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LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — Risks from possible radiation exposure remain greatest for the workers scrambling to cool reactors at a Japanese nuclear power plant.

Those who have been evacuated from the site are considered safe, as are the 39 million people who live in the greater Tokyo region.

A plume of radiation from Japan is expected to arrive in Southern California Friday, but health and nuclear experts say there is absolutely no cause for alarm because it will be diluted during its journey across the Pacific Ocean.

» Projected Path Of Radiation Plume

The South Coast Air Quality Management District is monitoring radiation levels at three sites in Southern California. Concerned residents can now get a daily update about radiation levels by visiting AQMD.

Dr. Jane Orient, president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, tells KNX 1070’s Tom Haule that low doses of radiation might even be good for you.

Those assurances, however, haven’t stopped some people from making their own radiation fallout meters.

There also continues to be widespread panic in Japan. There were two main threats Thursday from the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant in northeastern Japan: one from the reactor cores and the other from the spent fuel pools beside them. Both have emitted elevated amounts of radiation.

But experts have repeatedly said that those who have moved away from the site are safe.

For questions and/or information about radiation, visit the California Department of Public Health at (916) 341-3917 or the Centers for Disease Control at 1(800) CDC – INFO.

Send Us Your Radiation-Related Questions, Concerns

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Comments (22)
  1. Thomas Bleming says:

    They are lying. They should for once level with the public, however this won’t be the case.

    1. Duh! says:

      Please provide your evidence that they are lying so that a class action lawsuit can be prepared.

      Or are you just spreading fear with your uneducated brain.

      Even if by the billion to one chance that a single particle of radioactive debris makes it here to California, it will be so weak that it will do nothing. You will receive more radiation from the sun. I don’t see you spewing your misinformation about the sun’s radiation.

      1. U idiot says:

        Why R u saying he is uneducated? It seems U R the uneducated one n the easily duped one if U believe everything that corporate media tells over the air.

      2. Geez says:

        unbelieveable, what are you talking about a billion to 1 chance no particles to reach California? So your that kind of expert, show your proof that is the 1 to a Billion shot. Your statement is already conflicting. So what is it 1 in a billiion or it will be so weak when it reaches California? Of course it will, just deluted. They state that it is the same or less than an x-ray. But think of this, an x-ray is immediate, but the exposure is constant so, in my opinion, it’s like getting an x-ray for how every many days straight just by being outside exposed to this deluted material. Also when it does reach California, they state if it rains heavy this is a good thing. How can it be if the rain can bring this to now ground level and infect vegitation and animals who feed on this. At least you have on ething right, we are constantly exposed to the Rads from the Sun, but that has always been the case. The sun is nothing new.

    2. jesseca says:

      i totaly agree- we have not and will not be told the truth as to the extent the elevated amounts of radiation. the word elevated…… leaves the truth wide open and a scape goat for govermental officals. elevated to what? exactly? they know-we dont.

    3. Zpy says:

      Anyone old enough to remember when the US government was experimenting with nuclear explosions and exposed US soldiers to them so they could study the effects?

      Trust no one…you will livelonger!

  2. fish wrap says:

    They need to quit causing panic. yeah like the cloud doesn’t arrive in Oregon or Washington but southern California

  3. work says:

    Saber 1, you are a idiot!

  4. STFU says:

    Let’s send your mom and inbred family to test out your theory about “lotters”

    HAHA! Who are you? You can’t spell and your grammer is atrocious! What a low life!

  5. ew-3 says:

    If Obama was a leader, he’d be going to CA tomorrow and not to Brazil.

    1. U KIDDING says:

      Y would OBAMA come here when the plume of radiation is coming here!? He is not that STUPID!

  6. Tsampis Ting says:

    Balloons from Japan reached California.

    Therefore, radiation plume from Japan may reach California.

    1. CoolerthanLiquidNitrogen says:

      Bare in the mind that a balloon is a solid tangible object with pretty low energy. Now, imagine releasing the same volume of helium, a gas, into the air. Do you think the next town over is going to get squeaky voices? I would hope you would logically come to the conclusion of no. The “radiation plume” is of the same qualities, in fact it probably will be producing excited Helium atoms (alpha particles).

      Yes, there will be radiation.
      Yes, the government will understate it.
      Why? Because unlike the Japanese, we Americans only care about ourselves and would break into mass hysteria.
      No, the radiation will not be overly concerning.
      Why? Every time you get an X-ray, CT-scan, barium anything, fluoroscopes, and even a large portion of the time you spend in hospitals you are being exposed to the same amount of radiation, if not more. Especially you crispy people down in California, who are probably more radiated by your cell phone, the sun, or the power lines .

      So, relax! If you really want to concern yourself, make a Gieger counter or something similar, at least then you will be stimulating the economy with your hysteria.

  7. jason h says:

    The bottom line is we don’t know if the impact will be serious or not but one thing you can be sure of is that our government will understate the risks either way. You can take that to the bank.

  8. Thomas Bleming says:

    It’s being reported on the internet that dead bodies from Japan are washing up on the West Coast.

    1. Ninth Crusade says:

      They’re extreme big wave surfers…. or public workers that got laid off…. or retired porn stars…or maybe Charlie Sheen’s former co-stars…or, or, or.

  9. danny says:

    LMAO…cant really understand “Brainless” people

  10. SHUT IN says:

    Whatever these so-called EXPERTS wanna tell us I will B staying in 2morrow with windows and doors shut.

  11. Robert says:

    Just something I haven’t seen mentioned yet; will the ‘plume of radiation’ interfere with the Los Angeles Marathon this Sunday. Whether the impact materializes in significant numbers of participant ‘no shows’ or actual detrimental physical effects, what impact, if any, can the plume be expected to have upon the marathon.

  12. T.Alan says:

    Instead of fussing and fightin’, let me suggest, for those of you who are
    really concerned, that you download a copy of Kresson Kearney’s “Nuclear
    Survival Skills” at http://www.nukepills.com. This book has the best information you
    are ever going to get from anyone, at present, on how to survive a real heavy dose of radiation from fallout. Consider this current mild radiation threat a wakeup call.

  13. CAS says:

    I wonder if I should be at all concerned and perhaps should have considered buying potassium iodide tablets since I will be flying around in the atmosphere on planes – Sunday and Thursday – in Arizona and Colorado. Anyone know where I cna get info on this?

  14. Diana says:

    What happen with pregnant women does this radiation is dangers???

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