Latinos, Asians Account For Nearly All Of State's Population Growth

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — The U.S. Census report released Tuesday shows that Riverside County was the fastest-growing county in the state over the past decade.

Census data from 2010 showed that Riverside County’s population recorded the highest percentage increase and easily the largest numerical growth in California.

The county’s population grew by 41.7 percent between 2000 and 2010, an increase in 644,254 people.

San Bernardino County was the closest to Riverside in population growth. The county increased by 325,776 people.

The next-closest county in percentage growth was the much smaller Placer County in Northern California at 40.3 percent.

At 2.19 million residents, Riverside is the fourth-largest county in the state in terms of population, just ahead of San Bernardino County, with 2.04 million.

New census data also shows Latinos and Asians accounted for virtually all of California’s population growth over the last decade.

Data from the 2010 U.S. Census released Tuesday shows Latinos grew by 28 percent and Asians grew by 31 percent.

Non-Hispanic whites saw their numbers decrease between 2000 and 2010 by 5 percent, and the state’s African-American population dipped by 1 percent.

Demographers say Latinos are growing faster than other groups because most Latinos are of child-bearing age while the rest of the population tends to be older.

California’s population grew 10 percent over the decade to 37.3 million. But growth lagged behind other western states and California failed to pick up additional congressional seats for the first time after a census.

For a link to the census report, click here.

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Comments (15)
  1. Ted says:

    Why is it that latinos do not believe in birth control? If you cannot afford kids why have them? I know, because the US will support them for 18yrs!

  2. fish wrap says:

    Thata a real shocker that Mexicans and their anchor babies were the fastest growing

  3. david & ted are racist says:

    That’s where everyone is moving too because it’s a lot cheaper than living in LA. It has nothing to do with race or color.

  4. Just ignorant! says:

    This entire issue has nothing to do with race or color so why spin this issue in that direction? Most people would think that ethnic or people of color would usually be the ones complaining about race but it sure does seem like people who aren’t of color complain more than anyone about this issue. Can anyone who comments on any article, blog or story please have some basic common sense and inteligence!

    1. James says:

      You misspelled the word “intelligence.” You need to be deported.

  5. david says:

    Ethnic people do not complain as they are not being inconvienenced by crime and drugs and grafitti as they are used to this type of lifestyle but us civilized people will not stand for it. Look at Santa Ana, Huntington Park, South Central, East LA all dumps ridden by crime drugs and people of color. I am sorry but that is the truth and I will not be politically correct and call a spade a spade!

  6. david says:

    When you you seen a community with the majority black or latino be demmed one of the safest places to live? NEVER! At least Asains and Indians are civilized people, just look at Cerritos, those people are well mannered , educated and respectful. You don’t see gangs there but all neighborhoods with the majority people of color are crime ridded dumps. Face the facts!

  7. David is Clueless! says:

    David you should probably get a clue in life first before posting. Just saying! FYI the majority of all hard crime done from hard criminals are majority Caucasian. Fact! The majority of all corporate crime or white collar crime which has eroded this nation faster than any drug offense could ever was perpetrated by non other than Caucasians. Fact! Last but not least just for good measure I’m sure you’re aware of the biggest crime since the birth of this nation (Slavery) was commited by drum roll please………Cau, oh you know exactly what I’m about to write so no need. I’m only getting started!!!! Sorry this post is off subject but had to apply my 2 cents to a negative balance. In other words get a clue!

    1. davids not so clueless says:

      If one looks back into history they would realize slavery evolved thousands of years before introduced in america and when it was, the slave trade lasted for a relative short time period. My ignorant friends, look at the egyptians, the japanese and yes even those used as black slaves themselves even enslaved their own people and profitted as well. Last, being in the law enforcement profession I can attest to the fact that though many “white collar” crimes are committed by whites, your heinous crimes are typically committed by blacks and mexicans. Reference the fall of real estate market was because blacks and mexicans complained they were unable to purchase homes so when they were allowed to falsify records, get a home.they couldn’t afford, the enevitable happened…MASS FORCLOSURES..

  8. No Need U know what this is says:

    Oh yeah last comment on this: David, you stated that “When will they learn their place in society and get out” I don’t think you’ve noticed but an African American rules this nation as we speak so who and what exactly are you talking about? Explain yourself please I want to understand your pathetic logic! You must be a birther or teabagger or what ever we call these out of touch, ridiculous, ignorant, lying, mental nut jobs of the Midwest and Southern regions of the nation. Yeah I said it, WHAT? Let’s get real! Do you want to debate? I can go on for ever, like I said I’m just getting started!

    1. TedD says:

      Obama is an Uncle Tom and knows his place. We would not vote for a ghetto ebonic talking fool with his pants sagging to his knees. At least Obama is educated and not all loud like the majority of your people. And oh yeah the slaves were sold to the white man by your own people. There were already slaves. They should thank us for bringing them here or they would have to chase their dinner down with a spear today

      1. Jacob says:


        These people depend on us. How else would section 8 and welfare be funded were it not for our tax dollars. You cant blame them for being unemployed at the highest rate in the nation, would you want to hire em? Just give them their little stamps and enough to get by and they will be satisfied and be no threat to your or me. Leave it as is

    2. davids not so clueless says:

      No my silly friend. 1st of all he’s not african american anymore than im a european american. He’s an american or if you insist, he’s a black american. And 2nd. This is the united states of america my friend. He doesn’t “rule” anything. This isn’t lybia, iraq, egypt, somalia or anywhere else. This is the greatest country in the world temporarily u.der the presidency of a “window dressing.”

  9. anyway says:

    Yoohoo, hello, I’m waiting to bury another one of your ediotic posts.

  10. Tim says:

    Is the census counting the colors as 3/5 of a person?

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