LONG BEACH (CBS) — Beaches in Long Beach have been ordered closed due to a sewage release into the Los Angeles River near Studio City, according to city officials.

Rain overwhelmed the sewage system and caused an overflow. Steve Nakguchi of the Long Beach Bureau of Environmental Health said. Long Beach was most likely the only coastal city affected by the overflow because the Los Angeles River empties into the ocean at Long Beach Harbor.

The spill was reported at 8 p.m. Sunday and stopped by 11:45 p.m. The sewage flowed into the river and 39 miles to Long Beach.

The beach closures will remain in effect until water testing results are within state standards, said Dr. Helen Calvet, the Long Beach health officer.

Calvet also issued a general rain advisory for all swimming areas, including beaches and bays. After any significant rainfall, high levels of bacteria pollute the runoff.

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Comments (6)
  1. javier says:

    hey puto—-mexico is modern. they use trucks to cart the sewage, dumba$$

    1. Onclewillie says:

      Don’t you mean burro cart?

  2. Onclewillie says:

    This is crazy. Every year cities upstream of Long Beach have spills into the flood control system. Every year Long Beach is forced to deal with all sorts of waste from other cities which impacts the taxpayers of Long Beach. Time for someone to go to court and force these other cities to pay for their mess.

    1. Ronald says:

      If Long Beach revolutionary Council would waste less hard earned taxpayer money debating nonsense such as criminalizing elderly grandmothers who smoke cigarettes in beer joints, as well as wasting money debating the outlawing the practice of grocery stores handing out “tax-free” tree saving plastic grocery bags to overtaxed Long Beachers, the city would have plenty of money to clean up its filthy beaches. Ronald

  3. Russ Taylor says:

    While it is unclear how sewage entered the LA River near Studio City, it is probable that the sewage overflow took place from a manhole close to a storm drain that empties into the LA River. The solution is to secure manhole covers that are likely to be lifted as wet weather inflow exceeds the systems capacity. Sewerlock provides an easy to install manhole protective barrier that prevents events such as this! See http://www.sewerlock.com.

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