BREWER, Maine (AP) — The owner of a military supply company in Maine says he’s been inundated with orders from people in California buying gas masks and chemical suits.

Maine Military Supply owner Frank Spizuoco says hundreds of gas masks are going out the door. He says people are also ordering related gear, including chemical suits, jackets, gloves, pants and boots.

He says the spike in sales started over the weekend. Officials in Japan are struggling to contain a nuclear power plant damaged by last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

Spizuoco says people are afraid of radiation from the damaged Japanese nuclear plant making its way to the United States.

He tells the Bangor Daily News it reminds him of the frenzy after 9/11. He calls it “pretty crazy.”

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  1. Ptolemy says:

    Is Radiation Sickness covered by ObamaCare? If not, then will only our current crop of Politicians survive, since they’re exempt from ObamaCare?

  2. FRANKOK says:

    Hey idiots on the Left Coast – just please do not order these suits as Japan needs them. A company in Florida has a suit that blocks 90% of the worst radiation – gamma – they just shipped 200 of them to Japan

  3. roger says:

    I get more radiation from pressing my nuts against the microwave.

  4. R.J.Berlin says:

    No reliable information to be expected by mainstream media whatsoever, no independent analysis of the poisoning of our environment in each and any thinkable realm, what do WE (???) have to expect !?!

  5. CommonCents says:

    I’ll make two bets:

    1) The majority of the buyers are liberals.

    2) They get their ‘information’ via the MSM.

    A perfect example of the pathetic state of science education in the US.

  6. Mel says:

    Hey, Idiots,…your behavior indicates you have been educated in the public school system. For many years we exploded A bombs in Nevada and H bombs
    in the mid Pacific. The amount of radiation released from the Japanese power plants is nothing compared to these blasts. We survived. Some of the fools buying this equipment probably lie on the bach for hours in the sun exposing themselves to more radiation than they will ever see from Japan. Return your masks and save some money. Onlyl in California. My dad was correct when he said if the ocean weren’t there the people in California would have kept going.

    1. Jake Alope says:

      Maybe the radiation from years past explains the moronic behavior of the people in the present..

  7. eldridge cleever says:

    Haha I guess people will buy anything. Check this out

    1. Raymond says:

      NO, eldridge cleever, People Won’t Just Buy Anything! That’s of course if You’re using someone else’s name! “eldridge cleever?” Oh, How Original! I could’ve come up with a better name other than someone else’s!!!! At least I have the Originality of using My Own Name! 🙂

  8. Dennis says:

    This explains how we elected “Moonbeam” to be governor of this state.

  9. Cleary says:

    We as a nation are a lot stupider than we used to be.

  10. MartinW says:

    ONLY IN CALIFORNIA !!!! Don’t come east people

  11. InfantryCombatVet says:

    People are smart to buy any equipment available. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it. Yes, I have been through all of the same training that you describe LTCB. The government spends billions on welfare, and zero on civil defense. CD programs were retired in the 1990s. If you do not use this stuff this go-around, you likely will soon, as the possibility of this repeating itself right here grows with each passing day. There is a high probability that there will be an earthquake in Cali, and we will face similar problems. Your government wont inform you, or protect you. Prepare. Hope is not a course of action. Then again, you could jet off to Rio if the could comes your way…

  12. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.” ~ Louis Armstrong —

  13. Steve Hollar says:

    Wow this sure shows the utter ignorance of the average person out there. They are probably the same ones who won’t use a microwave because they think it is putting radiation in their food. I would hate to go through life being so paranoid.

  14. Leeza Jones says:

    It’s about the jet stream. Take a look at the course of it.

  15. Joseph McLinden says:

    One Billionth of the radiation needed to kill a human and the California Secular Relativists are scrambling for their mortal existences. Read the accounts and statistics of all of the American workers in the nuclear energy field. More people were killed in Teddy Kennedy’s car than in all of America’s nuclear energy industry.

  16. Steve Daniel Sr. says:

    Scientists have proven that US currency acts like a radiation magnet. The only way to be safe is to gather all your money and throw it in the general direction of the problem.

  17. Michael Boggs says:

    We have lost all common sense in America. Save your money, however. Stock up on food, water and basic supplies.

  18. RADHARD says:

    How many People remember all of those above ground nuclear device tests in the South Pacific, Nevada & NM prior to 1962? How many of you were born before 1962?

    Ignorance is deadly and panic does kill.

    If you remember the ’60’s, shower with a friend. If you do not remember the ’60’s, you either did too many drugs or were not born yet, take a shower anyway.

    Do not allow the Press to stampede you into a panic. The West Coast of the USA is over 5,000 miles away from Japan. The isotopes floating over from Japan, have a very short half-life. Statistically, you would die from an automobile accident before you would suffer from cancer caused by an isotope. Hint: do not drive or play on highways.

    Free advice from one of the many “Duck & Cover” Generation

    1. Dust says:

      Actually some of the reactors in danger of meltdown have Mixed Oxide fuel (MOX) which have far more deadly isotopes of plutonium, uranium and cesium with half lifes in the thousands of years. Time will only tell. I wouldn’t count on any expert or government to let you know. Taking a precautionary stance is never a bad idea. Fear and panic is the real enemy.

    2. Radmaniac says:

      Nobody remembers because the tests killed everybody, don’t you remember?

  19. John Keyes says:

    Now we see why California is in such a mess politically. These people listen to too much NPR and liberal TV

  20. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    Total information blackout of what is about to occur.
    The nightmare in Japan will overtake everything.
    Spy satellite IR studies tell no lies to the VIPs.

    Quite soon, the media and governments
    will be discredited in spectacular fashion

  21. AlexU says:

    I hate to throw in a dose of reality, but chemical suits and mask do zilch, zero, nada to protect you from radiation.

    1. Raymond says:

      At least, they keep the Radionuclides off Your Skin. As long as You don’t asorb too much Radiation (measured in “Sv, “Rads,” “Rems,” etc. You should be alright! That’s why they developed Dosimeters, Junior!

    2. jdo says:

      True. Medically we only use the same equipment as we do for basic isolation to keep the particiles off. Time distance and shielding are the only ways to avoid radiaiton.

  22. Raymond says:

    Joe Marshall said: “Just a corection. There was never any A-Bomb testing done in Arizona. We got some fallout in the northen part of the state only. John Ford was directing “Stagecoach” in Monument Valley and later many of the cast supposedly were found to have cancer that could have been caused by fallout from the test.” Hey, Joe! I hate to “Rain On Your Parade,” but the Movie wasn’t “Stagecoach” & it wasn’t in “Arizona!” The movie that You’re refering to was “The Conquerer” & was filmed near St. George, Utah! In fact, after all the exterior shots were made, the Movie Studio decided to truck in 60 tons of Dirt from the Film site to use as dirt for the interior shots back in California! 91 of the 220 Cast & crew contracted Cancer! St. Geroge, Utah was downwind from the Nuclear Test Site in Nevada. Next Time, You might want to check YOUR FACTS before making a Fool of Yourself!

  23. graywolf says:

    Just more evidence (as if we need more) as to the endemic infantilism and stupidity that runs rampant in California.

  24. Raymond says:

    Reply to “trixta:” I’m not minimizing the situation, however I personally thinking that People in California should “stop & think” First, I will admit that “the Government” is “not going to be up front” with the Public. However, neither is the Left! Both sides have there Agenda! The Fukushima Reactor is NOT “Chernobyl” They’re two DIFFERENT TYPES of Nuclear Reactors! Also, If you’re using the Huffington Post & the Sierra Club as YOUR SOURCE, I’d find a set of “Better Sources!” They have their Agendas Too! One other thing, If one is going to start “Popping” Potassium Iodine Pills & the Overdosing on them, I’d think that People would at least “Read The Directions & Consult A Doctor First!” Some People have had a Allegric Reaction because either: (1) They were Allegric to the Potassium and/or Iodine or (2) They didn’t Consult a Doctor & then take the Proper Dosage! Just thought that You People in California would want to know! At leats here in Texas, WE Do THAT! 🙂

  25. RADHARD says:

    I would recommend a certified dosimeter badge service to the the People, in California, who think they are getting more than their fair share of gamma and beta radiation.

    Dental Techs, Radiologists and others who work around X-Ray machines wear a badge dosimeter every day. Most hospitals use a monthly dosimeter service.

    You will have to purchase the service with your own money, but it is a lot cheaper than buying surplus NBC protection gear and recovering in the hospital from potassium iodide overdoses.

  26. emo says:

    Gas masks and CHEMICAL suits are useless against radiation.

  27. emo says:

    “”John Ford was directing “Stagecoach” in Monument Valley and later many of the cast supposedly were found to have cancer that could have been caused by fallout from the test.””

    Actually that was The Conqueror staring John Wayne in 1953. It was filmed in St George Utah after the Upshot Knothole tests

    1. Raymond says:

      emo, I’ve already made the point concerning the Movie, “The Conquerer.” Also, even though that “Chemical Suits & Gas Masks” won’t keep You from “Absorbing Radiation,” they will at least keep You from ingesting them and/or getting them on Your Skin & cause further Damage! The best way from not getting Radiation Poisoning is NOT Being In The Area!

    2. PowerPC says:

      That entire story was nothing but a myth. People who were in the film may have died from cancer…..Like John Wayne but it was decades after the movie. In addition, I saw a discovery or history channel program where they actually measured the radiation in Maureen O’Hara’s wardrobe and it measured only base levels of radiation. The entire thing was a bunch of bunk just like the worries about the radiation from Japan making California unliveable for the next 200 years. Obviously these people have more money than brains…..I would not even waste $2.99 for a bottle of Iodine unless I was actuallly within 50 miles of the power plant.

      1. Raymond says:

        Hey, PowerPC! You think that the “Entire Story is nothing but a Myth”? Why don’t You ask the People in St. George Utah???? They’ll Tell You! And they’ve been exposed longer than the Movie Cast & Crew of “The Conquerer!” They have no where to go! What’s The Matter? “Cat Got Your Tongue????” I sent a previous response & I guess that You reported it! I guess that You don’t like the facts of both “People” Magazine & “Mother Jones” Magazine getting in the way of making Yourself look like an Idiot when confronted with FACTS! Have A Nice Day!

  28. Zorki1c says:

    Don’t need a gas mask or radiation suit. I have several guns. If I need a gas mask or suit I’ll take yours. 🙂

  29. Raymond says:

    Response to Zorki1c’s Comment: “Don’t need a gas mask or radiation suit. I have several guns. If I need a gas mask or suit I’ll take yours.” I’d be very careful about making that Comment and/or Attempt! You might up as Someone’s “Trophy On The Wall!” Have a Nice Day!!!! 🙂

  30. firstpoppa says:

    Californian’s continue to prove P.T. Barnum was right.

  31. Colbalt90Man says:

    In my bomb shelter now …. can hardly breath …. can feel the radiation starting to melt my face … send hel…………………..

  32. Mad Hacker says:

    Pigions are hatched to be plucked. These fatheads are panicing and so they get skined. Well its good that they can afford the expence of being stupid.

    1. Dave says:

      That’s four misspelled words in three sentences. Perhaps you’re not the one to be bandying the word “stupid”.

  33. Mikerudnd says:

    Dont worry Obama and his Family ran away and are safe Vacationing in Brazil on your tax money.

  34. ty says:

    natural selection to the ones who wrecked the earth

  35. Stephen says:

    This shows how uniquely foolish and stupid the people of California are. They are the most liberal state in the Union with (obviously) the least amount of common sense.
    Those suits are no doubt expensive, but stupidity knows that wealth can be had by foolish liberals as well as conservatives with cognitive ability.

  36. jdo says:

    Folks, please. How many above nuclear bombs were exploded amongst all nations? They began in 1945 and ended in 1963 with the limited test ban treaty. We seemed to get through that alright. The release of a few melting nuclear rods is meaninglesss. Quit panicking and figure it out.

  37. I Glow in the Dark says:

    I was formerly licensed to posses and use radioactive materials, back in the day. Here is my addition to this discussion. There are 3 (Three) common types of radioactive decay product. Alpha, (which is essentially a helium nucleus), beta, which is an electron, and gamma which is electromagnetic wave, exactly the same as, but generally higher in frrequency than an X-ray.

    A sheet of paper stops alpha particles
    A sheet of aluminum foil stops beta particles
    Concrete or lead is a decent barrier for gamma radiation. The amount needed varies with the energy and frequency of the radiation.

    Lacking here is any discussion of the TYPE of radiation being encountered, its half life and the source emitter.

    For the most part, exterior contact with fallout is trivial and can be remediated with soap and water. Ingesting the stuff is the bigger problem. If concerned, stay indoors, filter your air, and wash your food to minimize exposure.

  38. Michael Gene says:

    How many of the people buying chem suits and masks did anything similar after the recent North Korean nuclear bomb testing ?
    North Korea is nearly as close to Cali as Japan is.

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