LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A 5-year-old boy abducted by his parents in Carson in 2009 after he was removed from their care has been found in New Orleans and, though “extremely malnourished,” he has been returned to his grandparents in Palos Verdes, authorities said today.

Authorities in New Orleans arrested the parents of Shalomiel Sol-El, said officials with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. His father, Ausar Allah-El, was arrested on Feb. 20, and his mother, Serenity Sol-El, on Friday, adding that the boy was with her at the time.

The parents are in custody in New Orleans, facing possible child abduction charges, with bail set at $100,000 for each. Sheriff’s investigators are seeking their extradition to Los Angeles County.

Before his abduction, the courts ordered the boy placed in the care of his grandparents “after repeated attempts by the County of Los Angeles to assist the parents in the proper care for Shalomiel,” authorities said.

“Shalomiel was suffering from numerous medical conditions that could have been prevented with the proper care and medication, but his parents refused to provide the child with necessary medical appointments, dental exams, occupational therapists and ophthalmology appointments,” officials said.

“Shalomiel was eventually placed with his maternal grandparents where a significant change was immediately evident. Shalomiel’s medical conditions improved and his speech was starting to develop,” Parker said.

On April 25, 2009, during a court-appointed visitation at a child care center, his parents allegedly abducted him. Investigators launched a search, but to no avail.

On Feb. 20 of this year, a National Park Services police officer on patrol in New Orleans noticed a man panhandling at a park. The officer detained the man and determined a warrant had been issued for his arrest for child abduction, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

“When Allah-El was placed into custody he indicated that his wife and child were with him in New Orleans,” Parker said.

A two-week search led to the arrest of the boy’s mother on Friday, along with the recovery of the boy, who was with her.

“Shalomiel was extremely malnourished and only weighed 38 pounds,” Parker said. “He was immediately taken into protective custody.”

The boy was brought back to Rancho Palos Verdes and has been returned to the custody of his maternal grandparents, officials said. He is expected to recover.

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  1. Mary says:

    Thank God for his safe recovery. What a precious little boy! I am sure his parents love him, but obviously, with his health issues, he wasn’t in the best of care. (Sad face) I am glad the little boy will be back with his grandparents. I hope he is not traumatized by the care he received these past two years. Thumbs up to the National Park Services Police officer on patrol that day – you deserve a raise (Or at least lunch) for the work you did. Too few people take time to report suspicious matters – you didn’t hesitate to do so and for that you deserve a “High Five”. I hope your boss agrees.

  2. Ms. Alina Talladen says:

    Submitted by Site Visitor on 9 March, 2011 – 00:43.
    In many child abduction cases, I must say that authorities and child protection agencies work for the benefit of the child and I appreciate that very much. I appreciate all of the people who check the missing children postings in order to remember their faces, should they ever come across them in real life. I thank you all very much for the children found and rescued from any emotionally or physically unhealthy environment. I pray for the protection of our children, always.
    However, this particular case is a personal matter. I happen to know this child, Shalomiel, whom I knew as Baba Tunde here in New Orleans. Excuse me when I say that I feel this ‘case’ is based on strong misunderstandings. I know ‘Little Man’ very well. I love him. I was his caretaker on countless occasions and have been blessed to get to know him and his parents, who are currently in the Orleans Parish Prison, awaiting extradition to California, I believe. I am trying to visit them in jail, and unfortunately it takes a lot of time to do that, as I am finding out now. I have been told it takes 2 weeks to process a background check for visitors. I cannot help but feel that this is unfair. But I will continue to try to speak with them.
    Now I do not know who is judging this situation and calling Shalomiel “extremely malnourished” but believe me when I say that he is not. He is the healthiest boy that I have ever met. I study nutritional healing and can say this with that credibility. Though I feel that it only takes common sense to judge that, as this little five year old HIMSELF shuns unhealthy foods, even sugary drinks, and opts for split peas, humus (he’s the HUMUS MONSTER! we would joke) and quinoa. I can only imagine how difficult it must be right now for whomever is caring for him. His mother would make him these foods with dedication. Will the grandparents do the same for him? Or will they try to acclimate him to the typical American diet of white flour and… meat? I hope it doesn’t go that far. Please pardon me if I am offending anyone at all, but I sincerely wonder how he is doing. I have been aching over this whole ordeal since the day he and his mother were separated, not too many days ago. I cry for him, I wonder if he is utterly confused. His mother means so much to him and I know that he feels close to me.
    I still have a painting of his on my wall. I think I was the first one to show him water coloring. He loves bubbles too, and is a great help in the kitchen, or with anything. His enthusiasm brightened many people’s days. And he is quite a talker too, though I did not know this at first, for he was quite mute for awhile with me until we really got to know each other. There is nothing wrong with this. I have met many children who select limited verbal communication until they are ready. And they know when they are ready. They do not need any kind of behavioral drugs or even to be frowned upon.
    Give him love, please, whoever you are. I would very much like to speak with someone on this matter. I would like to meet his grandparents for a discussion. This is an invitation. Let us speak about our little brother and his life, please. I thank you for your time and pray for your understanding.
    Blessings and grooves to you all.
    Ms. Alina

  3. Tara says:

    Was he adopted because he looks just like my cousin who was taken away from long beach california now who are these people your saying you know them but I know they are not his real parents

  4. Mary says:

    Alina, the child was detained for a reason, and the claims are, that when he was found, he was not eating well. This is the reason for the first detention. It is against the law to kidnap a child… these parents had no right to take this child for obvious reasons. Regardless of any pictures you may have hanging on your wall, this was a criminal kidnap and this child should go back to his grandparents where he was fully thriving. The father was panhandeling at the time of this young boys capture… What does that tell you Alina? Your posting sounds bizzar… which makes me even happier that this little boy is safe. I am thankful for all the kind things you did for this young boy… you were probably his only stability Alina; however, this boy needs to be with his grandparents so that he can get the proper medical care.

  5. Ms. Alina Talladen says:

    Tara: No, this boy was not adopted. He was born at home with a midwife and friends present.
    Mary: I have read the full reports of the case from 08 regarding “child abuse”. Yes, the report accurately reported the child’s eczema and asthma conditions. However, the report references the vegan lifestyle that they live, that the mother was associated with the Moorish Science Temple of America, which the reports dubbed a “cult” for the occasion (which it is not) and that she birthed him at home. Vegan lifestyle is not an indication of either of these conditions. I do admit that something needs to be changed about his health care, regarding the eczema. However, the asthma it seems has improved greatly, though I had never known him at younger ages to compare it to. I understand also that missing health appointments could be interpreted as dismissing his health needs, but in actuality, it was because she studied homeopathic treatments. She was not extremist about it, for when he had his first asthma attack and she did not know what to do, she brought him to the hospital. Now she has more experience and knowledge, having studied it. Now is there really something abusive about that? I just find that to be too strong of an accusation.
    Now all I am saying is that cases should not be so simply judged. Nor should people. The fact that someone is panhandling does not actually tell me anything about a person. You never know what kind of knowledge or love lies behind that simplicity. The father practices healing. Yes, there was probably financial struggle, and as they were on the run from the law, they could not really find a ‘normal’ job (though I did not know this at the time). I know a lot of vendors here in New Orleans, so this kind of income is not unusual. In fact, it’s a part of our culture.
    Anyway, thanks to you all for this discussion. Now I hope to get in touch with the grandparents, if only to be able to tell Baba Tunde (Shalomiel) that he was not abandoned and lost to confusion.

  6. tara says:

    huh if you say so I have pictures of the child who was adopted away they are the same kid he is from long beach and since when has blacks no offense been able to afford a mid wife so I know your lying hmmm shame if you knew him so well then why weren’t you guys there for him

  7. Alina says:

    Tara: Even the officials who began this case know that Ausar and Serenity are his biological parents. I do not know why you say otherwise. As for your comment, that is inappropriate. “Since when has blacks been able to afford a midwife”??? “So [you] know [I’m] lying”????
    I pray to the great spirit that your ignorance serves a better purpose. Peace.

  8. Maisha Maria Collins says:

    @ Tara: I have been reluctant to speak on this case for a while, but feel almost compelled to. The child in question is my younger brother, and he was born at home while my father and I attended my grandmother’s funeral. As for not being able to afford a midwife, that was the silliest comment I have read in a while, as my father and those around him are skilled in midwifery so there was no need to pay an outsider–when my father attended his mother’s funeral, Serenity was in capable hands.

    @Allina: First of all, thank you so much for all that you have done for my father, brother and stepmom. They have been blessed to have a sister like you in their corner. I hope to speak with you soon–give me a call if you see this before I find your number.

    To everyone: I worked as a teacher in Early Headstart and preschools for over 8 years in Atlanta. So believe me when I tell you, the reports of Shalomiel’s health problems were greatly exaggerated. What this case was and continues to be is a serious violation of my families civil right to freedom of religion and religious practice. It was not about medical neglect because Serenity has the proof that up until the child was abducted by CPS and her mother, she was taking him to the doctor regularly. My father might not approve of western medicinal practices, but if there was anything that Serenity did not feel comfortable taking care of on her own, she took Shalomiel to a doctor to take care of. Unfortunately, this did not work in her favor as much as we thought it should. It is my hope that all of this will be resolved soon.

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