RIVERSIDE (AP) — The Vagos Motorcycle Club has filed a defamation lawsuit claiming Riverside County law enforcement officials damaged their reputation by falsely linking them to Hemet police officer attacks.

Attorney Joseph Yanny filed the Superior Court lawsuit on Thursday says then-District Attorney Rod Pacheco blamed biker club members for the attacks to help bolster a June failed re-election bid.

Pacheco, Hemet police Chief Richard Dana and other law enforcement officials described the Vagos club as cockroaches and terrorists.

The Los Angeles Times says the two men eventually arrested for the police attacks weren’t club members.

The attacks included diversion of a natural gas line into gang task force offices, torching of four code-enforcement trucks and a booby trap that fired a bullet at an officer opening a security gate.

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Comments (4)
  1. MB man says:

    Samcro wouldn’t sue. They are too badass to get even thru courts

  2. harry ballsonya says:

    hopefully hemet pays through the nose on this one, big money

  3. Saber 1 says:

    They run drugs, women, guns and other stolen property. Just a bunch of loosers who can’t even get a job at Carls JR and are relly tough guys when there are a group of them. This will be dismissed in the lower level courts. We are in recess.

  4. Bj says:

    People want to down the mc world know nothing about it. Exactly why they have such a bad name.They have every right to sue.

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