LOS ANGELES (AP) — Representatives of unions, community groups and minority-owned business organizations are lending their support to plans for an NFL stadium that sports and entertainment firm AEG wants to build in downtown Los Angeles.

The groups said at a hearing on the proposal Monday that the project would provide good jobs to builders during its construction and would offer positions at restaurants, concession stands and other spots once it’s finished.

Some of the speakers at the hearing urged AEG to commit to using female- and minority-owned contractors and to hiring local workers.

Union representatives had also been supportive of a rival stadium proposal by warehouse developer Majestic Realty Co. about 15 miles east of Los Angeles.

Neither side has secured to team to play at its proposed venue.

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Comments (8)
  1. lenny says:

    Sounds good as long as taxpayer money is not used. We could have had a stadium by now with all the taxpayer money used on illegal aliens. Their anchor babies should count as well cause their parents broke the law to get here and should be deemed illegal as well!

    1. Joe says:

      Lenny, the Racist!

      1. Edman25 says:

        Joe, the Idiot, ignorant and uneducated. Just because someone doesn’t want illegals in this country cause it costs the actual Citizens of the USA money doesn’t make him racist. Look at Mexico’s Illegal alien laws. They make us look like Disneyland.

  2. Onclewillie says:

    What support? Are the unions putting in money? Are the union workers going to be working below union scale? Then this support is a farce. They bring NOTHING to the table but another union whine and greed.

  3. swhitS says:

    No stadium! Villagarosa is trying to bankrupt this city and the people will be stuck with the bill in higher taxes.

  4. lenny says:

    You guys are right. Unions and Illegals are killing this city.

  5. bdj says:

    Let the City of Industry have the stadium. But if the NFL is serious about having a football team the L.A. vicinity, let them foot the entire bill for build a stadium whether it’s in L.A. or Industry.

  6. DANNY says:

    Damn illegals! Because Lenny was in America when Christopher Columbus came here ! Rock on Lenny !

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