BREWER, Maine (AP) — The owner of a military supply company in Maine says he’s been inundated with orders from people in California buying gas masks and chemical suits.

Maine Military Supply owner Frank Spizuoco says hundreds of gas masks are going out the door. He says people are also ordering related gear, including chemical suits, jackets, gloves, pants and boots.

He says the spike in sales started over the weekend. Officials in Japan are struggling to contain a nuclear power plant damaged by last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

Spizuoco says people are afraid of radiation from the damaged Japanese nuclear plant making its way to the United States.

He tells the Bangor Daily News it reminds him of the frenzy after 9/11. He calls it “pretty crazy.”

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  1. Scott says:

    There is no benefit in a protective mask if it is not fitted. A poor fitting mask DOES NOT work and can put the person using it in danger.

  2. easy brown says:

    well they are from california and vote democrat…

    1. Cleary says:

      Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

  3. tylerjake says:

    Californians need to be preparing for a major earthquake instead!

    1. Shawn says:

      They are. Their nuclear power plants are on fault lines.

  4. will tell says:

    No shortage of morons here

    1. all_seeing_eye says:

      that’s for sure…just take a look at Josh Smith’s comments…

    2. Raymond says:

      You should know, “will tell!” You posted Yourself! Have A Nice Day! 🙂

  5. Josh Smith says:

    Back off. People are right to be careful. They certainly can’t trust the gov or the all-biased media. Maybe all those nuke tests you mention have something to do with all the cancer and autism we have these days that didn’t used to be so much.

    1. Ptolemy says:

      Why is that? I enjoy my third eye and shrunken limbs.

  6. benThere says:

    As is typical of the vast majority of the news media, they make obsurd comments without doing adequate research into what they are talking about. I just turned off the news since Saturday Marning when I saw the same picture (of nothing of importance) for the 200th time since news of the earth quake emerged on the international scene. When they do report something new, most couch it in terms more designed to get ratings and inspire fear than in reality. I think many in the media would enjoy seeing real panic in our streets. My advice, if you don’t know what you are talking about, shut up until you can tell the real fqacts…

    1. open-ur-eyes says:

      Maybe u should take your own advise,because u obviously dont know the severity of radioactive isotope fallout. Ever heard of a thing called the jet stream. The same corporations that have stake in the nuclear industry have huge stake or completely control media sources.GE owns NBC. GE also built and supplies most of the equipment in the Fukushima plant and many others around the world. Why would they throw themselves under the bus by telling people the truth? They started off lying to us about the radiation levels in Japan. Why would they stop now? People please open your eyes!!!

  7. Josh Smith says:

    And if the radioactive material goes into the ocean, then wouldn’t that also go into the fish that are caught and put on the dinner table? Why isn’t the media telling people how to protect themselves and prepare?

    1. John Smith says:

      Your statement illustrates the exact mentality of people who are buying iodide tabs and protective gear. The radiation doesn’t just “go into the ocean and into the fish” It’s obviously more complicated than that. The ocean is a big place. you can’t just make over-simplified statements and expect them to encapsulate how things work. but the media does this everyday. they make over-simplified statements so the general public can understand.

      1. jason h says:

        then why don’t you enlighten us on the complexity of the situation instead of just making an unsubstantiated statement criticizing and unsubstantiated statement?

      2. Cleary says:

        Well look at it this way. If I have a garden hose and you’re up close, I can hit you with a good hard spray. Indeed, I should hit you with a good hard spray. But if you’re 100 feet away,, even with perfect aim, the spray will disperse, and I’ll be lucky to get you wet at all. Simple analogy, but it works. And really – you should be sprayed – and perhaps spayed as well.

    2. quindan says:

      The radioactive fall out will go into the ocean but it will be dissipated over time, area, distance, so likely hood of you eating a rad. fish is as much as you getting hit by a bolt of lightning (in my opinion).

    3. Ferdinand the Bull says:

      Jason and Josh: you two morons go on out and waste your money on these “life-saving” items. The two of you should be very happy together as the last two idiots on Earth.

      1. oneguy says:

        ASSClown, Keep drinking the kool aid.

  8. Jason says:

    To each his own. Better to be prepared than not to be.

    1. Jon says:

      Exactly… Better to be prepared. Like me buying auto insurance even though I have never been in an accident in 40 years and drive very little now.

    2. CommonCents says:

      Jason, you’re a bit late on the ‘preparedness’ concept…

      The idea is to stock up -before- any incident, not to react with every other fool.

      1. Erin Cronenwett says:

        Bravo! Exacty!

  9. Smithers says:

    So if I sprayed 500 gallons of Lysol in Japan would southern californians be able to smell it?

    1. Joe Smith says:


      Next question?

    2. Jack says:


    3. Erin Cronenwett says:

      Good point. But it would have to be alot more than 500 gallons.

  10. Dash Riprock says:

    Many people in Los Angeles – especially the natives – are afraid to go out in the rain and if the temperature drops below forty degrees, so why does this surprise anyone. Wimps.

  11. Pacman says:

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling!! Chicken Little (MSM) at his best. LOL!

    1. Ptolemey says:

      WHERE’S AL GORE!!!

  12. rocky says:

    I will be prepared and the rest of you will wither and die. Too bad. I have my mask ordered. Go believe there’s no threat. More for the rest of us when the plume arrives.

    1. Tovarishch says:

      LOL. Radiation is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. How will you know when to don the mask? Let us hope you are scarfing down that Iodine by the handful and you will croak from iodine poisoning…soon.

    2. Joe Smith says:

      Are you prepared to take down the black choppers, too? Got your weapons and ammo packed in pvc and buried out behind the woodpile? Did you empty the shelves of the 99 cent store? Yeah, you’ll have it made while we die. (Did you remember a can opener? Burgess Meredith forgot his on that Twilight Zone episode when he kept the bomb shelter to himself.) Smell that plume?

    3. TheBruce says:

      Funny, you ordered your mask, huh? A prepared person would have had it beforehand.

      No worries, when it’s all said and done, you’ll be putting it up for sale on EBay once you realize that you weren’t in danger.

      P.S. The “plume” has already arrived, you twit.

  13. Craigster says:

    Hey guys it is the liberal media’s job to support the President’s economic stimulus goals, this should add to the retail and Fed Ex employment numbers as jobs saved or created.. Another plus is that the liberal des in California are paying for their own freight this time.

  14. Aaron L says:

    As a Californian, I believe better safe than sorry. What’s the harm in being cautious? “Be prepared”. That’s why I stuffed an iodine-soaked rag in my respirator and dipped my chemical suit in lead-based paint. Plus I have a garland of garlic around my neck and am bleeding myself with leeches once an hour. We’ll see who’s laughing when the hair on your mutant second-head falls out…

    1. TheBruce says:

      Aaron, you forgot about the zombies. The ZOMBIES, man!

      Loved your post. Put an ear to ear smile on my face.

    2. Ptolemy says:

      You forgot the garlic. Hang some garlic over your doors and windows.

    3. Erin Cronenwett says:

      Well thought out and you are better alive if the Shtf. Good for you and one point to the scoffer: you will be wishing you thought for yourself when Aaron L. is strong and healthy in 3 years and you all are dying of various reactions to the fallout you cannot see dumping on your heads and your owned media says “Oops, we didn’t know at the time because of __, it’s not our fault.” Better safe than sorry!

  15. Userless Id says:


  16. Josh Smith says:

    Everyone knows that the left hides the truth by slinging insults saying anyone who dares question them is an idiot. What is really happening is that money is at stake, so they are willing to sacrifice your health to prevent a financial panic (which by the way already started – that’s why the G7 had to intervene in the money markets today).

    They keep saying this is not chernobyl – that’s true, because chernobyl was just one reactor, and this is 6; so multiply chernobyl times six and you begin to approach the real situation. You also have a couple of other nuke plants fairly close to this one, so will they have to be shut-down when this one finishes the meltdown and the local radiation is unsafe for human operators?…add more consequences when that happens.

    Japan just raised the emergency level today by one notch to a 5, but previously the US already said it was a 6 when Japan said it was a 4. A 5 is what happened in 3 mile island, but 3 mile island didn’t explode 4 reactors, so this is clearly not a 5. So that means that it just escalated from a 6 to a 7 apparently. 7 is the top of the scale (1 to 7), so it apparently is as bad as it can get, which multiplied times 6 reactors is not good. That also explains why today Japan said that it would accept technical help from the US. They were trying to fix it themselves, but they now have given up and realise that they are not able to recover it (= level 7, complete meltdown).

    Should someone on the other side of the water and down wind be concerned that chernobyl times 6 is going to blow across the water and land on their vegetables, fruits, and/or go into the water and become part of dinner? Do you actually believe that the food supply is not in jeopardy? Common sense yields the answer, whether you call people idiots or not, they know a catastrophe when they see one.

    And lets not forget the financial catastrophe that will result from all the down time of the #3 economy, Japanese businesses, all the mortgages and loans that will not be paid, all the companies world wide that will slow due to parts not available from Japan, sales that don’t happen in stores that don’t have Japanese goods to sell, even the taxes that won’t be collected as a result. This cannot end well.

    Call us names. We don’t care. You can’t stop the financial tsunami that is headed our way, so your name calling won’t help your cause.

    For everyone else, better safe than sorry. If not needed, then no harm in having. If needed, then extreme harm in not having.

    1. Aaron L says:

      So, I’m a conservative, and I think you’re a total loony. What does that do to your “the lefty insult-slinging” theory?

    2. John Smith says:

      It’s true the economic impacts will be immense and is yet to be felt. I’m more concerned with that than I am with radiation. But now you make it sound like you’re buying protective gear for economic fallout, not nuclear fallout.

      Mostly everything else you say is based on assumptions, not data. But I’ll tell you what, once you receive the Geiger counter in the mail, take a reading from your roof top, post the picture on the internet and send me the link. 😉

  17. Jane Doe says:

    That makes you a progressive.

  18. gary says:

    keep pumping that fear CBS, it’s good for business
    and if you’re interested I have some poison pills everyone can buy for real cheap, these pills will kill you 20 minutes after you take them, so you don’t have to worry about radiation any more. $1,000 per pill, it only takes one.
    please contact me for more info

  19. TangentToWhat says:

    I’ve lived in California for 68 years, and we don’t, and won’t have a radiation “problem” from this event. I wonder how we survived the 113 atomic tests conducted in the Pacific between 1946 and 1963? I wonder how many of these panicked knuckleheads blacken themselves by way of solar radiation at the beach each summer? California doesn’t have a radiation problem, it’s got a wimp problem.

  20. NOMERCY55 says:


    1. William Hofmeister says:

      Saturating your thyroid with iodide tablets can lead to long term health problems. This might be a good idea if you are actually being exposed to high levels of radiation. It is foolish if you are not. It is absolutely not a case of better being safe than sorry.

      1. Jerry L Kreps says:

        No, it won’t, unless you are among the few who have an allergy to it. KI is only twice as toxic as ordinary table salt. The recommend does is two 65 mg KI tablets per day, taken 12 hours apart, for as long as Iodine-131 is present in your environment. Iodine-131 has a half-life of only 8.07 days, so a single contamination event will be a problem for only about 3 months. The other 200+ radioactive isotopes in spent fuel rods are another matter.

    2. Jerry L Kreps says:

      You’ve got nothing. Iodine-131 is only one of a couple HUNDRED radioactive isotopes present in a nuclear accident. KI only prevents the take up of I-131 by the Thyroid gland. The half-live of Iodine-131 is 8.07 days, so in about 3 months it will be gone. Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 have half-lives of 30 and 28 years respectively. KI does nothing to protect against them or the other 200 isotopes.

  21. Charlie's Neighbor says:

    Hollywood is safe, we have warlocks here to protect us.

    1. The MaD HaCkER says:

      YEA! Warlocks! the proper responce to this problem! 😉

  22. NOMERCY55 says:


  23. Mike R. says:

    I was a NBC specialist in the army, and this stuff always makes me roll my eyes. It took months of training to even barely understand how to use protective gear properly, and years to master it. Most people in the military were barely able to put on their masks effectively. Most people generally don’t have e fortitude or discipline to wear the suit or mask for the period of time you ned to in order for it to be effective either. We also had detectors to augment the protective gear juste so you knew what was coming and when.

    1. MamaB says:

      I had to dress up one time (yep, only once) in full chem gear for an Air Force exercise. Totally agree with you, Mike, that it’s not as easy as throwing the outfit on. I honestly don’t believe most people would have a clue how to use this gear, much less be able to tolerate it for very long periods of time. People would probably be better serving themselves by building up an emergency supply of food, water and other essentials so they can be prepared for any potential disaster.

    2. Slim says:

      And the sheep bleat. We are surrounded by the drones, they wouldn’t know an isotope it is bit them, God we get more rads in one dental visit than will occur from this.. I’ve come to believe a 160 acre compound in Wyoming or Kansas, 20′ high fence to keep people out is about where we are heading because people are too stupid to think for themselves much anymore.

      Gas masks and potassium iodide jumping off the shelves, God forbid something occurs here with an empty suit in the Whitehouse.

      1. Raymond says:

        Good One, Slim! 5 Stars!!!!

    3. Billy Gotepis says:

      sounds like you werent very good at your job if it yook you months to set and tighten a gas mask….. derp

      1. LTCB says:

        I’m assuming you’re not prior service and don’t know jack about NBC warfare or how to survive it. I’ve done it 34 years. I’ve run many miles in full protective gear. Most people cannot do that well with it even in the military; and they’re trained how to do it. So, his point about civilians buying the protective equipment is valid. Just because you think you know how to do the task, does not mean you do. Try live agent testing and we’ll see if you’re still alive to tell the soldier he’s not too good at his job. You don’t have standing in this discussion.

  24. firstpoppa says:

    Well, we know who the lemmings are now, don’t we? In about 2 weeks those same idiots will be trying to return the items.

  25. Joe Smith says:

    “They didn’t seem to be worried when they dropped the boom on Hiroshima or all of the nuclear testing that they did in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.”

    ctm (chuckle to myself)

    What a weak example. Janet, if the media we have today existed in the 40’s, ya think they would have made more noise? Consider researching the irradiated milk that reached store shelves after irradiated dust settled on grazing land and was ingested by dairy cows. How much about radiation was even KNOWN when weapons testing was done in the 40’s?

    Logic is a dying art…as is history…It’s sad…

    1. Ptolemy says:

      So according to Joe’s logic we should all buy a gas mask, because Joe believes irradiated dust from Japan will affect his milk.

    2. Dave says:

      What a freak you are, I mean really? Get your Oprah-fied head out of your vagina Joe.

    3. Joe Marshall says:

      Just a corection. There was never any A-Bomb testing done in Arizona. We got some fallout in the northen part of the state only. John Ford was directing “Stagecoach” in Monument Valley and later many of the cast supposedly were found to have cancer that could have been caused by fallout from the test.

  26. Snorri Bjornson says:

    I am constantly amazed by the fact that such a large percentage of people are dismissive of, and derisive toward, those individuals who simply wish to try and prepare for the possible negative ramifications of disasters.

    The people in Japan who live with 20 miles of the Fukushima plant would no doubt love to be able to purchase gas masks, or potassium iodide, but they can not. Waiting until after a disaster is far too late to try and prepare to deal with. It is simply common sense to prepare for emergencies before hand (rather like having a tornado shelter if you live in Kansas, I imagine).

    As for those people who are derisive of people like Josh and Jason, people who are simply trying to be prepared, I imagine they might feel different if they lived in Japan. On the other hand, perhaps not, as no doubt most of them live within a few hundred miles of a nuclear reactor themselves.

    Why do people feel compelled to criticize and deride people who are trying to prepare themselves, while they themselves do nothing? I’m not sure…but I suppose that it may be in some way connected to the mentality of those who believe that the government “did a swell job” helping people after hurricane Katrina.

    If you choose not prepare yourself and your family for disasters, that’s perfectly all right. However, it is rather juvenile to mock others for choosing to do so.

    1. Edward says:

      The reason Josh and Jason are the objects of ridicule is not because they are trying to take rational precautions in response to a reasonable threat, like your storm cellar in Kansas example; it’s because they don’t even understand the nature of the threat and taking precautions that are, at best useless or at worst dangerous.
      They’ve both purchased gas masks and “Geiger” counters. Okay – do they understand that their “Geiger” counter only indicates the rate of radiological material present above background at any given time. What they need are dosemeters which record a amount of radiological dose an individual has received. Do they know what that dangerous levels are for the dose they have and how time, distance, and shielding effects the amount of dose? Do they know when it’s appropriate to take their KI pills how much and how long to deal with that dose and do they understand that even if the take their pills it still doesn’t absolutely protect them? Do they know that taking KI pills can be pose long term health risks?
      Or how about their “gas masks” – do they understand that negative pressure full facial respirators need to be fitted to the person and that they must have special filters for radiological threats as opposed to say a filter for spray paint? Do they know how to identify those filters, what they are, what their useful “life” is, and how to determine if they are functional in the first place? Do they understand that without a protective suit some radiological contamination will still effect them? Do they know how to don and doff that suit and decontaminate themselves? Do they know that there are different types of radiological emitters: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, and that even with their suit and mask they still may not be protected?
      From the sounds of it they don’t and that’s what the rest of are ridiculing. If you want to be prepared, I think that’s great – truly educate yourself on the real potential threats in your area. Don’t join the heard of lemmings racing to A1 Army surplus down the street to grab a few items and think you’re ready.

      1. Snorri Bjornson says:

        Now your response was response and rational, intended to educate and not to simply ridicule. What we need is more education and less derision. This is exactly my point; instead of making fun of others for their perfectly reasonable concerns, is it not better to try and educate people as to the realities of both the potential dangers, as well as the proper responses to them?

        Sad as it may be, people have learned to mistrust their governments and this incident is a good example of why. Only now, a week after the initial incident, has the Japanese government admitted that “they should have admitted earlier how serious the radiation leaks were” and that they were overwhelmed by the events (and who would not be, with the 4th largest earthquake on record, followed by a massive tsunami, and then a large scale nuclear incident).

        In a state of affairs, in which individuals are unable to fully trust their governments, it then falls to people to depend upon each other for information as well as support. In such a situation, derision and ridicule serve no useful function (except perhaps to hide the fear of those who are doing the ridiculing), whereas education and understanding benefits everyone.

      2. Snorri Bjornson says:

        Forgive me, I intended to say “your response was reasoned and rational”

    2. Raymond says:

      Snorri Bjornson, It’s alright! The people that “are dismissive of, and derisive toward, those individuals who simply wish to try and prepare for the possible negative ramifications of disasters” are going to be the Idiots that get Killed First in a Disaster! They’re always saying, “The Government Will Take Care Of Us!” Well, If that’s the Case, Where was the Government with Hurricane Katrina???? Where You Ask??? Answer: “Nowhere To Be Found!” Where Were The Politicians During 9/11???? In Their Underground Bunkers That Were Paid For By The American Taxpayers!!!!

      1. trixta says:

        These are my concerns (i.e. How much is too much and for how long?):

        (Sierra Club spokesman, Carl Pope.)

        “When the first bits of radiation arrived in the U.S. today, health officials in Los Angeles said “Our position has not changed: We still do not expect to see an increase in harmful levels of radiation in California.”

        What is lacking in all of this are any simple explanation of what the authorities are defining as “harmful,” what the possible range of exposures are, and what potential level of releases from Fukushima Daiichi are being taken into account. How bad a scenario are they considering? The information that is being released is unhelpful and won’t enable anyone to judge their actual risk. One expert said, intending to be reassuring, that the level being experienced in California was only “one microsievert”, about 1/100th of the exposure from a chest X-ray. But one microsievert over what period of time? A week? A day? An hour? A minute? A microsievert a minute is equivalent to a chest X-Ray every two hours — a very big deal indeed. ” [read more below]

      2. Raymond says:

        Reply to “trixta:” I’m not minimizing the situation, however I personally thinking that People in California should “stop & think” First, I will admit that “the Government” is “not going to be up front” with the Public. However, neither is the Left! Both sides have there Agenda! The Fukushima Reactor is NOT “Chernobyl” They’re two DIFFERENT TYPES of Nuclear Reactors! Also, If you’re using the Huffington Post & the Sierra Club as YOUR SOURCE, I’d find a set of “Better Sources!” They have their Agendas Too! One other thing, If one is going to start “Popping” Potassium Iodine Pills & the Overdosing on them, I’d think that People would at least “Read The Directions & Consult A Doctor First!” Some People have had a Allegric Reaction because either: (1) They were Allegric to the Potassium and/or Iodine or (2) They didn’t Consult a Doctor & then take the Proper Dosage! Just thought that You People in California would want to know! At least here in Texas, WE DO THAT!

  27. Hank Warren says:

    Useless EPA providing no information and getting everyone panicked, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  28. j Stuart says:

    Calipornia is the center of the selfish and of course they are slimy dems.

  29. Dave says:

    I’ve seen media reports talking about Alaska, Oregon, Washington and California.

    I was a kid in Ohio during three-mile island. There certainly was talk of radiation headed our way.

    I’m in California and while I wouldn’t say I’m freaking out, I definitely have concern. It’s been reported that radiation has reached Sacramento, but that the amount is so low as to be irrelevant. This statement coming from a diplomat – I guess that qualifies him as an expert in radiation. Go ahead and believe your government’s statements. I’ll take them with a grain of salt. After all, they lie about economics, diet, medicine – what’s to keep them from lying about this?

    1. Dave says:

      And no, I’m not buying a mask and suit.

    2. R.J.Berlin says:

      @Dave Agree..! Well spoken!R.J.Berlin

    3. trixta says:

      The EPA website appears to have a good tracking system, and it’s available to the public. Once in the website, click on the following (e.g. on California, then on your city, etc.):

      Air Monitoring Data from RadNet Fixed Monitors on the U.S. West Coast
      Alaska | California | Hawaii | Oregon | Washington

      Here are some interesting articles on the fallout in CA:

  30. TangentToWhat says:

    “At Fukushima City, 60 miles from the plant, the recorded amount of radiation on Thursday was 20 microsieverts per hour” as measured by an international team. A CT scan of the abdomen is 8000 microsieverts, and a dental xray is 100 received in two seconds. Panic on quislings, but don’t worry, The Great Leader will protect you.

  31. Joyce S says:

    Now I’ve heard everything…I am fully expectring
    Godzilla to arise from the Sea of Japan with all
    this media coverage.

  32. JT says:


    With all due respect. There is a vast difference between the radiation emitted from electronic devices and nuclear devices.

    Lumping them into the same category does a disservice to the readers.

    Electronic devices generally emit EM and RF signals, similar to a microwave oven, that excite the atoms inside a human body. Old style CRT monitors and TVs emit x-rays and electrons.

    The sources of this type of radiation can be shut off simply by removing the power source.

    Nuclear materials emit particles as part of the process of radioactive decay. You can’t turn off this type of radiation as it is self powered and you just have to let it run down. Like a battery. That’s where half-life comes in.

    Once your body absorbs radioactive particles, some will become incorporated in your body’s structure. Strontium 90 is treated like calcium by your body and is deposited in your bones. Iodine 131is absorbed by your thyroid. Other types of radioactive materials can be inhaled or ingested where they become trapped by the body.

    These particles continually bombard surrounding tissues with ionizing radiation, killing surrounding cells and destroying DNA.

  33. Jake says:

    I already had KI pills, gas masks, and many other toys. My family always thought of me as eccentric.They believe me now.

    BTW: I wouldn’t waste time or effort on Japan’s disaster. Too far away. I have nuke plants within 30 miles.Those plants or other nuke events in my immediate area.are what concern me.

  34. MissD says:

    smoking and 2nd hand smoking is more harmful than the “mild plume of radiation.” I wonder how many paranoid chickens are taking potassium iodide tabs with a stoge in their hand?!

  35. james says:

    God what happened to this country? Twenty years ago men were men but today everyone’s a vagina!

    1. omar says:

      It’s called SOY
      you eat it – put the female estrogen sex hormone in your male baody it feminizes you ,turns you into a sissy.


  36. jd says:

    Charlie Sheen will rake care of us all.

  37. chips says:

    Looks like the correct drill to perform when Michelle obama farts!

  38. Mabel Rockwell says:

    As a native Californian I cannot believe what I am reading here. Perhaps all these “chicken little’s” came to California from other states. What else could it be????

  39. LTCB says:

    I am nuclear, biologically and chemically qualified. I’m not buying masks, yet. It’s not necessary with this current threat. However, if I was going to get one it would be more over the danger of Iran and terrorists using a dirty weapon. THAT is a good enough reason to get protective gear (don’t forget the duct tape). You all have to do your own risk analysis to determine what works for you and your family and where you live. Not many worries in Oklahoma. But, I would be much more concerned on either coast. The real danger of concern is not this current cloud. The TSA uses more radiation on you frequent flyers than this will provide. Now, there are issues with Alpha and Beta particle ingestion (that’s what’s floating in the clouds). But, truthfully, there’s little anyone can do about it other than wash their food well prior to eating it. Drain cooked foods to reduce the carryover even more. Don’t worry about packaged goods that are sealed. Just wash off the containers before opening. Wash your hands often and don’t stick them in your mouth or nose. It helps to wash frequently anyway so, just take care of hygiene.

  40. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    Today I got a reading of about 20 cpm on my geiger counter outside in Anaheim CA which is NORMAL background radiation. This panic by ignorant people is fueled by the leftist media. Use common sense and THINK for yourselves.

    1. Ptolemy says:

      Thank goodness for Mr. Hans Gieger.

    2. Raymond says:

      Fred, You have to frogive Liberals! They don’t know the Difference between “Facts & Fear!” To Liberals, They’re Both The Same!

    3. Raymond says:

      CORRECTION: : :Forgive Liberals” Pressed The Wrong Button!

  41. J says:

    Our devils are never quite the same when we meet them face to face.

    1. Raymon d says:

      Well, “J” At least we “Conservatives” do have the decency of meeting our “Devils Face To face” & get rid of them out of Office when they’re caught in a “Public Transgression.” That’s more than I can say for Liberals! You keep Your “Devils” around because Your Side is too afraid of losing a “House and/or Senate Seat” to the Conservatives! To Your Side, It’s All About The Power!

  42. Ptolemy says:


    Actually, the buyers of gas masks are by those planning on buying Japanese cars in the future. It wouldn’t do to sit in an irradiated automobile without a gas mask.

  43. Ptolemy says:

    Is Radiation Sickness covered by ObamaCare? If not, then will only our current crop of Politicians survive, since they’re exempt from ObamaCare?

  44. FRANKOK says:

    Hey idiots on the Left Coast – just please do not order these suits as Japan needs them. A company in Florida has a suit that blocks 90% of the worst radiation – gamma – they just shipped 200 of them to Japan

  45. roger says:

    I get more radiation from pressing my nuts against the microwave.

  46. R.J.Berlin says:

    No reliable information to be expected by mainstream media whatsoever, no independent analysis of the poisoning of our environment in each and any thinkable realm, what do WE (???) have to expect !?!

  47. CommonCents says:

    I’ll make two bets:

    1) The majority of the buyers are liberals.

    2) They get their ‘information’ via the MSM.

    A perfect example of the pathetic state of science education in the US.

  48. Mel says:

    Hey, Idiots,…your behavior indicates you have been educated in the public school system. For many years we exploded A bombs in Nevada and H bombs
    in the mid Pacific. The amount of radiation released from the Japanese power plants is nothing compared to these blasts. We survived. Some of the fools buying this equipment probably lie on the bach for hours in the sun exposing themselves to more radiation than they will ever see from Japan. Return your masks and save some money. Onlyl in California. My dad was correct when he said if the ocean weren’t there the people in California would have kept going.

    1. Jake Alope says:

      Maybe the radiation from years past explains the moronic behavior of the people in the present..

  49. eldridge cleever says:

    Haha I guess people will buy anything. Check this out

    1. Raymond says:

      NO, eldridge cleever, People Won’t Just Buy Anything! That’s of course if You’re using someone else’s name! “eldridge cleever?” Oh, How Original! I could’ve come up with a better name other than someone else’s!!!! At least I have the Originality of using My Own Name! 🙂

  50. Dennis says:

    This explains how we elected “Moonbeam” to be governor of this state.

  51. Cleary says:

    We as a nation are a lot stupider than we used to be.

  52. MartinW says:

    ONLY IN CALIFORNIA !!!! Don’t come east people

  53. InfantryCombatVet says:

    People are smart to buy any equipment available. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it. Yes, I have been through all of the same training that you describe LTCB. The government spends billions on welfare, and zero on civil defense. CD programs were retired in the 1990s. If you do not use this stuff this go-around, you likely will soon, as the possibility of this repeating itself right here grows with each passing day. There is a high probability that there will be an earthquake in Cali, and we will face similar problems. Your government wont inform you, or protect you. Prepare. Hope is not a course of action. Then again, you could jet off to Rio if the could comes your way…

  54. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.” ~ Louis Armstrong —

  55. Steve Hollar says:

    Wow this sure shows the utter ignorance of the average person out there. They are probably the same ones who won’t use a microwave because they think it is putting radiation in their food. I would hate to go through life being so paranoid.

  56. Leeza Jones says:

    It’s about the jet stream. Take a look at the course of it.

  57. Joseph McLinden says:

    One Billionth of the radiation needed to kill a human and the California Secular Relativists are scrambling for their mortal existences. Read the accounts and statistics of all of the American workers in the nuclear energy field. More people were killed in Teddy Kennedy’s car than in all of America’s nuclear energy industry.

  58. Steve Daniel Sr. says:

    Scientists have proven that US currency acts like a radiation magnet. The only way to be safe is to gather all your money and throw it in the general direction of the problem.

  59. Michael Boggs says:

    We have lost all common sense in America. Save your money, however. Stock up on food, water and basic supplies.

  60. RADHARD says:

    How many People remember all of those above ground nuclear device tests in the South Pacific, Nevada & NM prior to 1962? How many of you were born before 1962?

    Ignorance is deadly and panic does kill.

    If you remember the ’60’s, shower with a friend. If you do not remember the ’60’s, you either did too many drugs or were not born yet, take a shower anyway.

    Do not allow the Press to stampede you into a panic. The West Coast of the USA is over 5,000 miles away from Japan. The isotopes floating over from Japan, have a very short half-life. Statistically, you would die from an automobile accident before you would suffer from cancer caused by an isotope. Hint: do not drive or play on highways.

    Free advice from one of the many “Duck & Cover” Generation

    1. Dust says:

      Actually some of the reactors in danger of meltdown have Mixed Oxide fuel (MOX) which have far more deadly isotopes of plutonium, uranium and cesium with half lifes in the thousands of years. Time will only tell. I wouldn’t count on any expert or government to let you know. Taking a precautionary stance is never a bad idea. Fear and panic is the real enemy.

    2. Radmaniac says:

      Nobody remembers because the tests killed everybody, don’t you remember?

  61. John Keyes says:

    Now we see why California is in such a mess politically. These people listen to too much NPR and liberal TV

  62. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    Total information blackout of what is about to occur.
    The nightmare in Japan will overtake everything.
    Spy satellite IR studies tell no lies to the VIPs.

    Quite soon, the media and governments
    will be discredited in spectacular fashion

  63. AlexU says:

    I hate to throw in a dose of reality, but chemical suits and mask do zilch, zero, nada to protect you from radiation.

    1. Raymond says:

      At least, they keep the Radionuclides off Your Skin. As long as You don’t asorb too much Radiation (measured in “Sv, “Rads,” “Rems,” etc. You should be alright! That’s why they developed Dosimeters, Junior!

    2. jdo says:

      True. Medically we only use the same equipment as we do for basic isolation to keep the particiles off. Time distance and shielding are the only ways to avoid radiaiton.

  64. Raymond says:

    Joe Marshall said: “Just a corection. There was never any A-Bomb testing done in Arizona. We got some fallout in the northen part of the state only. John Ford was directing “Stagecoach” in Monument Valley and later many of the cast supposedly were found to have cancer that could have been caused by fallout from the test.” Hey, Joe! I hate to “Rain On Your Parade,” but the Movie wasn’t “Stagecoach” & it wasn’t in “Arizona!” The movie that You’re refering to was “The Conquerer” & was filmed near St. George, Utah! In fact, after all the exterior shots were made, the Movie Studio decided to truck in 60 tons of Dirt from the Film site to use as dirt for the interior shots back in California! 91 of the 220 Cast & crew contracted Cancer! St. Geroge, Utah was downwind from the Nuclear Test Site in Nevada. Next Time, You might want to check YOUR FACTS before making a Fool of Yourself!

  65. graywolf says:

    Just more evidence (as if we need more) as to the endemic infantilism and stupidity that runs rampant in California.

  66. Raymond says:

    Reply to “trixta:” I’m not minimizing the situation, however I personally thinking that People in California should “stop & think” First, I will admit that “the Government” is “not going to be up front” with the Public. However, neither is the Left! Both sides have there Agenda! The Fukushima Reactor is NOT “Chernobyl” They’re two DIFFERENT TYPES of Nuclear Reactors! Also, If you’re using the Huffington Post & the Sierra Club as YOUR SOURCE, I’d find a set of “Better Sources!” They have their Agendas Too! One other thing, If one is going to start “Popping” Potassium Iodine Pills & the Overdosing on them, I’d think that People would at least “Read The Directions & Consult A Doctor First!” Some People have had a Allegric Reaction because either: (1) They were Allegric to the Potassium and/or Iodine or (2) They didn’t Consult a Doctor & then take the Proper Dosage! Just thought that You People in California would want to know! At leats here in Texas, WE Do THAT! 🙂

  67. RADHARD says:

    I would recommend a certified dosimeter badge service to the the People, in California, who think they are getting more than their fair share of gamma and beta radiation.

    Dental Techs, Radiologists and others who work around X-Ray machines wear a badge dosimeter every day. Most hospitals use a monthly dosimeter service.

    You will have to purchase the service with your own money, but it is a lot cheaper than buying surplus NBC protection gear and recovering in the hospital from potassium iodide overdoses.

  68. emo says:

    Gas masks and CHEMICAL suits are useless against radiation.

  69. emo says:

    “”John Ford was directing “Stagecoach” in Monument Valley and later many of the cast supposedly were found to have cancer that could have been caused by fallout from the test.””

    Actually that was The Conqueror staring John Wayne in 1953. It was filmed in St George Utah after the Upshot Knothole tests

    1. Raymond says:

      emo, I’ve already made the point concerning the Movie, “The Conquerer.” Also, even though that “Chemical Suits & Gas Masks” won’t keep You from “Absorbing Radiation,” they will at least keep You from ingesting them and/or getting them on Your Skin & cause further Damage! The best way from not getting Radiation Poisoning is NOT Being In The Area!

    2. PowerPC says:

      That entire story was nothing but a myth. People who were in the film may have died from cancer…..Like John Wayne but it was decades after the movie. In addition, I saw a discovery or history channel program where they actually measured the radiation in Maureen O’Hara’s wardrobe and it measured only base levels of radiation. The entire thing was a bunch of bunk just like the worries about the radiation from Japan making California unliveable for the next 200 years. Obviously these people have more money than brains…..I would not even waste $2.99 for a bottle of Iodine unless I was actuallly within 50 miles of the power plant.

      1. Raymond says:

        Hey, PowerPC! You think that the “Entire Story is nothing but a Myth”? Why don’t You ask the People in St. George Utah???? They’ll Tell You! And they’ve been exposed longer than the Movie Cast & Crew of “The Conquerer!” They have no where to go! What’s The Matter? “Cat Got Your Tongue????” I sent a previous response & I guess that You reported it! I guess that You don’t like the facts of both “People” Magazine & “Mother Jones” Magazine getting in the way of making Yourself look like an Idiot when confronted with FACTS! Have A Nice Day!

  70. Zorki1c says:

    Don’t need a gas mask or radiation suit. I have several guns. If I need a gas mask or suit I’ll take yours. 🙂

  71. Raymond says:

    Response to Zorki1c’s Comment: “Don’t need a gas mask or radiation suit. I have several guns. If I need a gas mask or suit I’ll take yours.” I’d be very careful about making that Comment and/or Attempt! You might up as Someone’s “Trophy On The Wall!” Have a Nice Day!!!! 🙂

  72. firstpoppa says:

    Californian’s continue to prove P.T. Barnum was right.

  73. Colbalt90Man says:

    In my bomb shelter now …. can hardly breath …. can feel the radiation starting to melt my face … send hel…………………..

  74. Mad Hacker says:

    Pigions are hatched to be plucked. These fatheads are panicing and so they get skined. Well its good that they can afford the expence of being stupid.

    1. Dave says:

      That’s four misspelled words in three sentences. Perhaps you’re not the one to be bandying the word “stupid”.

  75. Mikerudnd says:

    Dont worry Obama and his Family ran away and are safe Vacationing in Brazil on your tax money.

  76. ty says:

    natural selection to the ones who wrecked the earth

  77. Stephen says:

    This shows how uniquely foolish and stupid the people of California are. They are the most liberal state in the Union with (obviously) the least amount of common sense.
    Those suits are no doubt expensive, but stupidity knows that wealth can be had by foolish liberals as well as conservatives with cognitive ability.

  78. jdo says:

    Folks, please. How many above nuclear bombs were exploded amongst all nations? They began in 1945 and ended in 1963 with the limited test ban treaty. We seemed to get through that alright. The release of a few melting nuclear rods is meaninglesss. Quit panicking and figure it out.

  79. I Glow in the Dark says:

    I was formerly licensed to posses and use radioactive materials, back in the day. Here is my addition to this discussion. There are 3 (Three) common types of radioactive decay product. Alpha, (which is essentially a helium nucleus), beta, which is an electron, and gamma which is electromagnetic wave, exactly the same as, but generally higher in frrequency than an X-ray.

    A sheet of paper stops alpha particles
    A sheet of aluminum foil stops beta particles
    Concrete or lead is a decent barrier for gamma radiation. The amount needed varies with the energy and frequency of the radiation.

    Lacking here is any discussion of the TYPE of radiation being encountered, its half life and the source emitter.

    For the most part, exterior contact with fallout is trivial and can be remediated with soap and water. Ingesting the stuff is the bigger problem. If concerned, stay indoors, filter your air, and wash your food to minimize exposure.

  80. Michael Gene says:

    How many of the people buying chem suits and masks did anything similar after the recent North Korean nuclear bomb testing ?
    North Korea is nearly as close to Cali as Japan is.

  81. david blimmo says:

    America is a nation of ignorant, fat cowards.

  82. Duh! says:

    gas masks and chemical suits are not good enough. You need living quarters away from the radiation.

    It must be at least 15 feet deep so that the harmless radiation that is falling on the surface cannot reach your living quarters underground.
    You must stock it with water and food for at least a six month stay as we wait for the minuscule amount of radiation particles to be washed away by rain.

    You must also make sure you have a large savings in your bank account. Because you cannot come out of the shelter for six months. There are many emails floating around about someone dying in Nigeria and they will give you a cut of the millions of dollars if you will pay the fees to help get the money out of the country.

    Doing my job to jump start the shovel economy since Obama failed miserably.

  83. upayu says:

    This is why we can’t stand Calastupids coming to our State of Washington—-They ARE VERY____VERY —STUPID!!!!!! And STAY in Californica!!!!!!

  84. Hu Flores says:

    I believe 1 of your adverts triggered my internet browser to resize, you probably need to put that on your blacklist. Worried Californians Purchase Gas Masks, Chemical Suits CBS Los Angeles is really a cool name for a blog BTW 😉

  85. banking online a says:

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  86. Veola Laker says:

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