WHITTIER (CBS) — A teacher, physical education instructor and part-time coach at two Whittier schools was arrested Wednesday for having an inappropriate relationship with a female student, police said.

Jesse Anthony Serrato, 29, was booked on suspicion of a lewd act with a child, Whittier police said. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune is reporting that the student was 14-years-old.

Administrators at East Whittier Middle School told police about the allegations.

Police said Serrato was also is a part-time coach at La Serna High School.

Anyone with more information about Serrato was asked to call detectives at (562) 567-9270.

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  1. LLPR says:

    Hey d-bag–not every criminal is Mexican. A few are from El Salvador.

  2. david says:

    Silly bigots. I feel sorry for you. Are your lives really so empty that you derive your sense of self-worth through the derision of others?

  3. duh says:

    Just about every online news source has had to eventually close down or severely limit comments due to these trolls.

    But I don’t blame them.

    I blame all you IDIOTS who FEED them by posting back ‘not every blah blah is an illegal’ or whatever.

    Let’s be clear. THIS IS WHAT THEY DESIRE – ATTENTION, and you are giving it to them. You encourage them to throw out another completely outrageous racial suggestion in the next story. They consider themselves ‘shock posters’, wanna-be Howard Sterns, only they make 100% less than he does.

    Based on the sheer amount of food available for these trolls, it has started to appear on every article, regardless of article content. And for that, you people who have been feeding them all these months will be responsible for us ALL losing the right to post VALID and civil opinions back here.


    1. James says:

      Yeah. All these people who are posting need to be … deported. Baba Booey.

  4. david says:

    An immature bigot thinks it is funny to use my name and make a childish joke. If you were smarter, you would be embarrassed.

    Just a heads up; I’ll be pulling up to your drive-thru window after I leave the office today. Please remember to double bag my fries. Thanks in advance!

  5. Janitor says:

    Is it just me or did Eminem get a tan?

  6. david says:

    An immature bigot thinks it is funny to use my name and make a childish joke. If he were smarter, he would be embarrassed.

    Just a heads up, bigot; I’ll be pulling up to your drive-thru window after I leave the office today. Please remember to double bag my fries. Thanks in advance!

  7. David's Mom says:

    I’m worried about your fast food habit, mijo. You need to eat healthier and get to gym.

  8. david says:

    Racism is the last bastion of the uneducated. Enjoy it, fools. No one is laughing with you. They are laughing at you.

  9. David's Boss says:

    GET BACK TO WORK, YOU SLACKER. Stop posting on news boards during work hours!

  10. Dan says:

    Maybe You guys should get the hell outta here yourselves… afterall..your ancestors came across the ocean we just walked over… I hate racists!! Bigots!!

  11. Unknown says:

    It is sad to know these things will always continue to happen and that “this kind” of people continue to be around our kids.
    What’s also sad to know is that there are lame people like you that post racial comments and actually think that there are no such predators like that in your on race.

  12. Francisco says:

    Sick, kind of like Amy Beck, Debra Beasley, Pamela Rogers, Sandra Geisel, who were all convicted of raping students and that Mary Kay Latourno wh-ore that got pregnant by a goo-k student.

    1. MARK says:


  13. MARK says:


  14. Brian says:

    Dan is a wetter. Look idiot, you guys are the illegal ones as there were no laws back then like there are now. Thank god we came over or this would all be 3rd world, just look at mexico which is a dump. The only reason you got here was the spanish genetic you got from them raping the indians gave you enough intelligence to walk over here. Stupid illegal. Now go back!

  15. Francisco says:

    No, remember, Europe discarded them and besides they’re all inbred-s now.

  16. Fumunda Cheese says:

    this guy is an uncle pervie. always socializing with young girls. this sicko will get what he deserves. i feel sorry for the girl in this case who is the victim and i also feel sorry for serrato’s wife and kids. this guy is sick. you know what happens to uncle pervies in prison right??? thats right… they get it in the butt

  17. Fumunda Cheese says:

    next time youll see this guy is on Meglans Law’s sex offender website

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