(CBS) — The Miami Heat finished off the regular season sweep against the Los Angeles Lakers with a last minute win on Thursday night.

After the game, Kobe Bryant was not too happy about a missed call by the officials.

When his media session ended, Bryant went back to the floor and begin shooting 3-pointers in an empty arena, with just some Heat ballboys.

Kobe stopped shooting just after midnight local time and he told Mike Breshnahan, “This is my job.”

Comments (5)
  1. jordan says:

    That’s right Kobe!!!…you lead by example. Maybe the other Lakers will do the same…

    1. theron says:

      yes…and much like the last comment…although work ethic seems to be inherent every Laker should follow Kobes’ example and work hard every minute on the floor because it is your job and it matters…I wish we had five Kobe’s at times : )

  2. Jsimeon says:

    No matter what size or colors your balloon is there are people with pins running around popping them. Some are getting PAID to do it. For a committed professional and hard worker who puts out the time and effort to become “the Best You Can Be”. VERY deflating on many different levels. WHYYYY????
    It ruins it for all of us. Why do we need these Gremlins involved in intense competition that should be enjoyment to everyone??? Why aren’t these incompetent people fined or fired like the torment they are meting out to the players and coaches also?

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