RIVERSIDE (CBS) — A teacher at a Riverside County high school accused of singling out a student for supporting gay rights has been “dealt with”, according to district officials.

The complaint, dated Oct. 14, alleges a Paloma Valley High School teacher drew an “S” on the hand of a student wearing a “Gay is Good” T-shirt and reportedly referred several times to the student as a sinner.

Students and other staff members eventually reported the incident to Paloma Valley administrators, the school board and the ACLU.

A spokeswoman for the Perris Union High School District said officials take the charges “very, very seriously,”

The complaint was subsequently investigated and “based on our findings, we have dealt with the employee,” said Leslie Ventuleth, the district’s chief human resources officer.

The identities of both the student and teacher involved in the complaint have not been made public.

Other openly gay and lesbian students have complained of a pattern of harassment and discrimination at the school.

Recent allegations range from a move to prohibit announcements about Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender History Month to fights over gay slurs that one student says constitutes a “hate crime”.

The ACLU reportedly began an investigation back in December into what they say is a “homophobic environment” at Paloma Valley.

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Comments (20)
  1. Thomas Bleming says:

    That teacher should get a copy of “The Joy of Gay Sex”. Perhaps after reading this book he/she will be more understanding when it comes to
    to the LGBT issue.

  2. Fernando says:

    Using the phrase “thats Gay” just show the lack of education and human morals people have. You would think by know the knowledge of common courtesy would be used by all Americans but yet it seems the Jerry Springfield youth and those educated on non-sence tv upbringing have the future of our unites states in their friend brained hands.

    1. Topher says:

      As are you; I’m quite positive of that.

    2. Fernando says:

      What I am is quite the opposite of you uneducated brains can comprehend.

    3. krg says:

      This paragraph makes no sense. Let’s try this:

      Using the phrase “that’s Gay” just showS the lack of education and human morals people have. You would think by NOW the knowledge of common courtesy would be used by all Americans but yet it seems the Jerry SPRINGER youth and those educated on NONSENSE tv upringing have the future of our UNITED STATES in their .. umm I can’t even fix that last part.

      Please get a little better handle on English and then try again because I’d love to hear your argument but I have to understand it first.

      1. rommie says:

        I tend to give people the benefit of doubt on web posts; many people do not have English as their first language, and it’s reflected in the way they structure their comments.

        Your final comment about wanting to understand their argument is valid, but your “fix” of Fernando’s post seems mean-spirited.

  3. VFlame says:

    harassment and discrimination=truth,if you cannot handle it, you call it a hate crime. It’s just plain nasty nasty nasty…

    1. Topher says:

      You’re easily one of the most undereducated individuals to visit a news source.

  4. joe richardson sr says:

    watch louis c.k. you people need to stop letting these words hurt you. no wonder why these words are reserved for weak people. extremely gay. double rainbow even.

    1. Roger Luedecke says:

      How strong do you expect children to be?

  5. Alan Hart says:

    Another case against giving teachers tenure. Get rid of these losers.

  6. How GAY! says:

    This is soooo GAY! Yep, I said it. The “G” word. The LGBT community wants us to conform to their lifestyles, but they can’t grow thicker skin? Hmmm….. Seems like a double standard to me. Come on, the word “gay” is just a word. Do you guys know the literal meaning of it? If you did, the LGBT community should be PROUD to be called gay in every sense of the word.

    1. beth says:

      your lack of critical thinking skills astounds me.

  7. Ramalamma says:

    Ahhh…that student must have been a GAY, illegal, immigrant farm worker. What’s one more moniker to the ignorant racists that post here, right?

    Viva la FABULOSO raza!

  8. Dedward says:

    I find those who hate, don’t understand
    and what you hate you find you are
    Ex… Brother hated Asians- he married Asian
    Sister hated Arabs, married Lebanese
    Cousin hated Gays, you got it, he’s gay

  9. dand says:

    Why not just call it “that’s gay” what it is! It’s a bigotted statement and I imagine if someone would delve into the proported use of the term by the teacher, you’d find that the the teacher has racist or other biggoted beliefs.

  10. Ed Rooney says:

    Meanwhile, this role model of a teacher goes on to his basement and defecates on 12 year old boys.

  11. Saber 1 says:

    I’ll bet he has smoked a pole in his short life. Future pole smokers of america unite, in the Sahara desert.

  12. Tim says:

    I want to know why it is that the bullies always get to have their identity hidden. I think that if you’re a bigot and a hate-filled person the world should know.

  13. annie says:

    I’m glad she was punished. Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean you have to push your beliefs on someone else. I realize that we have a freedom of speech, but coming from a teacher, thats just dumb. And to everyone that says ‘that’s gay” is not a bad phrase. “thats gay” is saying it in a derogatory way and meaning that its “bad” to be gay. Which it’s not. So people, please love us gays. We’re human just like you and we deserve to be treated with the utmost respect just like you do. Thanks.

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