SACRAMENTO (AP) — Republican lawmakers aren’t budging as Gov. Jerry Brown enters the last stretch of a self-imposed budget deadline for a legislative vote to call a June special election.

GOP Assemblyman Jim Nielsen, vice chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee, said Tuesday that the Legislature remains a “long ways from any budget agreement” a day after five Republican senators said they had reached an impasse with the governor.

The Democratic governor wants voters to authorize extensions of temporary tax increases enacted two years as part of his plan to close California’s $26.6 billion deficit. He says he needs the Legislature to act by Thursday for a special election before the next fiscal year in July.

Despite winning support from counties, law enforcement and business groups, Brown doesn’t appear to have GOP support.

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Comments (9)
  1. So what!! says:

    Eliminate services & programs to illegals.

    1. Hillbilly Christ Lover says:

      Yeah, you need to go home.

  2. Marilyn says:

    We have the highest tax rate in the U.S. Good for the GOP. No new taxes are needed – deal with pension reform. Of course, the Unions have Jerry Brown in their back pockets.

    1. Hillbilly Chist Lover says:

      Blow me!

    2. lori says:

      They’re not new taxes, read, it’s extending the ones that are in place already. Too bad, cut education some more, won’t affect my family. We can afford to send our kids to private school.

  3. dapostmaster says:

    jack up the tax income rate, gas tax, soda, beer, cigs tax for two years, and begin cleaning up our government spending–we can resuce taxes when we are back in the black and the reorginization is complete.

    use all surplus to remove the illegals from CA, clean up schools, roads, etc. invest in clean energy business

    the illegals in CA (and the US) must be removed and business who support fined heavly–we can not contiune to support those who do nothing for the country. we need to join arms with AZ and say enough is enough.

    1. S Hernandez says:

      Are you stupid? Oh, you must be a state worker! We arent paying anymore taxes so you can forget it. You leeches are running the sate into the ground. Clean energy business dont work either. They do more harm to the economy than good.

  4. will yablowme says:

    da trailer master. Git n back into your trailer and stop smoking so much meth. The so called illegals take jobs that most American refuses to take much like many Americans they feel that they are too good to wash dishes and clean toilets, yup, you would know an illegal probably cleans your trailer. Get a life and stop blaming them. Stop eating tacos da trash talker.

  5. Art says:

    Unions have no place in the public sector draining money from our pockets. Enough is enough the Union Bubble is bursting just like the Housing Bubble did. This is not a dem/rep only issue all of us in one way or another are feeling the effects of the economy downturn. Gas, food, services are all going up while housing prices, salaraies and investments are going down. I respect/love cops, teachers and firemen but we can no longer pay the high salaries and pensions. You only loose respect and support when demand more than we can afford.

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