LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Do people call you Puffy and your last name isn’t Diddy? Tired of people thinking you’re tired when you’re not?

Your droopy, puffy, tired-looking eyelids could use a little lift. Formally, to get a more youthful look…you had to go under the knife.

But no more!

Lisa Sigell takes a closer look (get it?) at the liquid eyelift.

It’s a series of injectible fillers to help lift up what’s fallen down, to fill out the areas that hollow with age.

The procedure in Los Angeles is becoming more and more popular.

Sigell spoke with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken about the procedure and why so many are finding it helpful.

Says Dr. Moelleken, “It gives the patient a refreshed look that lasts temporarily…but is very dramatic.”

And he adds, “Many patients say they look six, seven, ten years younger.”

The average cost of a liquid eye lift is $12-14 hundred…and it needs to be done every six months. The cost of a surgical eye lift can cost between $3-8,000.