SANTA ANA (CBS) — Officials described the smell on the outside of a Santa Ana house as overpowering.

But when they went inside, they were truly taken aback. And it was much worse. Rescuers had to wear respirators to breathe.

Seven people — five adults and two children — and 110 cats living in a 900-square foot home.

Authorities told CBS2’s Stacey Butler that urine and feces were soaked into the carpet.

Some of the cats were in bad medical condition and at least 20 had to be euthanized.

The homeowner reportedly police that his wife was running a non-profit cat rescue but that they lost control.

The woman and her daughter are facing a variety of animal cruelty charges.

Minors who were staying in the house have been sent to live with other relatives.

Comments (31)
  1. swhitS says:

    Gee, why don’t you help them instead of charging them?

    1. BEN says:

      It sounds as though they are beyond help. Why didn’t they put all that effort into stopping Planned Parenthood from killing the unborn? Sounds just like CA – fruits and nuts!

      1. Dan says:

        They are fruits & nuts??? How does abortion come into this. You are just as crazy as they are.

      2. Charlene says:

        Well thats an intelligent comment……cats being compared to abortion….hmmmmm…I am sure you are trying to state that they could foster children, but instead, you are giving an opinion on women’s rights to choose (just stop)…..and yes, CA does grow quite a bit of fruits and nuts…our avocados and oranges are great, along with walnuts and almonds!!

    2. Dor says:

      Because the committed a crime…

    3. Judy M says:

      They (the adults) should be euthanized – clearly they have had children living in filth and neglected many animals. Good intentions (ah, another Democrat) do not override horrid results.

      1. Charlene says:

        What makes them democrats? The fact that Dems are always trying to do good and Republicans cant seem to get a damn thing straight but for their own selfish purposes?? Always like a republican to just say “kill ’em instead, that’ll solve the problem”

    4. Worried Human says:

      Why should taxpayers waste money to help these people. They commited a crime, therfore they pay for it. With seven people living there, someone should of put on their bigboy/girl pants and said… ya know what… something here isn’t right.

      This is what is wrong with America! People aren’t responsible for their actions anymore.

    5. rashid says:

      YES, it wasn’t in Florida ! ! ! !

    6. Charlene says:


  2. JetMpls says:

    Animal hoarding is recognized as a mental illness.

    1. Tom W. says:

      Animal cruelty and child abuse ares recognized as crimes.

    2. far fetched says:

      cat ownership should be recognized as a mental illness

      1. sean patriot says:

        thats far fetched

      2. mkwtwg says:


    3. Ron says:

      I used to be married to an animal hoarder(ultimately ended the marriage). I am sure this cat rescue was started with good intentions. They need help and counseling. Nobody wants to live like that. They truly believe that those animals are better off with them as opposed to being homeless.

      1. jz says:

        The road to Hell is paved with “good intentions”.

  3. FN Jerk says:

    They reason they will be charged is because they are NOT minorities and have no excuses.

  4. tyrone tate says:

    Send the cats to china they will know what to do with them

  5. jorge ruiz says:

    another illegal alien problem while involving anchor baby kids…typical of Santa Ana…

  6. George G says:

    Hmmm… the humans get fined and the cats get killed. Good deal, unless you’re the cat.

  7. Realityblowz says:

    Just remove the kids and toss a lit match into the place.

    1. Mike says:

      mmmm… BBQ kitty cat

  8. kay kay says:

    This could never be in Jamaica first children living in a house under such condition, oh my God man they need to be brought before the court. And they need to take those cats to be taken care of better by some professional.

  9. sean patriot says:

    I dont understand this at all.

  10. A says:

    Catsplosion caused fps failure with subsequent miasma

  11. Duh! says:

    Where is PETA???
    They protested Mike Tyson for training and taking GOOD care of racing pigeons. Shouldn’t they be out in force over something like this where the cats were not well taken care of?

    The leadership of PETA seems to be going about it’s business all wrong.

  12. Ratman says:

    White people disease!!!!

  13. Charlie says:

    These adults should be ashamed of themselves…putting their children at risk like that. They need to take responsibility for the damage they are creating with their childrens health!! Being responsible for random cats, does not supercede the responsibility and care of human beings, especially kids. DUH!!!

  14. DoriD says:

    These people are commonly referred to as “trailer trash!!”

  15. J Hedge says:

    How is it that neighbors next door don’t take action way sooner especially if odor is so bad…and call animal control to relieve both the cats and the kids sooner??!! It takes a while to amass 500 cats, and there must be mental imbalance in the residents to have tolerated such obviously awful conditions…spay and neuter persists as a much-needed remedy to so many animals needing good homes…glad the OC authorities closed it down, at long last.

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