LA MIRADA (CBS) —  A 90-year-old man died Thursday when he was struck by two cars while trying to cross a La Mirada street, the sheriff’s department reported.

The second vehicle fled the scene.

Jingyu Park was killed just before 6 a.m. at Valley View Avenue and Adoree Street, said sheriff’s Deputy J. Tibbetts of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau.

Park was crossing in an unmarked crosswalk when he was hit by a silver Honda Accord, Tibbetts said.

“The pedestrian was knocked to the ground in the…northbound lane,” Tibbetts said. “The Honda Accord was turning around to return to the intersection when a second vehicle, a blue Toyota Camry which was northbound … at 35 to 40 mph, failed to see the pedestrian laying in the roadway and struck the pedestrian a second time.”

Tibbetts said the pedestrian was dragged for about 250 feet and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the Camry continued northbound on Valley View Avenue and turned left onto westbound Imperial Highway. Investigators said the sedan may have moderate damage to the front bumper and grill area.

Authorities urged anyone with information regarding driver’s identity or whereabouts to contact the Norwalk sheriff’s station at (562) 863-8711.

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  1. Michael J. McDermott says:

    Once again, could this be the result of the California “jay-walking law” which, in my opinion, TEACHES people to walk in front of cars BELIEVING that cars are SUPPOSED to stop? Does anyone else aside from me see anything wrong with this law? If the pedestrian in this case was following the rules, the motorists were not, OR possibly the motorists simply could not see the victim due to poor visibility at that hour. Year after year I hear story after story about people, many times children, getting run down in the roadway in Los Angeles between these crosswalks or elsewhere due to what I perceive to be innocent people having been TAUGHT either in schools or perhaps by receiving a Jay-walking ticket, that it’s OK, and in fact LEGAL to walk out in front of moving traffic. Would it not make more sense if the opposite were the law, that is simply DON’T WALK IN TRAFFIC! It’s the public safety is at issue here not, “how many Jay-walking tickets a cop can issue in a month.” WHO created these pedestrian rules and regulations? Pedestrians do not belong in the roadway with cars, nor do bicycles. The point is, navigating a car is difficult enough without having to deal with pedestrians darting out in front of you at any moment at any speed. Sometimes it is literally impossible to stop, and yes, even in between these “CROSSWALKS” or PAINTED LINES in the street. I always wondered if they were using MAGIC PAINT!
    Again, would anybody like to get a petition going and change this ridiculous law or just re-think the way all this is handled? It’s really shameful.

    1. You're a Dork says:

      I’m sorry, i wasn’t listening- what?

      1. Michael J. McDermott says:

        So, you’re a brainwashed California gay that can’t read. Now, go outside take your little sunny walk, but be sure you remember and understand all those “very technical” California jay-walking rules and regs. Very very important you know. And, by the way…SUCK MY DORK!

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