LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Dodger dogs are going decidely more spicy with a Latin sabor…that’s flavor for all you Gringos.

Monday night, at an exhibition game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, fans were able to order Doyer Dogs for the first time…the name, inspired by the Spanish-language version of the team’s name.

Doyer Dogs are all-beef hot dogs, grilled, served with nacho cheese, chili, chopped tomatoes, onions and, of course, jalapenos. And…don’t forget the Doyer Fries!

Stephanie Abrams, reporting for CBS 2 and KCAL 9 from el stadio de los Doyers, spoke with the Dodger executive chef — Joseph Martin —  to find out the origin of the new offering.

Abrams also got to sample the new dog — double the weight of the regular Dodger Dog — and termed it “good” between chews.

And she also asked if this dog was “a heart attack on a plate.” Martin said…”Everything in moderation.” Right! We’re still getting four next time we hit the Stadium! Okay, maybe three.

The dogs will be available at Camacho stands throughout the ballpark.

Fans looking for something more healthy will also be able to find an arugula salad with toasted walnuts, pomegranate seeds, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette dressing at the Healthy Plate Carts. (Nothing against eating healthy, but can we talk about fattening food and stuff that is bad for us some more?!)

The Stadium and Dugout clubs are also offering up some new cocktails, including the “Go Blue!” which is made up of Absolut vodka, lemonade, a splash of Dekuyper blueberry-flavored Schnapps.

The regular season begins Thursday. Play ball…and save us some Doyer Dogs!

Comments (36)
  1. Harve says:

    So now even hotdogs at the ballpark fall victim to changing demographics in our region.

    1. Michael J. McDermott says:

      to: Harve Yes, Harve, it’s so true. My, how things change, don’t they Harve? You should get out and try one sometime. They’re delicious.

  2. Lis says:

    @ Harve- Don’t eat them if you don’t want to. NO ONE is shoving them down your throat

    1. randy says:

      Wow, Michael, Lis, thin-skinned, are we? Or maybe just having another miserable bad day?

  3. Dave says:

    And how much will they be? $8.00?

  4. #1 Dodger Fan says:

    if anything they should serve the bacon wrapped hotdogs there..

    1. Mr. Heath says:

      Coated in batter & deep fried. YUM!!!!

    2. TT says:

      Bacon wrap ? Absolutely !!

  5. Antonio Villaraigosa says:

    As American as apple pie…… NOT NO MORE’S AAAA’s as Mexican as Doyer dog’s and Cervezas Gringos!!!!!!

  6. chester says:

    Lindsy Lohan is a babe.

  7. Stephanie Abrams says:

    Yes, they are 8 dollars 🙂

    1. juan says:

      How is that in pesos?

    2. Crystal says:

      8 DOLLARS?? Wow I thought eating movie theatre food was expensive!

  8. Alan C Rhine says:

    NOW the GREAT AMERICAN pass time BASEBALL has to be politically correct . Sorry may go to a few games but WILL NOT spend a single dime at the new RACIST concession stands. JUST SAY NO TO DOYERS DOG

    1. randy says:

      Easy, Alan, in Nomo’s hey day, they have a Yoshinoya there. Not racist, calm down, and if you don’t want one, don’t buy one.

  9. Capt. America says:

    This would not happen in Texas.

  10. Corinne Anderson says:


  11. Red5 says:

    So stupid I think this is the dumbest thing u could do. Should ship this team off to Mexico with it’s names and fans. I love the dodgers, grew up watching them going to games. This place has turned into a dangerous no good place where there r fights and dirty rude people. This team may be getting better but the atmosphere is absolutely terrible. GO ANGELS a beautiful stadium great environment and no Mexican dogs for sale.

    1. Michael J. McDermott says:

      Just trying to have some good clean American fun. Right?

    2. hector says:

      angels are owned by a mexican. its ok, u can cry.

  12. Dave says:

    Oh, puhleeeeze! Can’t something be enjoyed that is new. No one complained when Canter’s opened up a deli in the left field corner on the Field Level. And there are already NACHOS! What is America coming to? And God forbid there should be the chinese food stand of which no one has complained. We’ve not been subjected to a diatribe about how American family values are being thretened by a communist Chinese take over because there are Panda Express stands at el stadio de Los Doyers. I’m a member of the Stadium Club and I HOPE they have Doyer Dogs there too. Si se puede to eating five of them on Wednesday night. Oh, lest anyone does not know, the eight ounce SF Giants hot dogs and sausages are now smaller than the 9 1/2 ounce Doyer Dogs and they are $8 up there.

  13. me says:

    I grew up being a DODGER fan, but now that they have switched over to feeding in to the gang-banger fans, I will no longer frequent the stadium. They need to put in metal detectors there, at least 90% of the ‘fans’ are gang bangers and likely are packing guns if not other weapons. The foul language wafts from the ‘fans’ and now they worse than Giants fans, and far more dangerous. At least we have the Angels! Hopefully the disrespectful thugs that changed the Dodgers to the Doyers will stay away from there.

  14. Robert says:

    Too many racist trash here. But yet everyone depends on the illegals to do all the work you lazy racist don’t want to do. And by the way not all illegals are Hispanics. So what’s wrong with the doyer dog. Look who’s selling it a white guy. Hispanics are 75% of the attendance in the dodger games. Soon its gonna be 95%.

    1. randy says:

      Robert, for goodness sake, learn to write.

  15. krakowski says:

    i dont know why all this fuss about the “doyer dog”. im MAD AS HECK about that arugula salad! who are they trying to cater to? the racist angels fans (yeah i said it!). LOL. everyone chill out and have a doyer dog!

  16. aurorarose says:

    Why can’t things just remain the same! Nostalgia just doesn’t exist anymore! Anyway, the prices of the game are getting so high, we can’t even go there anymore!! What’s with that??

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