BURBANK (CBS) — Burbank-based Walt Disney Co. announced its plans to keep two amusement parks in Japan closed for about 10 days as word came that the parks had become a tent city for guests stranded by the massive earthquake.

Minor injuries were reported at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea as the magnitude 8.9 quake shook the area.

“Cast members at the Tokyo Disney resort are providing humanitarian aid in the form of blankets, food and water for the guests who are still at the resort due to the transportation challenges that associated with the quake,” Disney Social Media Director Thomas Smith wrote on the company blog.

Meantime, the Disney Wonder cancelled a port visit to Cabo San Lucas this weekend in the wake of tsunami warnings along the entire North America west coast, a park official said.

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Comments (13)
  1. Ran says:

    Kudos to Disney for aiding the earthquake victims over capitalism

  2. bighotrod says:

    i’m sorry…shouldn’t this kind of go without saying? i mean, how big of them to “temporarily” close the parks. considering the strongest earthquake in 250 yrs; the tsunami; the possible 10,000 people dead; the hundreds of aftershocks; no electricity, water, or food; and now multiple nuclear reactors melting down…it is absolutely ridiculous to have assumed disney would be even considering opening the parks for anything other than a refuge.
    and disney, if you’re gonna do it…do it quietly, without a big press release to get you some kudos for doing what you should anyway.

    1. rigirl says:

      I totally agree with you! Whatever they do is for their own benefit not others.

  3. drozone69 says:

    They act like such good doers its pathetic.they have no choice in the matter.if they show their true colors and close the park,thus kicking out the victims,then they will be kicked out as soon as the nations sun rises again.what a non newsworthy article.This coming from an organization which pays no taxes!!

  4. scoozie says:

    people just annoy me! You think Disney doesnt have a choice? sure they do. they could kick everyone out so that they could send their employees home and avoid any liability etc. but they choose to stay open to offer assistance to the people stranded. why must people always look for something negative. cynical people suck!

    1. AJ Morgan says:

      Spot on Scoozie!!

  5. Karen says:

    I think it is WONDERFUL that Disney is extending humanitarian aid to the victims of the Japanese earthquake. They DID NOT HAVE to do it BUT THEY DID. I hope all the Disney critics have made their personal donations to help out the Japanese.

  6. 真他 says:


  7. Lis says:

    @ So what: What does your rant have to do with this article? You’re a MORON & A RACIST!!

  8. Guy22 says:

    Bighotrod-you should be sorry. Disney is an incredible organization. They not only create magic for the world but assit in community outreach programs. Disney has donated millions of dollars to assist people in the community and worldwide. IF you would have done your research, you would have found that Toyko Disney is owned by the Oriental Land Company and secondly, they did quietly shut the parks, but it was the news media that broadcasted it. Thank you for your humanitarian concerns and global recovery efforts. Its nice to know that there are companies that still aid others when needed. AND you Mr. Bighotrod should really change your name to WesselRod. Thanks for caring.

  9. bighotrod says:

    “i think it’s wonderful that disney has…”, karen, THEY DID HAVE to do it, simply because they couldn’t be seen around the world KICKING THEM OUT, now could they? and i promise you that was discussed as an option in the meeting. “humanitarian aid” is a little overzealous, no?
    i stand behind my original post and i do not think it’s out of the question to: 1) expect that disney would close the parks considering the factors i listed and for no other reason than the simple respect for the people of the country; 2) expect disney to not seize the moment to create a press release highlighting it’s humanitarian effort, that ultimately was decided for them already; 3) expect disney to be more considerate than to presume anyone would really be climbing through debris to ride their rides right now anyway.
    i’ve been in the entertainment industry and have worked with d there is no doubt in my mind that disney realized that it had lost control of the parks and the only way to regain that control was to pretend they had had it all along. to sell that illusion of control, they drafted a press release discussing the temporary closure and the generous offer to allow the people to seek refuge at the parks. however, disney hadn’t offered it…the displaced and homeless just passively wandered in and began congregating until they filled it up. they did so peacefully, but even so, there is absolutely no police force or military available to disney to get them out of there. if there was a force ready to go, i don’t think they would do it anyway. disney would never do it and could never do it because of the horrible press it would create. there is so little police and military presence because the japanese are much more patient, dignified, and respectful of each other than any americans would ever be in this situation.
    besides, i never said disney was heartless…just opportunistic. i understand the need for the company to grab at regaining control of the parks, after all, they belong to disney. it’s just the gross need to appear so magnanimous by “presenting” the people with something they have already “borrowed” and inserting the company into the critical dialogue of a nation that is hanging by a thread, that i find so blatantly insensitive and self serving. they saw an opportunity for disney to look really good as opposed to an opportunity to truly help these poor people. the reality is that disney can afford to do sooooo much more than that (and i’m sure they probably will…or i hope they do).
    aside from that, may god be with these poor helpless souls and before any of us here in america get too comfortable, this could happen so easily here. if it did, we don’t have a fraction of the technology that japan had to warn us, we have no procedures set in place to even begin to know how to deal with it. even as someone who has lived in los angeles for 20 years, and through major quakes, we still have no protocol at all in place to be able to negotiate a disaster of this scale. it’s a breathtaking thought.
    oh and karen, i made a five figure donation (or as my son says, seven if you count the change) last night to the people of japan…and i did it anonymously…without a press release. something disney should make a note of.

  10. Guevara says:

    I just don’t get how people can have such strong opinions about something like this. I don’t care what Disney haters say they’re all bitter!

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