TUSTIN (CBS) — Tustin police are investigating the death of a woman who was hit and then dragged for about a mile by a car driven by a 70-something motorist.

Authorities say a female driver hit a woman who was walking near Redhill Avenue and an exit for Interstate 5.

They say the pedestrian was then dragged for about a mile until the driver reached the intersection of Newport Avenue and El Camino Real in Tustin.

Police say it is unclear whether the victim was killed instantly or died after she was dragged.

They also said the driver wasn’t aware she hit someone.

Officials do not know if the accident was weather related, but say it was raining at the time.

Neither victim nor the driver have been identified.

The driver was reportedly so traumatized by the incident that paramedics had to be called, according to authorities.

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Comments (26)
  1. Patty McComas says:

    Whatever happened to “Pedestrians have the right-of-way”? I get so ticked off that no one pays attention to a pedestrian in a cross walk with a signal giving them the right to cross the road! Do these motorists think they are in Delaware where it seems no pedestrian has the right to cross the road at all! I can remember a time here in CA that motorists stopped when there was a pedestrian in a cross walk and crossing with a signal. Now, there is also the possibility that the pedestrian crossed against the green light or the crossing signal. She also may not have been in a cross walk, but still, the motorist needs to be aware of their surroundings – including if there is a pedestrian any where around! Ventura Boulevard is one of the worst places to try to cross the street – with or without crossing signals or cross walks. Maybe CA needs to go back to not issuing licenses to anyone unless they know the vehicle code or the policy for pedestrians. I am a pedestrian and I am so sick and tired of hearing of a pedestrian crossing and being hit and/or killed. Motorists need to stop being so self-absorbed in their lives and pay attention to the other life forms out there

    1. Joe says:

      I guess benefit of doubt just doesn’t apply anymore??
      Ya ever think maybe, just maybe whoever was driving didn’t see this person?

      1. MEAN PEOPLE SUCK! says:

        Aaahhh, Joe, a voice of reason. How refreshing!

      2. Really? says:

        They may not have seen them, but they dragged them for a mile… You can’t tell me you wouldn’t be able to tell that you’re draging something the size of a body and not notice it.

    2. james fouhse says:

      I have been hit twice by drivers on cell phones. Thank god both times were not serious but ….

    3. MEAN PEOPLE SUCK! says:

      YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF, PATTY MCCOMAS!!! (And you also shouldn’t use your full name in these forums. Someone “bad” might be writing it down.)

    4. Steve says:

      I stopped reading your post after the first line. Next time you comment, try keeping it under 5 million words.

  2. JN says:

    @Patty: The driver was not self absorbed… she was an elderly woman,

    1. MEAN PEOPLE SUCK! says:

      Exactly, JN. I’m glad there’s one voice of reason in this forum.

  3. MBA says:

    Possibly a Self Absorbed Elderly Person ya think?

    dont make excuses for negligence.

    1. MEAN PEOPLE SUCK! says:

      Negligence or an accident? You know, accidents still exist. Sometimes terrible things happen that no one is responsible for. What a concept, right? Now get off your high horse and join the rest of humanity.

  4. red says:

    it was also raining really hard.

  5. MrsGert says:

    This is exactly why elderly people should have to take a driving test after the age of 65!!!

    1. MEAN PEOPLE SUCK! says:

      OK, MrsGert. When you turn 65 be sure to contact the DMV and relinquish your driver license. Make sure you do that not one day after the age of 65 since you won’t be fit to be on the road anymore. I would bet my LIFE that you would NEVER EVER do that. Why? Because you’re an insensitive hypocrite.

      1. Monica says:

        hi, can you not be so obnoxious

  6. D~ says:

    How can you not notice someone being dragged under your car? Regardless of rain you would think someone would notice dragging a human body for several blocks.

    1. MEAN PEOPLE SUCK! says:

      D~, did you look out your window last night? Did you see that dark curtain of rain we had ALL day? Maybe the initial hit wasn’t that big of a jolt to the car, and if the body got lodged right it wouldn’t effect the car’s maneuvering at all. Try not to be so closed-minded.

  7. MEAN PEOPLE SUCK! says:

    Patty and all her supporters are low-life POS! This poor old woman has been traumatized! She was driving in terrible weather and had no idea she had hit anyone. ANY ONE OF US CAN FIND OURSELVES IN THE EXACT SAME SITUATION! Whatever happened to ACCIDENTS? Patty and her posse are all ready to hang this poor woman and for what? An accident? Have a little compassion you fools, for what comes around goes around and one day you will find yourselves in her shoes. Hopefully more people will show you compassion than you’ve shown this poor old woman. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF, PATTY! I feel for this old woman. My prayers are with her.

    1. Kau Phaart says:

      I’m praying for the woman that was KILLED! Remember that part of the story???

      1. VALERIE says:


  8. monikq says:

    this 79 years old driver, i believed, should go to jail. she murdered someone.
    there are so many drivers never paying attention thinking theres nobody else on the streets but them.

  9. monick says:

    this 79 years old driver, i believed, should go to jail. she murdered someone.
    there are so many drivers never paying attention thinking theres nobody else on the streets but them.

  10. Mario says:

    I had a similar experience with an elderly person last week that could have resulted in A LOT of people dead. I understand it was raining but, there needs to be more frequent testing of our elderly to assure they are competent drivers…

  11. Fawnzie says:

    @Monick – I don’t see how sending the woman driving to jail will solve anything. all they need to do is take away her driving privileges. I’m sure she will mostly likely be haunted with what happened until she to does die.

    As for the accident, how do any of you know that maybe the woman who was hit wasn’t walking when she wasn’t supposed to. ‘I live near where it happened and I constantly see people jay-walking and crossing against the red.

    I’m not saying she wasn’t at fault, but there may be other factors in play here that have not yet be determined. I’m sure they will investigate to the fullest degree, and then decide on what should be done.

  12. yourmomma says:

    @Monick.. I hope that when your a 70+ year old driver that you remember how insensitive you were in this situation!!! You don’t know the whole story… Maybe you should think about that before you say things like she should go to jail… It was an accident and remember this could happen to anyone regardless of

  13. abasulto says:

    i love how everyone is leaving commnents about the old lady who killed someone but everyone is forgetting who the real victin was

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