CERES (AP) — Police in Central California have arrested a woman who was seen and heard on a YouTube video encouraging her young son to batter another boy.

After receiving an anonymous tip about the video, Ceres police arrested 33-year-old Jennifer Zuniga on Tuesday on suspicion of child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The video shows Zuniga yelling profanities and encouraging the boys, who appear to be teenagers, to wrestle on the ground and exchange punches. At least four other teens are also visible on the video watching the fight.

Several minutes into the fight, a man is heard on the video approaching the group and challenging Zuniga’s actions. Police say the bystander stopped the fight. No one was injured.

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Comments (8)
  1. A mother's love says:

    She was just trying to teach the kids how to defend themselves in jail.
    Better take notes yourself mom.

    1. Wally Wharton says:

      What kind of mother even HAS jail-bound kids??? Answer: A TOTAL PARASITE ON SOCIETY.

  2. EVE says:

    I just read the story on Jennifer Zuniga and I saw a picture in Google. What was her ethnicity? I don’t think he was African American or Asian decent.

  3. Gary says:

    Bet she is not from here ! Probably a cave !

  4. Borsia says:

    Her children should be taken away. She is the very definition of unfit mother.

  5. tripwire says:

    i notice the FARTS at CBS just had to post a portrait of black youth in this subject. YOU WAS RIGHT CHARLIE SHEEN, CBS SUCKS!

  6. GiGi says:

    You guys think about this: Back when I was growing up, what this mother did was the thing to do. It taught kids how to defend themselves and, more importantly, it was an era in which fisticuffs was the final showdown. If you won, you own and if you lost, you lost.

    There were no random weapons pulled out in the fights like kids do today when fighting. There were no shootings like the kids do today after losing a fight. There were no mass reportings of suicide by kids who couldn’t handle the pressures of childhood. The parents were there supervising the fights and the losers were taught to accept their defeat like a man/woman. After the fight, the participants either became friends or just stayed out of each other’s way.

    How many of you condemning this woman have seen the recent reports of all these kids who have committed suicide because of being bullied and felt that the kids should have just kicked their bully’s butt instead of taking their own lives? All of you, I’m sure. Suicide as a response shows how incapable kids are in rationalizing and they need parents who will instruct them to call the bullies out, one at a time, and fight every single one. Back in the day when what this mother did was common, that’s exactly what would have happened.

    Did this behavior CREATE bullies? No, not in my experience. The bullies were the ones who went unsupervised. My brother was bullied by two brothers twice his size. When my father found out about it, he took my brother to their house and made them come outside. He told the main one to fight my brother and told the other one that if he jumped in, my father would kick his butt himself. They fought and the bullying stopped. They became friends and remain friends to this day, thirty years later. My mother did the same thing when any of her girls had problems with bullies/gangs of girls who would not fight individually.

    It worked and did not have the sometimes deadly results that altercations between kids result in today. The only thing I think the mother did wrong was to say anything during the fight. She should have talked to her kid beforehand and then save other comments to be private afterward. the only thing parents said back in the day was to sometimes say when the fight was over and to tell both kids that the issue was OVER from that point. And everyone complied.

    I will close by saying that many of you are hypocrites. You probably comment here and then go to some war story and applaud the actions of American soldiers, as you should. This mother doing what she did is just like Bush, Obama or whomever signing off on Americans to go fight wars against bullies. Many times, that’s just the way to handle things.

  7. ILLEGALS says:

    Judging from that picture, the kid grab his mom’s left BooBie with his right hand.

    Got his hand caught in the cookie Jar.

    Got Milk?

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