MONTEBELLO (CBS) — A memorial set up to honor the man who was fatally shot by Montebello Police Monday has been removed by the city.

Officials with the Montebello Code Enforcement Division moved the memorial Thursday morning, saying to was a safety hazard to motorists and pedestrians. Mourners originally set up the memorial, with candles, cards and flowers, in the middle of Greenwood Avenue where Jorge Jimenez, 31, was killed.

Montebello police shot and killed Jimenez Monday after he allegedly kidnapped his daughter and led police on a pursuit. Preliminary police reports found that Jimenez threatened to shoot at the authorities and later fired at least four shots at officers after exiting his vehicle. Officials say approximately six Montebello police officers fired 35 or more rounds at Jimenez who died on the scene.

Remanents of the memorial are being help by the city until they are claimed by Jimenez’s family.

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  1. HIDE & Forget says:

    The city wants to cover up the cold blooded murder by the police by hiding the memorial. There’s a reason the concentration camps are still in Poland, So people will not forget what happend.

    1. Nameless Person says:

      How is this a cover up? He fired at officers. What do you want them to do? Wait until he’s out of bullet until they return fire?

      From various news reports, which I take very lightly, he was drunk, kidnapped his young daughter, had a gun, called his family with messages (he was depressed, etc. He even called his own brother who just happens to be cop. His own brother was trying to convince him to give himself up.

      MPD did what they had to do. And the best thing for them is that everything was caught on tape. My biggest complaint is that he placed his daughter in danger. Only a selfish person to do such a thing.

    2. Adoph says:

      what an idiotic answer, the memorial was in the middle of the street where the person with a gun in his hand and kid in the car that was chased all over the place was shot and killed

    3. Ed Guthrie says:

      you are an idiot.

    4. Decent American says:

      The people of Montebello are FED UP with loser Mexicans destroying our city. If you want oneof those “memorials” then put it in the parking lot of Kin g Taco in East L A – thats where it belings.

      1. Oscar de la Hoya says:

        Are you really a “decent” American? Then move somewhere else…….
        OPPSSS!!! I am sorry, I know you can’t afford to move to another City.. piece of WT!!…. LOL!

      2. I HATE RACIST PERSONS says:


  2. ILLEGALS says:

    He fired at the Cops!! Game Over!

  3. JM says:

    If he would of obeyed the law like most citizens he would be alive, people always forget he was armed with a gun with real bullets and leading police on a pursuit. He was a threat to the community and the situation was handled accordingly.

  4. cm says:

    I do not mean to offend anyone, but this guy had some major issues. As for Montebello code enforcement they clean where some one was killed, what they should be doing is looking for people who have to many dogs and chickens , throwing out mattress on the corner, instead of bothering these poor people who have just loved a lost one even if he was a criminal. The family still needs to mourn.

    1. JO says:

      Fine, the family needs to mourn….do it on the sidewalk where they don’t impede traffic!

      1. KMA628 says:

        Better yet – let the family MOURN back in Mexico where they belong. The mother – who has been living off the system for 30 years – never even bothered to learn English. The whole family are GHETTO TRASH – including the “brother” who happend to also be involved i nthe brawl at the Q C over Christmas. Yeah – great family.

  5. Allan says:

    Why don’t you guys report who shot first? You had your own TV crews filming this. You guys look like chicken s##ts!!!

    1. Adolph says:

      it only matters who shot last ,

  6. Marco says:

    Yeah unfortunately he exited the vehicle with a visible weapon in his hand. Let’s not be unrealistic that this man was a definite threat.

    But the city removing the Memorial was probably in poor taste. This man did have a family who regardless what he did, or done that loved him.

    And that’s all I gotta say about that.

    1. Astonished says:


      Read the article. Channel 9 got it wrong AGAIN. The memorial wasn’t Removed, it was simply moved, out of the street and onto the sidewalk so that those who wish to visit or contribute, for whatever reason didn’t get their butts run over while doing so. I don’t see a problem with that!

  7. JO says:

    Would people chastise police if the baby had been killed by her drunk father while he was driving recklessly? Or would his biker buddies still mourn the fact that he was killed and who cares about the baby? Yeah, he was killed while driving intoxicated wtih his kidnapped baby and a LOADED GUN!!!! Give me a “(*Y)*&^%$ break! He was innocent???? Really????? His biker friends need to pull their heads out of the butts!

    1. ray says:

      True. If the baby had died then the police would be protested or sued by the baby’s family for not averting this tragedy. I wonder sometimes if being a cop is really worth the BS.

  8. Joe says:

    I wonder if his brother will show up to his funeral?
    Why not show up in uniform to disgrace the family even more.

  9. Alan C Rhine says:

    COPS 1 ILLEGAL ALIEN 0 End of game

  10. BRIAN NEVIN says:


  11. Wes says:

    With all being said….when people learn that when you have a gun and police feel threatened you will get shot…when you have a weapon and police direct you to drop it and you don’t comply, you will get shot, when you take the police on a high speed chase, you might get shot or beat up no matter what ethnic or minority group you belong to….I’m just sayin’

  12. Mike says:

    Good shooting Montebello PD. Well placed shots. Thank God no officers were hurt/killed. Why the Memorial? The dead idiot deserved to die. If His familia and friends want to mourn, do it at home of the funeral home, not on city property, unless it was an officer or person who did not deserve to die.
    Now I wonder if his (dead idiot) familia is going to sue. Good luck, you are not getting squat.

    Perhaps there will be a car wash to help pay for funeral expenses.

    Oh well

    1. mike blows too says:

      you must be a pig yourself! figures go eat a donut or shoot someone! F’ing idiot

      1. Idiot says:

        Haha, you clown

  13. Wes says:

    Oh and as far as the memorial in the middle of the street…I think it was very respectful that the city dismantled it instead of letting the street cleaners scoop it up with the trash…I’m just sayin’

    1. BRIAN NEVIN says:

      I agree. Why we have to pay for the city to sweep the street after his ceremony?

  14. William Levy says:

    VIVA MEXICO Cabrone$$$$$$!!!!!!
    Like it or NOT!!!…. Montebello and nearby cities belong to us now cabrones…..

    1. Alan C Rhine says:

      YA YA VIVA stupid mexico poor cop didn’t have to shoot him could have just wipe the street with toilet paper

  15. JO blows says:

    all of you talking negative about the loss of someone are really ignorant!!! but if it was one of your relatives then it would be different right? and as for “JO” yes we would take care of his family and any of our passed members families! just cause nobody cares for your ignorant a s s!! hope your not reproducing!!

  16. Wes says:

    Yea…Viva Mexico..It attitudes like that…that makes it really hard for americans to feel anything for you when you have your little protest or your events when you parade your illegals up and down the streets…do all you can now because I don’t think the next mayor of Los Angeles will be as enabling as our current one….I’m just sayin’

    1. Hail to LEGAL Americans! says:

      I agree with you Wes. They all should eat it up now ’cause the illegal-advocating mayor of LA won’t be here in 2012.

      As far as this article goes, the man deserved to DIE. He put his child, the police, and the public in danger. I admire the police for doing their jobs, which is to protect and to serve. Did the idiots on here forget that part? That they were actually protecting us from this loser of a dad? And as far as taking down the memorial… GOOD! I’m sick of seeing those messes at every street corner! Do they really think the dead person cares if they put flowers in the STREET?! Actually, it’s very disrespectful. TAKE ALL OF THEM DOWN!

  17. drozone69 says:

    Pigs and the city all the same.They will remove any symbol or act of your American God given rights.The simple act of a family mourning death is not acceptable to city elders,I put up a lost and found pster at night at the locale library,only to discover a city employee had rip-it down and refused it at 8: am the next morning.We are held captive prisoners in a money hungry capatalistic socialist world.

  18. Mr. V says:

    Amazing how incidents like these bring out the true racists who hide behind the curtain of anonymity!

  19. BRIAN NEVIN says:

    True – only racist people brings out the color of criminal people.

  20. Lupita says:

    This was a family member of mine.

    1. Bill says:

      He got what he deserved. Pointing a gun at a police officer. Go have a BBQ or a car wash like your people do so you can pay for his funeral expenses. Thank god no officers were hurt by this fool.

      1. Chicano213 says:

        Well unfortunately Bill not all families especially Mexicans have money like you white racist ignorant people, so yes we sometimes have to rely on BBQ’s and carwashes to raise money for funerals…

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