LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police have detained two suspects in a downtown Los Angeles jewelry store robbery and shooting and are seeking a third.

Los Angeles police Sgt. Robert Hernandez says someone was shot during the Thursday evening robbery but he did not know if the victim was a jewelry store employee.

He says the third suspect also was injured and that officers trailed him to a nearby apartment building by following the trail of his blood.

Suraya Fadel reporting for KCAL9 believed the injured suspect was stabbed during a fight with a store employee.

Hernandez says the suspect is believed to be contained in the building.

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  1. sol says:

    does political correctness prohibit journalists from mentioning the ethnicity of wanted suspects for identity purposes.

  2. ILLEGALS says:

    Nowhere to hide. Once the k-9 arrives, it’s all over.

  3. Missing jewlery? says:

    Where’s Lindsey?

  4. Snoovie says:

    When they don’t say an ethnicity, its because the suspects are Black. How are citizens suppose to report suspect sightings if we don’t know what we are to be on the look out for????

    1. Robert says:

      They don’t because there’s too many racist people who don’t have a life. And just make stupid racist comments.

      1. qbert says:

        The wounded suspect was black though…..

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