CHATSWORTH (CBS) — An attempted murder suspect has been taken into custody by police near Chatsworth High School.

The search followed a short foot pursuit after the suspect, described as armed and dangerous, was reported in the area of Limerick and Vintage and Merridy and Cozycroft at about 11 a.m., police said.

A perimeter was set up in the area of Mayall and Cozycroft.

The school was locked down as a precaution, Los Angeles Unified School District spokeswoman Susan Cox said. The lockdown was lifted around 1 p.m. when the suspect was taken into custody.

The suspect was identified as Dejon Palmer, 19, of Los Angeles.

Palmer was booked on suspicion of attempted murder.

He is one of two suspects wanted in connection with an aggravated assault that occurred on November 10.

Palmer was recognized by a school police officer and tracked using a helicopter and police dogs, according to officer Karen Rayner.

Comments (68)
  1. Thomas says:

    Problaby and illegal they are looking for.

    1. finn mcgowan says:

      Yes, the murder was “problaby” illegal.

    2. MARK says:


      1. krg says:

        The white cop shot himself moron.

    3. mary says:

      you stupid maybe he was just a plain idot why illegal you really ignorant

  2. Angela says:

    Perhaps – perhaps not. But I’ll bet the person can spell better than you.

    1. gretchen says:

      Why does EVERYONE throw out the race card for.IDIOTS!!!! Don’t be so guilty.

  3. nbuilding says:

    Gotta gotta peeeee

  4. c jones says:

    another fake cop search? self inflicted or what. they better feed my kids if its anything like el camino ill be down there

    1. Alison McMenamy says:

      same here!

    2. Gretchen says:

      No, this was real and yes they are feeding these starving teenagers and taking them potty by the hand.They’re teenagers not Elementary kids.

  5. ANNA says:

    Why do you Ignorant people automatically think that there looking for an illeagl

    1. ANNA says:

      What ever you know what i meant and i am legal

    2. JeffD says:

      Technically if your parents are illegal you are an anchor baby. For those that don’t know what that means it is the kids of illegals that were born here and are granted citizenship but they will always be 2nd class citizens and not real americans. Hope they change the law and deem these kids illegal then deport them.

    3. MARK says:


      1. Tree says:

        There’s a suspected murderer and people are busy being ignorant saying it’s an illegal. Really? Grow up, mature, and get educated! Idiots. They probably work harder than others. Ignorants do nothing for the situation. Anyway, I hope we can get out soon and that they arrest the CORRECT person, no matter who it is! I have things to do as a LATINA.

    4. Michelle says:


      Before you try to correct and belittle someone else on their grammar make sure you’re up to date with yours. You actually made more errors than Anna did; and you call yourself an American??? What is this world coming to.-shakes head-

    5. finn mcgowan says:

      “they will always be 2nd class citizens and not real americans”

      Why should any kid who was born and raised in America be a “2nd class citizen”?

    6. Noemi says:


      Your name is spelled Noemi. Look at that, I’m an illegal and I can spell your name better than you can.

    7. Gretchen says:

      Thank you Anna,because they are guilty of their own race. If they weren’t the one’s doing it then they wouldn’t be the one’s to blame.

    8. gretchen says:

      Come to find out tonight on the news,it’s an “African American”,kid that did this.

  6. SimonT and Brian Ginsburg says:

    We are now in D-16 with no more lunch 😦 really hungry and boredom is starting to kick in!

    1. Coach says:

      Ginsburg. Make sure you eat before practice today!

  7. ehall says:

    Weeeee…a very fun fun lockdown. NOT.

  8. CHS B-hall says:

    We are hungry. Give us our pizza please!

  9. lilly says:

    awwww you should use the closet to go to the bathroom

  10. lilly says:

    how is it over there nothing happens to us so how is the lockdown

  11. benny rios says:

    we used to start riots back in the day at chats … good times 😦

    1. TACO says:

      haha i swear the freshman in chancellor hall started a riot. me and some others were hanging out behinde the stage lol.
      it was pretty funny d:

  12. lilly says:

    everyone is one facebook hahahha funny stuff

  13. david says:

    “Naomi,” isn’t it a bit embarrassing to make grammatical errors while pointing out spelling errors? As an immigrant basher, I would think you would take pride in the national language. Here’s a hint: punctuation is your friend.

    You’re pathetic.

    1. david says:

      Did you get that? Punctuation is your friend and illegals are your enemies. Don’t make me say it twice.

      1. Michelle says:

        You must have mastered in English but definately not History.

    2. Bob says:

      Um, as much as I would like it to be, English is not our national language. The U.S. has no official national language.

    3. Laverne says:

      David-in your earlier comment, you said “who’s” instead of “whose”. So you have something to learn…probably many things. Ignorance should not be bliss…

  14. lilly says:

    not anymore it looks like you guy are not liking your lockdown still remember when that other school went for 6 hours in lock down

  15. benny rios says:

    i bet J hal smells liks BUD

  16. kari says:

    my friends son is there in lock down – its a guy with a gun in a school… nothing funny about that

    1. biiby says:

      hes not in the school it self, not at all..

    2. Classof10 says:

      Are you stupid? This article CLEARLY states that there is an armed suspect in the AREA, not the school.

  17. Mr. Kuretski says:

    Hey, what’s up? D-15 is copasetic. We had a donut party but we ate them all. Sorry. Keep in Touch.

  18. vivan says:

    not in the school

  19. ANNA says:

    stupid stupid stupid

  20. Z190 says:

    heard we will be here till 6

    1. Mr. Kuretski says:

      Really? tell mr polvy i said heyyyyyy :]

  21. BB says:

    THIS IS HORRIBLE. Its hot and there is a murderer on the loose?! What the hell?! I have things to do. I have to go and take my permit test at the DMV!

    1. Z190 says:

      and you think ur cool?

      1. bb says:

        aw, does someone have a stick up their butt?

  22. Tree says:

    When is this over i was supose to smoke a blunt at lunch.

  23. BD McGee says:

    LOOK OUT!! He’s right behind you now!

  24. shanique says:

    we r haing soo much fuun yuu guys shuld come

  25. Classof10 says:

    Tree, you’re down 😀

  26. omggg says:

    Chatsworth people, I BET IT WAS MR.GUY!!!!

  27. ValleySide says:

    D hallls poppppinnnnnn

  28. ValleySide says:

    Mr.GUY DID IT!!!

  29. LAPD says:

    We are a bunch of filthy donut eating pigs.

  30. Mozlover says:

    According to jeffD I’m 2 class citizen. However, I did manage to get a masters in lcsw even though I’m really bad at spelling and grammar. If you think your better than everyone else and you have your history correct you should double check your facts because Indiginous people were here before Christopher Columbus and other white men which means that everyone is an illegal you ignorant white trash.

  31. Dima and ShiShi says:

    Where in stevens!!! And people started pairing up lol Jk. But everything will be okay.

  32. DM says:

    This is happening too often and too close to schools! It’s just a sad reminder on how dangerous this world has become! And how dangerous it’s becoming for our children! And that’s not a joking matter!

  33. melissa says:

    how in the HELL does someones immigartaion status have anything to do woth this story?? you all need to get a freaking life!

    1. melissa says:


    1. biiby says:

      the chase and lock down.. it got quiet for some time.

  34. big benz 818 says:


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