LOS ANGELES (AP) — Attorneys for hundreds of people who claim they were sexually molested by priests and religious brothers in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are going before a judge to argue that confidential files on the priests should be made public.

The plaintiff attorneys are asking a mediator judge at the hearing Thursday to recommend the release of files relating to the sexual abuse of children by priests.

The release of the files has been in dispute since the archdiocese settled more than 550 cases for a record-breaking $660 million in 2007.

The plaintiffs argue that the settlement included a provision for the eventual release of the church’s sealed files.

But the church wants a more limited release and says disclosing the priests’ confidential files violate their privacy rights and their religious freedom.

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  1. The Mad Man says:

    Another secret from the church. Priests are subjected to laws also and don’t hide behind this ‘religious freedom’ bull. You did the crime, now face the time!