak over sin.

  121. Mike S D says:

    and you know the crazy part…..

    muslims and christians believe the same basic things.

    i grew up as a christain. but about 5 years ago i read the koran. its the same stuff, only a little diffrent

    1. MuslimsKilledMyFriend911 says:

      Yes Mike SD,

      Christian = love thy enemy
      Muslim = kill thy enemy

      Same stuff, only a little differnt.

    2. Dusty209 says:

      That’s A LIE and that’s what muslims do LIE, muhamhead told them too in the koran, to protect their political tyranny islam, Christians and Jews do not want to rape nine year olds or cut your head off. YOU LIE

  122. AJ says:

    Hey, BRUINDEBATE, you’re an idiot. You left out the most important thing about your circusclown obama: He’s a socialist puke that tanked our economy. Oh, by the way, mr gullible (ROFL) “he” didn’t lob missiles at Libya! THAT order came from people in control! HINT: Not him!

  123. James Dean says:


    Atheism is a faith based assumption. No one has “proved” God either way.
    Welcome to the land of faith.

    As a matter of fact, all of theoretical physics is founded in faith that the previous assumption was correct. Why do you think we keep getting new answers?
    A friend of mine once said, “there isn’t anything new in popular dogma except a new dog barking.”
    Back to the point of this blog: 2.4 Million is but a fraction of the US tax payer money in Palestinian hands this year. I would say last year, but they already spent that money on weapons.

    1. SinCristo says:

      “Atheism is a faith based assumption.”

      No, that’s a canard put forth by people who feel the need to rationalize the belief in the ancient Hebrew desert god with actual logic.

      Atheism is merely the rejection of a postulation that has zero evidence to back it up.

      Rejecting something for lack of evidence is not faith-based. Believing something in spite of a lack of evidence requires faith; saying “prove it” does not. The two are different, regardless of how often folks like you pretend otherwise.

      There is no logic in faith.

      1. Dan says:

        Hmm…the fact taht you exist is evidence that God exists….you just have to follow the chain of creation back to the beginning. You believe a big bang created everything out of nothing…and that the universe created itself…that is not logical…that is faith. I reject based on lack of evidence the idea that the universe created itself…nothing creates itself.

      2. Dusty209 says:

        No atheism allowed in islam, heads off. Only atheist allowed to speak out in Christian nations with constitutions. SinCristo you are an infidel dimi too.

  124. Roy says:

    I don’t trust any Muslim!!! Not now, not ever…

  125. Lovisa says:

    I personally am not a follower of any religion, but I do believe in respecting the beliefs of others. However, I must say that the ignorance of so many of you amuses me.

    Whether it’s the Christians or the Muslims, the Bible or the Qur’an, the burning of a sacred text is bound to bring some conflict. There is fault on both sides: the book should not have been burned, and the threats should not have been made.

    There are Radical Muslims just as there are Radical Christians, but to single out a whole group due to the actions of some is completely unacceptable. Should I formulate my views of White American Christians because of the actions of the KKK?

    Let’s not forget that there has been a very long history of religious crusading by Christians, so there is no need to act as if they are all innocent.

    1. mark says:

      Please. I’m so sick of people bringing up the Crusades. The crusades were done to REGAIN territory that Muslims conquered and captured. The MUSLIMS took the land to begin with…..these radical Christians just took back what belonged to them. So please stop the Crusades nonsense.

      1. Stupidity says:

        @Mark — Wow. Study much?

    2. Dusty209 says:

      You are wrong and you have failed to educate yourself about the crusades which were all fought to push islam back out of Europe you must have gone to public school. It’s has nothing to do with innocent or guilty you are a mouthpiece for islam like george bush, its about the destruction of western culture by islam. You are an infidel too. ALL non believers will have their heads cut off that’s you.

  126. John Svengali says:

    Muslims are murdering thugs, plain and simple. Right? Isn’t that the logical conclusion we should draw? Where are the so-called moderate Muslims to call for tolerance against someone – from their point of view – misguided? I’m not suggesting it. But this violence can go both ways. The more Muslims threaten Americans, the more likely some nuts here will be shoot, hang or behead some Muslims here in the US.

    This may have sounded far-fetched some years ago. But I believe there is a silent undercurrent of American thinking in some quarters that says, ENOUGH of these thugs. Sure, it could get out of hand. But one-way violence doesn’t last too long. There will be some reciprocal violence towards loud-mouth Muslims of questionable loyalty. There may come a time when it won’t be safe for Muslims in the United States.

    I am against violence. But I see it escalating and getting uglier. These savages in Islamic countries are asking for more problems than they bargained. You can only push Americans so far. If this pastor was killed, even though he is on the fringe, people would burn down mosques and attack Muslims. I urge peace and restraint. But the violence began with the Muslims, well before the Koran burning started.

  127. ericdb says:

    Well… If his goal was to show that freedom of speech would be returned with anger, violence, and death, he accomplished what he set out to do.

    1. Dusty209 says:

      yes NO freedom under islam will be tolerated except conversion, you have three choices
      1. convert,
      2. loose your head,
      3. accept dimi (diminished)status and follow the dimi rules

  128. Jerry Brant says:

    I don’t get it. Why would Mohammed and Allah need his followers to kill for him? If he is God then let him contend with those who insult or burn the Koran. Unless Mohammed and Allah is too old, too feeble, and powerless to do anything. Doesn’t sound like a God I could follow. Maybe Allah and Mohammed are dead and gone. You think???

  129. Bob says:

    I’m a Christian, and I have no qualms with Hezbollah on this. This “pastor” idiot burned someone’s sacred book as part of a publicity and fundraising effort, and his actions, which were not necessary, advisable, helpful, or even remotely intelligent, resulted in a lot of people dying. My heart really goes out to the families of the UN workers who were killed as a result of Terry Jones’ choice.

    1. Tim says:

      Bend over Bob, you’ve just endorsed murder yourself. By the way Bob, you might want to reexamine who the Truth and The (only) Way is. Just because someone says they are sacred books doesn’t neccessarily mean they are.

    2. Dusty209 says:

      “UN workers who were killed as a result of Terry Jones’ choice???” ISLAM murdered those UN workers.

      So Nicole made OJ kill her by disobeying him? I bet you bet you beat your children and then say they made you do it? If a woman dresses in a mini skirt did she ask to be raped as well?

      islam attacked us on 911 and bush as well as the American leadership has ignored this declaration of war.

      You are not a Christian nor are you an American …we are at war with islam and our leaders will not say it

  130. ericdb says:

    I find it funny that so many here are comparing what “Christians” or peoples did 100’s of years ago to the actions of peoples today. That is the point people!!!! These people ARE acting like many civilizations did 100’s of years ago. Time to evolve.

  131. Todd Clemmer says:

    I never supported him until now. Burn one everyday.

  132. Kelvin says:

    GETTING raped is a crime under Muslim law? Oh come on now, that doesn’t even make any sense. Exaggerations don’t need to be expressed. The various evils done to others that don’t accept their religion is darkness enough without need to fabricate stories.

  133. benjamin says:

    Religion’s are for frightened, insecure people. They desperately need a reason to feel superior to all others; like they have an inside track to God. Yeah really? All the while never even understanding what God is about. If you have faith and know right from wrong, you don’t need a book or a religion.
    The only religion and bible anyone needs is this – Love God above all and do unto others as you would have done unto you. THAT’S IT!!

  134. david evatt says:

    It seems that if book burning became prominent, hezbollah funds may run rather thin.

  135. Ken JP Stuczynski says:

    “saying he did it to draw attention to radical Islam”? How about we burn the OTHER Islamic scriptures — the Bible — to draw attention to radical evangalicals? Geez, the biggots are out in numbers again I see … all those people challenging others to read the Koran to “know the truth about what it tells them to do” when they obviously haven’t read it or they’d know it was nothing but a lie, misquotings, and misunderstanding abrogation. Being half-educated is even worse than ignorance. And as a Christian, I almost hope they get him so he can get a prompt wake up call from St. Peter himself.

  136. Joe Momma says:

    It wasn’t Hezbollah that threatened to kill him, it was the Wisconsin Public Employees Union. They heard he burned The Communist Manifesto.

  137. The Dude says:

    All of you liberals are funny. This line of dialogue you’re having is reminiscent of the hand wringing your predecessors vomited forth about the Nazis before WWII. “Gee, the Germans aren’t bad. It’s the small sect of extremist Nazis that are bad. They’ll never be a threat so don’t worry about them. What? Tanks are rolling into Poland? Meh, pay it no mind.” Muslims aren’t the problem, liberals are the problem.

  138. Archy Cary says:

    Jones is a major league dimwit.

  139. JJGH says:

    What the pastor did wasn’t wise, but radical Muslims would have found other reasons, e.g. cartoons, comments on the Web, anti-Muslim Websites, women not wearing burqas in the West, etc., to continue their Fatwas and threats and beheadings and other crazyiness. Jesus main enemy was religious Phariseeism, and Islam is one giant Pharisee cult. Time for the pastor to retire and shave his weird mustache

  140. My Favoiite Muslim says:

    Say what you will about Rev. Terry Jones but he’s doing what many, many American Citizens have fantasized doing for the past 10 years but were afraid to do so. His actions are as American as apple pie and baseball. That is standing up for constitutional principles while risking one’s life.

    You may or may not like him personally, his brand of religion, or his specific legal action but true Americans will NEVER be cowed into giving up their constitutional rights.

    You could call him a hero…there I said it.

  141. Where"s Frank says:

    I applaud The Rev. Terry Jones. He has all the rite to express himself, by means of our own constitution drafted for America and for it’s citizens. I feel, my elected officials and my government is obligated to protect him for exercising his rites. And if there is a price on his head for being an American inside the boundaries of America this should be taken as a direct terrorist threat to America and it’s constitution.
    I myself would not intice a fight. I don’t understand how this religion isn’t able to reform by the majority of good with in it’s system. If there so many good peaceful Muslims then why hasn’t any of these people or organizations put a stop to this ridicules behavior that can threaten an American living in America who has every rite to exercise his freedoms.

    1. IslamDeceivesitsFollowersWakeup says:

      Very well said, very bad spelling but very well said!

  142. Messenger says:

    Say what you will about Rev. Terry Jones but he’s doing what many, many American Citizens have fantasized doing for the past 10 years but were afraid to do so. His actions are as American as apple pie and baseball. That is standing up for constitutional principles while risking one’s life.

    You may or may not like him personally, his brand of religion, or his specific legal action but true Americans will NEVER be cowed into giving up their constitutional rights.

    You could call him a hero…there I said it.

  143. porchhound says:

    Dan is a RACIST detector…he sees racism EVERYWHERE in EVERYTHING he disagrees with….wake up Dan…they HATE you too!!!

  144. Christopher says:

    Very simply, Christianity centers itself on Christ while Islam centers itself on Muhammed. Muhammed was a blood thirsty warrior, thief and a pedophile. Muhammed exemplified the state of the incredibly flawed, sick human being. Christ exemplified the very best of what man should strive to be- his example so perfect it is impossible to replicate. To place Christianity and Islam on equal footing, with these men at the center of the respective faiths is ridiculous. Islam is a cult- it’s not a religion. Low and behold, wherever we find islam being practiced in accordance with its laws, we find unbelievable injustice, violence and poverty. Islam continually seeks to deny the truth, while Christianity is perpetual search of the truth. Christianity leads to civilization being free and prosperous. The fact we live in a society that cannot more easily make this distinction is troubling.

  145. Godfear says:

    Look up the meaning of the word. Radical. You might be surprised by it’s meaning

  146. Jeff says:

    So I’ve got my million dollar idea, I’m going to start printing koran’s with the sole purpose of providing them to the world as bon-fire fuel. Gotta go pick up one of those rags and get busy…….

  147. rose Lynn Mangan says:

    If Terry Jones is truly a pastor I am puzzled by his public burning of the Koran. No matter how much Jones may disagree with the Muslim faith and its teachings he was totally out of line by his sacriligeous act. Shame on that dunce.
    Rose Lynn Mangan

  148. US Marine says:

    Your a tool, Hezbollah doesn’t kill innocent civilians and this peace of shot pastor is far from human. An animal that has no respect for God or any religion including his own. He is not Christian as well. A uckin failure of a human being. You don’t see any Muslims burning the Bible do you? Redneck White Trash.

    1. Ultra Marine says:

      LOL yeah, with a false sn like US Marine, I’m sure your credibility is beyond question. So somehow it’s okay if Muslims don’t burn up Bibles but bomb highly populated civilian areas, rocket Israel in a cease fire and killing Coalition troops completely negates any of this. Yeah, try to reassure yourself your logic is sound while you sleep moron.

    2. iBob says:

      Please tell me that was a poor attempt at sarcasm…. And yes, you are correct….Muslim don’t burn bibles… they just burn the whole church down with the people and bibles inside. You are not a Marine, you are a disgrace. When was the last time you heard of christians rioting over the murderous muslims? I think it’s kinda funny that the Pastor burned a Koran here, and they are killing each other over there…… I think we need to burn a bunch more, and maybe it will reduce the Muslim population…

  149. Chuckles says:

    Just another step towards the big war. Judeo-Christians will eventually have tp stop Islam world wide. It is coming…

  150. Leap Frog says:

    Hard to decide who the biggest losers are, the Xians or the Muzzies. What a waste of life, time and resources religion is. Anyhow, to the fine pastor: See you in hell, idiot.

  151. Blaine Jeffreys says:

    Killer mustache. Way cooler than a Haji beard.

  152. libertas says:

    He is in very good company at least, Salmon Rushdie the author spent HOW many years doing the safe house shuffle(?) and the artist Lars Vilks, innumerable others down through the centuries beginning with the poetess Asma Bint Marwan.

  153. Hugh Jardin says:

    Every day the Muslims proclaim God had no son. Lets burn all of the Korans on earth, and then we won’t need to hear the lie.

  154. elcabong says:

    Most of the liberals I’ve met are the biggest bunch of Hippocrates that have ever been told what to say and think.

    As for this article, this is just another day for the “religion of peace”

  155. BILL says:


  156. Hous bin Pharteen says:

    Nobody seems to give a damn about all the Kurans I been burning. It’s gotta be in the hundreds by now…..

  157. Igotitrightagain says:

    In islam, their god sends their sons to die for him. Contrast; In Christianity, our God sent His Son to die for us.

  158. ByteRider says:

    Hang in there Rev. Jones, MANY of us support you out here– you called it like it is which our worthless politicians won’t.

    Down with Islam, the religion of Satan!

  159. ANIMALAURA says:

    ‎”Purposely” inciting a riot…. and freedom of speech…. can sometimes get walk a fine line. It is like a wife –nagging or throwing her husband’s new computer on the front lawn out of “last straw” anger to get his attention, and then the husband beating her to death for it. His defense would be “Well, she MADE me do it!!” … not much of a defense is it??

  160. Helen says:

    The Jews are drunk and trolling.

  161. Darrell says:

    This worthless turd is getting exactly what he deserves.

    He did all this to get attention. Now he’s got it and he’s whining about death threats.

    No sympathy forthcoming.

    That said, Muslim fundamentalists are worse than Christian fundamentalists. But all religious fundamentalists are stupid animals.

  162. bigtimeliberal says:

    your right wobbles.the loon liberals posting after you are clueless.what the us needs to do is send billions more of our money to hamid karzai so he can once again get these uneducated and ignorant muslims and i mean all of them to riot and kill more innocent people over a piece of trash book that is nothing more the a book of hate.

  163. Kevin says:

    If I had the spotlight like the preacher does, I would keep lighting them up everyday until I was unable to get a hold of anymore. But the poor women (and feminized men) of this once non-nanny-state country might be terrified of that and cry….

  164. Zaanga says:

    This guy was asking for it….I don’t think he deserves it….He did everything he could to get attention….He’s getting it now.

  165. T long says:

    Religion of peace??? yeah sure. our pathetic president is arming Al Qaeda

  166. kill allah says:

    such a waste to burn koran
    not unless u get it free somewhere then it would be more useful as toilet paper or worm compost

    the problem is not koran burning but false prophet muhammud burning in hell and all his followers who join him. when they wake up in hell with ihim i bet they really terrorize him then

  167. gf says:

    stoopid muslims

  168. Osama says:

    Dan, lets burn more korans and u-tube or televise it to test his theory! YEAH!!! Common Dan you candy-ass!!! Lets see those muslims kill each other. Maybe if Dan burns enough, he can get rid of a billion moselems! Yeah! Come on danny boy!

  169. Joe lacy says:

    Let’s cut off Muslims heads

  170. Tracy Cleeton says:

    Burn baby burn……. there should be no time, energy or effort to criticize a guy for burning a book when there are people murdering and rioting. Criticizing a guy for burning a book (or printing a cartoon), when people are rioting and murdering, gives credence to the people murdering and rioting. Muslims are not speaking out against the radicals….. so it leaves us all wondering, what is it that moderate Muslims really think about the situation?

  171. Fred Fredsky says:

    Vesper posted that “he should also have the human decency to respect something that is sacred to so many people. Especially when Gates informed him that if he burned the Koran that there would likely be adverse consequences in Afghanistan.”

    3 fallacies here:

    One: You should respect something that is sacred to many people, especially if those people will retaliate if you don’t. I.e. the more violent the expected reprisal for you not respecting something, the more you should respect it.

    Two: If a thing is sacred for others, it is sacred, period.

    Three: People who espouse a violent ideology (psychopaths, zealots, etc) have no choice but to act on their beliefs.Therefore it is your fault if they act on their beliefs – (you are to be blamed if you get raped while wearing revealing clothing, or if you get killed for burning a Koran, etc)

  172. Dale says:

    Islam is a beast. Beasts need to be fed. It has been and will continue to be fed with the blood of Jews, Christians, Hindus, and anyone else who doesn’t swear allegiance to the faith. In my opinion the time is coming where we who are still alive at that time will have to choose whether we believe it in our minds, or just say we swear allegiance just to get by. Then the world may be divided, into Muslim or Catholic. If you choose neither get ready for a ‘ close ‘ haircut. Terrible times ahead for us all. Only a few will be chosen.

  173. neal says:

    I is my opinion that they can burn the bible and burn my flag. do i care ifone pastor burns the koran why stop with one.they hate non muslimns and they bvelieve we should all perrish by thgete sword. ..Jesus is my lord. . I have no love for those who would rather see me dead because i dont believe in there. way of faith..

  174. John R. Kenny says:

    4500 degrees and cloudy over Tehran, I say.

  175. David Gurney says:

    Jones is too liberal for my taste:We should be burning mosques,not quarans.

  176. MikeyT says:

    He may be a jerk but he’s a jerk with really huge cajones !!

  177. Wes says:

    Burning a book get’s people killed thousands of miles away. Now that is real power.

    I hate the waffling but hey, I have burned two of Satan’s Koran’s and I am still here. My prayers are with this pastor. He eventually showed some stones.

  178. Matt says:

    Who are the bigger “islamaphobes”? (A) Those who burn Korans, or (B) Those who are afraid of getting their heads cut off by the people who read Korans?

  179. Eu Jen Ek says:

    Why would anyone listen to and follow a dummy ?

  180. Agrippa says:

    Hezbolla put a bounty on one of our citizens? That is an act of war. If we had any real leaders our ships would be leaving Libyan waters and the unrestricted bombing of Lebanese Hezbolla would begin,.

    If we cant find a real leader soon then there is little recourse left to us.

  181. Ted,MI says:

    I spent a few months in India, country with the highest population of Muslims in the world. I’ve never seen any problems there caused by Muslims. Muslims and Hindu live side by side in harmony. So don’t tell me it’s the religion. It’s a group of people using it for whatever goal they have. How about the followers of that Florida idiot. Are they that stupid? They didn’t think that burning Koran will result in people getting killed. They are not much better than the Muslim fanatics.

  182. MuslimsKilledMyFriend911 says:

    My friend John Perry, look him up you idiot. x3000 on just one day

  183. Frank Wunder says:

    The most threatening question is “why” and it extends across the board from extreme Christians and Muslims to extreme atheists. I don’t think there is an answer to why any of this happens other than…individuals have the freedom to make choices and unfortunately we’re all stuck with the consequences.

    Can I opt out of humanity and become a Martian?

  184. Another American says:

    Dan Vesper,

    You must be willfully unconscious of the facts of Islam, and the ‘prophet’ to speak like that.

    How about reading “The Arab Mind” by Patai.

    You’ll learn something about the wacky Ishmaelites that will aid your understanding (hopefully).

    The book, btw, does not focus on Islam.

    Islam is the glove that snugly fits on cultural hand of the Ishmaelites aka – the Arabs.

    If you like to post on the topic, please don’t denigrate yourself, or the rest of us, with foolish reasoning.

  185. Infidel says:

    To totally defeat radical Islam you must kill the idea of it, the ideology, the very thought of it.

    You do this by illustrating the evil that it is, its treatment of woman as slaves, its total disregard for liberty, the hive-like mentality of its followers – like insects. The death threats, it use of intimidation to accomplish it goals. It is simply not worthy of existence.

    In time it will send itself back to the netherworld because it is illogical and cannot survive.

    Freedom and liberty will always outshine it!

    Have a nice moment…

  186. Mune Shadowe says:

    Meanwhile even before this hundreds of Christians are murdered in the name of the false god allah and not one riot to be found anywhere on this planet made by any Christian.

  187. John Doe says:

    Not to mention the fact that Christians would out and disown other crazy Christians, but Muslims never seem to overtly cast out or denounce their psychotic, dark-age brethren. That inaction raises my eyebrow.

  188. chukkal says:

    LOL…maybe our solemn president can invite the parties involved to lunch and have a beer…..

  189. blueskiesmom says:

    This” pastor” is a hemmoroid – but those rioting and murderous Muslims are a breached core in a nuclear plant…unstable and catastrophic. You can’t treat the two the same way.

  190. says:

    Apart from Islam fundamentalists, a Christian, and moreover, a “Christian Pastor” has no business in burning other faith’s books. Jesus said to go into all the world and PREACH HIS GOSPEL. Any other actions is disobedience to His Great Mandate.

    1. Islamisevil says:

      And what do you do with exposing evil, an evil that has been enslaving people and sending them to their destruction.

  191. Rose says:

    What I don’t understand is why the Muslims aren’t burning the Torah? The Torah that calls them animals? Why is this a Christian vs. Islam thing?

    I smell a rat!

  192. mommabear says:

    Wow don’t confuse this guy with Christ or Christians. He is just plain stupid and selfish. I don’t think we should put our tail between our legs just because Islam may attack but you don’t run your mouth and burn their holy book. Is that how we want them to treat other faiths? No this man is not full of Christ and his actions are showing it.

  193. Samira Nelson says:

    Burning Qurans is a stupid thing to do and as a follower of Christ I’m embarrassed and ashamed that he is doing it in the name of Christianity.

  194. Dan Austin says:

    Since the mainstream media blames this kooky minister rather than the Muslims who actually beheaded the innocent people, I would suppose that the media would be even handed if some Christians in this country rounded up a few innocent Muslims and murdered them because some Muslim burned a bible.

    After all the media are impartial, right?

  195. Golfendude says:

    Turn them into GLASS

  196. maryc says:

    deborah samuel

    Not every Muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim. The moderate Muslims make excuses and are not outraged over their behavior

    Every terrorist in the world is a Muslim. Really? Tim McVeigh? Muslim? Joseph Stack? Muslim? James W. Von Brunn? Muslim?

    Terrorists exist in every religion. Any religion that has extremists, will more than likely breed terrorists.

  197. BelieveInReality says:

    All religions are GARBAGE!!! Its amazing how people will believe in something “higher” than themselves to the point of killing in the name of it.

    Grow up humans! We are a cosmic mistake/accident – there is no all powerful being in the sky that listens, and hears, prayer/wishes/bullsh!t…

  198. Brian says:

    This man is only expressing another form of religion attacking another religion. Did Jesus ever burn anything? No. Did the believers in the book of acts? Yes – but it must be quantified they burned their “OWN” books after converting and didn’t make it a dispay to denouce the specific religion/belief/idea but to denouce privaetly that they are no longer with it!!!!

  199. CitizenSane says:

    I LIKE this guy…so what if he burns books for some reason or other…happens all the time, and WORSE, MORE OFFENSIVE activities hardly get noticed…THESE GANGS OF SCRAGGLY BEARDED WOMEN HATERS (I.E. THE RELIGION OF PEACE THUGS) ROUTINELY BEHEAD THE INNOCENT, MUTILATE WOMEN, BEAT WIVES, KEEP YOUNG GIRLS UNEDUCATED, BLOW UP CIVILIAN POPULATIONS…and now THEY ARE OUTRAGED at some book burning…who gives a rat what they think…

  200. hilsto says:

    Hm. Last time I checked Jesus didn’t burn books or lead hateful demonstrations. Just who is this guy modeling his life after? Sounds like he needs to give up his worldly pride and ignorance and love his neighbors a little more. If he did even the basics of what Jesus asked us to do he could never behave the way he is. He has become own god and he stands alone in what he does.

  201. Dan's mother says:

    Hey Dan, Muslims are an association of religion, not a race you stupid race-card bigot. Sincerely, your mother.

    1. Joe says:

      they are a race, of brainwashed idiots

  202. J says:

    This pastor is stupid for doing something that he knew would incite violence and make the job possibly even harder for our troops.

    And those pieces of human trash in Afghanistan are just that for cutting off people’s heads for something so stupid that happened on the other side of the planet.

    That being said, none of this changes the FACT that Islam, as it is interpreted by those who actually follow it, is an inherently barbaric, twisted, and terroristic religion. Anyone from the west who believes otherwise is uninformed, lying, or so wrapped up in being “PC” that it completely overshadows their ability to reason and see the real world in which we live.

    But don’t just take my word for it. Read “Son of Hamas” and hear it from the son of one of Hamas’ founders.

  203. says:

  204. Shannon A. Clark says:

    Every American citizen should go out a burn a Koran today. Then the Muslims could put 2.5 million dollar bounties on each of our heads. But who is counting the money. Islma already promises to either enslave or slaughter every one who does not convert to Islam. What’s a few million among dhimmi friends?

  205. Randall Stephens says:

    This idiot is so embarrassing and harmful to US that I almost hope the hez gets his ass.

  206. Mike Thomas says:

    Grow up haters!

    According to a supreame court decision – “A burning cross is an instrument of terror, and government should have the power to stamp out or punish its use”. Quran holds the same symbol as a Cross.
    So, stop being ignorant to Muslim Faith. Just admit that we don’t have the same guts as Muslims. lol!

  207. upyours says:

    Amazing that a leader of trailer park trash was able to get all that press, but then that is the state of “journalism” today.

  208. aussie says:

    all you people say the koran is evil because you’s have read it i don’t think so dont try and mix people’s culture and islam two tottaly differn’t meanings and if you do your research you will find the word islam means peace by the way if it was evil it would not be the fastest growing religion in the world cheer’s

    1. ZenMan says:

      @aussie – the word ISLAM means “submission” or in other submit to ALLAH’s will. It is the world’s fastest growing religion but it’s not because it is peaceful, it is far from it. Just because a billion people flock to it does not make it right. Moreover, in ISLAM you cannot have the culture of your race. ISLAM is the CULTURE and there can be no other. Just look at the TALIBAN in Afghanistan and you will see what I mean. Not starting any argument here just trying to point out the error in your REPLY. Peace be with you.

    2. hugh jassol says:

      Islam-means “to give up, to desert, to surrender (to God)
      salaam-means ‘Peace’.

      do your homework Dummy. By the way religion divides

    3. Dusty209 says:

      Islam means submit you and you know it, you are a liar and a muzzie and you know why it growing because they have multiple wives and children

    4. Dusty209 says:

      Islam means “submission,” check here: aussie is a classic muzzie they have been told to lie to protect islam

  209. Cowboy says:

    Why are we spending blood and treasure to try to bring democracy to people who insist on settling disagreements about speech, ideas, books and cartoons with violence.???

    1. Dusty209 says:

      Because Bush told us islam is a peaceful religion and Americans fail t educate themselves

  210. al says:

    about time someone with some sense weighed in. thank you

  211. Leroy says:

    Every day that goes by, Jone’s point is made stronger.

  212. Tim Bates says:

    Religion period is just dumb. God is so above religion.

  213. White Christian Trash says:

    So this dumb white trash Christian pastor thought he would burn the Koran and all of a sudden become some kind of hero to our Jewish controlled media??


    What a dumb idiot!!!! LOL ha ha ha .

    First of all, the left-wing Jewish controllled media thinks Christian pastors like this guy are white trash no matter what they do and now he has to live with Muslim radicals who probably will one day do something horrible to him.

    What a steep price to pay to a Jewish media which always will look down on you as a White Christian because they can’t believe how easy it is for them to control the media of a majority Christian nation.

    WAY TO GO Mr, White trash minister!!!

    The Jews in the media are laughing at you for your pandering to them and now you have radical Muslims who want to killl you. LOL

    What dumb white Christian trash!!

  214. Drake Jones says:

    Do you mind if I burn your so called “Bible” and then put Christ on trial for all the murders committed in his name?

    1. DeceivedIslamFollowersWakeup says:

      Thats fine, they’ve been doing that for thousands of years, just don’t behead anyone in retaliation!

  215. fastball says:

    If all it takes is to burn a koran to get these radical scarf winders to start killing each other, let’s burn one an hour, televise it, until all these head choppers have eliminated each other.

  216. beedogs says:

    Hope someone burns his church down while he’s in it.

  217. American Boy says:

    Hey if 1 american burned a koran every 5 minutes, the men in dirty night shirts will kill themselves in a few weeks. No Military intervention required.

  218. Michael says:

    I’m so sick and tired of these “islamists” doing whatever they want in the name of religion. Burn as many books as you want, preacher. I got a match for ya.

  219. miranda says:

    Religion of peace, my shapely buttocks

  220. jack says:

    I wish they were this angry when the terrorists hijacked their religion.

  221. jb says:

    They sure are angry.

    I wish they were this angry when the terrorists hijacked their religion.

  222. Dear SinCristo says:

    It’s sad that you are unable to see the difference between God telling the Jews around 1500 B.C. (at that specific time in history) to kill their enemies that were killing them, as oposed to the open Muslim order to kill all non muslims, which was not restricted to time nor geography. Perhaps you could live in one of those peace loving muslim nations, and if you manage to keep your head, you can tell us about how awesome they are.

    1. SinCristo says:

      Why would I want to live in a Muslim nation? Or any theocratic nation (a Christian nation would be every bit as horrible).

      No: Thanks, but I’ll stick with a secular nation whose forefathers knew (and in fact codified) that any nation based on religion would soon become a nation of tyrants.

      I’ll happily stick with America; someone’s got to keep the religious zealots from ruining it.

  223. AdamOIFVet says:

    More blood has been shed in the name of religion than anything else in the history of man kind. That in and of itself should be enough to make any person condem religion. Christian “were” just as bad as the Muslims “are”. The Roman Catholic Church used to burn folks on the cross for celebrating the Winter Solstice (aka Christmas). Muslim/Christian/Jew/Buddah/whatever you want to call it, religion in general is just F’d. Its all just one big cult brainwashing folks towards someone elses gains.

  224. James says:

    I like how you flipped the Bible and Koran Chris Pedersen. IT brought the persective home in this politically-correctly manipulated world.

  225. Fredericwindsor says:

    Imagine the reactions when they all finally work out this is all about who has the best imaginary friend.

  226. Gerald says:

    I hope someone collects the 2.4 mil.

  227. Beth Cody says:

    this man is not a man of god. For if he was he would not be attacking another religon. A true man of god would respect another religion even if he didn’t agree with it. He would not be putting another man’s god on trial and he certainly wouldn’t be doing such things as burning holy books of that other religion. This man does things in the name of christ that christ himself would NEVER ever do.

    Christ wouldn’t be burning korans, he wouldn’t be inciting riots, he wouldn’t be putting Allah on trial. Christ would not do as this so called man of god has done.

    this man is a KKK like bogot who hides behind religion to shield himself from being an racist.

    He is NOT a man of god and never will be as long as he acts like the devil himself.

  228. Kevin says:

    Siege of Maarat

    The most infamous event from the city’s history dates from late 1098, during the First Crusade. After the Crusaders, led by Raymond de Saint Gilles and Bohemond of Taranto, successfully besieged Antioch they found themselves with insufficient supplies of food. Their raids on the surrounding countryside during the winter months did not help the situation. By December 12 when they reached Ma’arra, many of them were suffering from starvation and malnutrition. They managed to breach the city’s walls and massacred about 20,000 inhabitants, as they often did when they captured a city. However, this time, as they could not find enough food, they resorted to cannibalism.[citation needed]

    One of the crusader commanders wrote to Pope Urban II: “A terrible famine racked the army in Ma’arra, and placed it in the cruel necessity of feeding itself upon the bodies of the Saracens.”[citation needed]

    Radulph of Caen, another chronicler, wrote: “In Ma’arra our troops boiled pagan adults in cooking-pots; they impaled children on spits and devoured them grilled.”[1]

  229. dpscll says:

    Time will tell, say 100 years from now, whether this preacher was a hero or a villian. My guess is that he is the John Brown of modern day. Brown wasn’t a particularly smart man, but he believed that rebellion and insurrection were needed to wake America up to the injustices of slavery and he was denounced and hanged for it. A few years later, this country suffered through the most devastating periods in history for that very cause.

  230. Mile High Mama says:

    What upsets me the most about this article has nothing to do with religion or the burning of the Quran… in this country, freedom of speech and freedom of expression are a given… However, this man should be vilified for an action that directly led to the massacre and beheading of innocent people… if it is against the law to yell “fire” in a crowded theater, then why should this be any different? His intention was to incite violence and Terry Jones should be punished accordingly… the people that should be calling for his head are the family members of those embassy workers… Terry Jones is no better than those radical Muslims… my two cents…

  231. dpscll says:

    My guess is that this preacher is the modern day equivalent of John Brown. Brown wasn’t particularly smart, but he believed that rebellion and insurrection were the only way to wake up America to the injustices of slavery. He was demonized and hanged for it….and yet America plunged into the bloodiest period of its history several years later over this very issue. So 50 to 100 years from now, we will know whether this guy was a hero or a villian.

  232. Earl Wilde says:

    Religion is a waste of humanity. Where was God in Japan? The Holocaust? 9/11? Look, “God” is in your heart, your governor for right and wrong, its about how you treat others, what you do for people and the world, its about your intention.

    It is not in a book. Any book. The hundreds of religions worldwide are creations of man. Some were created for fear of death, some for moral guidance, some for inner peace, some for conquest… many are ponderings.

    All are fabrications.

  233. Mary says:

    Something is just not right about this whole thing. We have military over there terrorizing the country, killing civilians, and now they are protesting about this event? I’m thinking someone is using this ignoramus to further vilify a people we know little about other than what we are told. There are angry “nobodys” all over and the media gives this guy worldwide attention? It seems to me that he might have gotten all this attention by the media for some other purpose than how it looks.

    1. Reason8200 says:

      How many innocent civilians did these islamic goons kill when they flew two planes into the twin towers you dope. How many people have they slaughtered in Sudan and various other places. You are so ignorant you cant even take the time to educate yourself on current events before you comment, but cant wait to bash the United States Travel to the mid-east and lets see how long you last, tell them how much you agree with them and how sorry you are for their losses. Do you think they will spare you?

  234. neal.h. says:

    the muslim faith how radical they kill eacvh other who cares. we need to pull every soldier out of the mideast and say no to the entrance of those people comming to north America. I am sick of Islam . i say they corrupt the stew of the west. islam does not mix well in the American melting pot of life . All that God and Jesus is and the chosen people of God Israel yes. no to Islam. I will not be over taken by a muslim nor will i encourage a relationship with one. we have no common ground to work from.if the koran causes insanity we need none of it in this sinful and wicked world.

  235. John H says:

    Point is, this clown Jones burnt a Koran knowing full well what the outcome would be: death and destruction elsewhere. Remember, he spoke of it before and everybody and their brother talked him out of it. He got his 15 minutes of fame and liked it. He lusted for more time in the limelight, and got it this way. So the price of his “fame” is the deaths of 20 or more innocent people and huge harm to America’s relations with the Muslim world. But now this wack job gets his time on the soap box. I hope he is happy.

    Christianity, Islam, and every other religion aside, this guy deliberately and willfully caused the deaths of many people and his actions will certainly cause the deaths of more, including US servicemen and women. He needs to be held accountable for that.

    If he is so convinced of the righteousness of his cause, then perhaps he will forego hiding behind police protection. For that matter, if he is the Christian MAN he pretends to be, then he ought to take his show on the road and actually go to Afghanistan and burn a Koran or two there. If he so urgently wants to tell those people something, then let him do so to their faces. And accept the consequences.

    Or is it just about getting attention at the cost of other people’s lives?

    He doesn’t represent Christianity, American values, or any sort of person with common sense and decency.

  236. Mary says:

    I don’t know wobble,
    It doesn’t make sense does it? I wondered why the media would give this guy worldwide attention knowing it was an offensive thing to do. It seems to me that the media should be held accountable for digging up some disturbed person to insult a people we already have injured for years. Could it be possible that our hostile foreign policy that seems to cause a lot of collateral damage wherever they go, might be the real cause for their anger, and this guy is just fuel to the fire?

  237. DeeDee says:

    He should be in jail.Many people dies because of him messing with crazed Muslims.

  238. Ed Harris says:


    Why is it that YOU appear to be ambivalent toward death??

    Why is it that YOU would criticize those who criticize those who KILL PEOPLE?

    Why is it that you are MORE ‘ok’ with those who KILL PEOPLE as a response against a book burning, than you are ‘ok’ with people who criticize your religion “of peace”?

    If you say you are of peace, THEN DENOUNCE THE KILLINGS. Then, and only then, can we talk about the slight injustice of a man burning a book in HIS OWN BACKYARD!

  239. Lesley Anne Kinney says:

    The Christian Crusades of the Middle Ages
    The Spanish Inquisition
    ALL religion is evil, divisive and practised by people who are afraid of dying.

  240. medicine man says:

    If they didn’t have this guy to blame they would find someone or something else. Any reason they can find to kill, behead, rape, burn, mutilate or otherwise act like animals. People insult my God all the time, but I have yet to behead anyone to protect his name. I think he is big enough to fight his own battles and as far I know he didn’t have sex with little boys. Go back to your cave and play hide and go fu*k yourself.

  241. stace says:

    I dont know about you but I am sick and tired of tip toeing around Moozlims.

  242. M. Davis says:

    What a dumb___t!!!! He’s getting what he asked for. I have no sympathy for him. Its what happens to racist people like him. Wouldn’t suprise me if some other dumb___t like him tries to kill him and collect.

  243. bodychex says:

    Everyone keeps citing the Koran – it says this, it says that. All religions are based on interpretation of SOME religious work (book or otherwise). Drop the Koran thing. Waging war, or killing, in the name of a religion is what we’re talking about. Christians had their days in the sun (Spanish inquisition, Crusades, etc.) The only differences now are the technology (weaponry) and vastness of Muslim territories. I, too, denounce the violence, but the rest of the Christian world shouldn’t throw stones or incite additional violence. Oh, and I am Jewish, so I am also in their crosshairs.

  244. Jay says:

    Typical response of someone grasping at stones to find a Christian “equivalent”. Sorry but this is a really specious argument you put forth. It doesn’t compare. Nevermind the fact that 1) The Crusades and Spanish Inquisition occurred hundreds of years ago AND are acknowledged by most if not all Christians today as WRONG, and 2) McVeigh and Tiller are extremists that of course, YOU would love to associate with Christians, but Christians do NOT associate with them or condone their acts! Also consider the sheer numbers of Muslims that either support or are silent in support of these terrorist acts committed in the name of Islam. They far out number the loonies of any other faith or belief structure. When was the last time you heard Muslims in SIGNIFICANT numbers speaking out against terrorism committed by Muslims? Umm….almost NEVER. They want to kill you too, you fool!

  245. John Waldrop says:

    Dan I hate to break this to you but “Muslim” isn’t a race. You just, apparently, want to use the race card as mose liberals do, whether it is actually true or not. Why don’t you also add that “thinking Muslims like to kill” takes food from the children? That’s another one that the libe like. LOL!!!!1

  246. jack larson says:

    There is no sucj thing as radical islam.

  247. Matty13 says:

    For those who are indignant about this koran burning, I hope you are just as indignant the next time some “artist” sculpts Jesus upside down on the cross, or a picture of Mary made out of elephant dung, or Joseph as a pedophile. When these things happen, when the Christians ask them not to do that, they do it anyway in the name of art. It really has no value to art, it is just to hurt.

  248. BBKing says:

    Well no one said doing Gods work was easy ! I hope he Burn MORE!!
    Christian should stand up for what they belive. Christ die for us !

  249. Hank Warren says:

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  250. jf216 says:

    burn baby burn

  251. 13Strigoi says:

    How is it Hezbollah has 2.4M so spend on a bounty when the Israelis have reduced them to poverty?

  252. greg c says:

    Muslims should be exterminated from the planet – they’re the cause of all the problems in our world – they like violence and will never be at peace – it’s their culture – death and destruction.

  253. Bobby Jones says:

    Here we go with yet another illiterate hillbilly from the South and a preacher being idiotic. I swear, I get reminded everyday that I am in the South by these corn bread fed hicks. It would take over 100 years to get these illiterates educted. They still seem to think the South will rise again. Such inbreds!

  254. Rexford says:

    I agree it is ridiculous that there is rioting and killing over the burning of the Koran. I would care if anyone burned the bible. I would shrug and think what an idiot and let them answer to God.

    Also, the gut who is obviously hungry for the media spotlight is an even bigger idiot. If he had a clue how Islam extremist would react the doom on him.

    He better have a good hiding place. Jiihadist have a long memory unlike Americans. A few European cartoonist have been killed recently for things in the past.

    Salman Rushie is still hiding for writing Satanic Verses.

    Good luck idiot Preacher.

  255. Fid says:

    You see Muslims burn US flags and our bibles and we dont riot like animals, now on the other hand you have Muslims that are out raged by 1 Koran getting burned. They always have been violent and killing our christian missionaries.

  256. nelson says:

    This so called Pastor reminds me of the people who tease anamals at a zoo. The know they are safe from harm, but it gives them pleasure to just p1ss the anamals off. If they were on the other side of the fence like the members of our armed forces, they would be scarred sh1tless.

  257. potusom says:

    Dear potential assassin,
    We will be depositing your 2.4 million dollars into a secure account located in Nigeria.
    Sincerely, Shia… not LeBouf

  258. Rob Collier says:

    1,7035 acts of terror have been carried out by Islamic Terrorists SINCE September 11, 2001. Religion of Peace?? Really??

    Truth has no agenda

  259. Soonerdiver says:

    Yeah Dan… an American preacher in Florida burns a Koran and what is the response? Let’s riot in a country across the globe, and when rioting isn’t enough then let’s break into a UN compound and kill 7 innocent individuals.

    Need more proof?

  260. Bill Dotson says:

    I am a proud infidel in the true sense of the term. I am a non-believer in any god who not only condones but rewards the kind of violence and chaos perpetrated by these crazies.

  261. MMM says:

    Here’s a website that keeps track of the deadly terror attacks carried out in the name of Allah and because of his direct teachings: There are over 17,000 since 9/11.

  262. GI Joe says:

    Islam is an evil, murderous suicide cult

  263. Kingslayor says:

    I don’t agree what this pastor did but, this is perfact case of good vereses evil. This action just put our troops in more danger but the pastor has the right of freedom of expression. That you don’t have in muslim countries!!! They believe if your not one of them your the enemy and their religion justifies it…. I say the hell with burning the koran, I say it past time to thin that croud out…. jiffy pop nuke style starting with iran!!!! BECAUSE THE SLAYOR SAYS SO!!!!

  264. BlueC says:

    I hope the Pastor burns another, and another. Let the mus lims come undone. If they refuse to police their own then we need to give the military a reason to drop the hammer on them. If the mus lims truly refuse to seek peace, then we shall find peace at the end of a river of bloo d.

  265. sean patriot says:

    FU#$ MUSLIMS and their pedophile prophet

  266. BlueC says:

    I hope the Pastor burns another, and another. Let the mus lims come undone. If they refuse to police their own then we need to give the military a reason to drop the hammer on them! If the mus lims truly refuse to seek peace, then we shall find peace at the end of a river of bloo d.

  267. ihatemuslims says:

    I say we round up all muslims around the world, ship them over to the desert and make sure they never leave. Let them fight among themselves. If we are lucky they kill each other off.

  268. grover says:

    You have to bury your head in the sand to honestly deny that Muslims have a problem with violence. Violence toward women(genital mutilation, beatings, stonings), violence toward non-muslims, violence toward other sects. If you honestly believe that Jews, Christians, Buddhists, or Hindus kill themselves in the name of God NEARLY as often, you’re just feeding yourself baloney. There is no evidence that can make someone like you rational. But, just in case I’m wrong, here’s an article from the Wall Street Journal covering the afghan massacre that was in retaliation for Terry Jones’ Quran burning.

  269. TheLibertine says:

    I’m no fan of islam, but burning books is bad ju-ju…period. There have been others who liked to burn books, e.g. Hitler, Stalin, Mao. Get the picture.

  270. eternalgreenknight says:

    Everyone is so quick to cite the spanish inquisition and crusades. Neither seem to be as a result of Jesus’ teachings, but rather people’s desires for power. When muslims attack, it is according to Mohammed’s teachings.

  271. hugh jassol says:

    I don’t agree with this idiot pastor but every time I see video from the middle east they are burning our flag, burning obamas picture etc. do they have a word for hypocrite?

  272. Logical1 says:

    This is just further evidence of how evil the islamic cult is. They feel that taking a mans life is acceptable for burning just another copy of their book of hate and death. Perhaps they wouldn’t have to worry about things like this if they would stop trying to murder, rape, invade, terrorize and proselytize. the rest of the world and just work on fixing the problems in their own countries. They are showing the world that the only problem with the crusades was that it didn’t completely exterminate the unholy atrocity known as islam.

  273. Sean says:

    This pastor has caused deaths of innocent people. Bet his God will send this twerp ti hell.

  274. Kingslayor says:

    I don’t agree what this pastor did but, this is perfact case of good vereses evil. This action just put our troops in more danger but the pastor has the right of freedom of expression. That you don’t have in muslim countries!!! They believe if your not one of them your the enemy and their religion justifies it…. I say the heck with burning the koran, I say it past time to thin that croud out…. jiffy pop nuke style starting with iran!!!! BECAUSE THE SLAYOR SAYS SO!!!!

  275. Jon says:

    I think we can all agree that radical Islam is extremely dangerous and something needs to be done. And yes the Koran does preach violence but so does the bible. Luke 19: 27 “but for the enemies of mine who do not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me” look it up. Matthew 11: 21-24, Jesus goes on a mad rant about judgement on a city for not believing in his preachings. Old Testament also filled with violence. Point being is that difference is we don’t act on those passages or preach them, because we are educated enough to understand that the bible was written by men, it has gone through several revisions, and we understand that the majority of Jesus’s preachings is loving your neighbor and non-violence. So when we see passages like this in our bible we have a firm understanding that they are fundamentally against what Jesus’s main message was and choose not to act on them. Islam is the same way. Even in the middle ages, muslim empires allowed christian and jewish settlers to live there, yes they did tax them but they treated them far better than we treated foreign settlers. They also waged many wars, more internally than externally, but every religion has its wars. Today, we see radical Islam focused around the most hateful and violent passages in the Koran and they attract uneducated young people that live in these dictatorships. They’re disenfranchised, underdeveloped, and uneducated. These are perfect conditions for extremist to take full advantage of. Oil exporting keeps these dictators in power. Our dependence on foreign oil causes our involvement and these dictators and terrorist love to use us as the scapegoat. That’s why arab governments don’t take a strong stance against terrorist. They just let them channel there frustration on to us, all while they sit on the oil money. We can never change this situation until we break our dependence on foreign oil.

  276. blaho;ajlj says:

    The internet is a weird place, where every idiot is suddenly an expert and every other idiot takes what they say for truth. If you really want to kill every muslim then you are no better than any radical. Obviously none of you understand the real reasons for the attacks 9/11 were not because of our culture or our beliefs, but an attempt to try and destroy the U.S.A. financially. These groups do not care so much about America, but more about what they call “the zionest threat”. They can not fight Israel though when Israel has such a heavy backer like the United States protecting it. Look it up or don’t.
    Please, for the love of God though, do a little more thinking than just watching a youtube video to prove that Islam is a killing culture. To research on both sides, create arguments and points, you have a brain f****** use it. Not every muslim man, women, or child, are terrorist, in fact most of them are just like you trying to get through life.

    1. Dusty209 says:

      Only good muslims are terrorists

  277. greg ford says:

    i would never burn a koran until AFTER i have used each page for toilet paper. THEN, I would burn it

  278. SockRayBlue says:

    No limit to the extreme of religious zealots. Fools that they may be. Face it, the Middle East has long since been left on the intellectual exit ramp of life.

  279. Hope Can says:

    If one million Americans burned a picture of Obama every day would we appease the Muslim world? Would it save American lives in Afghanistan? Would the regime arrest us? So when do we start America?

  280. LOL says:

    2.4 million to take out some trash! Where do I sign up?

  281. FUpedophileprophet says:

    One burnt Korant caused the muslims to riot and kill themselves and innocent people… The followers of the religion of “Peace and Tolerance” and it’s pedophile prophet did this to and of themselves. I say 15 dead islamofascist idiots for one book is a good exchange rate. Let’s try a million next time. We can get rid of all the bad muslims without dropping a single bomb!

  282. dennis says:

    I don’t like what he did, burning the Koran, but I will fight for his right to burn the Koran. I think what he did is a stupid act. This is the same as yelling fire in a movie theater.You know someone is going to get hurt but you do it anyway. We have certain freedoms in our country that allows for people to get their 15 minutes. He is going to Derbor to prostest? I have been to Derborn I don’t think this is a good idea..

    1. MayorCurley says:

      Yes, people have a right to free speech but that doesn’t mean they won’t get their arse kicked. Good luck to Mr. Jones in Dearborn.

      I wouldn’t take too kindly to him coming to my neighborhood and insulting my family. I won’t feel bad if the fool gets knocked out.

  283. MayorCurley says:

    Pastor Jones has a right to free speech. Unpopular speech MUST be protected in a free society.

    However, I think this guy may be a paid federal operative who is trying to enflame hatred between Christians and Muslims.

    Do people honestly believe that the average Muslim is a bad person? They are humans just like us and they are caught in the middle of this bad game being played by profiteers who want to stir up war while they steal all our wealth.

    Muslims are good people (I work with a lot of them), the number of Muslim terrorists are small and ruthless people are misrepresenting them in the American media to make the American people blood-thirsty and war hungry.

  284. DEE says:

    This wasnt the Cause of any UNREST! It’s just an excuse to Blame someone else for their Barbaric Behavior. They are nothing but cowards and Violent individuals, who know nothing else.

    1. MayorCurley says:

      So burning someone’s religious book isn’t “Barbaric Behavior”, Dee? Come on, this is doublethink.

  285. Rob says:

    This guys head isn’t worth nearly 2.4 mil. I bet it wouldn’t be difficult to find someone to do it for free.

  286. Stoff says:

    THis guy is a major league DB! What a tool. He deserves everything he is about to get!

  287. Willy Wong says:

    Are we going to protect those who exercise their American rights of free speech, or abandon them to mooslambs who fly passenger jets into the twin towers? This preacher’s actions has provoked mooslambs to react as they always do, by killing and beheading the innocent. I’m sick of political correctness which has eroded our basic American rights.

  288. jhinny says:

    Atheists have the world record in killing! A whopping hundred million plus (communism is atheistic by definition, and shuts down and squashes religion).

    So sick of an atheist commenting on religion at all, and those who ignore what the atheistic approach leads to, which are death camps and killing fields.

    1. tnmccoy says:

      Concerned, all societies has some violence in their backgrounds because we’re all human. And human nature is aggressive. I don’t condone the killing of abortion doctors, but since abortion is murder, both the doctors and the mothers should be held responsible and be punished just like the bum off the street who kills someone.

    2. god says:

      communism is dogmatic in and of itself. stalin did nothing in the name of atheism, which is just a lack of a belief in god. death camps and killing fields? are you insane? when was the last time you heard of someone being killed in the name of atheism? when was the last time someone said, ‘the absence of a god told me to do it.’?

    3. Dr.Cannabliss says:

      um… just to point out, what you have done is a logical fallacy called a deductive fallacy. You are assuming that 1: If you are a communist, you are thus atheist. This is not true, this is grouping a large number of people together and assuming their beliefs based on one identity that all in all is a Government not Religious point of view. 2: An educated atheist has more room to comment on a religion based on the fact that as an open minded individual they can have an unbiased look at religion from multiple perspective. No Christian is going to give leeway to a Muslim and no Muslim to a Christian, neither will attempt to understand each other because they already hold each other to be enemies. 3: Who are you to assume that Atheism leads to death? Christianity has killed millions throughout the Africa, the Middle East, and all but brought North American natives to brink of extinction. The Holocaust was aimed against the Jews by Hitler and the Nazi Party, which was primarily Catholic and Protestant.

      So honestly, Im sick of uneducated idiots who after reading one book containing thousands of contradictions that also logically make no sense to exist in our world. And to claim that the Big Bang was also caused by God is yet another logical fallacy. Just because an explanation does not currently exist for creation, does not mean that the logical answer is Creationism – instead it should be left as strictly a matter of faith not fact, or simple as “unknown”.

    4. Dan says:

      Dr. Cannabliss,
      Your statements which contain the assertions about that religious open mindedness of the atheist betrays an internal contradiction. Having the position that there is no God is a religious position. Secondly, your statements about the big bang being left to faith is inherently religious. Comments about the unknown falls within the category of agnosticism. My point is that no one can have an objective discussion of religion. By deciding a priori that there is no God you reject miracles, the need for salvation, the need to have forgiveness of sins before God, and if you follow Peter Singer and Richard Dawkins than those who have religious beliefs are insane.
      The holocaust was perpetrated by a man who believed at least initially in doing what the people wanted, that is a far cry from Christianity. The fact that he put a Christian jacket over a body of socialism does not make it Christian. If you are not sure that I am saying the truth you should research Nazi Germany’s punnishment of Christians who opposed him based on the Bible. For example, Dietrich Bonhoffer. If I was to make one point, the shame of the church in Nazi Germany is that it did not speak out when the regime first began to show its ugly side. Once Hitler was firmly in power there was no stopping him. In America we have murdered 50 million unborn babies and the American people were angry with the church for speaking out against it. But I for one will not be silent about truth simply because someone might get angry. In that, I perceive that we see eye to eye.

  289. Nancy Rene says:

    My son is over there and this idiot is adding fuel to the fire. You don’t enrage and provoke an animal when your loved ones are nearby. He doesn’t blame this ‘Pastor’ for their murderous behavior. I have to wonder if ‘Pastor Jones’ son or daughter was over there if he would be doing these STUPID things.

  290. nam_vet6869 says:

    I think this guy has his ego out of balance. The bounty on his head might be 200 dollars but he did the Muslims a favor. Now the Democrats are looking for a way to protect the Koran from being desecrated. You can burn the Holy Bible, the United States Flag, and any other book you wish but you can not burn a Koran. Want to bet?

  291. Not Muslim says:

    I hope this old fool dies a painful death

    1. Dusty209 says:

      Not a mudslime but still an INFIDEL

  292. Joey Boots says:

    Religious zealots abound on all sides…..when mankind learns to dismiss thousand year writings which had their place then perhaps, and embrace that which is truly human: compassion, tolerance, understanding, love, care, giving, forgiveness, then we shall know peace both within ourselves and with others, and make a world worthy of raising our children in.

  293. IHeartJebus says:

    I want to see Jesus’s birth certificate.

  294. Dusty209 says:

    The difference is BRIAN LE that Christians and Jews don’t have a book that wants to force you to submit, nor do they want to force you to be dimmi and live by Jim Crow laws by making you a diminished status, they do not want to cut your head off, they do not support the molesting of little boys, owning slaves, raping women at will, having multiple wives, and lying, stealing and finally destroy everything from prior cultures and imposing Sharia Law. Your ignorance is overwhelming and exactly why the US is in big trouble.

  295. REASON8200 says:

    Really what we are dealing with is the looney lefts refusal to recognize these islamic muslim terrorists for who they really are. Its classic liberal playbook. Deflect and blame on something else. The left hates Christianity so that why they try to bring up the past with the crusades. They know they have no argument, but for some reason the left feels the need to defend radical islam. I think it’s because the left and radical islam have something in common, they both hate America ,freedom, and liberty.

  296. Dusty209 says:

    Ummm “concerned” crusades were all fought to remove islam from Europe you have failed to educate yourself and you let millions of people know it by making a post here. The number one name in the UK is moohamead and the have sharia law in England we have done nothing to help Europe because of people like you.

  297. Dusty209 says:

    WAKE UP!

  298. tnmccoy says:

    That’s probably our money being spent. With all the starvation and poverty in their Countries, why is 2.4 million dollars available to pay a bounty on someone in another Country for burning a book? This is another example of the 7th Century mentality they all have over there.

  299. Dusty209 says:

    Robert Spencer an American Hero!

  300. Dusty209 says:

    Bill Federer an American HERO!

  301. tnmccoy says:

    Newsflash! Bedogs doesn’t exist! There’s just an empty body roaming around, rather like a zombie—and just as reliable.

  302. Dusty209 says:

    Join Brigitte Gabriel Act!

  303. Reason8200 says:

    Really what we are dealing with is the looney lefts refusal to recognize these isl@mic musl!m terr0r!sts for who they really are. Its classic liberal playbook. Deflect and blame on something else. The left hates Christianity so that why they try to bring up the past with the crusades. They know they have no argument, but for some reason the left feels the need to defend r@dic@l. !sl@m. I think it’s because the left and radical islam have something in common, they both h@te America ,freedom, and liberty.

  304. Dusty209 says:

    Allen West explains Islam

  305. Jonas Velasco says:

    Atheism = If there is no god = there is no law but what we each make for ourselves.

    Then what logically follows = there is neither a good or bad religion.
    What is bad to one may be good to another = there is neither a good or bad religion = there is neither good or bad = no arbitrator between each man to judge who has wronged who = no god = no arbitrator = no judge = no law = no good or bad = one man can impose personal law upon others by force = force final arbitrator = force = god.

  306. Dusty209 says:

    GEN 16

    7 The angel of the LORD found Hagar near a spring in the desert; it was the spring that is beside the road to Shur. 8 And he said, “Hagar, slave of Sarai, where have you come from, and where are you going?”

    “I’m running away from my mistress Sarai,” she answered.

    9 Then the angel of the LORD told her, “Go back to your mistress and submit to her.” 10 The angel added, “I will increase your descendants so much that they will be too numerous to count.”

    11 The angel of the LORD also said to her:

    “You are now pregnant
    and you will give birth to a son.
    You shall name him Ishmael,[a]
    for the LORD has heard of your misery.
    12 He will be a wild donkey of a man;
    his hand will be against everyone
    and everyone’s hand against him,
    and he will live in hostility
    toward[b] all his brothers.”

  307. Dusty209 says:

    If you are an atheist a free thinker and independent or a marxist or a liberal or even completely neutral you are STILL AN INFIDEL AND DIMMI now WHAT do you people NOT get about that????? You are subject to beheading just like Christians and Jews. By the way mudslimes do NOT tolerate gays or feminists either. WAKE UP people. Oh and if you have a coexist stickers on your Prius YOU ARE STILL AND INFIDEL.

  308. Dusty209 says:

    Muhamhead did rape a 9 year old but he married her first

  309. Dusty209 says:


  310. Dusty209 says:


  311. Dusty209 says:

    Muzzies burn Bibles in this video……how many Christian hate groups have issued a death warrent.. Oh oh what what was that????
    We helped these Egyptians ???!!

  312. Electrodaze says:

    There’s an 800-pound gorilla in the room when discussing Islam and the violence it seems to inspire. Almost 8 centuries ago, Islamic imams issued some pretty strict fatwas concerning heresy that stifled religious thought and debate. Basically, it was the duty of all muslims to kill anyone if they didn’t toe the line. Even the Inquisition gave heretics the opportunity to recant their heresy and live, they didn’t just kill people for asking questions! Galileo is a good example. Heck, even witches got trials, even if they were rigged!

    European history is full of wars that started or involved religious disagreements between Christians. The Muslim world didn’t have nearly as many religious conflicts between different muslim sects, because they just stifled debate before sects could really take hold. What I’m trying to say is that Christian cultures and nations have a tradition of religious debate and dissension, and after numerous awful wars over religion finally decided that killing people for God was not worth it. The Muslim world never really learned this painful lesson.

    The issue isn’t with Islam itself necessarily. We all know that the bible is full of ‘if someone does X, kill them!’ quotes, and so is the Koran; the bloodiest quotes are the ones people like the Taliban and Osama use to justify their actions. However, the Bible itself is not monolithic; it contains many different books written centuries apart by different people, and many of them contradict each other. It’s pretty much impossible to read the bible without inspiring debate, and if you remember the movie Porky’s, for every quote that says ‘do this, don’t do that’ you can probably find another that says ‘don’t do this, and it’s super to do that!’ I’ve only skimmed the Koran a few times, so I’m no expert, but it appeared pretty monolithic and complementary to me. And I’ve never seen a ‘battle of quotes from the Koran’ either, which is so common for Christians when they argue. Probably because Islamic fundamentalists have no problem killing people who disagree with them.

    Christian fundamentalists, even this idiot preacher, don’t go around intentionally killing innocent people like this, although their actions can cause people to be killed. Yes, he should know better than to provoke Muslims like this, and if he were a man of god he wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt for the death he’s helped cause. BUT, going around killing people because they LOOK like someone who burned your holy book thousands of miles away? Killing people guilty of doing something wrong I can understand, if not agree with. But killing innocent people for it, because they RESEMBLE the person who did something bad, well that’s not okay in ANY religion. Is it?

  313. HooDatIS? says:


    1. Dusty209 says:

      If they can burn a flag, burn a Bible, kill an American, fly planes into buildings, lie, steal, and rape, I CAN BURN A koran. You are a politically correct, multiculturalist and a threat to this nation. This Pastor has more balls than you can dream of. ISLAM that puts out troops in harms way and people like you. If someone burns a Bible I WOULD NOT CARE SINCE THAT PERSON HAS FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION and the US constitution promises that. I am a TOLERANT Christian BUT YOU don’t like the US Constitution do you? Sharia law better for you?

  314. ghostcommander says:

    Terry Jones is no pastor, he is just one dumb, evil.XOB publicity seeker.

    He, along with the many other right wing nutcases are jeopardizing our mission in Afghanistan.

    The American MSM should deny this evil clown a forum., but they too do not accept responsibility.

    1. Dusty209 says:

      So you hate freedom of speech and the US constitution as well. You are a left wing marxist nut job. Get out of my country. Terry is brave and you are weak and you hate him for it.

  315. ALIVEalways says:

    We all love our religion, and why won’t we, it is ours, and anything in relation to it is our business. It was wrong to burn the Koran. I do not know if the person who did it, did it intentionally or accidentally. I guess an apology is must, a long one would be good.
    However, threatening the person and keeping a bounty on his head by the Islamic militants seems unwarranted. A peaceful protest is OK and international diplomacy must intervene for the sake of whosoever is involved. It sure was not a good thing and if it could be rectified, so it must.

    1. Dusty209 says:

      We love our constitution!!!!!! and we are not dimi to islam and never will be he can burn anything without apology and if you don’t like that too bad.

  316. 3 Little Pigs says:

    They will not build mosques where pigs are buried ! Send the news crews to capture pig burials live on TV and he can stop anymore from being built.

  317. Jan says:

    Well once again someone has found a way to get their 15 Mn. of fame? This preacher, and all who worship, The God Of Abraham, should know from yhe 1st books in the Bible or the !st books in the Koran. We are all our Brothers keeper. God gave all of us the free will on how to act. Why can not the rest of us do the same? Beware the acts of your own spirit, and leave the judgement up to Him. People just want to fight theese days. Hate has become the biggest fad ever. It hs always been on earth, but know it seems to have become a sport. I and I am sure others are praying for hate to go out of style, and people can talk again. I have heard few conversations, blogs, blips, comments that do not have some word of hate in them. A the Father cries as he watches his children hate one another in His name.

  318. A Khokar says:

    Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the successive stages of one Abrahamic religion from its infancy to maturity. Quran is the last book in the series of Guide books given by God Almighty and Quran is the only book which confirms and validates the earlier stages of religion namely the Judaism and Christianity.

    God declares in Quran that by giving Quran; He has completed the Religion of Ibrahim—Islam and envisages for the mankind to abide by its teaching.

    1. Mudplanet says:

      Thanks for pointing out to these idiots that all three religions are talking about the same God.

      It’s gets really old listening to”Christians” who talk about “their God” vs “our God.”

      1. Dusty209 says:

        In the USA we have a constitution that allows you to hate God without punishment. In islam there is NO such thing you will be required to worship or you will loose your head. The debate is not how to convert you but how to convince you that a political system of islam with koran, sharia law, hadiths, suris, dimi laws, legalized child rape, murder oppression and more is NOT better than the western way of life. If you fail to understand this point and see that Terry has a right to burn the koran you will suffer.

      2. Dusty209 says:

        It’s western culture vs archaic backwards hate and oppression. GET IT??? Mudplanet I think you are a muslim because you sound to smart to not get this point.

      3. Dusty209 says:


  319. Toejam says:

    Ho, Hum……….Time to roll a doobie.

    Anyone got some paper?

    OK, Rev, that Qur’an will do me for the next couple of weeks!

  320. Dusty209 says:

    Spit spit slobber slobber

    Khomeini Sexually Assaulting Crying and screaming 4 year old Girl – with parental consent

  321. AuroraGB says:

    Terry Jones has as much blood on his hands as those who did the killing. He deliberately provoked the response and he knew exactly what it would be. He was willing to get people murdered to further his and the Christian right’s agenda.

    This is Christianity? This is the religion of peace? Deliberately provoking a violent response on innocents? I spit on Christianity and on Islam too. You’re ALL hypocrites.

    1. Dusty209 says:

      No he does not… he’s an American using his right to free speech. You just used yours to spit but if this place becomes islamified you will LOOSE YOUR HEAD because you are an INFIDEL.

  322. Omar Bastar says:

    Excuse me, what led to the violence was an ass-clown mentality propagandized by the moronic leader of Afghanistan to a moronic culture of idiots. The fact is, morons need neither facts nor any truth to act out their psychopathic behaviors…anything will set them off—anything.
    The burning of the Koran was nothing worth noting, and would have remained so save for the idiocy of Hamid Karzai. Hey, make no mistake; 85 million Americans would unhesitatingly use it for toilet paper or charcoal starter if the need were to arise.

    An American Citizen, Omar Bastar

  323. Anthony mangione says:

    Total ignorance in every single post here.

  324. vekFusalsekar says:

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  327. guardian angel says:

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