LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Radiation from the compromised Fukushima Nuclear Plant in northern Japan is heading for the west coast, and will arrive sometime tomorrow in the late afternoon.  Many Angelenos are worried about the consequences.

Juan Fernandez spoke with a Radiation Oncologist Dr. Afshin Safa to answer your most pressing questions and concerns about it’s effects.  Find out what he said about sushi, the LA Marathon and why he doesn’t recommend taking potassium iodide.

You asked:

  • We are already exposed to background radiation – or every day radiation — will we be getting a double dose of radiation?
  • What is the best way to protect myself form radiation?  Should I stay home and cover up with a mask?
  • What about potassium iodide?
  • Will my pets and kids be okay to play outside?

You also asked:

  • I am a surfer, so therefore always in the water.  Is the Ocean water a arisk of contamination?
  • Can I eat sushi?  And fruits and vegetables that we grow here?
  • I live and work about 6-thousand-feet elevation.  Is there higher risks at higher altitudes?
  • Can I do the LA Marathon?

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  1. Oak Park mom says:

    GREAT interview and very informative! Thank you for addressing the real questions!

  2. Northridge Hospital says:

    Thank you for proving this important information to your viewers.

  3. rick says:

    Century city

    Very informative and helpful interview. Thank you.

  4. GERRY says:


  5. al moran says:

    This stuff is DEADLY! DO NOT BELIVE THIS WHITE COAT! These are serious ISOTOPES! Remember that guy that died in England cause of one isotope, theres like 1000 different ones in that cloud.

  6. al moran says:

    MASK! Dont expose yourself unecessarily! Especially dont let your kids play outside.

  7. Irradiated Ian says:

    Do I need to worry about the tsunami debris field sitting of shore of the nuclear meltdown? All this driftwood, or as I like to call it, “wormwood” – it emits gamma radiation, like squiggly worms – , will travel. Call the wormwood debris field maybe a semi-circle with radius 50 miles off the west coast of Japan. That is just less than 4,000 square miles of floating contaminated wormwood. Who is going to pick up all this waste? This waste will float elsewhere, don’t you know?

    1. Irradiated Ian says:

      How long does it take for an object to float from 50 miles off the west coast of Japan to reach the USA? I’m serious. I frequently walk along our coast picking up driftwood to make into art projects.

      1. dumb focker says:

        Dono but I am not going out and I am taking the Iodide. I DONT CARE WHAT “THEY” SAY. I know there are serious dangers that the white coats (doctos) are minimizing just cause the darn pollution wold cause CANCER and guess what,? It’s job security for them!!


  8. jena says:

    Uhm, yeah, that reporter didn’t PROMPT any answers at all. What was the point of “interviewing” the doctor?! DO NOT GO OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN!!!!

    1. Joe Bensen says:

      I was forced to go outside a few times and the rain was “sticky” and it burned my hands and itched my entire body.

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