SANTA MONICA (CBS) — The group is called Mercy For Animals…and this animal rights group is known for being in your face.

Literally. Thursday night, they set up 80″ large screen TV’s on the 3rd Street Promenade and showed the 12-minute documentary film “Farm to Fridge,” depicting —  in living color —  how animals are slaughtered for food.

CBS 2 weekend anchor and reporter Rob Schmitt talked to meat lovers and gauged their reaction to the disturbing images. He reported that the images shown were “jarring” to say the least.

“The group’s goal,” he added, “was to change dinner orders in this crowd from burgers to salads.”

The mission might have worked. Schmitt talked to at least one woman choking back tears for being a meat eater.

The Mercy For Animals truck is on a nationwide tour. Other stops include Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Cleveland and Phoenix to name a few.

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  1. mac says:

    Welcome to the 21st century, where you have no need to eat either one.

    1. Piaf says:

      Thank You! There is HOPE;)

  2. Piaf says:

    Good for you man! You are really adding to evolution! keep it up and you might turn into a worm sooner than you think.

  3. Garnica Edith says:

    I am so glad that that I understand that we are all animals that have feelings.

  4. SusanA says:

    Good for them. If you can’t stand to watch it, you probably shouldn’t eat it.

  5. JOHN says:


    1. John Mayer says:

      The high cholesterol and saturated fats in meat can also slow circulation in your brain, making you unable to spell or work your caps lock key.

  6. Meat Eater says:

    I don’t see the problem. That pig was obviously washed and prepared before it was consumed. It’s not like someone ate it raw, immediately after the guy tokk his boot off of it.

    1. Concience says:

      If you don’t see the problem of raising animals in an environment that keeps them chronically sick, then abusively handling them… and killing them in painful ways…. I don’t know what to tell you. I will pray for you.

    2. Animals FEEL PAIN & TERROR says:

      You are one SELFISH HEARTLESS MONSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Animals FEEL PAIN & TERROR says:

        That WAS DIRECTED AT meat eater ~ SORRY !

    3. John Mayer says:

      It’s not exactly a surprise that there are people in the world that have no trace of human compassion, whose only concern is filling their own bellies, whatever misery that might inflict. Happily, animals are able to exact their own vengeance on meat-eaters from beyond the grave in a whole host of diseases ranging from atherosclerosis to autoimmune diseases to prion diseases to antimicrobial resistant bacteria to novel, recombined viruses to global warming.

  7. Robert S. says:

    You folks have no feelings for animals, and I find that quite normal with a world full of sociopaths, but what “goes around, comes around.”

  8. Robert S. says:

    The person who is standing on the pig would certainly be in a world of hurt, if only I were there! That person would have no “civil rights” on this infraction of human decency!

    1. Animals FEEL PAIN & TERROR says:

      AMEN !

  9. Robert S. says:

    How would he be able to get around with all those “broken” ribs?

    1. Calico Squirrel says:

      You don’t need ribs to walk. Besides being excruciatingly painful, the biggest risk with fractured ribs is a collapsed or punctured lung. I’ve fallen and bruised my ribs before, and I was in pain for weeks. I can’t imagine the agony of having the ribs actually fractured!

  10. Mary says:

    I haven’t eaten meat for 26 years and not by choice. I miss it so much! My favorites being, Chorizo and Eggs, Carne Asada, and Pork Chops smothered with salt and pepper. Why did I stop eating meat? 26 years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was frying an egg. My sister walked up to me and said, “See that little white string there? That is the abortion cord of the chicken”. I didn’t eat the egg and I haven’t touched eggs, fish, or meat from that moment on. Her comment grossed me out so bad that it destroyed my desire to eat any thing with feathers, scales or eyes. I LOVE meat and I miss it so much; however, I get sick even thinking about trying it. Meat is good for you and offers protein to your body… as a result of not consuming it, I am losing my teeth at a very early age… vitamins do NOT work the same. The TV’s should be banned because it is not fair to put those thoughts into a persons mind when the food is important to the body.

    1. funchy says:

      Please talk to your doctor if you feel you have a dietary deficiency bad enough to cause you to loose teeth. This is not normal at all for vegetarian/vegan. When you say loosing teeth do you mean they’re rotting out early? (causes: sugar diet, soda – regular or diet, insufficient oral hygiene) Or are healthy teeth without cavities just falling out (a warning of a serious problem – pls see your doctor asap)

      There is absolutely nothing in meat that you cannot get from a balanced plant based diet. The only area of concern is B12 but this is actually produced by bacteria, not by the cow or chicken. You can get B12 made without it having to be passed through cow flesh first.

      Please talk to a doc or nutritionist about how to address your nutritional concerns. I

      1. chadley says:

        I can’t believe you actually think you are losing your teeth because you don’t eat meat. That is honestly one of the most ridiculous statements I have heard in a very long time. Seriously, I am absolutely shocked. Wow. Just wow.

    2. Auntie says:

      It is unfortunate that you listened to someone so uninformed. The eggs you buy in the store are not fertile because those hens have never been anywhere near any roosters. Birds lay eggs whether they are exposed to males or not. Also, the little white string is the natural attachment that keeps the yolk centered within the egg.

      1. melissa says:

        Actually, it is possible, though probably not common, to get a fertilized egg in the batch. Right before I became a vegetarian (now vegan) I went to make a batch of scrambled eggs & opened one up with a half formed chicken inside… far enough along to have a beak. Absolutely set the course for my eating habits today.

      2. ShellyVegan Norton says:

        Auntie…you use the word slaughter. As if there is anything humane about it. If I asked you to pick the day on which you would chose to die, could you pick one? Animals are not even offered this dignity. Just because they don’t have a voice, doesn’t mean their lives are no where near as important as yours.

      3. ShellyVegan Norton says:

        The egg yolk is the placenta, the white, amniotic fluid, and the little white string is an unfertilized ovum. Essentially a Chicken”s period.

      4. John Mayer says:

        How can you be certain the eggs were not fertile? She doesn’t say they came from the dairy case. Maybe she was living on a farm. Or maybe she got them from a health food store; at one time many people thought there were special health benefits from fertilized eggs (not sure it that myth is still taken seriously).

    3. Vegan4Life says:

      Mary, you need to see a doctor. There is no reason why a vegan lifestyle would make your teeth fall out. The common myth out there is that we NEED protein, who do you think promotes and supports this theory – BIG AG.

      I’m a raw vegan and I get very little to no “protein” in the form that most think of it in. There is nothing worse for the human body than animal protein. I eat raw fruits and vegetables, within those are enzymes that contain amino acids. When these foods are cooked, most to all of the enzymes are killed off and rendered useless.

      When you eat meat you are eating animal protein, your body must work to break down that protein to harvest the amino acids…so essentially you are eating your amino acids through an unhealthy filter.

      I will not deny that when I ate meat/dairy/etc I loved it too. BUT, I love animals more than ever wanting to harm one of them or have someone else do the dirty work for me. Life isn’t always about what you want or what tastes good. I feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life and I’m thankfully every day for the friends I have who are supportive and continue to see animals as fellow earthlings instead of a product to be used and tortured by man.

      1. John Mayer says:

        I don’t think it is critical to eat plants in their raw state, though we had a raw food restaurant in my town that came up with some of the best dishes I’ve tasted. We evolved to eat raw vegetables and fruits, it’s true, but a few plants (soybeans, for example) are actually healthier when cooked. There’s no point in burdening those considering vegetarianism/veganism with an extra level of zealotry. The “work” of breaking down animal proteins is not the main issue, either; our stomachs are pretty formidable conversion machines. The biggest threat, other than saturated fats, appears to be the “molecular mimicry,” a concept familiar from a similar process regarding fats and MS), the passing of entire protein molecules into the bloodstream (happens rarely in adults, but it does happen; more common in infants).

    4. Bea Ⓥ Elliott says:

      Hello Mary – As others have responded you can get quality protein from many other plant based foods… And I’m a bit confused here – You say you are losing your teeth “at a very early age”… You’ve not eaten meat for 26 years, and I’m assuming you were in your early twenties/late teens at the time… Now, that would make you somewhere 46(ish) — (?) Although that is early to have dental issues, I know many of my meat-eating friends and neighbors are have started losing their teeth too… At around 46(ish). So your plant based diet probably isn’t the cause at all! As a suggestion, I’d take a good look at my sugar intake and hygiene habits.

      Now you say that you haven’t eaten meat “and not by choice”… But surely that’s not so! You examined the inherent cruel treatment to innocent beings, who never harmed you or any one and DID make a choice – not to participate in that system… I don’t think you were “forced” into doing the right thing at all!

      Also, Auntie is right… Hens need a rooster in order to fertilize their eggs… However, since you are concerned with avoiding harm to unborn chicks – Perhaps you ought to know that the male chicks born in egg hatcheries that are “worthless” to the egg industry are either ground live or suffocated at only a few days old. And of course the females live pitiful, short lives too… That should make eggs unacceptable to any truly compassionate person. Yes?

      Finally, the notion that something ought to be banned because it raises awareness is a bit stiff and heavy handed, isn’t it? I mean, people should be able to make their own conscious choices and informed opinions. Actually, I believe that every consumer has not only a right BUT a responsibility in knowing how the animals they eat are treated. And of course, the end game is… None of it is necessary at all. 😉

    5. animal voice says:

      Mary, It sounds like you have a neurosis. I will echo what others have stated: Lack of animal products in your diet have nothing to do with your teeth problems. Are you bulimic??

      I’m glad you stopped eating animal products, for whatever reason. They are not health foods, and you don’t need them to be healthy.
      Most of the human species are sheeple: They don’t think for themselves. They are preprogrammed to assembly line mentality.

      Humans continue to justify the consumption of animals for various reasons, but mainly, because they like the taste, and they’re consumed with feeding self-gratification. Compassion for animals should extend to your plate. All food animals have the capacity to be pets.

    6. clara says:

      all I can say is you need help

    7. ShellyVegan Norton says:

      Mary, I’m sad for your diminished health. But I would see a doctor about your health issues. A Vegan diet supplies all the nutrients our bodies need to be healthy. Like any diet, meat included, you can suffer deficiencies if you are not eating from an abundance of foods. Goof health to you!

    8. Steve Willey says:

      Well, sorry about your teeth, but don’t blame a vegetarian diet. I stopped eating meat age 12, now 66 and still have all my teeth. Neighbor lady 79 has been lifelong vegetarian, just got her pilots license and is in fully good health.

    9. Animals FEEL PAIN and TERROR says:

      Meat is NOT important to our bodies ~ We are actually created to be vegatarian the way our bodies digest food ~ You can get plenty of protien from plant sources and nuts . Just reasearch . I know MANY vegatarians and vegans who are so healthy its awsome ~ If you are losing your teeth it could be genetic or maybe you need to brush and see the dentist more often ~ Our bodies do NOT NEED meat ~ it is just a SELFISH CHOICE to eat it ! People NEED to SEE what they are causing these innocent ,helpless animals who want to live as much as you do to go through as they are TORTURED & MURDERED for your WANTS !

    10. John Mayer says:

      There are meat analogs that, to me, taste far better than the real thing. And there is NO WAY (speaking as a health professional) that giving up meat caused your dental problems. Of course, I can’t know what the real cause is, but I studied physiology, microbiology, anatomy and nutrition in getting my degree. There is no known mechanism for lack of meat causing tooth loss. The protein in meat (and milk) is actually harmful to you, a cause of, among other things, autoimmune diseases (a great many of the diseases of affluence (those of First World countries) are autoimmune in nature. Excess protein actually robs your body of calcium; those nations with the highest intake of milk have the highest rates of osteoporosis (kale has many times the calcium, and in a more available form, of milk cup for cup). Rejoice that you have been spared the harm meat causes on yourself and the world your children must live in, and find a competent oral health professional to find out where your real problem lies. Soft drinks are a major culprit of such ills in the US (not necessarily your issue, of course).

  11. Calico says:

    I stopped eating meat 15 years ago, when I realized that shrink-wrapped thing in the meat section was actually the arm or leg of a beautiful animal. And you know what — I have never looked back. I am not vitamin or protein deficient, and I have bloodwork to prove it. My cholesterol and bloodpressure remain “ideal” even when i’m stressed out. Nobody needs to eat meat. It’s something we did out of tradition and because the multi-billion dollar meat industry keeps running ads to tell is we need meat.

    There is this myth we “need protein” so we must eat meat. ALL living things are made up of protein. There is protein in fruits, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms… everything. Proteins in technical terms are a type of large molecules made up of building blocks called amino acids. Your body can make almost all amino acids it needs by taking the raw material from any kind of food and building aminos and then assembling those into proteins. There are only 9 aminos that our body does not synthesize in significant amounts, but those are readily available from plant sources.

    Is meat “good for you”? Our bodies were not designed to eat meat in any significant quantity. Ever wonder why it’s so easy to get food poisoning from half-cooked burgers or chicken — but your pet cat can eat the same food raw and not get sick? Why is it high meat consumption causes arteriosclerosis which makes people have heart attacks or risk for stroke? It’s also proven a high meat diet means too low a fiber- and the digested food can’t be pushed through the intestinal tract well. And then people end up with a higher risk of colon cancer.

    1. David Bernazani says:

      Calico: Well said. If only everyone in the world could get your simple message, it would be a much better place. Keep spreading the word!

    2. John Mayer says:

      Quite so, Calico. I was raised on a farm and we killed countless animals and ate them. It wasn’t pretty, but we tried not to cause them unnecessary pain. The lives those animals lived were bliss compared to the miserable lives and agonizing deaths far and away most meat animals suffer today (the myth of Happy Meat is another issue). I haven’t eaten meat since the early 89’s, have been near vegan for a few years now, and am in good health, with excellent bone density. I continue to work out in combat sports and do very well. There is a movement toward vegetarianism of late in MMA. You don’t need meat; in fact, it’s bad for you.

  12. Auntie says:

    Not eating meat isn’t the only alternative to eating animals that have been mistreated. There are innumerable small farms who raise and slaughter animals humanly. Human beings are omnivores – that doesn’t mean we have to be cruel. Unfortunately, most folks aren’t willing to pay a little more to guarantee that the animals they eat are treated well. We each make our own choices.

    1. Bea Ⓥ Elliott says:

      Hi Auntie… I would like to clarify what the word “humane” actually means. It means to have the desire to alleviate suffering. These animals are not delivered to the slaughterhouse in any aging pain, they are not physically impaired or “damaged”… They are delivered healthy and fit for life — So there is no “suffering” to alleviate. Only suffering and terror to cause.

      Furthermore, it might be considered cruel to kill when not necessary… There is nothing except “taste” that makes meat particularly attractive or desirable. Ending innocent life for taste buds does seem rather “cruel” doesn’t it? And I don’t know… paying a little bit more might ease one’s conscious in a superficial way… But to the animal who’s life has been taken, none of that really matters much – The victim cares nothing of what was offered for their dead body… I think it’s important to keep this in mind when “voting” with your “compassionate” dollars. 😉

    2. Vegan4Life says:

      Auntie – Why is it okay to take the life of another, regardless of “How” it is done? These animals have lives they want to live just as much as you or I do, they are mammals, we are mammals – everything we feel for our children is the same for them.

      So saying to someone, I’m ready to eat you now but don’t worry I’m going to do it humanely – that is okay? So if someone came to you and said that to you you would be okay with that, not be able to say goodbye to your family or loved ones, no longer enjoy the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, and life as you know it.

      Dairy cows are repeatedly raped to continuing producing milk (for their calves – not you or I), their calves are ripped away from them immediately (if your child was taken from you after birth what would your response be – trust me, theirs is the same), once the cow can no longer produce milk (after countless births of calves and contained in a little stall for constant milking) she is taken off to slaughter. Her calves will fall into two categories – Female, put back into rotation once she is of the age to conceive and Male, sold to veal farmers (I hope you know what is involved here).

      Bottom line, there is absolutely no humane way to eat meat or dairy products…none. Abstinence is the only way…

      1. Animals FEEL PAIN & TERROR says:


    3. Animals FEEL PAIN & TERROR says:

      The thing you are not getting is NO ANIMAL WANTS TO DIE no matter how HUMANELY ! Would you be ready to be KILLED even after having a GOOD LIFE to feed anouther beings WANTS ??????? Think about it !

  13. icecream says:

    Let’s all discuss this over a nice, thick, juicy. barbeque steak dinner !!!

  14. MEATEATER says:

    you really are stupid!! if we wernt meant to eat it then why does nature make it edible?? also for you self righteous vegetarians/vegans, THOSE VEGETABLES HAD TO DIE FOR YOU TOO EAT THEM!!!!! JUST COS THEY AINT CUTE LIKE THE YUMMY PIGGIE OR HAVE A NERVOUS SYSTEM THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!!! JUST DIE THE LOT OF YOU

    1. Alicat says:

      if this isn’t the typical redneck hick response. We’ll all laugh when you’re bleeding out your arse!

      1. msmathjm says:

        Haha, I like you Alicat.

      2. Vegan4Life says:

        Honestly, I don’t have the patience to even respond to someone who is clearly drowning in the shallow end of the gene pool…so sad meateater, you need more veggies. There are people who actually believe slaughtering animals is okay because they believe they have no intelligence, can I send them your address?

    2. Animals FEEL PAIN & TERROR says:

      As I said and will say again You are just a HEARTLESS SELFISH MONSTER !!!!!!! And the thing is you are one of THE most STUPID UNFEELING beings I have seen ! Those VEGTABLES are NOT living beings who FEEL ~ PAIN & FEAR like animals do ~ The only thing that would make an IDIOT like You understand the REALITY would be to put YOUR IGNORANT HEARTLESS self in the animals place at Slaughter then see if YOU would FEEL anything ! It is EVIL ones like you that need to be GONE from this earth !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 16334578 says:

    “Animals were meant for human consumption.”

    Well, then, would you eat your dog or cat? C’mon, go ahead, kill them and grill’em up! What’s the difference? You shouldn’t have any problems with that.

    If you say you can’t because they’re your pets, that’s just an arbitrary line you use to rationalize killing other animals that are just as smart, just as capable of emotions, and very much feel pain and suffering.

    Animals are not meant for human consumption; they were around long before we were, and lived just fine without us.

    1. AB says:

      It’s generally standard practice for people to kill and eat their own pets in cases where starvation would otherwise result. Take a look at what happened in some food-deprived towns in the U.S. South during the Civil War, for instance. The dogs and cats were the first things to go on the menu, followed shortly afterward by the dried glue that could be found in wallpaper.

      So yes, I wouldn’t eat my dog or cat, because they’re my pets. Unless I was starving.

      1. Bea Ⓥ Elliott says:

        Hi AB… Actually I bet there’s lots more people who would eat a human stranger rather than a beloved pet… After all, as you say imply — we love our cats and dogs like members of our family.

        Your point however, is way off base – We’re not in any situation even close to “starving” in the modern world all of us (on this forum) are in. Now with all the options we all have, why would anyone choose to eat any living being at all???

  16. Alicat says:

    Just when was the last time you twiddled your banjo and bonked your sister?

  17. KittyMama says:

    Thank you CBS for airing this piece! Everyone needs to know where their food comes from and the cruelty involved with the meat and dairy industries.

  18. factoryfarmhater says:

    Great coverage! It’s so important to have groups like Mercy For Animals bringing information to us. Thank goodness for the great work they do, and thanks to CBS for bringing us this story.

    1. msmathjm says:

      I agree…. we need more press on certain issues. The big negative stories that are covered are usually not related to US and our big business….more local and national news, dammit!

  19. msmathjm says:

    I just want to say that it’s not about whether humans are meant to consume other animals or not. I consider humans as animals, but I won’t use “would you eat a human” to convince anyone to stop eating meat. I believe that there are humane ways to produce meat products, and I wish that they were implemented. And even if I am guaranteed that I am buying non-cruelty animal products, I would mitigate my meat intake from 1-3 times a day (what I used to eat) to twice a week. That is what I choose…. the point is, you should know what you buy, whether you eat it or wear it, and make your decision. And anyone caught torturing animals should be treated like a criminal to an extent. That’s democracy.

    1. Bea Ⓥ Elliott says:

      Hello msmathjm — It’s great that you recognize humans as animals… Just like pigs, chickens and cows we are neither plants nor rocks — So yep! We all belong to the same “animal” family! And as such we all have the urgent desire to live… And to be free from pain. The common thread that runs through us all is that we do not wish to be killed.

      So I do have to disagree with your belief of “humane meat”… It really is an oxymoron. It just doesn’t exist! There is no way one can take a life, no matter how “happy” that life was and have it be considered a good or thoughtful deed.

      All animal products require the confinement of animals to differing degrees. Most have to be kept pregnant through artificial means… All meet their early end when they are no longer “profitable” to keep alive.

      Would I eat a human? Sure if I were starving. Would I eat a nonhuman? Sure if I were starving. The point is… I’m not! We’re not! There are thousands of healthy and compassionate choices that allow for better nourishment and more consistent values. Sure, less meat/eggs/dairy is better… But none is better still! 😉

      1. Animals FEEL PAIN & TERROR says:

        Bea Ⓥ Elliott

        I would like to clarify what the word “humane” actually means. It means to have the desire to alleviate suffering. These animals are not delivered to the slaughterhouse in any aging pain, they are not physically impaired or “damaged”… They are delivered healthy and fit for life — So there is no “suffering” to alleviate. Only suffering and terror to cause.

        Furthermore, it might be considered cruel to kill when not necessary… There is nothing except “taste” that makes meat particularly attractive or desirable. Ending innocent life for taste buds does seem rather “cruel” doesn’t it? And I don’t know… paying a little bit more might ease one’s conscious in a superficial way… But to the animal who’s life has been taken, none of that really matters much – The victim cares nothing of what was offered for their dead body… I think it’s important to keep this in mind when “voting” with your “compassionate” dollars.

        Just reminding !

  20. Keith says:

    I’ve been vegan for almost 20 years as a result of finding out how animals are killed.

    But I don’t eat many salads. In fact, I have all the (veggie)burgers and fries I want, etc. ! 😀

  21. kathleen says:


    I’m trying very hard to become a vegan or a vegetarian for moral and health reasons, however, I think calling people hillbillies etc is not the way to convince people to make this change in their lives. I agree with whoever said there should be at the very least humane regulations for the killing of animals as I understand they have in Europe. I think to change society overnight from carnivores to herbivores requires more an information campaign and maybe more companies offering good substitutes for meat like Eves (they have amazing tasting food in my opinion). You can’t hammer people over the head – but letting people know what is happening is key. However, name calling and being judgmental is counter productive.

    1. John Mayer says:

      I’m quick to agree. Not that people like “meateater” don’t deserve the worst epithets we can hurl at them, it’s just that “hillbilly” shouldn’t be one of them. I speak as a (near)vegan hillbilly.

      And I have all my teeth and a couple of college degrees. And no transmission in my bathtub.

  22. Audra Cauchon says:

    WOW. thanks for the coverage. as uncomfortable as it may have been, I think it’s valuable to bring the reality of what the majority of animals go through before they hit a plate as meat. thanks again- this can only have a positive result!

  23. Dave says:

    98% of our food comes from animals raised in these conditions. In fact, a statistician would say that because the amount of food from other sources is statistically insignificant, ALL of our food comes from factory farms. It’s easy to live in denial – which is what most do – but the truth will set you free and change your life. Are you going to keep lying to yourself or accept reality and change?

  24. doggirl says:

    I would like to see this film come to the agricultural states like here in Nebraska where 20% of our beef comes from. Thanks for reporting on this film and letting people see what the meat industry is all about.

  25. paul879 says:

    Thank you for your coverage, CBS. It is amazing that practices too awful to be shown on TV are nonetheless legal and widespread. I really don’t want to know where my meat comes from, but the truth is I SHOULD know. I can’t make informed decisions if I refuse to look at what my money is supporting.

  26. doggirl says:

    I wonder why the CBS news show reporting about Farm to Fridge was unable to show the actual video clips to us the readers. If the film was aired in the public square for all to see, why did the news show blur the images when reporting about it?

  27. Jenny says:

    Thanks to KCal9 for brining this important story to a larger audience and thanks to Mercy for Animals for putting it out there.

  28. Gabriel C. says:

    I was cultured, raised, programmed to eat meat, eggs and milk. I was raised in a farm, so to me, it was only natural and no big deal, never giving second thoughts about it. In the back of my mind, though, I always wondered. It was not until I was exposed to all the sadism, cruelty and exploitation that I was able to see the evil and dark nature of Humans and I was ashamed to be one. I wondered about all those terms humans use, such as love, kindness, mercy, compassion and care and realized that it’s all just a front, a way to soothe the evil in their nature. I wondered what would happen if people were taken to the Animal Concentration Camps and witnessed the pain, anguish and misery, hear the cries help from those who cannot express their terror in our own language. I thought of the not too long ago years when Blacks and other ethnic minorities were treated and regarded the same way, only because their customs were different, their appearance was not similar to ours, or their language we could not understand. Yes many, including, “pious” “spiritual” “educated” “intellectual”
    “noble” people thought it was acceptable and normal, however, Civil Rights have only come part of the way, leaving the most vulnerable, innocent and defenseless, unprotected and at the “mercy” of our arrogant, selfish, sinister, dark and atrocious species, but hopefully, organizations, such as MFA and others, will slowly turn the tide and break the wall of ignorance that keeps the majority prisoners, under the manipulation and power of these evil Industries (Animal Products Industries) My addiction to Meat, Eggs and Milk, which I craved and loved was finally broken, thanks to MFA and their good work. Never Again a Monster, Never again a Carnivore (equal to Cannibalism) in my book!

  29. animal voice says:

    Thank you CBS for giving voice to animal victims. The victims of horrors perpetrated by greed, ignorance, and selfishness–the original weapons of mass destruction: humans.

  30. Linda Bower says:

    We showed the video on Wednesday at a local college fair. The response is always overwhelming. I am so thankful that we don’t have to support it. Being veg is so easy now a days. It’s good for the animals and the environment and it’s also better for our health.

  31. Nancy Polachek says:

    Thank God the truth is coming out. Mercy for Animals = a group of angels walking on the Earth!

  32. Oldogluvr says:

    Happy to see this disturbing issue is getting coverage in the popular media. People need to know about this immoral part of our modern consumer world — and the information they need to take appropriate action needs to be “out there.”

  33. Jane says:

    Thank you for covering this people have a right to know what is involved in what they are purchasing and consuming.

  34. Joel says:

    Thank you for this report. It came across as supportive of the effort to make people aware of where their food really comes from. There was just one little thing that puzzled me about the reporting: Why was the film described as “controversial”? Upsetting, yes. But what is controversial about truth?

  35. Flora Fauna says:

    I wholeheartedly support airing this video- all over the world if possible. Most people are unaware of the reality of modern factory farms, or the sentience of the animals we slaughter without a thought to their feelings. I would have to imagine working in one of these places is soul destroying as well. The sooner the world embraces a vegan lifestyle, the better.

  36. Abby says:

    CBS you rock! Thanks for stepping out of the box to expose this horrific cruelty. One other powerful point is that is a complete waste to consume animals to sustain life, in fact it’s quite the opposite! There is so much cruelty, destruction of land and resources and health hazards for no good reason. Hopefully this will give people pause the next time they want to stuff an animal in their mouths.

    1. Bea Ⓥ Elliott says:

      The only thing I would change is the title… Not meant to “shock and awe” — But to educate! People have a responsibility and a right to know the facts about how “meat/eggs/dairy” comes to their plate. Let’s dissolve these veils of secrecy and lies! Honesty is liberating!

  37. Tara says:

    Great Job, CBS, for this excellent story. It’s emotionally moving and very thought provoking. Animal issues are the next moral frontier of our generation. Thank you for helping us all learn more about it.
    Tara Illgner

  38. shannon maraghy says:

    Thank you for covering this important activism. For too long, people have been shielded from the horrors of the food industry. We consumers need to see what we are sponsoring with our dollars, even if it is extremely sad or guilt-inducing or disturbing. We need to face the facts and then vote with our dollars to end these atrocities. Thank you again.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Thank you KCAL for doing this story. The tremendous cruelty our society inflicts on mass numbers of animals is a serious topic that seldom gets enough news coverage. Please continue to cover animal welfare-related stories.

  40. Lois Shelton says:

    People do not want to see the truth because it’s heartbreaking and then there’s guilt about eating meat. If people start small and just give up meat one day each week, collectively there would be an impact on reducing the suffering of animals raised for food. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

  41. Natalie says:

    This is a fantastic idea! So many people have no idea what they are really supporting by buying animal products… 🙁

  42. JelliaJamb says:

    Thanks to CBS and Rob Schmitt for this coverage — and thank you, Rob, for stating that the video is heartbreaking.

  43. vincelee stevens says:

    Thank you for the coverage and WAY TO GO….Mercy for Animals…..if slaughterhouses and CAFO’s have no windows, Mercy For Animals has found another way to expose the truth!

  44. Henriette says:

    Only do to other beings what you yourself are prepared to experience! A life is a life regardless of what species!
    All life feel hurt/pain/hunger/suffering! We all want to live our life & we should respect/protect all others as we do our own. Need I say any more or do you get it!

    1. Animals FEEL PAIN & TERROR says:

      AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Stefani Shepherd says:

    I hope they were able to change at least a few people’s minds about eating meat. If you can’t bear to watch it then you shouldn’t be eating meat. Thanks for showing this.

  46. Ken says:

    It’s not black and white. Many animals are treated humanely.

    Animal rights activists only show you the worst: they are unfair, and they lack integrity.

    Human beings need meat to survive as a race. Human beings today need the meat enzymes that animals (not plants) can only produce, or many would become ill.

    I think animal rights activists should, instead promote humane treatment, rather than trying to influence us to completely give up meat slaughter, and consumption.

    It’s often unfairly one-sided and they go about it wrong.

    1. Bea Ⓥ Elliott says:

      Please Ken… Since “humane” means to be concerned with the alleviation of suffering – exactly what “food” animals are treated “humanely”?

      “Human beings need meat to survive as a race. Human beings today need the meat enzymes that animals (not plants) can only produce, or many would become ill.”

      Not quite — Or millions of us would be getting sick all the time. Last I checked our health is in much greater jeopardy due to the very animal products you say we can’t live without!

      “I think animal rights activists should, instead promote humane treatment, rather than trying to influence us to completely give up meat slaughter, and consumption.”

      Ummm… “meat” is not “slaughtered”… Living, sentient beings are. (for now) 😉

    2. John Mayer says:

      Thanks for your expertise, Ken. And just which animal enzymes would those be that we so desperately need? And doesn’t cooking destroy them? Or do you eat only rare meat? Please permit us to learn more by citing your sources.

  47. Ken says:

    16334578, Human beings can do whatever they want, because they can! So, unless there is another creature that comes along and is able to fight human beings, and the rules, or laws of their societies, humans will continue to choose whatever animals they prefer as pets, or as food.

    1. John Mayer says:

      No, human beings cannot do whatever they want. Because when one human being assaults or kills or rapes another, better human beings will bring him to justice. And when a so-called human being inflicts a degree of cruelty on animals that outrage society’s conscience, he is guilty of a crime and will be punished if caught, as he should be. Now groups like COK are working to extend our outrage to forms of animal cruelty we’ve heretofore turned a blind eye to. Thanks COK and KCAL.

  48. ken says:

    Hey Jellia, don’t be too quick to thank Ron Schmitt.

    Hear carnivores are chopped liver compared to Schmitt’s taste for the beef.

  49. ken says:

    As you may know, human beings as a whole decided milleniums ago that slaughtering meat for consumption is morally correct, and necessary, and the majority of people today (including highly regarded health professionals) think eating meat is absolutely vital to overall health; Many of the non-religious think it’s best also.

    So, when a minority tries to change the established “moral” way of living, until they can successfully become the majority, and abolish the old ways, “they” are the “immoral” ones. Vegetarians are very self-righteous.

    There are vegans/vegetarians who live a long and healthy life, but not every human being will remain healthy on such a diet: Many doctors will attest to this, and its largely due to our DNA make-up. A lot of descendants from heavy meat-eating ancestors will suffer biologically if they do not consume meat in their diet. It is undeniably true that these people need certain animal-producing enzymes in their bodies.

    I won’t deny that fctry frmg needs a major overhaul.

    1. Bea Ⓥ Elliott says:

      Hi ken – Milleniums ago we hardly were thinking about morality or ethics. So using those conclusions today is like saying since children were once used/needed to work the sweat shops, it’s “established” that this is a fine decision. Society, culture and people change accordingly. Obviously, since this discussion is ever increasing around dinner tables and on-line – We’ve reached a position to question previously held (obsolete) doctrines.

      And I have to disagree that challenging popular dogma can ever become “immoral” by default of doing such. These are just discussions and presentations of new concepts — New ideas offered in an intelligent and “peaceful” way can never rightfully be considered “wrong”, let along “immoral.”

      Also, I don’t know that vegetarians or vegans as a group are “self righteous” — Honestly, when you consider being “self righteous” who can be more so than someone who says they have a claim on another being’s life??? That’s pretty “authoritative” if you ask me.

      These “many doctors” that you say will attest to the negative consequences of a plant based diet — Please cite your source(s). I trust the information from The American Dietetic Association and the Physicians for Responsible Medicine. Please refer me to your “undeniably true” “facts”. (thanks)

    2. John Mayer says:

      Ken, thanks for your unfounded and unsupported proclamations, none of which anyone should take seriously. Yes, humans learned they could eat meat long ago and not immediately drop dead. This was, no doubt, accelerated by the human diaspora into northerly climes. But many cultures throughout history have been predominantly vegetarian or vegan and have flourished. Many health professionals are saddled with outmoded assumptions, but every new study reveals additional hazards in eating meat and benefits in going plant-based. There is absolutely nothing immoral in seeking to change morals when they must, most properly, be written in quotes as you have done. Morals are not determined by popular vote, or slavery and child labor must once have been “moral.” Some vegetarians are, I”m sure, self-righteous. They have much to be self-righteous about. They—at least, those who were not raised as vegetarians, which is most of them in the US—have been conscientious enough to examine the prevailing habits of their culture objectively and to endure the discomforts of changing life-long habits and the comfort foods their mothers so lovingly prepared for them. Finally, I’m not sure what you mean when you say SOME humans cannot thrive on a vegetarian diet, but I have a hunch you’re talking about the blood type diet promoted by Mercola and others. It is a ludicrous theory (I wrote one of my early student papers on it [“As Simple as AB”] which can be found at More thorough debunkings can be found elsewhere on the net.

  50. tryecrot says:

    Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.