LOS ANGELES (AP) — Time Warner Cable is launching the first iPad application from a cable or satellite company that plays live TV.

The app is free, but it only works for people who subscribe to both video and Internet service from Time Warner Cable Inc. Even then, it only works in the home, when the iPad is connected to the company’s cable modem via a Wi-Fi router.

Rob Marcus, the company’s chief operating officer, says the app will play 30 basic cable channels to start, but that number should expand soon.

Other major cable companies have iPad apps that play video on demand or act like big remotes. Comcast Corp., the largest, has promised that its app will play live TV before the end of the year.

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Comments (4)
  1. Tech 2 says:

    Time Warner Cable Inc. , has the worst service in California, terrible customer service ans so many hidden costs they never tell you about so beware.

    1. Lenny says:

      I probably agree with you.
      They ruined WCW!!

  2. Dumb app says:

    Time Warner is still around? What a cheese ball app. Only works in the house if it’s connected to their Internet. LOL….if i’m in the house I’ll watch TV on a TV not a mobile device. Hope your not using this app as a sales tactic.

  3. ray says:

    Why not just sell the app as a subscription service? I’d glady pay $5 bucks instead of $120 dollars for my damn cable + internet.

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