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— Jenn McBride, CBSLA.com

HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — PETA’s latest stunt is making a sudsy mess and captivating drivers in Hollywood. Our cameras were rolling when a distracted motorist caught a glimpse of PETA’s naked beauties and plowed into the car in front of him.

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The girls are baring it all and showering in public to promote a Vegan lifestyle.

PETA says by giving up just one pound of meat, Americans can save up 2,463 gallons of water – or six months of shower water.

However, we spoke with Jeremy Russell of the American Meat Association over the phone and he says there’s more to it.

“Sometimes when people do these sorts of carbon-footprint analyses, the obvious answer is the opposite of what they thought it was,” he said. “Water use is actually quite expensive for meat companies. There is a constant pressure, an economic pressure on them, to become more and more efficient in how they use water.”

For those who are interested, however, spokesperson Lindsay Rajt says that it has never been easier to go vegan.

» PHOTOS: PETA Stages Nude Demonstration In Hollywood

Comments (382)
  1. Nomi says:

    better check home girls immigration status

    1. The Man says:

      Let’s see… Animals create CO2 (a Greenhouse Gas)… Plants convert CO2 to O2 (reducing greenhouse gas by converting to life sustaining Oxygen)… Vegans eat plants and save animals… stay with me here… Wouldn’t the logic follow that Vegans are prime contributers to Global Warming? Prevent Global Warming! Eat meat!

      1. Ted says:

        Actually, let’s eat the vegans. Solves both problems.

      2. meith says:

        Excellent logic! 5 stars out of 5 for your comment…

      3. Lauren says:

        Actually, by eating meat and contributing to the need to keep livestock supplied for human consumption, meat-eaters are the ones who are “contributors to Global Warming.”
        If everyone was a vegan, there would be no demand for meat and no livestock would be bred in the first place.

      4. Connor says:

        I agree, Maybe someone driving by eating a Mcdonald’s quarter pounder was thinking “Okay so because I ate this, I wont shower for two months, then I can eat another one. That’s the same thing right?”

    2. celio says:

      why are you talking about imigration status^^ seu bosta

  2. Jack says:

    PETA: People for the Eating of Tasty Animals

    1. vpcaveman says:

      MMMM mmmmmm good….I agree!

    2. anne says:

      or, as we say here in Norfolk (their HQ city):

      People Embarrassing the Tidewater Area

      1. Eric M. says:

        Ok, how about I give up shower for 6 months? Guess what? They will still complain.

    3. Greg says:

      If God didn’t want us to eat animals he wouldn’t have made them taste so good!

      1. Nightswolf says:

        Extremely good point!! mmmmm good!

      2. Common_Man says:

        On a more serious note; Nature would not have given us the teeth that we have or eyes on the front of our heads if we were not intended to hunt and eat meat. Also, many anthropologists believe that our frontal lobe developed when our ancestors added meat to their diet. It’s the protein!

      3. john west says:

        If God didn’t want us to eat animals he wouldn’t have made them out of meat.

      4. DontCare says:

        nor invented barbecue sauce…..

    4. DD says:

      If people stop eating meat, who is going to pick up the dead possums?

    5. TJ says:

      Everyone should eat meat but sparingly, no one is meant to eat a pound of meat in one sitting, but 3-4 oz at dinner or lunch is just fine. Its all in the portioning, Veganism is a sin against GOD!!! But most Vegans don’t believe in God they believe we came from monkeys which by the way eat meat! Go figure!!!

      1. Playrighter says:

        Kindly provide one fact showing that veganism is a sin against God. Or that most vegans don’t believe in God. (Or explain the Golden Rule). Veganism is a choice, as is telling the truth. Are you bearing false witness against vegans? Would that, perhaps be a violation of one of the Ten Commandments? Or are you perhaps talking about a different God?

      2. Mindyourownbusiness says:

        Who in the hell are you to tell us what and how much to eat. You hypocrites preach tolerance but only your tolerance, not those opposed. Shut up, do your own thing and leave the rest of us alone.

      3. uncle_grumpy says:

        I think I had ancestors who hung by their necks, but never by their tails…

      4. Paul Revere says:

        Suicide is a choice too, and if vegans were so concerned about the planet that they feel they have to nag the rest of us into living contrary to our biological design, then they should not be in the least bit opposed to making that choice and doing the most possible for the planet.

        I make plenty of choices everyday. I dont go around causing spectacles and telling everyone else they should do the same.

        You only eat bean curds, whoopee for you. I decided to brush my teeth today with the left hand instead of the right. Who cares. Go away. No one cares.

      5. BubbaT says:


    6. astralweeks says:

      Vegetarian: an old word for the village idiot who can’t hunt or fish.

  3. jack says:

    Ever notice how they wear leather shoes?

    1. Jeff says:

      Most vegans I know do not wear leather shoes. You suggest they all do. You are an idiot talking out of your a$$.

      1. Aleric says:

        Exceopt that he is correct, a lot of the Hollywood elites who support PETA do just that, walk around with leather shoes and purses.

        Jeff you are a Tool, stop being used by organizations like this. I will never stop eating meat or wearing leather and if you try and stop me I will exercise my constitutional right to defend myself.

      2. Steve says:

        Jeff, you wouldn,t be having these violent outbursts if you ate meat.
        Now throw a nice thick steak on the barbie and calm down.

        As a side note every vegetarian I have ever known looks like they are dying of malnutrition. And wear leather shoes.

      3. Duh! says:

        Damn Steve, you are making me hungry and I just had lunch.

      4. A.A. Cunningham says:

        A lucid mind is a terrible thing to waste, Jeffy. More than likely, you lack an adequate amount of protein in your diet.

    2. playrighter says:

      Typical ignorant comment from a meathead.

      1. Ron says:

        Logic hurts doesn’t it?

      2. Trad says:

        Which one, the vegan meathead or the logical meathead?

      3. steve says:

        Again I must say malnutrition is probably the cause of your angry outbursts.
        A nice porterhouse steak medium rare will fix you right up. Rub some garlic butter on top just before serving.

      4. Paul Revere says:

        Well Trad to clear up any confusion, we already know that vegans advocate giving up one pound of meat. SO if anyone is a meathead, it isnt going to be the vegan, they swore that pound off long ago so they could waste water on city sidewalks in order to pretend like they are actually contributing to society.

    3. Johnny Rotten says:

      The shoes look like leather, but all the materials are of non-animal origin.

      Please excuse his ignorance, as he probably has never talked to a vegan.

      1. Skeeter says:

        No one in their right mind WANTS to talk to a vegan, unless its to tell them to get their flip flop, checked shirt wearing unshaven smelly selves out of the middle of whatever street they are stupidly standing in, waving a ridiculous sign instead of getting a job. Do-gooders cause more problems than they solve, always.

      2. MaD dOG says:

        He probably can’t even find the Planet Vega on a star chart!

      3. Emerald says:

        Vegan can talk? Bad enough that it smells like fish and looks like a half-open ‘calzone’. But I love it anyway.

      4. Chad says:

        even if they are not leather, aren’t they perpetuating a style driven demand for animal skin by declaring that it is fashionable? how are people supposed to know its fake?

      5. Hojo says:

        More animals die as a result of veganism than from a normal diet. The sheer amount of room needed to grow the vegtables a vegan devours kills tons of animals by destroying their homes and habitats. Cows are able to live off of natural grasslands that can support the cattle and the homes of animals naturally occuring there. If you want to be vegan that is your choice but don’t pretend you are doing it to save animals or that you are better than normal people.

      6. steve says:

        Sorry Johnny.
        The “non leather material” is ground up low grade leather mixed in cement and formed with a heat press.
        When I,m not broiling steaks I,m a leather tanner.
        Just give it up an munch down a burger. You know you want it!!

      7. Sanfords Son says:

        Global warming is caused by vegans who insist on wearing shoes, belts, and purses made from synthetic materials that are made from OIL!

      8. john west says:

        Why talk to a vegan? All they talk about is vaganism and they speak veganese.

    4. veganman says:

      Not all of us. Leather free since ’93.

      1. Richard Bolles says:

        Can anyone tell me where all the plant foods necessary for a healthy diet all grow togehter in an indiginous area? NO! If man were to be vegans or vegies then it would exist. It doesn’t and never did.
        So Veganism is as much a fraud as Global Warming. It has to be made up and imported. It is phony and contrived. It is a Lie! But go for it suckers – if the earth ever does change to where life starts to die out then, being the plants will die first, then at least, the meat eaters (me) will have a few months of Peta Free peace before we go.

        He who laughs last laughs best.

        PETA – Usfull Idiots for Communism. Unadulterated Stupidity.

      2. Meateater says:

        I went totally carnivorous (all meat….Nearly Zero Carb) about 5 years ago…..best decision I’ve made in my life, regarding my health….and my Dr. has stated that my transformation has been “utterly remarkable”. I’m here to say, ditch the veggies and just eat meat…..all kinds of meat!!!

      3. Trad says:

        Except that petroleum products were used in the clothing you wear and the raising of your food as well as the transporting your food and wares. This petroleum was from animals as well as plant life. You can’t get away from good ole animals. We have a brain. unlike Vegans.

      4. Curious says:

        Why are you leather free?

      5. Holugu says:

        No, not yet. not until I skin yuo.

    5. Jill says:

      they aren’t leather. 🙂 vegan shoes are easy to find and look like leather. i am wearing some right now.

      1. Jill says:

        Also, most of us are ethical vegan. We don’t like the cruelty that goes into a product. I’m not vegan because I don’t like the way meat tastes or the way fashion looks…I’m vegan because abusing animals for any reason when we have the technology to not do so is egregious.

      2. Burt says:

        ProBaby some petrochemical products.

      3. steve says:

        Sorry Jill.
        Your shoes are ground up leather mixed with a resin and formed in a heat press.
        I was in the business before I retired.

      4. Andrew P. says:

        why would you purchase something that “looks like” leather? Short answer: You aren’t doing it for the environment, or the animals, you are buying faux leather because you are CHEAP.

      5. Nyarlathotep says:

        Aren’t Vegans who wear fake leather products still guilty of promoting leather as a fashion? It’s a tacit admission that leather is cool. Wouldn’t Vegans who were truly serious about their dogma just wear clothing that was visibly plant-based?

      6. Dreamtime says:

        I appreciate your thoughts about ethical treatment to animals. However, PETA is as unethical an organization as you can get with a long history of cruelty to humans. Not to mention most are clearly insain in their approach to this subject. I love animals and I love meat, I eat more veggies than meat though for good health. I would like to know where we draw the line here, and these girls obviously have no concern for the sulfides that they are washing down the city sewer systems with their public bubble bath, and that water is reclaimed. It is all so stupid. BTW: Where were all you vegans when the senate passed S510 food saftey bill that prevents private citizens from having gardens, farmer’s markets, or storing heirloom seeds? I think we should have a choice and the first one is safe food of all types to be made available. The FDA is not doing their jobs and are lackey’s to MONSANTO the GMO food king!

    6. lisa says:

      no but i notice how they promote burger king because they can have a clear concience about horking down a veggie burger surrounded by such “carnage” when it suits their purpose

    7. Brad says:

      Hey, I was going to say that! LOL I bet a vegan taste like chicken. 🙂 To follow vegan logic they should all be voluntarily sterilized, right? Any vegan with children in a hypocrite.

    8. Tarmangani says:

      And their whips are usually made of leather as well.

  4. CK says:

    California … sheesh.

    1. Trynfindit says:

      Ahh, California – the land of fruit and nuts.

      1. MDWhite says:

        Ahh, Massachusetts – the land of Kennedy’s and dimwits.

      2. MDWhite says:

        Sorry. Forgot to mention…PETA is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia. You were saying…?

      3. Erik says:

        …and FLAKES!

      4. bob says:

        Don’t forget the Flakes!

      5. Andrew P. says:

        also the land of medical marijuana and (hold for b0ng t0ke….)

        what was I saying?

  5. bob says:

    if I stopped eating veggies, how much water would that save?

    1. Johnny Rotten says:

      None, because on a per calorie basis animals require more water.

      1. CommonSense says:

        Cool. Let’s kill all of the animals and that should save a TON of water!!!

      2. Duh! says:

        But on a per item (one plant or one animal) basis, plants use more water than animals.

    2. heatherfeather says:

      Save? The amount of water on earth is always constant. Where do you think water goes? Outer space?

      And why do these PETA attention whores always do naked stunts? No one is going to stop eating meat, but it might make horny boys pull theirs…EEP!

      I’m keeping my clothes on, and eating a ribeye!

  6. Mike says:

    If I stopped bathing in the streets for hours at a time, how much water would that save?

  7. Julie Eileen says:

    Isn’t this the same group that slaughters up to 95% of the companion animals unfortunate enough to make their way to PETA’s ‘shelters’? What a ridiculous organization.

    1. Lawrence says:

      That’s the PETA I have come to know. http://www.petakillsanimals.com

      1. Tim says:

        PETA = People for the Extermination of Strayed Animals.

    2. steve says:

      Yes but they did it for the right reasons. That ever those are?

  8. steve says:

    As a farmer, I can’t even begin to tell you how much water is used to thoroughly wash those green, leafies that the PETA crowd wants everyone to eat.

    Grow yourself a pound of spinach and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    1. Johnny Rotten says:

      Now grow yourself enough spinach to feed to animals to create a pound of meat, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

      1. pat says:

        Good Idea, I think I will go eat a pound of meat. With plenty of spinach on the side.

      2. Moonbat Masher says:

        Mind your own f***king business, If i want a steak I’ll have one and I won’t worry about what some fruit booter has to say about it.

      3. Ignoramous says:

        They don’t feed spinach to farm animals, that would be too expensive. Inedible plants are often fed to animals (such as alfalfa), though the beef industry does use some grain to increase body mass. The domestication and breeding of livestock was one of the first steps towards civilization. It would be very hard to feed a 100% vegetarian society; one early frost would result in mass starvation. There is no self-sufficiency in vegetarianism.

      4. carnivore says:

        You’re all making me hungry. I think it’s time for a steak.

      5. Eat Me 2 says:

        I thought PETA was about the ethical treatment of animals? Not banning animals for food. If the farmer raised and killed the cow humanely would PETA then be satisfied? I do not think so because they really want to control how everyone behaves and thinks.
        Animals eat animals inhumanely want to stop predators too? Geez.
        This is not about water, meat, or vegans, this is PETA trying to rouse more money for their terrorist projects and stunts.

  9. Slappy says:

    Wow, left wingers trying to get people to stop eating animals by endorsing the objectification of the female form. Way to go, girls! You’re helping advance women everywhere!
    Naw, I don’t really care, but it’s funny when the left devours its own.

    1. m.g. says:

      I love your observation!

    2. Victor says:

      Tip of the hat to you sir.

      Quite observant. And funny. And true. And I don’t care either. And yes it is.

    3. lisa says:

      Yeah and then the one girl promoting burger king and it’s veggie burger, so it’s o.k. for them to support an establishment that 95% of its menu is what they are dancing around and protesting all day. I think their brains need more protien!!!

  10. Dave says:

    People of P.E.T.A. don’t have to eat meat but don’t tell me what to eat

    1. DudB says:

      Very true. Don’t dictate to me what I eat, anymore than me telling them wht to eat. Dave, I truly agree with you comment. Thanks

  11. Slappy says:

    While you’re at it, why not offer a hummer to every guy who’ll promise to swear off meat? Put your money where your mouth… um, no, how about put your mouth where my meat…

  12. JAlan says:

    Vegan Diet is unhealthy. You do not get the correct fats and proteins to keep Your gall bladder and liver healthy. Humans, like all Apes, were made to consume a variety of food types, including MEAT!
    These Libs have way too much time on Their hands.

    1. Playrighter says:

      You might use some of your time to do some research. Vegetarians get plenty of protein. (Compare how many vegetarians have died of protein deficiency against the number of meat eaters dying of heart attack, stroke, etc).

      Check the smartest people in history for a long list of vegetarians. Check the library for books on how giving up meat and dairy reverse diabetes and heart disease. See how adding the protein in milk produces cancer, and taking it away eliminates it.

      Compare obesity rates of vegetarians vs meat eaters. Check out the diets of the world’s top endurance athletes.

      Or quite simply: check the facts and try dealing with reality.

      1. Johnny Rotten says:


      2. PRnemisis says:

        Playrighter, let’s look at perccentages. Also, lets look at meat eaters vs. say sugar eaters. I know many Atkins people who are healthy and less likely to obese that the half dozen vegans I know who are either overweight or malnurished. Stop the vegan lies.

      3. Meat Tastes Great! says:

        Yeah Bogus Studies to fit your agenda. Gee I bet you believe in gobal warming also.

      4. Playrighter says:

        Sorry. The only thing “bogus” is your myopia. Try looking at the studies, and then provide a factual rebuttal. Explain why doctors continue to urge more fruits and veggies — and don’t prescribe more meat. The only “agenda” I have is in providing useful information. And I’m not on the Global Warming bandwagon, either, so your “bogus” assumptions are zero for two. If you have facts to refute my posts, please provide them. There are a lot of people hoping to see such information.

      5. Playrighterf says:

        To “Meat Tastes Great” (reply below)

        The studies are not bogus; your reasoning seems to be. If you have some factual documentation that disputes these studies, please provide it. Then please report the last time doctors urged people to eat less fruits and veggies, and more meat. Then check the autopsies, and compare the deaths from meat eating against the deaths from vegetable consumption (both other than tainted).

        PS: I’m not on the global warming bandwagon. So your assumptions are 0 for 2. The only “agenda” I have is the exchange of useful facts.

      6. Burt says:

        I hope all you meat eaters out there get your sprouts caught between your teeth

      7. Trad says:

        You may sound like your an intellectual but how about knowing what your talking about. It is about getting all the essential amino acids in enough porportions and a few fats. Lettuce doesn’t have it all and so many vegans eveggtarians don’t know nutrition. Meat eater don’t either but oooh guess what they don’t have to. they get them all for meat.. +1

      8. steve says:

        Studies usually produce the results the “researchers” predecided they will produce.
        When the U.N. did an 18 year study on the effects of second hand smoke on health it turned up a statistical ‘0’. The U.N. then just surpressed the study and continue to say it is dangerous although their own study disproved it.

      9. ME EATS MY GREENS says:

        Playrighter, you missed a really good point…Apes do not eat meat Ha!! You should read more throughly.
        Vegan diets, and a well balanced carnivorous diet are both fine if consumed appropriately to the bodies disposition and metabolism.
        That IS reality.
        BTW: heart attacks, strokes, etc… are suffered by vegans too and others for all kinds of reasons diet being a major contributor.
        PETA and You should get off of your pious high horse and educate people so they will make better food choices instead of pushing your own agenda for your own selfish reasons.
        Not everyone wants to live on veggies alone.
        BTW: I AM a vegetarian

      10. You SuCk playright & Johnny 2 says:

        I see more fat vegans than I would care too, maybe all of those beans and rice? Many more athletes eat meat, than veggies alone. Although there is a body builder I know of who eats only veggies.
        But really I wanted to comment because your attitude really bites a rotten egg.

      11. Brother Maynard says:

        Or even more simply… stfu and let people decide what they want to put into their bodies for nutrition as opposed to using meaningless unverifiable stats to justify your need to control everything and everyone around you.

    2. Veganman says:

      It’s all in what you put into your eating. Vegan can be healthy, but not without some knowledge. Most people are too lazy or stupid to eat healthy….period, hence our bigger than ever obesity rate. Regardless of how or what you eat, be smart about it.

      1. Sez_1 says:

        A Vegan diet may support life, but it supports growth but poorly. Children in Vegan families tend to be undernurished, underweight, and far behind the normal growth rate for children with a truely balanced diet.

        As a health care professional for 30 years, I have lost count of the number of children I have personally seen damaged by inappropriate diet, Vegan being one of the worst offenders. Indeed, the only children (3) that have died from restrictive diets have been from Vegan families. Dedication to this unnatural activity must warp the mind, why else would someone kill their child by feeding their newborn nothing but veggies, water and juice?

  13. midwestnorwegian says:

    Where’s a senile car driver running up over the curb, and down the sidewalk when you need one?

  14. Slappy says:

    HA, JAlan, you’re onto something there. I’ve personally known a veggie who had her gall bladder cut out. Her hair is limp, she’s always sick, and she’s forgetful. I figure it’s because she has an inadequate diet, since I knew her before she went on the diet.

    1. Johnny Rotten says:

      I’m personally know a vegan who has been in perfect health for over two decades as a vegan, whose hair is thick and full, who never gets sick (even when those around him are all sick), and who is so unforgetful that he speaks a half a dozen languages.

      That’s not to say you can eff up a vegan diet, but drawing any conclusions from one case (in either direction) is foolish.

      1. Veganman says:

        Well said Johnny.

      2. steve says:

        Healthy vegetarian diets are possible but complicated according to a nutritionist friend of mine. It is much easier and safer to eat meat. I eat almost nothing but meat and have for most of my life. I am in perfect health.
        Oh one other thing: I am not Polish but even if I was you should not be using the racial slur “meathead” in your post. It really adds nothing to the discussion.

  15. JustAGuy says:

    That driver’s insurance company should sue PETA.

  16. SaneOne says:

    It’s quite simple really. Stop covering these idiots and these types of stunts will stop.

  17. J Galt says:

    If we are not supposed to eat animals, then why are they made of meat?

    1. Johnny Rotten says:

      If we are not supposed to eat babies, then why are they made of meat?

      1. Johnny is rotten says:

        You are going to compare a human baby with a animal…Really
        Why is it so hard to mind your own business who care who eats meat and who is a vegetarian or who is vegan. Do vegans hate people who eat dairy but no meat?

      2. Steve says:

        Try to keep this in your mind now Johnny. Remember! (You absolutely should not eat babies.)
        Again! (You can eat a chicken but not a baby! Chickens yes. Babys no!)

        Boy I hope Johnny understood.

      3. Recovered Vegan says:

        Wait… we’re not supposed to eat babies ?

  18. Lolz says:

    I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants.

    1. steve says:

      Thank God for Lolz!
      Finally a vegetarian that realizes how amusing this conversation actually is!

  19. Bubba Zanetti says:

    If carrots could scream, would you eat them too?

    1. Tom W. says:

      No, but I will stab Brussel Sprouts. I hate the way they look at you.

  20. Carny Vor says:

    Let’s all join together and sing “The Circle of Life” from Lion King.

  21. m.g. says:

    PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals! WHOO HOOO!!

  22. Scott Morris says:

    Hmmm, those girls look more Los than Vegan. Nothing like an attractive nuisance to stop traffic in LA.

  23. Frank Perkowski says:

    Once again this shows how absolutely immature and childish women have become. And they don’t want to be looked at as sex objects. Right.

    1. Tom W. says:

      Naked women showering in public-hmmmmmmmmmm. Let’s not be too quick to condemn this.

      1. Alan P says:

        So if we eat hamburgers in front of pretty vegan chicks, this will incentivize them to do various nude things in public? Hmm…

      2. Common_Man says:

        Alan, I work down the street from where this stunt was performed. If the camera that took the above photo panned about 45 degrees you would see a very busy Jack in the Box.

  24. midwestfarmer says:

    If God didn’t want us to eat meat, he wouldn’t have made it taste so good!

    1. Playrighter says:

      I assume you eat your meat raw, as nature intended? Or do you need to cook and season it? So much for your argument.

      1. Tom W. says:

        Nature provided us with fire, barbeque sauce and the Food Channel. So much for your half witted comment.

      2. raw baby says:

        I love it raw…give me some salt and some extra lean ground beef or a good roast and I am ready to go! Outback is the only place that will serve “still mooing” steak….YUM YUM…and don’t even say “ohh, you will get tape worm”…have been doing it for 20+ years…never had tape worm.
        There is also a theory that the appendix was once used by the body to digest raw meat.

      3. Trad says:

        That really makes you an idiot with that logic, I thought you were trying to be intelligent! Add grease to your lettuce to make some tatse.

  25. doc says:

    I though I learned in elementry school about a water cycle? So if the plants are located where water abounds, water used to rinse and clean goes into streams evaporates and retuns as fresh rain does it not?

    1. Burt says:

      Not quite, doc. Some of that water sinks all the way to our ground water along with all the poisons in it, and other water runs into other streams and ponds contaminated with metal plating waste, mercury and all sorts of fun stuff, none of which makes that great-tasting meat any more flavorful!

  26. OrangeCountyTransplant says:

    So the message here is – Stop eating meat or we’ll send sexy young women to shower naked in public to make you stop…oh yeah, that’s gonna be really effective…in making me eat more meat! Brisket dinner tonight!

    1. Dennis says:

      You can send them to atlanta.

      1. glm says:

        Yes please do! We eat a ton of meat, and need to be taught a lesson…

    2. Tom W. says:

      Pretty Entertaining T and A

  27. Jaye says:

    I’m vegetarian AND politically conservative. Think it’s an oxymoron? Not quite. What does this mean? It means I DON’T EAT MEAT. But if you’re vegetarian and liberal, what does it mean? It means noone should be allowed to eat meat. Any questions?

    1. Hal McCombs says:

      I’m good with that. Come on over and I’ll grill you an eggplant (and I won’t let it touch my steak).

    2. Johnny Rotten says:

      If you apply that to your conservative values as well, I’m good with that.

      “I don’t marry members of the same sex. It doesn’t mean that you can’t marry members of the same sex.”

      “I don’t get abortions. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get one.”


      1. Jaye says:

        Fair enough. Though I call myself conservative, I think I’m more libertarian end of the day. But will never vote Democrat again after the last 2 years.

    3. Veganman says:

      I agree with you. I would no sooner tell someone that they MUST go Vegan, than I would tell them they MUST buy a Smart car. It’s a personal choice what you put into your body. No one should make that for you. The information is already out there. Do your research and decide for yourself. P.S. I’m as liberal as they get and still see this stunt as a waste of resources by a misdirected organization.

      1. Common_Man says:

        How much water did those PETA models waste in that make-shift bathtub?

  28. Hal McCombs says:

    “2,463 gallons of water”

    This number is insane. Who’da thunk it from PETA? Does it really take a swimming pool full of water to raise a chicken?

    1. Crazy_Redneck says:

      No. It does not. I did the math and when I raise Cornish x Rock broilers (commercial meat chicken) I can raise 15 broilers on 3.5 gallons of water per day (and this is in the last stages of growth). You process them between 6 to 7 weeks old (there genetics are such that they grow very fast), so it takes at most between 10 and 13 gallons of water to raise each chicken.

      1. Johnny Rotten says:

        Your forgetting the water used to make the feed that they eat, and probably other incidentals. Also, if you’re raising them in grass, that’s a big difference from factory farming techniques, which will need water to clean cages, etc.

        Even if PETA’s throwing in every possible bit of water into that count (and the actual number’s less), their point is still valid.

      2. Crazy_Redneck says:


        That would mean that a 4.5 lb broiler carcass (weight after processing) would have used over 10,000 gallons of water. Even if you factor in the amount of water used in feed production, the amount of water to rinse and chill the animal, the amount of water in the radiator of the truck that delivers the animal, it would be nowhere near the ballpark of 10,000 gallons.

        By the way, since we’re on the subject, how much water did your mother use raising you to maturity? Lefties must REALLY hate themselves…

  29. Bob says:

    I was just talking to the lady who runs my local health food store. She had been a Vegan for about 10 years. She told me she gave up the Vegan lifestyle because it was damaging her health. After eating meat again she says she feels much better.

    The idea that you will be more heathy if you eat no meat is BS.

    1. Johnny Rotten says:

      I was just talking to an ex-Olympian who won a bunch of gold medals. She was a vegan when she won her medals. She told me that she adopted the vegan lifestyle because it would cause her to win all those gold medals. After eating vegan, she said she ran much better.

      The idea that you will be more healthy if you eat meat is BS.

      Or maybe this argument is unrepresentative of anything as your argument.

      (The ex-Olympian in question is Carl Lewis.)

      1. Crazy_Redneck says:

        Carl Lewis is really a woman?

      2. Common_Man says:

        I smelled b-s in your first sentence, Johnny. Your inability keep the gender straight in one post shows you to be a dishonest debator.

        I was talking to Abraham Lincoln and it told me that eating Wendy’s chili every day was what made it possible for her to be the first monkey in space.

      3. Brother Maynard says:

        You are on speaking terms with Carl Lewis ?

        Anyway… I assume pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine are all on the approved vegan menu. And of course that very little water is used producing those natural,animal friendly nutrients.

  30. Regulas says:

    Fools, Hitler was a Vegan too.
    Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

    2Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

    3Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

    4For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving

    1. Playrighter says:

      Sorry, “Fools” make comments based on completely false premises. HItler was not only not vegan, he was not even vegetarian, as meat dishes were among his favorites. There’s an entire book about it, if you care to look for the facts.

      1. Common_Man says:

        There’s an entire book about what Hitler ate? Sounds fascinating!

      2. steve says:

        Studied the Nazis while I was in college. Hitler was a vegetarian. He stopped eating meat after his mom died.
        Try reading history yourself.
        It was why his breath stunk.

  31. Zeke says:

    Maybe they think they’re so much better than OTHER animals that they can show mercy to them by not gobbling them up. Some twisted, misplaced sense of morality. Like the animal is really gonna be moved by your compassion. Morons.

  32. clee says:

    There is a place for all animals. Right next to the potatoes and gravy.

  33. TiredofIt says:

    PETA – for saving animals
    PETA – for degrading women by thinking female nudity is the only way to get noticed !!!

    PETA is pathetic! They’d do a LOT better with a family friendly and cuddly animal prop approach. What dopes!

  34. Dave says:

    Loons shower on streets of Hollyweird – whoppee…………

  35. Pags0668 says:

    At least no Animals were hurt by this stunt only humans!!!!!!

  36. Dennis says:

    If a Vegan eats vegies what does a vagetarian eat?

    1. Crazy_Redneck says:

      Actually, I was thinking the same thing. Vagetarians, like vegetarians, don’t partake in meat and generally resort to an artificual, rubbery, meat-like substance. From what I understand, without that meat-like substance, it’s hard to figure out where each course of the meal fits. Vegetables with a side of vegetables don’t quite fit together.

      1. Johnny Rotten says:

        +1 for Dennis’s off-color joke, -1 for Crazy_Redneck failing to get it

    2. Crazy_Redneck says:

      Oh, I got it Johnny. -20 for your not getting mine. Yet, futher proof that lefties are pseudo-intellectuals…

  37. Hal McCombs says:

    Does anyone know how I could hire these women for a party?

    1. Scott Meateatter says:

      Also, I think Craigslist has a produce section.

  38. rstan says:

    Meat is murder… tasty, tasty murder.

  39. PeopleEatingTastyAnimals says:

    That PETA Lezbos don’t eat meat is hardly news.

  40. blahblahblah says:

    if hollywood really wants to save water, it should ban the ridiculous wasting of thousands of gallons of water used to spray down streets for nearly every scene of every tv and film production done today. it is unnecessary and wasteful, especially in light of the fact that southern california in often in drought.

    Go Meat!

  41. JohnFLob says:

    The actions and statements of P.E.T.A. and its supporters demonstrate the debilitating effects of a vegan diet. Mother nature also offers strong counter arguments to a herbivorous(vegan) diet. Have you noticed that prey animals are predominately herbivorous? Have you noticed that the animals that are carnivorous or omnivores are higher on the evolutionary ladder?

    Does a vegan diet clog your synaptic gaps with too much fiber?

    1. Playrighter says:

      Have you noticed that the carnivores go for the nutrient rich portion of their prey, and are vegetarians with a middle man? Have you noticed that some of the strongest and longest living animals are vegetarians? Have you noticed how the vegetarians outrun the carnivores a majority of the time? Have you noticed that your argument is rotting, like meat that’s been around for a while?

      1. Holugu says:

        Playrighter, I offer you a test with my cheetah. If you outrun her, you’ll live.

  42. sailordude says:

    those peta chicks are all whack jobs. i used to date one, she had major issues.

  43. WOOF-WOOF says:

    somebody give these BIMBOS a FUR COAT!

  44. 4OLAMP says:

    Have these idiots smile then ask them to explain why they have a mouthful of carnivore’s teeth, designed to eat both meat and vegetables. Next offer them a pair of pliers so they can yank out their offending meat teeth!

    1. veganman says:

      If your mouth has true canines, like a dog or cat, evolution has left you in a gap. Human teeth are extremely flat when compared to a true carnivore’s ( an animal that does not require vitamin C supplementation through diet). Flat teeth = grinding plants and grains. Pointy teeth= tearing raw flesh, not cooked. Before you make another uninformed statement, look in the mirror, then look at a dog’s mouth. See the difference? ( I hope) If you were to attempt to tear into living flesh, (think a lion taking down a zebra) you’d have quite the difficult time breaking through the skin. Our teeth aren’t made for that.

      1. Common_Man says:

        We use tools. Don’t need to chew through the hide (not “skin”). But our teeth ARE designed to chew meat among other things. Have you ever eaten meat? How were you able to do that with teeth that were not made to chew meat?

      2. Brother Maynard says:

        Humans are OMNIvores meaning our bodies are adapted to take advantage of both animal protein & plant. If this was not true we could not digest and extract nutrients from meat. Ancient cave drawings depict humans hunting large dangerous animals. Do you think they did that for fun ? Today the overwhelming majority of the human population eat both meat and plant, at least when they can afford the extra expense of animal protein. Why do you think that is ?

    2. veganman says:

      When’s the last time you looked in your mouth? Unless you have pointy dog or cat teeth, you do not have “carnivore” teeth. If you do not need vitamin C supplementation through diet, then you are a true carnivore. Human teeth have evolved flat surfaces for the grinding of plant matter and grains, plus we get scurvy. If we were true carnivores, we’d have fangs capable of digging into raw, living flesh, like a lion taking down a zebra. Not flat teeth that are just sharp enough for cooked meat.
      So, before you make another uninformed statement, look in the mirror.

      1. Common_Man says:

        We are NOT carnivores. We are omnivores. We eat meat with a side of oranges. Oranges have lots of vitamin C.

      2. steve says:

        Dear veganman,
        I have a question for you.
        Of all the predators on this planet which is by far the most capable of killing and eating any other animal? And does kill and eat every other animal.
        No need to answer.

  45. Milo says:

    And check out the black guy trying to get a peep at the girls!

    1. Dennis says:

      Milo: they have to have something to do. They don’t work

  46. Henry Thoreau says:

    PETA can go fk itself.

  47. Spinolio says:

    Eat Meat! If you eat vegetables you will hurt our carbon footprint. Vegetables absorb CO2.

  48. Ernie says:

    I thought PETA stood for People Eating Tasty Animals. Am I wrong?

  49. nick says:

    I’m going to eat a cheeseburger. or two.

  50. Jodyfrom NYC says:

    I would never stop eating meat. It is one of life’s great pleasures! Anyone who believes in this PETA madness is disturbed…..

  51. Dennis says:

    If they asked me to climb into the tub with them I would stop eating meat for a day or two.

  52. Nate says:

    The truth is meat consumption is more energy intensive that, say, corn consumption because we feed the corn to the animals. Cows are nowhere near 100% efficient in turning corn calories into meat calories. Flaming by either side doesn’t really solve problems. Vegetarians and us meat eaters have the right to have “political conversation” regarding our views. It makes America great, instead of one person (MIddle East?) control the majority. Instead of flaming others, maybe just defend your position by saying that you like meat and aren’t willing to give it up: trying to make political discussion seem radical only makes you look fringe yourself :/

  53. Edgar Friendly says:

    Perhaps when they rip out their canine teeth and only keep their molars I will believe that they believe what they spew.

  54. RTC says:

    I’m a member of PETA … People Eating Tasty Animals!

  55. hans says:

    hmm objectify animals or objectify women? there used to be a time when you could have both, but that, was a long long time ago

  56. John Smith says:

    PETA’s stand on animal cruelty is well placed but what confuses me is that the majority of their members are for abortion. Their logic doesn’t make sense-What’s good for a cat or lab rat should be true for a fetus but it’s not. Unfortunately, this PETA crowd is more into being stylish and not truly concerned about the sanctity of all life.

    1. Scott Meateatter says:

      Because puppy’s are cuter then baby’s. It’s been proven.

      1. John Smith says:

        True, but I’ll be dammed if I’ll pay for its college education–get student loans.

  57. Emery says:

    Apparently the lack of animal protein leads to stunted brain growth.

    like – The scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.

    I could wile away the hours
    Conferrin’ with the flowers
    Consultin’ with the rain
    And my head I’d be scratchin’
    While my thoughts were busy hatchin’
    If I only had a brain

  58. How about these idiots demand the ethical treatment of babies?

  59. Tom Doyle says:

    As long as only people suffer, PETA is satisfied.

  60. Eric B says:

    Actually, don’t these ditsy women realize that what they’re doing is contributing to the consumption of meat. Men everywhere are going to eat more meat in the hopes that these women will continue to protest by taking their clothes off.

  61. PHIL says:


  62. jack says:

    She doesn’t eat meat? But I wanted to feed them my sausage.

    1. girlymctx says:

      Hahaha! Nice! I like the Wittiness! & im being sincere…LOL!

  63. uncle monkey says:

    Meat is Murder!

    Tasty, tasty murder…

  64. Fitcoach says:

    Meat is not bad. I eat meat sparingly. I try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. My main meat stores are fish, chicken and turkey. Once a month I will eat some lean red meat to keep my enzymes in check.

  65. RogerDrewWilliams says:

    Vegetarians don’t live longer, they only look like they do.

    1. girlymctx says:

      Yeah & then they ALL DIE from Heart Disease!

  66. girlymctx says:

    Um…NO THANKS! I’m from TEXAS and I LOVE my MEAT, baby! LOVE IT! MMM,MM, MMMMMM!!!!

  67. Bigeee1 says:

    Hey, even broccoli screams when you rip it from the ground. To live, we all must eat other life forms. You Vegans can have your no meat menu but just don’t keep trying to force feed it down our throats!!

    1. girlymctx says:

      Are you kidding? The Vegans Are NO different than the Enviromental Religious KNUTS, or the LGB’s Religion, then there’s the…well I hope you see where I’mgoing..Everyone of these KNUTS have their own Religions that they are always trying to force feed down the Country’s throats..

  68. Realityblowz says:

    I hunt a lot of the meat I eat. Venison, rabbit, etc and I catch a lot of lake trout here in Michigan. I leave the forest with my game, but also leave the woods with birds and animals from mice all the way up to bears. The frozen moonscape that the vegans leave on the farmers land has killed off everything. There is nothing left alive, and when animals and grasses try to reclaim the land, the farmers run their blades and herbicides over the land. Vegans basically hire assasins (farmers) to kill everthing in the food chain for themselves. How incredibly idiotic to believe otherwise.

  69. T-Rock says:

    Didn’t they waste a lot of water? They should have just pretended to shower.

  70. Cosmo says:

    Take a good look at the teeth in your mouth. Homo Sapiens possess both herbivore (back teeth) and carnivore (front teeth) teeth!!! We are omnivores. Some may find it gruesome, but the undeniable truth is that we are equipped to eat meat.

  71. Barnaby Wild says:

    I think it is wrong to kill plants and eat them. They are living things with rights too. Why should we arbitrarily draw a line between plants and animals, after all?

    Some horrible people I know, eat BABY carrots! Pulled right out of their beds.

    I eat inorganic substances. Don’t tell me it is not natural! I am very thin and in California you can’t be too thin.

  72. Sr Hippy says:

    Let’s forgo natural and renewable materials like leather and use petroleum materials. NO WAR FOR OIL!!!!

  73. Bilbo says:

    And next a trip to Africa to convince the lions to stop chasing antelope. Maroons

    1. Playrighter says:

      You might notice that the lions lose that race most of the time, and that when they do occasionally win, it’s over a weaker antelope.

      You might also reconsider that “king of the jungle” myth. Put a big gray vegetarian (elephant) in a field with a lion, and see who’s really the toughest.

      1. asdf says:

        I don’t think it was an argument over who’s tougher. I think it was an argument over whether or not it is cruel for predators to kill prey for food, as nature intended.

        Someone has an inferiority complex.

  74. anne says:

    I’ve got to thank the commenters for actually making me laugh out loud! With all the depressing stuff going on I needed a good laugh. And one other thing I noticed: vegans (or vegetarians, or whatever) take themselves way too seriously…does lack of meat in their diet take away their sense of humor?

  75. Kevin says:

    And like OMG all the guys are like OMG all over this as they like are as smart as the girls now. This country is on a completely downward spiral that cannot be reversed. Enjoy your special unappreciated rights while they last you female sheep. The funding from this once free nation while dry up soon and as such the UN will go somewhere else also….

  76. Hank Warren says:

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  77. Smokehouse says:

    Looks klike good old LA russled up a couple of Porno Babes for this fiasco. I like all the African American guys huddling around. Those babes must have had their Crack Corner ocupied.

    1. glm says:

      Was Charile Sheen nearby?

  78. Johnny B. says:

    If the vegan/veggie lifestyle is so great and satisfying, then why are there so many soy and veggie based products formed and flavored to look and taste like REAL MEAT?

    Answer: Because a strict veggie lifestyle sucks. Humans are not herbivores, we are not carnivores — we are OMNIvores. If you can’t understand that, you’re just in denial.

    1. Playrighter says:

      If the meat eating lifestyle is so great, why is the meat not eaten raw, right off the carcass? Why do you need to cook it and season it? If you like the taste of real meat, why don’t you try using your canine teeth and eating it the way real meat is eaten? Or are you in denial?

      1. Common_Man says:

        Extraordinarily poor argument, Playrighter.

      2. dhbarr says:

        Try stopping in to an Ethiopian restaurant and order up a nice plate of Kitfo.

      3. Steve says:

        Meat eating is not a life style. It is what normal humans do. Even the most primative tribe knows if you don,t eat meat you get sick. Meat has been eaten by man since the dawn of time. Even Chimps eat as much as they can catch.
        Break away from your silly vegtable cult and have some meat.
        You know its what you really want.
        (excuse me I have to turn my steak.)

  79. Dem's Suck says:

    Are all PETA chicks that hot?

    1. steve says:

      Bet you evey one of those chicks are having a steak diner right now.
      To answer your question: It depends on whether your into anorexia.

  80. Weasler says:

    Save the whales, save the seals, save the animals, save even the convited murderers.

    But KILL THAT UNBORN BABY, because the mother wants a fine arts
    degree instead.

    Go figure.

  81. Chuck says:

    Meat is Murder. Tasty, tasty murder.

  82. BubbaCoot says:

    So what peta going to do with all the animals having sex and making more baby animals? They gonna kill’em or keep and feed them? It would not take to long to be over run by these animals. If you think “fixing them” is the answer, you ain’t using my money!

  83. monsieurhappy says:

    The greenest thing you can do for the planet is kill yourself. If every environmentalist followed this advice imagine how much CO2 would be reduced.

  84. Allotta Fagina says:

    Do you know that if a distracted driver were to have accidentally crashed into them and killed them in their public tub, I would have laughed. Very hard.

  85. James says:

    Don’t tell the vegans that studies have shown that tomatoes scream in agony when sliced!! LOL

  86. Bow Wow Spoodge Boob says:

    Carrots have feelings TOOO! My god havent you ever heard them scream? You Vegans kill tons and tons of Carrots each year! Taters have eyes they can actually see. All blind people need to get a seeing eye Tater! its inhumane to use dogs! A new Government study has proved this!

  87. Erick says:

    I would totally bang one of those girls while eating a hamburger.

  88. erick says:

    Would love to give that girl my hotdog.

  89. jfginhhk says:

    dyk? – “Vegetarian” is actually a native american word meaning: lousy hunter

  90. SMH says:

    these people actually believe in their minds they are BETTER THAN YOU because they dont eat meat

  91. Occams Gun says:

    I can’t say I’m a big fan of PETA but I am very much in favor of women taking their clothes off as of form of protest.

  92. rawhit says:

    If Vegans do not eat or use ANY animal products, do they have oral sex?????

  93. RichieRich says:

    Woo hoo… naked chicks!

  94. Tantor says:

    Becoming carnivores is the evolutionary step that ensured the survival of the human race. It gave us the nutrients to build and power our brains and the challenges to learn how to think. 30,000+years of evolution cant be wrong.

    What has changed to think that giving all that up is a good idea? Has live suddenly become “fair?”

  95. shem says:

    there is the same amount of water on the earth today as there was the day it all began
    matter can neither be created, nor destroyed- it just changes form
    you’re not ‘saving’ anything by not eating meat folks…

    (pass the ketchup)

  96. peterwoohoo says:

    Gee…….I wonder where all those PRIUS car batteries from Japan will surface……….hmmmmm?

  97. Ami says:

    I feel the love!

  98. Surfacetension says:

    If people really want to go back to the Garden of Eden, they should give up SIN!

    If God did not intend for man to eat animals, why did He make them out of meat?

  99. 8th AAFWW@ says:

    How many PETA members support unrestricted abortion “rights”. I would venture to say the majority. They will do anything to protect animals but nothing to protect the innocent unborn humans.

  100. Weasel says:

    2 types of people in this world, Meat eaters and pray…..

  101. Meat Lovin' Man says:

    Wish I had been there for the show………with my double cheeseburger and fries.

    Can’t figure out which group is more lame PETA or Code Pink.

  102. brad says:

    How much water was needed to wash the ‘meat’ for this PETA stunt?

  103. Euripides says:

    PETA – People for the Exploitation of T&A.

  104. Steve says:

    What do vegans feed their cats?

  105. Pus Guts says:

    I’m hungry..going out for a nice greasy chessburger…with bacon

  106. Josie says:

    I’ll continue to eat meat, support gay marriage and be pro-life because I choose to not judge anyone else or tell them what to do with their lives. You wanna eat meat, then eat meat. If Tom wants to marry John, then I say go for it, and if some chick wants to abort her baby, I say do what you want. Oh and I am a registered Republican.

    1. asdf says:

      Pro-life means anti-abortion. You’re pro-choice.

  107. heatherfeather says:

    Whatever. They are just unemployed strippers who think they have a social agenda. I wonder how many blood diamonds they own?

  108. ASM826 says:

    Veganism is a religion. Like any group of true believers, it’s not enough that they believe, they have to proselytize and gain converts.

    1. heatherfeather says:

      More like a cult.

  109. steve says:

    hmmmmmm lets see here – they protest nude in public because I eat meat. I’m looking for a downside – am I missing something ?

  110. Echo4Texas says:

    Don’t you know these kids parents are asking themselves why they sent their daughters to acting school if this is the best gig they can get. I feel sorry for their oarents, but then I am a softy in this regard, hell, I almost feel sorry for DR Lewinsky.

  111. Ed says:

    If you believe folks like Carl Sagan, the evolution of mankind’s intelligence was a direct result of the high protien diet they obtained through hunting animals and eating them. So Veganism is in all respects a step backward in our evolutionary process,
    Do Vegan’s believe in evolution? Or sciencie? Or are they creationists? Is Veganism based on science? Or is it just a new belief system, ie. religion?

    1. Common_Man says:

      Many anthropologists believe that we were scanvengers before we were hunters. But yes, we were meant to eat meat. In fact, it was probably through eathing the kills of other animals that inspired us to hunt for our own meat.

  112. Scott says:

    Hey Vegetarians….my food poops on your food!!! Enjoy that salad!
    Oh and by the way…vegetarian is an Indian word for bad hunter. LOL

    1. salrson says:

      Scott, that would be native american……..feather not a dot!!

  113. ADM says:

    I’m baking a boneless lamb roast on my charcoal Weber grill tonight. Want some?

    1. Scott says:

      Wait..you are cooking a lamb? isn’t that a baby sheep? But they are sooo..young and cute…adorable…and ohhh so delicious with some mint jelly!!!! What time’s dinner?

  114. Ju Mordecai says:

    So PETA is using women as meat, to protest meat? Now if these beauties only knew they were being taken advantage of:


  115. Mytram59 says:

    How much water did they waste taking showers on Sunset Blvd? How much water would we save by not growing the fruits and veggies they eat? I’m going to go cook a steak in protest of PETA. I might even butcher one of my cows this weekend. Oooops, won’t have time. It’s opening weekend of turkey season! Instead, I’ll shoot a nice gobbler for PETA!

  116. Aaron Albert says:

    I just ate a hamburger.

  117. TruthMeister says:

    I enjoy the taste of animals, but I don’t enjoy the in(humane?) treatment that the big companies employ to get them to our tables. Instead, anyone who enjoys meat should instead by their beef, chicken and dairy products from local farms that are preferably raise their beef on grass and their chickens free range, and all without hormones or artificial ‘ingredients’. Not sure how bad those conditions are? Go to http://www.meatvideo.com and see if you won’t change your eating habits.

    1. jharper says:

      TruthMeister, I watch the video and cried. I have never considered a vegan diet, but maybe it’s time.

      1. TruthMeister says:

        Ha. My goal wasn’t to turn anyone off to meat, but to be more responsible in our buying meat, supporting sources that don’t torture the animals.

  118. Smitty says:

    I’m so inspired by this that I will eat an extra pound of meat tonight, but I will do it stark naked.

    1. steve says:

      Great Smitty but you could have left out that last part.

  119. Slick Willie says:

    If God did not want us to eat animals, why did she make them out of meat?

  120. Mo says:

    I’m no lawyer but it seems to me that the guy that crashed has a case to sue PETA over this stunt for causing him to be distracted and getting into an accident. I’m just saying.

  121. Dave says:

    Hitler was a vegan

    1. steve says:

      This is true he was.
      But vegetarianism is not normally a violent mental disorder although vegitarians like other animal worshippers usually hate people. Usually they cannot form strong relationships with other people hence they substitute animals. It is just another type of mental illness.

  122. BullRush says:

    Kobe Steak Dinners!

    1. steve says:

      Ruth Crists! YES!

  123. Theron says:

    Eat the vegans!

  124. DJH says:

    peta is quite possibly the stupid activist organization on the planet.
    When this guy ends up in court he’s going to point his fingers at peta – guess what, HE’S PROBABLY GOING TO WIN! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA…. stupid morons.

  125. Bubba The Hutt says:

    I’m going to order a DOUBLE cheeseburger for lunch to show my support.

  126. ImJustSayin says:

    You know what I don’t understand – most Vegans are also “Pro Choice”….isn’t that a contradiction in philosophies?

    1. steve says:

      Your chain of logic is too long for a leftist to follow. If you can reduce it to half a sentence they might be able to follow it. Or not.

  127. slarson says:

    Better yet don’t eat commercially raised meat……Hunt deer, Pigs, Ducks, Geese, catch Fish from our lakes and Oceans…..provide for yourself. and why worry about water we have lots here in MN…if your stupid enough to live in CA and have to worry about water….MOVE!!!!!

  128. Mallen says:

    Makes me want to eat fish.

  129. Troy says:

    If Jesus could eat meat, so can I. How dare them say they are better than Jesus, how self rightous are they. PETA, you disgust me by mocking my Lord and savior!

    1. steve says:

      AMEN and pass the rib roast!!!

  130. Terri says:

    Typical women. They have to take their close off to get what they want.

  131. Mary Lou says:

    Well, I have no problem wearing fur. My fox jacket has lasted 20 years. Is very warm during Michigan winters and here is the perk….. it is biodegradable. It contains no by products of fossil fuels. Further, the person who said vegans are likely prochoice, I believe that is true and I also believe abortion is the ultimate cruelty to animals the human ones.

  132. brew says:

    Not taking sides, but don’t they wash those veggies and then boil them in water.

    and either side, they utilize the water they don’t use it. It’s still there when they are done. It recirculates theu the atmosphere or land back tot he water table and comes back clean.

  133. Melvin says:

    PETA and the whole neked thing, is getting a little old. Not that I don’t mind ogling like the next guy, but PETA is more about cavorting around neked than it has to do with anything in the animal kingdom.
    PETA may have started out with good intentions but it is now all about perversion and getting celebrities to take their clothes off, all for ahem good cause.

    1. steve says:

      I think PETA is silly and I love steak.
      But the naked thing IS NOT getting old. (as long as they don,t start using skanks)
      After steak naked women are my favorite thing. Naked women broiling steak. YUMM!!!

  134. smokehouse56 says:

    Hey PETA morons. I’ll have my steak medium-rare. Lots of onions.

  135. jharper says:

    Every vegan I know is pro abortion. Just sayin’

    1. TJ says:

      Completely different issue and far too complex. Besides, we’re not killing babies and eating them just because we’re too ignorant to see there’s another way and give in to our desires of taste. Just saying.

      1. steve says:

        Why do leftists always start squirming like a half squished bug every time someone asks them about abortion. Just sayin.
        It isn,t that hard a question to answer if your not trying to lie.

  136. Big Joe From NC says:

    you guys do realize that the redhead is really a man right !!!!!????


  137. Big Joe from NC says:

    you guys do realize that the redhead is really a man right !!!!!????


    Shes a man baby!!!!!!!

  138. savetheplants says:

    Disgusting plant killing humans. Plants are sacred creations of nature and shouldn’t be abused. They feel and only wish to survive like the rest of us. If you were open to Mother Earth, you would feel the pain of that holy tomato you bite into. Bleeding…screaming…it’s unborn baby seeds stuck to your disgusting animal teeth. SAVE THE VEGGIES and FRUITS!

    Grass is ok to eat though.

    1. steve says:

      GRASS BIGOT!!!

  139. dhbarr says:

    When PETA can show me some other way to convert ordinary grass into usable protein, maybe we can consider not using cattle, sheep, etc. for food. I can graze sheep in the highlands of Scotland to create food – tell me o PETA experts, what crops I could plant there to eat?

  140. daddio says:

    so they are protesting eating meat by showing their meat…got it.

  141. Dave says:

    I was a Vealgan for a little while, eating nothing but veal.

  142. Question Here says:

    Question to Vegans.
    Would you allow an ape to die if they could take the heart out and transplant it to save a family member’s life?
    All hypothetical here, just wondering how far people will go to avoid hurting an animal?
    BTW, i’d choose to save my family member.

  143. John Collins says:

    Two legs better than four legs no legs better than two legs. BTW I love eating meat naked in the shower.

  144. tc says:

    So any arrests for public nudity? Or are those laws no longer n the books? Or are they on the books, but the police “choose” not to enforce them?

  145. mark says:

    So really, the vegans think it is OK to consume plants, just because they don’t scream when harvested. Does it make it more correct just because they can’t run? It is ok to eat the embrionic nutrients and the future offspring just because they say so. I guess it all depends on how you want to spin it.Please, what a crock of sh!t. Both animals and plants are a food source for those capable of exploiting them.

  146. Stop Peta says:

    For each time Peta pulls a stunt like this, I will kill 10 chickens.

    Let’s see how much Peta actually cares about the animals, of if they just care more about publicity stunts to get their names and faces into the news.

  147. jharper says:

    Many vegans are against the killing of animals but have no problems to abortion.
    Here is a link to some very graphic photos to abortion images

  148. WTR says:

    PETA’s publicity seeking antics are absurd and don’t reflect the views and values of most vegans.

    On the other hand, reading the comments to this story provides anecdotal evidence that eating meat causes stupidity and witlessness.

    1. asdf says:

      I’ve seen plenty of dumb comments from the vegans as well, and claiming that “eating meat causes stupidity and witlessness” is no exception.

      Congratulations, you are just as dumb as the rest of us.

  149. mcw1142 says:

    Gee – I hope only humans were hurt. It would be a tragedy otherwise.

  150. Martha Linskey says:

    I didn’t fight my way to the top of the food chain to become vegetarian.

  151. John says:

    I call fake. I have never seen one of these events where the participants are clearly truly naked. The media always goes along for the ride.

  152. Gordon Campbell says:

    Our eyes are in the front of our heads-the eyes of a meat eating predator.Prey animals-the ones that don’t eat meat have eyes on the sides of their heads.We have fangs-called eye teeth.PETA exploits and degrades women and the gullibly stupid.

    1. wake up says:

      I have long been a supporter of vegitarians having to have their canine teeth removed to mark them as prey

    2. steve says:

      Gordon you are arguing using facts. I think you accidentally got involved in the wrong discussion.
      Also didn,t you know leftists are allowed to degrade woman? What do you think the “sexual revolution” was actually about?
      I guess we could ask Hugh Hefner another good liberal.

  153. wake up says:

    seriously, are these people that nuts, How much water and fertalizer damage is done by crops?
    Also if god did not want us to eat animals why did he make them out of meat?

    Last I guess this makes the sort of supporters of hunting right?

  154. steve says:

    This conversation is making me very hungry. I think I,ll run down to the meat market and pick up a steak.

  155. ImaHippyBurning says:

    Ok, fine I will give up one pound of meat a week and eat them instead!!! 😉

  156. Paul Revere says:

    Weird, I dont have a shortage of shower water, so I really am not looking to get an “extra 6 months worth”, sooooo I guess I’ll keep my 1 pound of meat.

    Thanks anyway ladies

    I wonder how much animal suffering via 6 degrees of separation there was in producing her makeup she was wearing, or the pvc pipes used to construct here little impromptu shower there, or the plastic curtains which probably melt ice caps somehow.

    Why dont these people just put their money where their mouths are for once and kill themselves, imagine the huge quantity of animal suffering that would be relieved by one of these drones just stepping out in front of a bus or train. All those carbon emissions gone.

  157. Duh! says:

    So if this is all about saving water.
    Why are they wasting all that water to stand on a street corner showering?

    At least they did double up in the shower to make it more fun.

  158. Charlie M. says:

    I am going to have steak for dinner now that I read this.

  159. TruthMeister says:

    Notice how Jeremy from the Meat Association totally deflects the claim that a pound of meat would save 2600 gallons of water or whatever.

  160. LoveEatingSteak says:

    PETA kills 90 percent of animals they take in.
    PETA = domestic terrorism.
    I think I’ll order an extra large steak tonight in PETA’s honor.
    Thanks for wasting bandwidth with this ridiculous story.

  161. Fluidizer says:

    I was on Holly Boulevard last week, where these idiots had a van with large screen, high visibility LCDs on each side and rear blasting videos of animal slaughter at meat packing plants. One proud dame (resembles the one in the picture above in fact) was proudly talking with the mother and father of a young girl as the snuff videos played. While Mom, Dad, and the PETA freak stroked each other in liberal bliss, the little girl, about 7 I would guess, was absolutely traumatized by the snuff porn she was watching. It was a blatant demonstration of outrageous child abuse, and I know that little girl will remember for the rest of her life.
    They hypocrisy of the Liberal elite never ceases to amaze me..

  162. Peru1 says:

    I didn’t think the PETA people showered. Must be a new fad.

  163. rickl says:

    I think we should continue eating meat and wearing leather, in order to encourage these girls to do more naked protests.

  164. DontCare says:

    PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals!
    (YUM! I’m a BIG fan!)

    or as my 7 yr old niece says,”There’s room for ALL god’s creatures…. right next to the mashed potatoes.”

    originally I though PETA was PITA (Pain In The A$$)

  165. Mr. Spooge says:

    All of PETA’s efforts are in vain. I eat the meat they don’t.

  166. MXT says:

    PETA equals

  167. DontCare says:

    You know, I read the article, watch the video, and all I can keep thinking about is that I’ve got a 3 1/2 lb Prok Tendeloin marinating in a bag with some lemon juice, miced garlic, crushed black pepper and parsley.

    90 minutes at 350 degrees and I’ll be one happy human!

    1. GA_Man says:

      1″ thick Ribeye, marinade in a splash of vinegar with liquid smoke grill @ 2.5 mins pper side, let stand 3 mins….

      Au Jus: 1 cube of Beef boullion in 1 cu water. Nuke till ready.

      Sit back and get fat, dumb, and happy

  168. MXT says:

    Time to kick back, relax, fire up the grille and have some
    Kitten Kabobs and Puppy Fritters!!! MMMMMMMMMMM

  169. Dredd says:

    Vegans age at approx. 2 – 3 times the rate of omnivores. Those who eat both meat and vegetables live far healthier lives. Don’t believe me? Google a pic of Steve Howe, the guitarist from YES… it’s not a pretty sight.

    Plus, vegans have HORRIBLE breath! Their food rots in the intestines. As lack of protein clouds their minds, they slowly starve themselves to death..

  170. Mike says:

    This article makes me want to masturbate while eating a filet migon.

  171. ProfNickD says:

    I love animals — they’re delicious.

  172. BubbaT says:

    I’m all for PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)
    Save a plant, shoot a Vegan.

  173. libertybelle says:

    So it’s wrong for farmers to “waste” water on raising animals, but it’s a virtue for PETA to waste water and cause accidents on the streets?

    By the way, didn’t these people have basic science in school? You know, the water cycle? Used water (or cattle urine in this case) on farms just goes back into the water table, filtered by the earth.

  174. jas says:

    Senseless, and in vain.
    Hate when females do stupid, unintelligent things.
    We have come too far for this nonsense.

  175. larry says:

    Check out this stupid video PETA made: http://meat.org

    1. Duh! says:

      Nice video larry. But I don’t get it. PETA wants us to not kill animals before we eat them. Or the animals should be injected full of drugs prior to being killed and therefore drugging the people eating the food. That would mean that PETA is in favor of drug use. That is what I took away from this video.

  176. mpultorak says:

    I agree with those who advocate eating the members of PETA … LOL. Honestly … they are a bunch of useless losers who have nothing better to do with their lives.

  177. zengxeng says:

    Nice! I never thought about it like that before.


  178. phatfly says:

    I lose respect for people that think nudity is necessary and/or use it in media or art. Boring!! Yawn!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!

  179. Overclock says:

    I was hoping they were bathing these idiots before feeding them to man-eating tigers.

    Nothing says “I’m out of touch and don’t have any real problems” like getting naked, and taking a bath publicly to protest peoples dietary choices.

    Way to make a stand for what you believe in, dummy.

  180. 惡!! says:

    더럽게 춥겠네…..

  181. Borchy says:

    VEGETARIAN: One who eats poor defenseless rootbound plants!!! The more they protest… the MORE MEAT I EAT!!!

    From what ive seen inthe pictures… this ding bats aren’t even CLOSE to good looking muchless being considered ” super models ” ACCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
    feeding the peta people to animals would be considered cruelty to animals

  182. Borchy says:

    I say that the next time peta stages an ” event ” we get together and have a BBQ at the location!!!!!!

  183. concerned citizen says:

    WE ARE meant to eat meat!!! get over it you nut-job PEta people.

  184. Stuart B says:

    Excuse me, don’t plants need water too. If everybody was a vegetarian we would need even more plants and even more water would be needed to grow them.
    Is there currently a shortage of water by the way?

  185. Pat McGroin says:


  186. jack says:

    Boy are Vegans going to be surprised when they die from nothing.

  187. t0mmy says:

    These comments are making me want to be vegan more and more.
    If a fact is posted it is met with harsh insults, name-calling, and idle words.
    Seriously, one person said alfalfa is an inedible plant that we feed to animals to defend the water usage? If it’s inedible then how are the animals eating it… and why was it on a sandwich I ate?

    I’m thinking the members of PETA are smiling at all the harsh comments posted here, because the intelligent responses are coming from the vegetarians and the insults that are meant to defame them are just making them look good.

    Just let everyone have their opinion; no need to take offense at opinions. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything by expressing an opinion. However, we do follow by example. And now I’m one step away from being super vegan, sorry, but I just want to distance myself away from the group of haters; ironically it’s by the meat-eaters efforts.

  188. ruitavalene says:

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