LOS ANGELES (AP) — UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero says the school is “extremely disappointed” that the original round center section of basketball court at Pauley Pavilion is to be auctioned.

The 12-foot jump circle was used from 1965-82 by the men’s teams that won eight national championships and the women’s team that won the 1978 national title.

Guerrero said Wednesday the school learned about the online auction a day earlier.

He says the school has tried for more than 10 years to reacquire the center circle from the current owner, a UCLA alum, and that it had a donor ready to contribute to a charity of the owner’s choice.

SCP Auctions of Laguna Niguel says the alum wishes to remain anonymous. Online bidding runs April 15-30. It says “a large portion” of the proceeds will be donated to funding medical research.

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Comments (8)
  1. USC Pride says:

    I say USC alumni should buy it and burn it at the next Homecoming rally !

    1. Sandy Underpants says:

      Doesn’t USC have bigger fish to fry than fooling around with lame UCLA stuff? UCLA can’t even advance to the 2nd round of the Pac-10 tournament, how much is burning their floor worth?

      1. BW says:

        …and the Toejams can’t even survive the play-in game into the 64 teams field.

  2. Duh! says:

    So if the school has a donor ready to pony up money for it, why doesn’t the donor just buy it at the auction?

    Simple solution.
    Why get in a big huff about it? Now everyone knows about the auction and this news story will most likely drive the price up.

  3. Friggin' Circle? says:

    I think the school has bigger issues to deal with than being concerned about a damn circle on your basketball court. How about suspending that racist girl that posted her racist comments on YouTube? Now that’s an issue that needs the schools attention. She doesn’t represent the school well.

    1. Brink Michael Brinkley says:

      1st amendment?

  4. Jack says:

    Deport the bruins back to Mexico!

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