SUNLAND (CBS) — A robbery suspect is dead after a retired Burbank police officer shot him during an alleged heist at a Sunland McDonald’s restaurant.

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Foothill division received a call at 10:47 a.m. of a man with a gun at a McDonald’s in the 7900 block of Foothill Blvd.

Police say the retired officer was in line to order during the robbery and fatally shot the suspect. Witnesses say the suspect was shot twice in the chest.

Authorities are investigating.

Comments (37)
  1. gdog07 says:

    Oh well. One less criminal.

    1. Aaron Miller says:

      Sounds like a well-trained cop who saw his duty and took action. The robber knowingly undertook a high-risk activity and the outcome was predictable. Score one for the good guys.

  2. Zach Sanders says:

    Why was the robbery “alleged”, but not the shooting by the retired officer? I hate how every courtesy is extended to these thugs. I would have had a good chuckle if the story read “an alleged retired Burbank PD officer allegedy shot and allegedly killed an alleged armed robber committing, albiet allegedly, a robbery.” that would be some journalism.

  3. Ed Rooney says:

    when will we hear about this idiot’s loser family suing the police for excessive force?

    1. tom says:

      about the same time you get a life . why dont you and people like you wait for the facts before you shoot off your mouth!

  4. njt says:

    maybe he just wanted some chicken nugs for his kids

  5. Mr. V says:

    This “alleged robber” is now “allegedly” dead. Justice accomplished.

  6. tim says:

    @Zach Sanders…. Awesome!

  7. Ferris Bueller says:

    Hey, Ed mind shutting up long enough to let a few neurons fire up in that dead space known as your head for once? You can’t seem to actually READ or COMPREHEND on ANY item here. A PRIVATE citizen shot a robber, what excessive police force? The family would sue the EX-COP that did the shooting.

    He’d better hope he was 100% right with that weapon and his actions. Licensed, updated, current? Was the gun he used registered under CCW? Did he carry the gun UNloaded as REQUIRED by STATE LAW? I find it hard to believe he had it stashed, ran into the robbery in progress, had enough time to get bullets, load the gun, take safety off, then shoot the guy (assuming the perp had a loaded gun as the story seems to say). Whatever, probably won’t matter, the boys in blue tend to watch each other’s backs.

    1. mike says:

      Apparently you know nothing about the law. The weapon does not need to be carried unloaded moron. Who ever told you that is as dumb as you are.

      As for your comment regarding watching each others backs, someone has to watch them, when there is morons like you in our society.

    2. Mini Mousekat says:

      Just so ya know, retired cops are REQUIRED TO CARY A LOADED WEAPON just as if they were still on the force. Maybe next time you wont be so sarcastic and upity until you get your facts straight.

    3. Daryl says:

      He is a retired cop, he can carry a fully loaded gun,, do your research before you say something that makes you look stupid.

      1. TT says:

        thats what i thought too…

    4. Astonished says:

      Are you on drugs? Who cares if the “alleged” robber’s gun was loaded. You try staring down the barrel of a gun, and see if you have the nuts to ask the dipwad holding it if its loaded. As for the retired officer. They can carry loaded same as any person who has a CCW Permit (STATE LAW).

      As far as I’m concerned, I’m rooting for the retired police officer, turned citizen! Thank God his aim was as good as it was!

    5. margaret says:

      No CCW needed for a retired cop. So watch, you never know when and where a retired or cop is. Thank God, he/she was here to save lives, like the clerks life.

    6. SF says:

      Kindly change your screen name – you insult and defame it with your comments

  8. Sheila Shigley says:

    A job well done for the officer! Two thumbs up, way up!

  9. fpip says:

    the hamburglar is dead. white cop+brown suspect always = death.

  10. Steve says:

    10-98. DP DRT, NHI

  11. icecream says:

    Great work, Oldtimer, you haven’t lost it !!!

  12. Daryl says:

    suspect 10-7 , show me 10-8, lol

  13. Zeus says:

    Yep…..I sure get mad too when they stop serving breakfast. That’s no doubt what happened.

    1. laughing says:

      that’s hilarious! lol

  14. BikeRider says:

    And here I always thought of Sunland-Tujunga as such a nice homely community where there was peace and harmony… All the gang bangers getting along, only shooting at homies from other ‘hoods… The moms and dads take their kids to school every morning… because they’re in the same grade as their kids… Apparently I was way off base! I better rethink the purchase of the crack house in foreclosure… It only needed a couple hundred grand to make it liveable too!

    1. tumadrebikerider says:

      oh, so you were planing on buying your mother’s house. will you continue the business?

    2. Sweetpeezz says:

      that’s cause Foothill PD let the gang bangers move in when the starting cracking down on the bikers and old hippy’s that always ruled the look what you all are left with

  15. Jimmy Cruz says:

    great job old man!!!!! Too bad he didn’t blow the robbers his off!!!

  16. Jimmy Cruz says:

    great job old man!!!!! Too bad he didn’t blow the robbers head off!!!

  17. tumadrebikerider says:

    good looking out! once a cop always a cop!! hey, bikerider what grade are you in?

  18. michael wout says:

    i know the retired burbank officer , i dont know whats going on live 2 miles from their

  19. Retired Marine Rifleman says:

    Retired Policemen can carry a firearm if they choose to. Good thing he was that morning when he took care of business. One less dirtbag to have to deal with.

  20. Michael T says:

    Good job. To bad good citizens have such a problem getting CCW in Ca. A lot less crime when people can defend themselves at home or a way.
    No the streets won’t run red from all the shoot outs. That’s anti gun BS.

  21. Jason S. says:

    This is fantastic! With all the horrible news out there, this is a tearjerker… such a feel good story. Can there be better news than the death of a thief? Probably, but this one really choked me up with JOY! (*NOT being sarcastic, I despise thieves)

  22. Borsia Novak says:

    Trained citizens carrying guns is why states that have relaxed CCW laws have seen crime drop by 60-80%.
    This guy didn’t come into a McD to feed his family he came to commit a violent crime and threaten the lives of everyone there.
    Fortunately instead of a Big Mack he got a Big Whack… good shooting.

  23. Gomer Pyle says:


  24. TheWindrunner says:

    I’m luving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Sylvia Webb says:

    Thats my son and my husband in this video…I had to hide my kids in the play area when it was happening…..believe me this officer even though he is retired is still an officer to me saved me and my kids…..there was much more to the story and till this day my son guards our front door to protect us because of this. My 7 year daughter saw the man the color shirt and the gun….now how do i take those thoughts out of my kids mind? so thank you officer…GOD BLESS YOU

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