LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Authorities were searching Saturday for a cruise worker who disappeared on a Disney cruise ship heading to Mexico from Los Angeles.

Rebecca Corium, 24, was reported missing Tuesday when she did not show up for her shift on the Disney Wonder as it traveled from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta, ABC7 reported.

Corium was last seen early Tuesday. Her family said her roommate told them Corium had called a friend, but Disney representatives were not releasing information regarding the call.

“They say they know what the conversation was but they’re not telling us,” Corium’s aunt, Trish Davies, told ABC7.

“They say they’ve got to wait for the investigation.”

The ship, which is scheduled to return to the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro Sunday, is registered in the Bahamas, so authorities there are handling the investigation, according to ABC7.

Disney representatives told the woman’s family she was missing.

“We didn’t know if Rebecca had fallen overboard or what, just that the ship had been thoroughly searched,” Coriam’s mother, Ann Coriam, told ABC7.

“We’d asked whether the police were onboard and we were told `no’ at that stage.”

Authorities said all parties were cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

“It seems that the ship’s just gone on with its holiday,” Davies said.

“The crew have carried on working as normal like nothing’s happened.”

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  1. Moe says:

    Oh that’s so terrible for the family not to get any updates. Hopefully they will find her safe soon.

  2. will says:

    The RAT has a long History of not telling anyone anything..even the police…they think they are a power unto themselves

  3. meme says:

    Not telling anyone anything? Maybe they’re preparing for a lawsuit?

  4. mARK lIWANAG says:

    I hope they will find her soon so the Family can have a peace of mind Im praying for you and your Family who ever you are…

  5. rick says:

    come on people if she went missin on a ship at sea then clearly shes not out for a long walk something happen and someone very likely did something to her so if the ship released what they know it would hamper the investigation and let the bad person(s) know that the authoritys know what they did so till the cops or who ever is in charge deal with this they SHOULD NOT tell the family or anyone else a single word about what is going on

  6. Abel O says:

    What else can be expected from Disney. Everything Disney does is supposed to be happy time, nothing bad can happen. And if if does Cinderella just sweeps it under a rug.

  7. DZBO says:

    According to the news video “she never reported to work”… then we have the “phone call”… I have a gut feeling that she planed to “jump ship” and “disappear.” I think she is running away from something.

  8. People Person says:

    Horrible news.. any way the Lakers are on on fire..

  9. John Gomez says:

    There are to many disappearances from ships these past couple of years! – I strongly believe there are cover-ups by the crew some members – I remember a story of how the crew will dispose of trash by opening up a side door(?) of the ship & just toss whatever overboard
    What if the poor girl, who probably trusted her crew mates, was talked into going to a “Private party”, but wound up being forced into an all male gathering in a secluded area of the ship – Kidnapped, drugged, raped and threw her overboard like trash
    I won’t be to surprised if some of these crew members have a history with the police, either here or abroad – Did the Human Resource personnel do any research on the applicants – From my understanding, many workers are from another country & it could be difficult to get the history on some of these people
    Just to many passengers are missing & a lot of speculations are leading to that they were suicidal or drunk – I say the FBI should look into these cases & do a thorough investigation of all crew members
    PS – I hope some law enforcement agency reads my opinion

  10. Dianne Foster says:

    Those concerned that Disney’s corporate mission to make it appear that only happy things happen in its world, might recall the man killed when the Mark Twain or the Columbia left its dock pulling up a heavy piece of cleating which bashed the brains out of a man waiting there for the next ride. Before the police could arrive to investigate the event, employees cleaned the place, washing down the dock. While this seems common sense, imagine a homeowner going out and cleaning the street with a hose where an accident has occurred, before police can arrive. Wouldn’t that be considered interference with evidence of negligence or whatever? There could have been a way of keeping guests away – heaven knows they do that when there is a parade. So for this missing girl – it’s hard to know what the little fairies were up to in her room, etc. Plus, I would hope that sniffer dogs are being used to look for her body on the ship itself. If they are not being used, something is amiss. Also – how soon were American police notified? What about Coast Guard – I know that the part of Baja where they were wasn’t that far away – but definitely close to warring gangs, drug smuggling and human trafficking. I would want to know what procedures the Disney cruise people put into effect and how amateur they were.

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