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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says harmful levels of radioactivity are not expected in the United States due to damaged nuclear reactors in Japan.

Earthquakes and a tsunami have damaged at least two nuclear complexes in Japan. Officials have declared states of emergency at six of the country’s 55 reactors.

In a statement Sunday, the NRC said weather conditions appear to have taken the small releases of radioactivity from the damaged reactors out to sea.

Given the thousands of miles separating Japan and the U.S., including Hawaii, Alaska, U.S. territories and the U.S. West Coast, the agency said no harmful levels of radioactivity are expected.

The NRC is coordinating with the Energy Department and other federal agencies in providing any assistance the Japanese government requests during the crisis.

» PHOTOS: Disaster In Japan
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  1. willie says:

    no harmfull levels of radioactivity will hurt anyone, but the dems are worried about global warming. yeh, a real threat,hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha if this wont hurt us i dont think are breath will either. i will take my chances. global warming is a hoax

  2. Willie is Sick says:

    It’s not global warning
    It’s called climate change
    Depleted Ozone,Acid rain,Deforestation

  3. T says:

    It’s not global warning
    It’s called climate change
    Depleted Ozone,Acid rain,Deforestation

    I have been hearing that since the 4th grade and I am now 43. The only thing that can be of issue is overpopulation and gov’t pentions at taxpayer expense.

  4. GEO says:

    If you believe this statement, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you.
    The NRC doesn’t define “HARMFUL LEVELS”

    1. Brue says:

      Sharing pin and feeling the sympathy is primal to our nature..giving a helping hand is a must..as we are all branches of the same tree.. but what about the miseries to come what about finding what an how..on one hand we can think everything is an accident just moving and shaking of piles of stones and on the other, we can be intelligent enough to connect the dots and know there is a intricate feed back system that has the mother earth at the center of it..Ignorance is not a justification nor an excuse for consistent mistakes we have made through the ions..and we have still neither learned not obey the laws of co existence.. ..we all are responsible for what is happening here.. .Granted volcanoes have erupted for millions of years and earthqueks have been for ions.. but earth have used all its magic, shakes and moves to create what we have, to transform a hellish container of lava and gas into beautiful live,blue globe with magnificent and one in a trillion home to species and creatures that is rare if not the only one.. where in known universe we have that! and where is the second chance we are going to find..all that is nothing less than a miracle.. a miracle we are destroying with our ignorance and selfishness..how do we treat our home, our planet that has been so giving and so generous to us..well we all know the answer to that!.. How much more insult to ocean, dumping millions of tons of trash and disease infested garbage, from hospital bugs to over flow of toilets of civilized cities..experimenting with weather changing, ozzon trashing materials and devices, atomic bombs all that stabs in th heart of our very existence and future.. mad actions that treats this one and only gift to the known universe with no mercy or respect..no animal treats its home and niche the way we treat earth,, and we call ourselves crown jewel of all species, the most intelligent creature of earth the..creating language to boast and blow our ego and selfish ideals….how much more ignorance regarding the fact that we are just one species,granted most violent and destructive, that share the earth and not the owner to treat as we please, to destroy, to ignore the rights of other animals and fellow creatures that have been here far long before us and most likely will stay long after we go…. how much more over fishing, netting millions of poor, helpless animals into the hungry bellies of ships and dumping and wasting what is not what we cal profitable sale..how long more we stick the long sharp stick into the poor helpless magnificent animals of this wonderful ocean and call it a big catch..well there is a pay pack waiting for all of us,,you might like this or hate all what is said here, that wont change the fact that we have rubbed, destroyed, ignored and killed our fellow beings, trashed this magnificent planet and we call all this civilization and growth! and for any action there is a consequence waiting for all of us..
      until we learn to co-exist and respect right of all creatures we will have what seems harsh treatment of mother earth..insult, mock me, and laugh as you wish.. but we all will pay for our ignorance one way or another..lets pray for and help people of Japan and lest hope some will awaken to save this, live, yet dying magnificent planet, so we get a chance to get the message and answer behind the riddle of life and give a chance to those we call children..and the rest of fellow being.. good luck to all.

  5. Long Huynh says:

    So, far I only hear United States help Japan. Not a single word from China. They are Cheap, Greed, Selfish, etc. I am really disappointed in China. I never heard of China offer any help. Well, if China have any disasters please do not offer China anything. That goes all the country in the world.

    1. Andy Woo says:

      u no in WW2 japan attacked china and put china under the harsh rule of the japanese. they raped women and killed many. how about i kill your son or daughter rape your wife, then in a few years you can try and help me when i break my neck. sound fair? not really. learn your history and that humans keep grudges then judge. or keep your ignorant mouth shut.

  6. Honest Tony says:

    Well while radiation may or not be headed its way to the U.S. from Japan. That excess radiation breach has to go somewhere. So eventually something in the ocean will get that radiation like in our food chain. So don’t go feeling safe just yet. For every action there is a reaction, and our ownm goverment has never really been the most honest with us.

  7. Chad says:

    Went to the NRC website, how does this statement fit in?

    ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) is a radiation safety principle for minimizing doses and releases of radioactive material by using all reasonable methods. In principle, no dose should be acceptable if it can be avoided or is without benefit. [See Title 10, Section 20.1003, of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR 20.1003).]

  8. 真他 says:


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