SAN FRANCISCO (AP)  — A California high school student visiting the Golden Gate Bridge on a field trip climbed over a railing, jumped — possibly on a dare by fellow classmates — and somehow survived the 220-foot plunge into San Francisco Bay that kills dozens of people each year.

Most jumpers die a grisly death, with massive internal injuries, broken bones and skull fractures. Some die from internal bleeding, while others drown.

But the 17-year-old lived Thursday, suffering just a broken tailbone and torn lung. California Highway Patrol Officer Chris Rardin says he was rescued by a surfer.

Windsor Unified School District Superintendent Bill McDermott says he doesn’t think the teen was trying to commit suicide.

The teen was taken to a San Francisco hospital, but officials couldn’t provide further details on his condition.

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Comments (11)
  1. Justin Manning says:

    Look at this genius….they get more dumb every year dont they? Bet he’s a beiber fan…

  2. Rick says:

    So is it splat or splash?

  3. katherine says:

    Maybe he was bullied

  4. Ramalamma says:

    Must have been an illegal, immigrant farm worker….

  5. Mary says:

    I am so thankful he lived. If this was a dare, those who dared him, and the young boy who jumped, should face serious consequenses; a spaken with a paddle would be an excellent start.

  6. So what!! says:

    No Jail time?

  7. GiGi says:

    Many people don’t understand how a person can die from such a thing. They think the water will simply part upon impact and their momentum will slow as they flow through the water.

  8. Timothy McGarry says:

    Wow. Let’s see ya do that again. I double-dog dare ya.

  9. ILLEGALS DID IT says:

    His parents will get the bill in the mail for the cost of the rescue & charges should be on the way too. Wow! Can’t wait to see how much they’ll charge him for the rescue cost efforts. 😀

  10. bbh says:

    Ah he was rescued by a surfer.

  11. Charlie Sheen says:

    And I thought a field trip to the zoo was boring….A field trip to a bridge???