LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A former police officer pleaded no contest today to using a GPS to keep tabs on a woman he was dating.

Aaron Paul Parsons, 31, of Costa Mesa pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of unlawful use of an electronic tracking device, according to court records.

Parsons spent 7 1/2 years with the Costa Mesa Police Department before resigning in April, after he hid a department-issued global-positioning system device on the car of a 32-year-old woman.

According to prosecutors, after the woman unexpectedly ran into Parsons several times, she grew suspicious and checked her car, where she found the GPS device.

The terms of Parsons’ sentence were unclear in court records, but he was ordered to contribute to the Victim Witness Emergency Fund.  Prosecutors said, Parsons could have faced up to six months in jail if he was convicted at trial.

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  1. Sanityforus says:

    Its unfortunate that the very people that we ‘trust’ to protect us sometimes are the very ones we need ‘protection’ from. Does not the police have a kind of ‘personality’ test of sorts where this kind of ‘behavior’ is noted ? Do we blindly let officers work day and day out without some kind of regular ‘testing’ to see how the job is affecting their mind ? I’ve heard about and seen with my own eyes the kind of behaviors that the prison guards have. They are sometimes ‘worse’ than the very criminals they guard. What can be done about this ? Usually…nothing…..

    1. alan hart says:

      The very people they look for are the people you wouldn’t want to work as police. The criminals that are already police are the ones who look for new criminal recruits.

      1. Giveme Abreak says:

        I think I’ve heard about some corrupt doctors. Guess that means ALL doctors are bad. Oh and I’ve heard a few teachers slept with students. I guess that means ALL teachers are bad.

        Do you see now how generalizing makes you look like a fool?

      2. spence says:

        hey giveme abreak. we get irritated because of comments like “The terms of Parsons’ sentence were unclear in court records”. The cops seem to be above the law they are sworn to uphold. Every time we hear about a cop breaking the law they are placed on PAID administrative leave…. then there is no follow up on what happend… and before you know it that cop is righth back on the beat… I believe cops should be held to an even higher standard. Double the mandatory minimums. Cops should know better, more so than the rest of us.

        No one is saying that all cops are bad… but the ones who turn out to be just that don’t ever seem to get into trouble for the criminal actions they are a part of… they just suspended for a few weeks until the story dies down and then they are put right back on the beat. That is unacceptable. If I get caught doing that I’m put in prison for ever… maybe I should be a cop so I can get slapped on the wrist for my crimes instead of prison time.

        what a crock. yea for the unions.

      3. Anon E. Mous says:

        Spence, well spoken and thanks for saving me the time.

      4. John says:

        Alan, thats the dumbest thing I have ever read, . . . anywhere on the internet. . John from brokencountry.com

      5. Giveme Abreak says:

        Spence, I have no idea why you addressed your comment to me since it had NOTHING to do with what I said. It was clear I was addressing the issue of people acting like a few isolated cases meant a large amount of police were corrupt. A point you never addressed unless you are trying to justify that foolish point of view of others.

      6. Keith in Seattle says:

        @Giveme Abreak:
        He made that remark and I make this one because you’re a dumbazz. Cops police their own and if there WERE any “GOOD” cops, they’d root out the bad ones but you never, ever see that do you? Moron. And yes, I can say this as we have a huge problem with rogue cops in Seattle.

      7. Duh! says:

        So Keith, why don’t you call the FBI and turn in the rogue cops in Seattle? Everyday that you don’t do anything makes you part of the problem since you obviously know who the rogue cops are.

      8. Crayola says:

        No, Giveme Abrain you poser, it means the AMA and the lawyers are not protecting the patients and you have to protect yourself. Just the same point, you hole.

    2. charlie says:

      The attorny general has decided to dumb down the police and fire test so more people who are not passing for a reason can get hired for these responsible positions.

      1. bigbiz2 says:

        Yep..wheres the photos

      2. ca capitol guy says:

        Hey, dipstick, the story to which you are referring was in Dayton, Ohio. Maybe your uneducated, tweekbrain missed that point. Try putting down your meth needle before you post. For the record, while a small percentage of cops mess up, 95% do a good job.

      3. DixieRecht says:

        ca capitol guy: it’s you’re as in “you are” not ‘your’. Just thought I’d comment since you refer to the ‘uneducated’

      4. Steve says:

        Ha ha. “Your” should be “you’re?” NOT. How embarassing. DixieSoft PWNED himself.

      5. Nor California dude says:

        Hey, tweek. Try reading carefully before you post and maybe then you can know the difference between your, you’re and you are.

    3. EyesWideShut says:

      “We” trust? Speak for yourself. Every high court in the union says that the police have “NO DUTY TO PROTECT ANYONE.” Don’t believe it? Google it! Watch what comes up. Read the decisions.

      In 1856, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that local law-enforcement had no duty to protect individuals, but only a general duty to enforce the laws. (10) In 1982, the U.S. Court of Appeals held that “there is no Constitutional right to be protected by the state against criminals or madmen. The Constitution does not require Federal or State government to provide services, even so elementary a service as maintaining law and order.”

      Even as recently as 2005, this STILL holds true: “WASHINGTON, June 27 (2005) – The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.” The violent husband went on to attack her, kidnap her three children, and killed them all. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/28scotus.html

      If you trust the police, you need to wake up to reality. If you believe “people doing business as government” are looking out for YOUR best interest, you need a psych eval..

    4. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      People that make their money from pointing guns at others and extracting their wealth in taxes that is then used to pay salaries is degenerate, just like this degenerate cop.

      —— http://911essentials.com

    5. Steve says:

      Sanity: I “don’t” know if the “police” have a “test” but “if” they did, “perhaps” it would “tell” us “how” not to be “distracted” by your “overuse” of “quotes.”

    6. batteredbypd says:

      THANKS @ Keith in Seattle! U said that perfectly!

  2. Rudi says:

    LA’s Finest… what? They never say what.

    1. punisher says:

      Costa mesa isn’t LA moron

      1. Panda says:

        RUDI NEVER MENTION LAPD. Los angels CBS local NEWS

      2. batteredbypd says:

        Get em Panda!!!

      3. Duh! says:

        Punisher never mentioned LAPD. He said Costa Mesa isn’t LA.

        LA is Los Angeles, which is a city.
        Costa Mesa is a city.
        Los Angeles is in Los Angeles County.
        Costa Mesa is in Orange County.

        Panda and Batteredbypd, you should invest in a map of Los Angeles, or just look up on Google Maps where Costa Mesa is.

        LOL too funny.



  4. Duh! says:

    Rudi, get it right YOU stupid illegal. He was CMPD, NOT LAPD.

    1. HOT says:


  5. Ed Rooney says:

    Rudy is probably not illegal, just another Mexican in LA.

    1. bigbiz2 says:

      I like it…

  6. Native American says:

    Go back to China!

  7. JASON SMITH says:


    1. Anon E. Mous says:

      Beautiful! How about this one? Why do we worry about using sterile needles at executions?

      1. Texasgal says:

        Don’t know how many times I have heard that one Anon E. Mous…but never an answer. Maybe we could save $$$$$ if we re-used the needles from executions.Come to think of it, if we had more and quicker executions, we could save money too. Death Row is a long stay, from what I understand. Or use public hangings again, and it may deter crime as well. I know prisoners eat better than a lot of people on the outside, not to mention a roof over their head, medical care, ability for schooling….

  8. Finnish Gangster says:

    To keep the inmate workers from stealing while we’re on patrol and the locker room is unattended. Any more questions Mr. Graveyard Shift Forklift Driver?

    1. penrod59 says:

      The cops allow prisoners to roam the station? Who’s the moron, Finnish Gangster?

      1. batteredbypd says:

        LOL…I like that one penrod59! Inmates don’t roam into the locker room areas…lol…WTH?

    2. James says:

      What’s wrong with being a graveyard shift forklift driver? It beats being a cop. it pays more and it leaves me time to go be with your wife.

    3. 1608poet says:

      Lawyers may walk through that room.

  9. alan hart says:

    Police lie! This guy thought he was above the law but he lost his job and now faces an uncertain future. I hope he never works in law enforcement again.

    1. Anon E. Mous says:

      Don’t worry, he will!

  10. Not newsworthy says:

    That’s what he gets serves him right

  11. barb smith says:

    actually what harm has been done, the guy lost his job and nowhas a record. He is young and I am sure was not thinking,his girlfriend (x) must be a real winner for reporting him. Sounds kinda ingenious for keeping tract of someone , there are lots of people I would like to know where they are and what are doing at every given moment for my own safety. Seems to me like a slap on the wrist would have been adequate.

  12. Lee says:

    You hear more and more about these creep officers lately because the police departments have resorted to lowering their standards for hiring to meet staffing goals and affirmative action mandates. Society, the ACLU and the courts have brought this upon us and until this changes we are going to continue to hire less than stellar people for the job!

    1. DixieRecht says:

      Lee, you are right on point. When the Justice Department demands racial quotas despite lack of qualifications, one obtains a position for which they are not qualified. It gives the individual a feeling of entitlement, as if they are in the job regardless and without consequence. Yes, thank the ACLU, thank the liberals and the “anointed one” who appointed Eric Holder. Yes, the same Holder that refused to prosecute blatant voter intimidation.

      The liberals in action destroying our nation.

  13. Jerry says:

    I had a very close and dear friend who worked for LAPD for over 20 years. Most of that time was in undercover and drug related crime.
    Slowly over the course of several years of exposure to the constant negative environment that he worked in started to overtake and reshape his views of everything from his marriage to his close friends. Eventually he literally became the element he tried so hard to eliminate from society.
    He eventually broke down and had to retire from the department on permanent disability. Had there been a better program in place to monitor the effects of his job on his behavior and mental outlook he would still be a contributing member of society. Instead he is unable to cope with normal everyday life, has devorced, and his children no longer are able to maintain a relationship with him.
    What a shame to see such an outstanding person slowly destroyed by his own occupational stress.
    Unfortuniately we see this happen to many of our young men and women who proudly serve in the military also.

    1. Willi says:

      Stop making excuses for them!!!

    2. Paybacks says:

      Anomie – look it up. It infects police departments like the flu.

  14. m says:

    He should not have been convicted for anything. I’m sure he was just making a split second decision and shouldn’t be held responsible for that.

  15. Frank Bennett says:

    A deep rooted case of “no self confidence” resulting in problems maintaining a stable, trustful, relationship with any woman.

  16. goof_off says:

    If that would of any normal citizen. The judge would have hammered him.

  17. Hank Warren says:

    Useless cops abuses their powers and getting away with it, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  18. woodNfish says:

    Unfortunately, this cop is typical. The US is now a fascist police state and when cops break the law, they are rarely punished as severely as ordinary citizens.

  19. Randy Adams says:

    Based on the comments i can see that the Police dept still isn’t very popular these days.

  20. michael jon houston says:

    …Our “Public Servants” never get the punishment they deserve,..even when they ARE charged,…usually some other “looking out for our own” pig just looks the other way..,They love our restrictive drug laws,..they are getting rich from bribes,stuffing their pockets with cash & drugs at busts,..not to mention the over-time pay they get to do it.,…no wonder they are called “pigs”.

    1. Raymond A Wood says:

      no they should be called Union Members FOP

  21. solo_poke says:

    Sounds to me like a mutual understanding between the elites and police, so neither has to face real consequences for their actions. The only people held accountable are average citizens who do not have financial resources to back them. The balance of justice has been tilted to one side by greed and money.

    It amazes me that not one single law enforcement officer has slapped a set of silver bracelets on any wall street robbers, so when I see police suspended WITH pay for being crimminals, I know we are no longer free.

    Since the only people who have to face consequences are average people, it is clear we are in the process of being enslaved by the elites with the help of the people who are supposed to protect us.

  22. jojo says:

    Just remember….cops are the enemy of freedom. They are an occupied force who use your taxdollarss to send you to prison. F all the pigs.

    1. Raymond A Wood says:

      jojo I think crimes are the first step to prison not law enforcement

      1. batteredbypd says:

        Nah Cops do a whole lot of lying & conjuring up false information to get you sent to prison these days….

  23. jt says:

    All law enforcement is corrupt. Revenue generating sanitation engineers with guns.
    And the way they milk the taxpayer system. And the way they cheat on their spouses. Just a great group of folks.

  24. Creepmode says:

    this is EXACTLY why I use my GPS Cloak from the pocket’s pie app (pronounced “pocket spy”). it is sooo key! NO ONE can keep tabs on me via my mobile phone.

    check it out if you don’t want anyone keeping tabs on you.

  25. Heywood says:


    The guy worked for Costa Mesa PD, not LAPD.

    DrudgeReport is wrong, just read the first paragraph of the article

  26. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    Japan radiation

    BP’s Gulf of Mexico
9/11 mass murder scam

    1. brad says:

      Don’t forget global warming
      Obama as a centrist
      Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
      Ted Kennedy did not remember driving…

  27. alanwillingham says:

    If Police Departments would just lower their entrance requirements as many have demanded, they would probably not have officers smart enough to do these things

  28. kelly says:

    it’s become crystal clear over the past 50 years or so that we need a new rule for cops. (and for politicians, for that matter.) “anyone who *wants to* be a cop/pol is by definition the LAST person who should be allowed anywhere near that kind of power, and should be disqualified instantly.

  29. Ching chung chang chong says:

    He was right, whatever it was he did. He is a cop.

  30. Paul H says:

    This is EXACTLY what happens when you lower the passing scores on tests to accommodate a quota… All this in the name of Political Correctness, and you wonder why you get the cops you do.

  31. Lou Voren says:

    The priviledges of being a public employee (in addition to being “over-pensioned,” “over-benefitted,” and “over-protected”) now extends to even more abuse of taxpayer assets!

  32. Blake says:

    Deal with the cops who abuse their power accordingly, with harsh punishment. Doesn’t mean all cops are bad. Be thankful cops are out there to protect us. Sure, there are bad cops, just as there are bad people in every field out there. But they must be dealt with. If they aren’t, and they continue to abuse their power, you will see them out of control, such as what is taking place in WASHINGTON DC. Only in that district can you do what you want and get slapped on the wrist. Pathetic..

  33. roughman says:

    Stupid iis as stupid does…

    1. Raymond A Wood says:

      I agree we have teachers and clergy that rape, yes rape children. We have college presidents that cheat on athletic scholarships and hide failing student populations. We have politicians that commit damn near every crime possible from perjury to murder. This doesn’t mean all teachers, professors and politicians are evil and corrupt it means that some PEOPLE are evil and corrupt regardless of their profession.

  34. Jeff D says:

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin 1775.

    The more power we give government will lead to more trampling of people’s freedom. Our elected people can create all kinds of laws giving police more “tools” to catch criminals, but at what cost? Sure it may be a law on the books, but does it make it right? I know police officers that would shaft any person, even when the “tool” that they have been given is constitutionally immoral. How many police would shaft you for possessing an “assault weapon” that some leftist Democrats decided to make illegal? How about the Patriot Act? That is a prime example of a constitutionally immoral law. Not to sound racist, but we allowed Muslims to immigrate here and some have brought or revived their holy war on our own soil and our governments solution… curtail our freedoms.

    I talked to a Chief of Police just the other day who advocates wireless cameras. Is this what we want? There will come a point where it will be too late and America will become a Police State.

    We can only look into the mirror and thank ourselves.

  35. OnYourOwn says:

    Maybe we should all walk off the job for awhile, and see how long you survive without us. Don’t bother calling 911, there will be a recording at the other end telling you to solve your own problems, protect your own property, parent your own teenagers, and fight your own fight. It would only be a matter of time before the freeloaders and n’er-do-wells of the world turned every city into a ghetto. Why don’t we open all the prison doors while were at it, it would add to the experiment, and I would really enjoy watching the chaotic show.

    1. Drew Clayton says:

      Please do Copper. OR why dont you come raid my house shoot my dog and then take my kids for ME endangering them with a gram of pot while you scu*bags unload automatic AR-15s. I would gladly protect myself without a cop, its called a license to carry in fact a cop is EXACTLY the LAST person I would ever call for help after previous experiences calling them for just that reason. I have many experiences with them over the years and NOT ONCE have they ever made a situation easier…including when my Father’s house was being robbed and they used it as an excuse to search thru closets etc.
      The fact is little Piggie when you enforce immoral laws you are IMMORAL. When you put people away for 30 years for smoking pot you deserve EVEN WORSE. Tobacco is 10 times more dangerous than Pot in every way imagineable yet I come across tons of cops who dip and I know most drink alcohol. So its ok to use some mind altering substance but not others and YOU get to be the judge of that right? Why cuz you went to “cop” school for 6 months where they teach you it takes 6 men decorated in government provided costumes to bring down a homeless drunk partaking in a COMPLETELY victimless crime. Why dont you look up Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and maybe get a freaking clue. Its dengerates like you that are being used by the elites to round up citizens. You realize your AVERAGE AMERICAN CITIZEN commits 3 felonies a day WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT. So freedom only exists as long as a cop allows you to have it. And what are the cops qualifications? Oh thats right 6 months in a government funded indoctrination camp in which your taught to shoot first, taz first and that everyone in the world is a criminal and wants to kill you.
      You are just such a typical government funded rat it is truly unbelieveable and disgusting. Because YOU would go out and rob, rape, and pillage you believe the rest of us would. I mean even Anne Frank still believed people were basically good but you dont? Just keep using scare tactics to keep the “subjects” in line right? Just like when you guys are facing Layoffs and take out billboards saying everyone is going to be murdered? You really think that highly of yourself? What crime have you ever stopped? Or do you just prosecute after crimes have been commited? Ya thats kinda what I thought, you dont prevent any crime you just lock people up after the fact which doesnt really do ANY good for the victim. And what about the innocent people YOU lock up on a daily basis? Do you ever think of what a record does to a person? They can never be productive their lives are ruined because they smoked a joint and self righteous idiots like yourself throw them in prison to be raped/beaten up by hardened criminals but they deserve it right?
      Also why do you cops need like 8 different weapons? Why a glock, an AR-15 a 12 guage 870, tazer, pepper spray, god knows what else. Are you protecting people or storming the trenches? Why when the italians and Al Capone were out with Tommy guns (when automatics were still legal) were .38 specials with 6 rounds good enough for true cops (cops before the unconstitutional war on drugs). See your problem is because of the war on drugs and basic war on American citizens you see every person as a criminal because by law today EVERYONE IS. This country has 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the prison population and it is not because we are a bunch of denegerates that commit so much crime, weve been the greatest economic country in the world for decades. We have 25% of the prison population because we have criminalized almost all behaviors and allow freedom only to exist as long as your able to avoid people with IQ’s below 80 who spent 6 months in a indoctrination schools, and have been issued government paramilitary costumes (i.e. Cops, and it would be great if they actually protected anything, but in my experience they rob you, put you in jail, take away kids, kill dogs, and generally do anything they can get away which just happens to be everything) I will say it again YOUR AVERAGE AMERICAN COMMITS 3 Felonies a day google it. Also google the newest Federal statistics on Cops google this…2 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE SEXUALLY ASSUALTED BY A COP AND 5 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE MURDERED BY A COP THAN AN AVERAGE CITIZEN. That is a FACT.
      Keep your so called protection to yourself, leave me alone, I wont ever call you, and I will laugh my way to a long productive life in which I dont have to deal with the absolute bottom feeders of society COPS.

      1. Raymond A Wood says:

        Drew are you a criminal??? I figure you’re a pothead but do you do other criminal things cause I can’t figure why you would have so much trouble with the police force if you were not involved in some sort of illegal activity. Just curious. Oh yes I also know one police officer that was killed by a criminal and another severely wounded, and never knew anybody killed or wounded by a police officer doing their duty that wasn’t involved in some sort of dangerous illegal activity. Be nice and leave the block cop do his job.

      2. batteredbypd says:

        @Raymond That’s because you choose to be blind to the corruption around you as well as being close-minded viewing all cops as some ‘God-Like’ individuals…..do research and you will see cops all across America are going wild…now if you choose to ignore it..that’s on you..but people don’t have to be stupid or criminals to see thriu the bulll!

    2. NoExcuseBud says:

      Do it and do not collect pay while you sit on your a55. I’ve seen more worse things done by cops than by crooks. You have to hide what you do behind the blue wall. In my neighborhood there have been 3 murders in 4 years in which multiple cops unloaded their clips into civilians. A 50 year old cop recently got sentenced for molesting an 11 year old. Cops steal with impunity – what this one did with the GPS? Thats a serial pattern in OC. Irvine PD is more corrupt than Rampart. Sucking up to white collar, green collar and protecting organized criminals and mercs. You might be clean OnYourOwn, I doubt it, but if you don’t see it you’re lying to yourself. Go ask Mike Carona, you’ll find him in min sec @ Littleton CO for a few years. Go investigate the billion dollar Great Park scam. You drive around, its all looking like barrios because the white collar criminals have run amok for 10 years & cleaned out the banks, now they are transferring the burden to the middle class & small businesses – with your help. Thanks for that great job you’ve done. You are responsible for this.

  36. sentinel says:

    I can’t believe that she was allowed to file a report. Just to be safe though, she should probably move.

  37. NorCalHillbilly says:

    @OnYourOwn… gladly. If you think you are that indespensable, it is likely the sign of a deeper megalomania – so common in law-enforcement types. It is because of the type of people that want to be cops, generally bullies and military rejects. COPS are the first ones to STOP a citizen from taking care of business on the street, they don’t like the competition & the citizen is a lot easier to harass than the criminal is to catch. Cowards.

  38. Blue Devil says:

    Too many unenforceable laws conspire to turn the policeman’s moral sense into a joke. Some get harsh punishment, some get away clean, none of his efforts make a difference to the society either way. Soon its all just looks like a sick game played for political points in a sick society. We need about two years of lynch law to clear the underbrush, followed by a change in the drug laws to eliminate the black market. We have cops breaking down from PTSD and Mexico is turning into spooge. Wake the F up, idiots, it’s time to make some decisions.

  39. Dallas says:

    Just proves that there is no such thing as an honest cop.

  40. OnYourOwn says:

    @Drew Clayton, why so angry my friend? I am not in charge of making the laws, as the powers that be are higher than me. You have some obvious convictions about your right to smoke pot, however I don’t ever recall someone getting 30 years for it, nor the AVERAGE AMERICAN (your words) who commits 3 felonies a day. I don’t know where you live, but the Average Americans that I have dealt with over the last 25 years are generally good people who have just made some mistakes or poor choices, and don’t fall into your category. Your comments about cops that Rape, Rob and Murder is obviously not realistic, and can only be regarded as part of an angry person’s uneducated rant.

  41. Josh says:

    An article about a misdemeanor? C’mon, you can do better than this.

  42. Todd says:

    He should have just volunteered for “Cheaters” on TV…..

  43. bob says:

    “Its unfortunate that the very people that we ‘trust’” stop stealing yhour lines from TV.

    ” Does not the police have a kind of ‘personality’ test of sorts”

    Take a grammar class.

    ” I’ve heard about and seen with my own eyes the kind of behaviors that the prison guards have. They are sometimes ‘worse’ than the very criminals they guard.”

    Mostly NOT. Maybe you can go back to jail and tell us!

  44. RicardoCabeza says:

    The only thing I need to know is if the broad he was “stalking” is hot or not. If she’s hot I get it. If she’s just an average piece or fugly then the dude is was stupid.

  45. Marc 85901 says:

    Who indeed shall guard these selfsam guardians?

  46. Drew Clayton says:

    Yesterday I came on here and badmouthed all cops which was rediculus of me. When I see individuals walking around with 3 different guns, all kinds of artilery and literal tanks I get scared. When I get scared I get angry and lash out at all cops, which is unfair. I think alot of cops have gotten to caught up in enforcing laws that are unconstitutional but I live in a Democracy and need to accept that I will probably always been in the minority on public policy issues. I would like to retrack my statement yesterday and say that most cops are good but that bad ones stand out. I would also like to think that the good cops in the world should be the ones advocating for tougher laws/regulations to make sure bad cops do not get to stay on the force. After all a few bad cops give bad names to all and youd think good cops wouldnt want to be smeared like that.

    1. All The President's Men says:

      Yesterday you weren’t wrong

      1. batteredbypd says:

        Yeah….what *All The President’s Men* said!

  47. Truth says:

    The real truth is it was his wife who was cheating on him with another cop and he did what most of you would have liked to if your spouse was cheating on you !