MONTEBELLO (CBS) — A memorial set up to honor the man who was fatally shot by Montebello Police Monday has been removed by the city.

Officials with the Montebello Code Enforcement Division moved the memorial Thursday morning, saying to was a safety hazard to motorists and pedestrians. Mourners originally set up the memorial, with candles, cards and flowers, in the middle of Greenwood Avenue where Jorge Jimenez, 31, was killed.

Montebello police shot and killed Jimenez Monday after he allegedly kidnapped his daughter and led police on a pursuit. Preliminary police reports found that Jimenez threatened to shoot at the authorities and later fired at least four shots at officers after exiting his vehicle. Officials say approximately six Montebello police officers fired 35 or more rounds at Jimenez who died on the scene.

Remanents of the memorial are being help by the city until they are claimed by Jimenez’s family.