WESTWOOD (CBS) — A UCLA co-ed is under fire after an anti-racist rant appears on YouTube.

Student and model Alexandra Wallace, who is self-identified on YouTube, posted a nearly three minute racist tirade against Asian students.

“Asians in the Library” features Wallace commenting on her fellow student’s use of cell phones in the library, saying, “I swear they’re going through their whole phone book, checking on everybody with this tsunami thing.”

The video goes on to show Wallace mocking an Asian accent and criticizes her fellow students’ lack of “American manners.”

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said he was “appalled” by the video and that the anti-Asian post “does not represent the  views of our UCLA community.”

In a letter to the campus community, Block writes, “This one act certainly does not represent the views of our UCLA community.  Our community is built on mutual respect and civility, and we are committed to fostering an environment that values and supports every member.”

Although Block did not address any possible discipline the student might face he did say,UCLA officials tell KCAL 9 that Wallace could face sanctions if they find that she violated UCLA’s University Code of Conduct.

“I believe that speech that expresses intolerance toward any group of  people on the basis of race or gender, or sexual, religious or cultural  identity is indefensible and has no place at UCLA,” said Block.

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  1. Ed Rooney says:

    What are ya thinkin’, sweetheart?
    A dumb blond bimbo at UCLA, who woulda thougt?

  2. bigal says:

    This miss piggy should be ashamed of herself. She needs to belly up to the salt lick and get a clue. It appears that she has no manners either. Way to go, I can see that education going far, your parents must be proud.

  3. Josephine says:

    she might have the right to speak her mind, but UCLA has the right to remove her if she violated any of THEIR rules.

  4. Tom s.. says:

    She enrolled in the wrong school, the racist elite protestant school is USC !

  5. Melissa says:

    A thousand dead bodies washed up on the shores today. A country has partially been destroyed, people, children are dead! And the only emotion this heartless bimbo can muster up is complaints about worried Asian students talking on their cell phones!

    Be as racist and hateful as you want lil blond UCLA sista! And all the rest of you also. You KNOW who you are!! Get your fill of the hate! Engorge on it! But KNOW this…The Great Equalizer IS COMING and He’s about to hand it to us!! You know who He is!! And for those of you in denial…He is Jesus!!

  6. JKV says:

    I don’t hate on anyone but racism is stupid beyond recognition. She was apparently doing it on purpose to gain fake popularity and only people with no common sense would defend her using excuses like “double standards” or “freedom of speech”. Freedom of speech is created for the sake of the people and should only be used to serve all people alike, not for insulting, discriminating and hating on people. She was being a thoughtless, reckless and childish adult with absolutely no sense of judgement at the moment of making the video , considering the fact that she is a university student. Instead of distorting the truth, you guys should all try to push aside your own egos and hatred for others to see the problem as well civilized and well educated adults. End of story.

  7. Steven says:

    First off I am Asian American, I actually didn’t have an issue with the basic idea of her opinion. I happen to agree with some of the points she made, but she could have easily conveyed her opinion without some of the commentary and impressions. When she decided to go about it in that manner, that’s when it became a huge issue. I do not think her comments are racist but they are ignorant. What language was she trying to impersonate? Do all Asians speak to same language? Using the tragedy of the Tsunami in Japan was horrible and completely unnecessary. Ignorant on so many levels. With that said, there isn’t a need to call her names and make fun of her about her physical appearance. I am voicing my opinion on what she said. We as people and Americans should learn from the controversy that this presented. We should learn from each other.

  8. John D. Rocketfeller says:

    ching chong chong ching chong!
    ugh! she is sick of asians who can’t fend for themselves!!!!
    She thinks Asian parents are like so destroying American value!!!
    yea! she love Asians and their phone book!

  9. Black Niger says:

    Unlike before, the emperor of china and other countries closed trade within China/etc preventing development.
    From now on, The Asian force will always be the supreme race on this planet.
    Let me make it clear, White trash can not catch up to the intellects of an Asian.
    Who cares, Jealously and hate speech shouldn’t even matter.
    Its natural for Apes to get rilled up when they see humans on the outside of the cage.

  10. Nick Dietz says:

    Nice words Steven, I agree. I have two hopes:
    1) That outsiders don’t think of this video every time they hear about UCLA. I am a current 3rd year student and can tell you that the prevailing attitudes are progressive, open, and loving at UCLA. The response to this video from students at UCLA makes me proud to say that our ideals of respect are well upheld here.
    2) That people don’t get too riled up about this. It’s a shame that this has spread so fast, her comments should not be taken for face value. People who say things like that do so to avoid their own stressful problems. I encourage everyone to move on and realize that at times like these, we ca all be ironically brought closer together. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction 🙂

  11. CCTEACHER says:


  12. Pat Robertson says:

    Nice rack!

  13. VES says:

    It is a shame for UCLA to accept a student like Alexandra. Obviously she is raised by a racist family. This air head has ruined her future. Now everybody knows she is a racist. Is she majoring in political science? Her future in politics is over. Her modeling hope might be over as well. Who would want her to model their products or represents their company? Whoever hires her will be dealt with a big backlash and boycott. UCLA does not have to discipline her. I bet she will have to quit school because her fellow schoolmates will boycott her on campus.

  14. JEM says:

    I ‘m more surprised that this chick (for lack of a better word) is a model!!!! she looks huge and beyond trashy!!! I couldn’t even finish the video I was so disgusted by her.

  15. cindy says:

    I can’t believe this moron got into UCLA and my beautiful, intelligent, straight A daughter was denied admittance. Are her parents big donors? Did she have sex with all the admittance committee??

    Actually I am relieved my daughter didn’t get admitted if UCLA accepts this small narrow minded boob jobbed type of student. I hope she gets kicked out!

  16. Batang Yagit says:

    Yup freedom of speech. But you wont say F*ck you to your boss and expect a raise.

  17. OhhhhCCLLTTOhhhh says:

    “Haters gonna hate.” I agree with all those who think what she said is wrong! Surely, she have the right of speech and for those low lifes who attacks “Chinese” because of their lack of English is just low. You’re as low and ignorant as that girl who made the video. If you’ve got something to say, say it to my face. Of course, not being hardcore, but seriously, you have something to say, come say it to me instead. I know people would reply and attack my comment because that’s the best you can do BEHIND YOUR SCREEN. Bring it on as I won’t come back to this website? After all, nothing interest me after I have to say what I want to say in response to these “chickens” behind their screens who are trying to get their thoughts through on the internet about “Asians” but you forgot one thing. You CAN’T stop Asians from growing, they are dominating. Your future daughter or son’s teacher could be Asian so are you going to stop them from attending that class? Laugh out loud?! Ignorant boorish Barbie. Haven’t you realize that every, EVERY college is very diverse? Are you just born today? Asians are smarter in Math and if you do want to know the reason why, you’ll need to do some research on that. Face the fact. THE FACT. How about Barbies and Kens talking on the bus “VERY ROUD (LOUD)” I’m sure everyone been through that yeah? Annoying. I want to sew their mouth :). Trust me, the newer generation know how to sew, very good.

    Good luck to her, but I have sympathy for her. I hope she gets what she really deserve.

  18. Me says:

    Was what she said correct? She has a righ to her opinion so stfu and don’t watch if you don’t like it. Move on people.

  19. Dad says:

    I am an employe at UCLA. Racial rants are widely tolerated and go completely unpunished. I was called a christian pig by my indian supervisor, was told to scan resumes when had less than one year experience at and told to to throw away all resumes of applicants I cant spell the name of.
    black people being called slaves, supervisors call themselves proud racist, you name it. I reported my supervisor and was told to forget about it and will not happen again. they waited one year and now is me in disciplinary action. that is also UCLA the pride of cali..

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