By: Ben Golliver(eye on basketball)

On Thursday night, a game between the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers turned really ugly in the fourth quarter, with Mavericks guard Jason Terry shoving Lakers guard Steve Blake sparking a fracas that included Lakers forward Matt Barnes throwing Mavericks assistant coach Terry Stotts to the ground.

After the game, TNT commentator Chris Webber called out the Mavericks for being “soft” and not responding to the physical challenge by the Lakers. has some of Webber’s comments.

“You play against teams, and certain teams are like children,” said Webber. “Certain teams are like the bully you don’t want to play.”

He reserved his sharpest criticism for Nowitzki and Haywood:

Jason Terry is the only Dallas Maverick that does something. Look at Dirk Nowitzki, look at these two big guys, look at Haywood. They deserve to be fined.”

In a Friday morning radio interview with 103.3 FM in Dallas, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shot back at Webber, defending his team’s toughness and questioning Webber’s originality.

“Chris Webber has never had an original thought. It doesn’t really matter. You know how these guys work. The last time I looked it was Jason Terry pushing and our guys responding — no one is backing down from anybody. And it’s the same nonsense talked by the same people who haven’t had an original thought in their entire lives. Look, we don’t care what Chris Webber says. It doesn’t matter what Chris Webber says. We just go out and do our thing.”

Cuban’s stance is on the money. After a heated game — not to mention a brutal loss — it’s nice to hear from the owner that he still has faith in your abilities heading into the playoffs. Webber’s criticism isn’t coming from left field. Cuban is correct in saying that it’s not original criticism but only because the “soft” label has followed the Mavericks for years.

Should anyone really care if they are called “soft” in today’s NBA? No, not really. But they should care if they can’t match the intensity level of their opponent in a big game and that’s what happened to the Mavericks last night.

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  1. Hjay says:

    Webber is out of line on this one. He sounded like he wanted to see a brawl. This is basketball. Play tough, but play legal. Shoving players to the ground or taking swings is not needed, not expected and not interesting. PLAY BASKETBALL!!

    1. Therersa Coffey says:

      This is basketball, and let’s play it that way. There are “bully” teams in the NBA, and we all know who they are. The Mavs are not “soft.” They play basketball the way it was intended to be played. I am proud of this fact. And if we don’t win a championship, it is because the officials continue to allow bully play. To me, this is on the back of the officials and the integrity of the players. Again, I am proud that the Mavs are a team to be respected in the game – they have a code of ethics to which they play, and they won’t stoup to the level of play that some teams will simply because that is the only way they can win. I’d rather lose by the rules, and be respected, than to lower myself to an unofficial win. Mark, I’ve loved this franchise since its inception in 1980. I’m the #2MFFL. Seriously.

  2. UP says:

    R U KIDDING ME!!! The moment I saw all the craziness it got my attention…….SQUIRREL……

  3. AK says:

    NBA players have to play smart and not let wantabe broadcaster try to instigate trouble. I guess Webber wanted to see another game like the Indiana game. One big fight. That should really help the game. I love Basketball and I want to see teams play.

  4. Steven says:

    Jason Terry starts the fight and Barnes who was just trying to protect his teamate gets suspended after Blake was shoved to the floor. How come J Terry wasn’t suspended for provoking the whole thing?

  5. dennnis finton says:

    the mavericks are soft chris webber was just speaking the truth mark cuban is a crybaby just shut up and play
    multi room audio system

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