LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) A diplomat in Vienna says Japan’s radioactive fallout has reached Southern California, but first readings are “about a billion times beneath levels that would be health threatening.”

The diplomat, who has access to U.N. radiation tracking, was citing readings Friday from one of its California-based measuring stations.

He asked for anonymity Friday because the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization does not make its data public.

Health and nuclear experts say there is absolutely no cause for alarm because the radiation is being diluted during its journey across the Pacific Ocean.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District is monitoring radiation levels at three sites in Southern California. Concerned residents can now get a daily update about radiation levels by visiting AQMD.

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  1. Hollywood Mark says:

    Huh? An anonymous diplomat says the radiation is “a billion times beneath levels that would be health threatening” ? Really? A billion? Anonymous? Gimme a break.

    1. CCTEACHER says:


  2. sarabella gignac says:

    Extremely Low Levels Of Radiation Reach Southern California >> we the public will need to know “compared to what” a benchmark # so we can see for ourselves daily… and where are these observation sites exactly and when will there be more? and where else will they be placed?
    General statements only last for a short while then you’ll see just how people will demand specific answers to specific questions.

  3. Duh! says:

    It’s all hype to make you afraid.
    Why even bother to report such a tiny amount of radiation? And how do they know it is from Japan and not from the sun. Background radiation from the sun is already harmful. Everyone knows this. That’s why you put sunblock on.

    1. Krys says:


      1. al moran says:

        David Lochbaum, nuclear safety chief at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said a fire would spew “a whole gamut of nasty materials.” In addition to cesium, he cited krypton, strontium and ruthenium.


    2. Karen says:

      I am astonished that people are getting so nuts. I could swear that I just heard on the news that Jerry Brown is calling a state of emergency? What is wrong with him?

      1. Amber Forest says:

        The emergency proclamation is in regards to the damage done to several CA city harbors that were affected by the tsunami, not the nuclear disaster.

  4. terrance stukey says:

    Classic fear-mongering by the media. Amazing that when Japan is suffering through 3 disasters simultaneously, our media is much more concerned with out-headlining one another and creating mild hysteria here in the states. Shame on you for even reporting this clear example of junk news.

    What should have occupied this space appropriately would be a link to the international red cross, for those with the means to donate money to the relief effort.

  5. Jack says:

    Everyone but the CEOs owning the new outlets working on behalf of industry and government realizes there is NO threshold for radiation damage at the cellular level, specifically at the mitochondria. Everything we’re being told is for crowd management. If the radiation was over Washington D.C. everyone would either leave or go into shelters.

  6. Sabra Pasky says:

    Radiation is Radiation and any amount isn’t good!!!! How dumb do they think we are!?!?! Lies, Lies and more Lies!!! Who can we trust!?!?! I just returned to PA yesterday from LA – Thank God – but, my two son’s are still there. Yes – I’m worried!!!!!

  7. chaps2233 says:

    how is this “fear mongering”. they are telling you NOT to be afraid and everything is fine..

    can you people actually read?

    1. krg says:

      It’s fear mongering because people DON’T read and they overreact to everything. The US is spoiled and we have a small amount of radiation coming over from Japan and that will trump everything that is happening IN Japan. Everyone hits the crisis button and the media feeds it like a starving dog.

  8. GloWorm says:

    I think Sheriff Joe Arpeo from AZ should come here and round up all the illegal radiation and force it into tent cities wearing pink underwear.

    1. Efrain says:

      He wont because he’s a chicken sheeat. That’s why he strolls Maricopa County in a bullet proof unmarked car.

      1. al moran says:

        Apaio that worthless bug and the worthless governess of arizona brewski or whatever her damned name is should both travel to Japan and inspect the reactors first-hand. Then report their findings to the US IMMIGRATION department and hold a meeting to make sure JAPAN did not have illegals working there, ICE should go with them and check because these illegals are everywhere like cacaroaches.

    2. Karen says:

      You are too funny GloWorm. Good idea!

    3. yk says:

      How can a tent city wear pink underwear?

  9. terrance stukey says:

    It’s fear-mongering in the sense that they had to go and seek out some anonymous source from the CTBTO, a diplomat in Vienna Austria no less, to acknowledge some possible microscopic rise above normal background radiation. This is not even what could be considered anecdotal data. The CTBTO is not a strict scientific entity. If you want straight scientific information, you need to consult the IAEA or the Nucear Energy Institute.

    People do actually read, and they’d do better NOT to read the L.A. Times. Educating ourselves about facts instead of reading junk news on the internet will serve us better. Or, we can just run around like a bunch of paranoid chickens, exactly as they want us to. What better way to stimulate a crippled economy than to spark fear and runs on food, water, gasoline, iodine tablets, etc?

  10. Curtis says:

    Didn’t they tell us that there was no danger because the radiation was blown out to sea? Now there saying there is a plume of radiation that has arrived in SoCal which means they were lying about the possibility of radiation reaching the west coast.

  11. Efrain says:

    I wonder if Asians are wearing masks in downtown L.A. just how they wore them around Mexicans when the swine flu spread?

  12. goedgemutst says:

    Is there somebody in california
    who have his own measuring equipment and can give us real figures. It is evedent that the radiation in you’re area should be a lot higher then normal

  13. bruce says:

    All this fear on radiation levels increasing in california. Exactly what are the readings. I can take a 14×17 xray of the lumbar spine with a typical exposure of 0.055 milirems to the patient. So what is the level being registered, I have only heard very slight to miniscule levels. Who can find the readings being quoted????

  14. OLD NURSE says:

    an un known source quoted an undisclosed level at an unkonwn location at an unknown time. READ – BS – which stands for baloney sandwich 😉 get a life- how about responsibility reporting on this emotional subject? PLEASE.

  15. Dan says:

    If the important politicians and high ranking officials leave CA … then maybe we will take all this seriously!! Several days ago i had thought it premature… but now i’ve changed my mind… that many Californians were buying up potassium iodide (KI) pills. I pray we aren’t the last ones to know just how threatening this could be to our people and country. Better still… Let us all pray for the best outcome possible!!

  16. T - says:


    Go to the above link and registar for the EPA RAD Net to acess data on Monitor stations the data listed below is what shows for Riverside – below that is the data showing up from the rest of the Caly cities – for some reason today they are reporting NO DATA – could someone weig in on these riverside numbers and also demand answers on why there is no data for the other cities – it was there yesterday –
    Gamma Energy Range 10 – 91
    Gamma Energy Range 2 – 2204
    Fixed Id Monitor ID 917 Riverside 3/19/2011
    Query Parameters:
    Fixed Monitor Location: CA: RIVERSIDE
    Query Start Date: 03/19/2011
    Query End Date: 03/19/2011
    Fixed data selected.
    Query Result for monitoring location CA: RIVERSIDE. Total Number of Records: 1

    Query Parameters:
    Fixed Monitor Location: CA: LOS ANGELES
    Query Start Date: 03/19/2011
    Query End Date: 03/19/2011
    Fixed data selected.
    Query Result for monitoring location CA: LOS ANGELES. Total Number of Records: 0

    Query Parameters:
    Fixed Monitor Location: CA: SAN JOSE
    Query Start Date: 03/19/2011
    Query End Date: 03/19/2011
    Fixed data selected.
    Query Result for monitoring location CA: SAN JOSE. Total Number of Records: 0

    Query Parameters:
    Fixed Monitor Location: CA: FRESNO
    Query Start Date: 03/19/2011
    Query End Date: 03/19/2011
    Fixed data selected.
    Query Result for monitoring location CA: FRESNO. Total Number of Records: 0

  17. T - says:

    Query Parameters:
    Fixed Monitor Location: CA: SACRAMENTO
    Query Start Date: 03/19/2011
    Query End Date: 03/19/2011
    Fixed data selected.
    Query Result for monitoring location CA: SACRAMENTO. Total Number of Records: 1

    Gamma range 10 – 41 / gamma range 2 – 1,198 / gamma range 3 – 623 / gamma range 4 – 173 / gamma range 5 – 55 / gamma range 7 – 62 / gamma range 8 – 42 / gamma range 9 – 22

  18. Radiation Map says:

    Worried about radiation from Japan? This Android app is GREAT: http://is.gd/ecQJCV live data from EPA and Japan

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