SANTA MONICA (CBS) — The group is called Mercy For Animals…and this animal rights group is known for being in your face.

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Literally. Thursday night, they set up 80″ large screen TV’s on the 3rd Street Promenade and showed the 12-minute documentary film “Farm to Fridge,” depicting —  in living color —  how animals are slaughtered for food.

CBS 2 weekend anchor and reporter Rob Schmitt talked to meat lovers and gauged their reaction to the disturbing images. He reported that the images shown were “jarring” to say the least.

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“The group’s goal,” he added, “was to change dinner orders in this crowd from burgers to salads.”

The mission might have worked. Schmitt talked to at least one woman choking back tears for being a meat eater.

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The Mercy For Animals truck is on a nationwide tour. Other stops include Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Cleveland and Phoenix to name a few.