LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Luis Hernandez awoke from surgery with one less kidney, but, knowing he helped save a man’s life, it left him with a full heart.

His organ helped save Gaston Benjamin’s life — a man Hernandez had never met.

When these two men met last week they were strangers. They now call themselves brothers.

“The guy is an angel,” Benjamin said. “I believe there are angels on earth and he’s one of them.”

Besides being a blood match the two men are both prison guards in Southern California.

They may have compatible blood types but they’re divided when it comes to football. Hernandez is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and Benjamin is devoted to the San Francisco 49ers.

“I’ve always made jokes about Niner fans. I guess now I’m part Niner fan,” Hernandez said. “But I told him you can’t talk all your want, but a cowboy’s keeping you alive.”

Last fall, Hernandez, along with 40,000 other Department of Corrections employees received an e-mail asking for willing donors. He was one of 18 to answer. And the one man who ended up at the hospital.

UCLA Medical Center Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Veale successfully transplanted the kidney on Tuesday.

Veale says before the donation was made, Benjamin was on a waiting list with 90,000 other people across the country.

Hernandez says he made one of the biggest decisions of his life, donating his kidney to a man he didn’t know, because he says he didn’t want a fellow father to leave his kids without a dad.

There were some relatives that questioned Hernandez’s choice, asking, “What if you get sick?” or “What if someone in your family gets sick?”

Hernandez says he couldn’t live his life on “what-if’s.”

“I had to try. If something happens down the line then that’s fate or that’s God’s will.”

Recovery has begun, and Benjamin is gaining strength quickly now with his new kidney functioning correctly. Hernandez, too, feels better every day, and both say their bond is beyond description.

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  1. drozone69 says:

    I dont believe this story.This is prison propaganda designed to ease tensions not only amongst the inmates,but staff as well.This story has fabrication written all over it.

    1. prof. says:

      so if it were a crooked politician, it would be more believable? or if it were a ca. highway patrolman? until u live the life of a correctional officer or be a family member who worries whether or not he/she is coming home your opinion doesn’t matter. this is why ur tax dollars pay the price for a killer/child molester/drunk driver to have better medical than you, better dental than you and much much more. if you wanted a sex change u would pay for it, and if the inmate wants a sex change you will be paying for that too and so on and so on.

  2. Robertmoe says:

    i agree

  3. Right to opine says:

    The 2 above comments are ignorant, cynical and fraught from your @sses!

    You would never understand what it is like to give of yourself for another–no matter how small or how big it may be.

    You just created your Karma for the next life.

  4. Maximus says:

    Wow! Really! A fabrication? A percentagr of people are paranoid conspiracy nutcases that will always be deluded.

  5. Tina says:

    This is a wonderful story. I’m grateful for people like Hernandez he is truly a good man and may God bless him and his family. My husband is also on the national donors list and reading this story brings me hope.

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